Absolute Necromancer Chapter 248

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Episode 248

A collection of 72 demons.

Their strength was incomparable to the fragments of the forgotten god we had encountered earlier.

“come… … Snakes… … .”

“From death… … Happened… … Beings… … good… … !”

If you look at them individually, there were many beings who were far below the Forgotten God, but the fact that they were so numerous was the source of their strength.

More than a dozen demonic powers are fragmented and unfolded.

In the face of a feast of powers that surpassed the overall level of most climbers, Jinhyeok also could not ignore them.


Twelve pairs of wings made of purple-black spiritual power flutter as if tickling the air.

Hundreds or thousands of spiritual power feathers on one wing flutter and flutter around.

“nice… … uh… … 100 million.”

“Noom… … Of Baal… … .”

“porridge… … In… … .”

An overwhelming amount of feathers that seemed to fill the dungeon.

Accordingly, the collection of all 72 demons facing Jinhyeok let out painful screams.

But that was all.

Pain did not mean death.


Those with particularly normal voices were especially persistent.

The fact that he maintained his identity while mixing with other beings for a long time meant that he was a powerful demon, and it was only natural.

Sharp demonic energy becomes tangible and flies in.

The demonic energy, which was thicker and stickier than the one-sided magical energy, had terrible power in itself, but what was more important was the power of the devil that released the magical energy.

“… … “Is it poison?”

Poisonous liquid condensed on the shiny blade of a demonic spear.

I could clearly see how terrible the poison embodied by the power would be even if I was not hit or poisoned.


Deflects rather than blocks.

Jinhyeok’s wings, judging by that, struck the body of the flying demon’s spear blade.


With a sharp clanging sound, the demonic spear struck by the wings of spiritual power spun around and rolled around on the floor, and at the same time, Jinhyeok’s fist, which approached the being with the face of a terrible snake, was stained purple and black.

“Light Thunder.”

“… … Noom!”

Pajik! Puzzle!

Black-purple lightning envelops Jinhyeok’s fist and crackles.

This variation is possible because Jinhyuk knows how to use each ability better than anyone else because he has handled many abilities.

The power of lightning, which was used as a Taoist technique, is unleashed based on spiritual power and held in the fist.

“Just one guy.”


If you gradually reduce the number of demons starting from the strongest ones, you will eventually be able to deal with a group of more than a dozen demons, as the saying goes, “72 demons.”

With a fist wrapped in lightning, he struck the face of the ugly snake-faced man muttering his name ‘Botis’.

Botis was killed instantly by the power of the fist and the destructive power of the lightning.

Jinhyeok pulled Botis’s head, which had closed his eyes and put an end to his long life, out of the assembly, muttered quietly as he chewed his head.

“I’ll chew it all up and eat it.”

Lots and lots of things to eat right in front of you.

It was also a muttering full of determination to eat them all at all costs.

After making a promise to himself, Jinhyuk’s new brother began to move roughly.

Although not all 72 demons had gathered, there was not enough time to kill and eat at least dozens of demons. * * *


The last remaining devil.

The demon named ‘Agares’ was more powerful than any other demon in the group that Jinhyeok had faced.

“I was the ruler of the East… … It’s annoying that he was eaten by a low-level demon, but he ended up being eaten by a human… … .”

Agares’ life ended when his old man’s face was distorted.


The once huge assembly had shrunk considerably as only Agares remained, and the moment Jinhyeok swallowed the head of the dead Agares, the assembly completely disappeared.

“… … “It’s hard.”

I’m 72 devil.

They have already long since disappeared into the back of the past.

Their place was replaced by other devils, and they are the true ’72 devils’ of today.

However, Jinhyeok had to pour a lot of time and energy into the collection of their fragments.

“There is still a long way to go. “Me now and me in the future.”

During the ordeal, Jinhyuk returned to the beginning, but boasted a faster growth rate than that.

A speed that would never be possible if the trials and the tower were not separate spaces.

Even though the growth speed was boosted by eating monsters as the ability related to ‘appetite’ was added, even that was not enough.

As a result, the conclusion Jinhyeok reached was that within the ordeal, the focus was on the future rather than the present.

“Are you saying that only those with enough talent to reach the end of the ordeal can reach it? “The willingness to risk your life is a bonus.”

The reason why Jean Marceau gave up the challenge in the Battle of Fragments of the Forgotten God, even though Jean Marceau is stronger than he is now.

