Absolute Necromancer Chapter 247

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Episode 247


The trials held to discuss the qualifications of the next Great Demon King are structured according to the former Demon King’s wishes.

The pinnacle of all evil, which is responsible for two of the many sins, is the trial of appetite organized by ‘Baal’.

That is the distant past.

When he was a low-level demon who didn’t even have a proper name, let alone Baal, he was the embodiment of countless beings that someone had given him and consumed with the power of primal satiety.

Sending out monsters tailored to those who visited the Dungeon of Trials, and ultimately having them face the fragments of the gods and demons they devoured.

That was Baal’s trial that decided the next great demon king, and in it, the talent of the challenger was more important than his current abilities.

“… … “Inhale!”

“Do you think it will work twice!”

In that respect, Jinhyuk’s talent was outstanding.

A talent that cannot be judged based on the floor it is currently on or its original strength.

The overwhelming talent, which could almost be called violent, began to expand like crazy, without knowing its limits, through the trials of appetite.

A massive unified demon energy fills the room, attacking the frenzied fragments of the forgotten god.


When the inside of the dungeon is destroyed and the fragments and powder create a dizzying sight.


“… … bloke!”

Jinhyeok appeared in front of the fragments of the forgotten god struggling in the waves of demonic energy.

As Jinhyeok smiled, holding onto his luminous body with strength, the forgotten fragment of the god was taken aback.

“How can a human being have this kind of power!”

“I don’t know what people were like in the time you lived, but… … People today are a little different from then. At least for me.”

“… … does not make sense!”

No matter how difficult the conditions may be, in the end Jinhyuk himself has to overcome them.

Jinhyeok’s talent and ability are indispensable there.

In other words, being able to show this appearance in front of a powerful enemy that is a fragment of a forgotten god meant that Jinhyeok’s talent would likely be able to stand proudly in front of a fragment of a forgotten god in the future.

Jinhyeok, who held the embarrassed body of the fragment of the forgotten god with his hands, smiled wryly and strengthened his grip.

[Attribute: Predation acquired.]


At the same time, the smile on Jinhyeok’s mouth grew even deeper at the familiar characteristics in the familiar message that came to mind.


“… … Wow! Again! “Me again!”

The captured body is chewed and swallowed as if it were being sucked into Jinhyeok’s hand.

The terrible pain of having your body eaten alive.

The forgotten fragments of God glowed from the pain I had already experienced.

The fragments of the forgotten god, suffering from PTSD from the terrible pain of being eaten by Baal, lost their senses and went on a rampage to escape Jinhyeok’s hands.

“Let go! Let go! I am not the one to disappear from here! “He is a noble being who deserves to soar again!”

Just because they were eaten by Baal does not mean their life is over.

It’s just being eaten slowly, very slowly, without even knowing how much is flowing outside.

No matter how Baal he was, it would be very difficult to digest these ruthless people all at once, and there was no reason to take risks to increase his power, which was why the fragments of the forgotten god were still alive.

To give another reason, it would be correct to say that he intentionally did not absorb it because it was an arrangement made for someone who would one day come to take the place of the Demon King of Appetite.

The fragment of the forgotten god glowed like crazy, whether he knew that the reason for his survival was thanks to Jinhyuk right in front of him.

bang! Quang! Quang! Bang bang bang!

Even though the omnipotent god has fallen, his origin is the omnipotent god.

Although he is one of countless gods, his omniscience and omnipotence have never faded.

Furthermore, the Forgotten God, who was considered the highest among many gods in the past, was especially powerful.

However, the power of the forgotten god, whose name was buried as time passed, was weaker than in the past.

So much so that I have no hesitation in adding the words much, much, much more.

“Unification, divine power.”

“… … “You bastard, how dare you unleash divine power in front of me?”

It was none other than the divine power that Jinhyeok brought out that made the forgotten god, who was half out of his mind due to anger and pain, completely turn around.

Divine power.

Special stats and energy used by priests, Elyos, etc.

Naturally, the source of the power they use is God.

In other words, fighting in front of a god with divine power meant that you could never win unless you were a stronger god than that god.

It’s similar to how most low-level wizards have no choice but to lose against high-ranking wizards.

Therefore, Jinhyeok’s use of divine power was no different from declaring that he was a stronger god than the forgotten god.

“Isn’t it natural that I’m stronger than you, the fallen person?”