This was because Jean Marceau had already realized his limitations from there.



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He has the ability to climb to the highest floors of the tower, but if you knock on the door to the 999th floor and ask him if he has the talent to climb beyond that, he has the talent to tilt his head.

But Jinhyuk was different.

Ahhh… … .

“This is my future.”

Twelve pairs of spiritual power wings.

The godhead latent within.

Before conquering the tower, you will already have enough power to fight against quite a few gods and demons.

Jinhyuk, who clenched his fists and felt the power of his future self, let out a chuckle.

“Not enough.”

An answer that seems absurd to others.


Through this ordeal, Jinhyuk of the future learned that he would have equal power to gods and demons even before he reached the 999th floor, but Jinhyuk felt inadequate there.

“Just being on par with a few of them and those at the lower levels will only make you feel bad.”

[The pinnacle of all evil nods.]

When you go beyond the tower and enter the world of gods and demons, you will be infested with monsters that cannot even be compared to the tower.

There will already be beings from the Elyos and Demons who became gods and demons hundreds of years ago, as well as the Dragons and Giants.

There are also real gods and demons who have reigned as gods and demons since the distant past.

Stuck between them and start from the bottom again?

“At the top, you will become stronger than you are now.”

This enormous power gained from Baal’s trials was like a starting point for Jinhyeok.

At least you can grow up to this point.

So how much is ‘maximum’?

Maybe it was a place not far from the starting line.

However, the arrival line might be an incomparable distance from the starting line.


“The devil’s seat. “This will increase the distance of my arrival line.”

[The pinnacle of all evil bursts into laughter and nods.]

Jinhyuk here is still Jinhyuk, who only discusses Jinhyuk’s talent.

‘Jinhyeok’ himself, without any other external forces.

However, the top is always in flux, and you don’t climb to the top solely based on your talent.

A representative example was Jean Marceau.

He did not have the confidence to conquer the tower, so he only qualified as an apostle, but that was limited to his own talent.

In addition to his talent, if he adds the power of Baal’s Apostle and a pet named Longu, he can become a climber capable of conquering the tower.

So what if Jinhyuk, who can achieve more than just conquering the tower by honing his talent, gains other external factors?

What if you take over the position of the Demon King of Appetite, one of the two most powerful among the seven powerful Demon Kings?


[The final ordeal that will test the Demon King’s qualifications begins.]

The message, which seemed familiar now, opened the gate to the final ordeal without the slightest question.

[Characteristic: Demon core acquired.]

[This trait will be sealed upon exiting the trial.]

As soon as the door opens, the reward for devouring the entire collection of 72 demons settles inside.

Qliphoth’s Seed.

A complete organ that is similar to but cannot be compared to a demon energy generating organ.

It was impossible to compare it to anything that had been spewed out and stored so much magical energy.

The unfortunate thing was that the magic core was sealed the moment the ordeal ended.

“Well, someday it will be mine.”

Jinhyuk of today can be said to be Jinhyuk of the future.

In other words, if Jinhyuk becomes stronger someday, he will be able to use his current power.

I had no doubt that this would be the case, and Jinhyuk took a step toward the final ordeal. * * *


The huge stone door closes with a heavy sound and is locked tightly as if it will never be opened again.

A huge throne placed in the thick darkness.

Someone was waiting for Jinhyuk there.

“It’s our first meeting. “This is the first time anyone has come this far.”

“It’s not my first time.”

A familiar voice.

“What do you know is ‘I’ the main body or a fragment?”

“Probably both.”

“That’s fun. In the end, was the main body’s plan a success?”

“Baal. Are you the last opponent? If I kill and eat you, will the ordeal be over?”

“It’s scary. “I was always in the position of eating, but to be eaten – that was quite a scary thing to say.”


His black hair and obsidian eyes are curved like a crescent moon.

He is like the Baal that Jinhyeok knows, but a different person rises from the throne.

He is big, but not as big as Taesan, and slowly approaches Jinhyeok.

“… … hmm. “The level of difficulty of the ordeal makes no sense.”

“It’s impossible for you to beat me now.”

Even though he just walked, Jinhyuk was confident.

‘I can’t win.’

I don’t like responding to Baal’s words, but to be honest, there was no chance of winning.


When he said that he was the body, it was no different from saying that he was not the body.

Although it was just a broken fragment and not the real thing, the difference in class and ability was clear.

An unbridgeable gap.

“I am here for one reason. “I am handing over the position of the Demon King and sacrificing myself to bless the new Demon King.”

“… … “That’s a good thing.”

The good news was that the final ordeal was not a battle.

“Do I pass?”

“… … “I passed. Honestly, I don’t think there’s any point in saying that to you.”


A bitter laugh.

However, it was visible that he was genuinely happy, not ridiculed.

“Actually, I was lying when I said it was our first meeting.”

“… … ?”

“I didn’t recognize it at first… … She seemed quite a familiar face. “Except you’re a little younger than I remember.”

“What does it mean?”

“This is an answer you are not allowed to give right now.”

Jinhyeok’s frown grew infinitely worse when he saw Baal, who was satisfied muttering to himself and then gave a straight face and did not answer.

“Let’s just say I passed. Since this seat I was sitting in was not my original seat, it would be correct to say that I am going back to my original place… … .”

“Isn’t that allowed for me now?”

“You know me well.”


Jinhyeok clicked his tongue at his calm reply, and Baal was very happy to see that.

It’s like meeting an old friend and having a conversation.

Jinhyuk could not hide his doubts, but Baal did not answer until the end.

“It’s goodbye. “It was a long wait, but I finally met you, so it must have been a valuable time.”

Baal, with a bitter yet satisfied smile, raised his hand and pierced his heart.


The room, larger than any room I have ever seen, is filled with gigantic magical energy.

A collection of 72 demons.

Although only the shell remains, Jinhyeok is astonished at the quantity and quality that far exceeds that of dozens of demons and great demons combined.


“… … “Big.”

“Hold on. “They are demons that should have been yours originally.”

In the process of permeating the enormous magical energy that fills the room, the balance of the body is broken and an imbalance is created.

This is why there is so much quantity and quality of magical energy that is quickly replaced by divine power.

Black veins are revealed all over the body, and both eyes turn red.

Even though it is simply accepting demonic energy, the body that has reached godhood is collapsing.

But surprisingly, Jinhyeok was good at accepting the demon energy itself.

The demon energy gradually decreases, and each time it happens, Baal’s complexion turns pale.

“Appetite… … It wasn’t really an appetite. Originally, there was a different name that suited it, but… … “I sat down here and developed an appetite.”


“The seat of appetite is… … We must return to the original. “It’s also the last sight I want to see before I die.”

In a trembling voice, Baal pleads that the current demon lord of ‘appetite’ is not real and that he wants to see him return to his original form.

Jinhyuk was embarrassed by that.

“What should I do?”

“Just – accept it. Then, the demon energy will naturally guide you and your benefactor to where you should be.”

Jinhyeok, unable to properly listen to Baal’s words of ‘benefactor’ due to the series of embarrassing words, focused on the magic power that was flowing like waves.


Just focus on Magi.

The extremely black magic energy slowly begins to turn black orange.

“flaw… … Yes, that’s it!”

Baal, who watched the Magi gradually lead Jinhyeok to the position of the new Demon King and change to his original position, expressed joy even as he was dying.

And the moment when, beyond all the demonic energy that filled the room, even the demonic energy that had already been absorbed by Jinhyuk completed its transformation to a dark orange color.

“Predation. Yes, I am the devil of ‘predation’.”

“… … That’s the correct answer, benefactor.”

Jinhyuk regained his original position and name as the Demon King of ‘Appetite’.


The power that is the source of Jinhyeok and the source of all power.

It is unknown why that power is the original name that precedes the power of ‘appetite’, but Jinhyuk naturally realizes that ‘predation’ is the name and original position of the real demon king that precedes ‘appetite’ and changed it.

Baal placed his hand on Jinhyeok’s shoulder with a satisfied smile on his lips.

“six. There are six left. Devour them all. Benefactor of the future and the past. “Is that the fate given to you?”

After Baal’s last will to devour all the remaining positions of the Seven Demon Lords, Baal’s appearance disappeared from the dungeon.

[The pinnacle of all evil cheers at the birth and second coming of the ‘Devil King of Predation’!]

At the end of the ‘real’ Baal’s happy message, Jinhyeok was able to see his body being sucked into the darkness with his vision turning black.

It was the moment when the demon king of ‘predation’ was born after completing the ordeal of ‘appetite’, which took countless hours.

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