“You are just as cheap as Baal!”

“… … “That’s a bit unpleasant.”

[The pinnacle of all evil has sad eyes.]

Baal was saddened by Jinhyeok’s expression of genuine displeasure at being compared to Baal, but Jinhyeok didn’t care at all.

Clap la la rock-

At the same time, six pairs of angel wings sprouted behind Jinhyuk’s back.

“… … Keter. “You know, there was a part of me that believed in him.”


Only the Emperor, the Emperor of the Elyos, can reach it, and it can be considered a god who resides in the tower.

It was enough of a sacred power to be threatening to the fragments of a forgotten god who were merely fragments rather than the original body, not only as something that had been lost to the distant past.



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In particular, Jinhyeok’s Kether was shining brighter than the Kether remembered by the forgotten gods because it was Kether, the edge of the Sephiroth that had developed further than in the past.


“Who do you think created Sephiroth? “You stupid, foolish human being.”

“… … hmm.”

Knock knock knock-

The light of magical divine power flowing from the six pairs of wings symbolizing Kether begins to shrink.

Jinhyeok clicked his tongue when he felt the power of Kether, unable to freely unfold its power, screaming as if an absolute transcendent was crushing it.

Is God really God?

Even though it was a failure, the being who created Sephiroth and was one of the gods who created the Elyos was definitely different.

“I am the one who boasted of being the most powerful and widest of all heavens. Yahweh! “How dare a human being bring up Sephiroth’s sacred power to me when he was so trembling in front of me!”


The nickname “Master of the Sky” is even more famous.

Furthermore, he is also called the main deity of the current Elyos and is one of the highest deity deities in name and reality, boasting great power.

‘Asgard’ and ‘Olympus’ are one, but even the two gods of ‘Veda’ and ‘Hindu’ are entities that must be put to shame before Yahweh.

Such a being has now disappeared without even its name being known, and exists fragmented within the belly of Baal.

Jinhyeok responds with a wry laugh at that fact.

“Then I’ll add other powers as well.”

“… … what?”


It’s definitely a powerful force.

A tree deeply imbued with the power of God possesses enormous divine power in itself, and beings standing at the level of Kether, located at the edge, possess divine power equivalent to that of a god.

However, in front of the true God, in front of one of the many gods who created Sephiroth, it is inevitable that that light will fade.

Then there is only one thing left.

Clap la la rock-

“The wings… … No, those are not angel wings. that… … that… … !”


“Hey, how-how can a human have two powers in one body…?” … !”

All I had to do was use another power.

In addition to the original six pairs of angel wings, an additional six pairs of devil wings sprout.

A total of twelve pairs of wings.

Soon, as the black devil wings were stained with divine power, a total of twelve pairs of angel wings appeared on Jinhyeok’s back.

Coo coo coo coo coo-

“No words… … no… … “I have never added this kind of function or ability.”

By combining the power of two trees with different paths, their output is doubled.

The horse is a badge.

If the amount of energy equivalent to that of gods and demons was doubled, the power would be greater than that of gods and demons.

As if to prove it, the enormous divine power flowing from Jinhyuk reminded me of a god-level being from a ‘god world’.

Overwhelming divine power flowing from twelve pairs of wings.

“It causes destruction.”

“… … !”

It brings about the destruction of God with the power of God.

There is nothing more terrible than that.

[Most gods express their sorrow in someone’s house.]

[Most demons spew joy in someone’s house.]

[The owner of the sky frowns.]

[An angel abandoned by heaven laughs at someone.]

The nameless, forgotten god who stood shoulder to shoulder with the lord of the high heavens was swept away by the wave of divine power and sucked into Jinhyeok.

That was the end of the forgotten god who had lived a distant life for so many years. * * *

[Characteristic: Acquired godhood.]

[This trait will be sealed upon exiting the trial.]

“It’s a shame.”

A new trait obtained as a result of ‘predating’ a forgotten god.

It was literally a characteristic that proved that he was a ‘god’, but for Jinhyuk who went through the trials, it was like a time bomb.

It was obvious that if I were to embrace the power of God in human flesh, I would end up like a balloon with too much air in it.

Still, Jinhyeok was satisfied with the divine power he could use within the trial and headed to the next room.

In fact, Jinhyuk had a rough idea of ​​what was coming, so he didn’t hesitate in his steps.

[The enemy beyond this is a collection of 72 demons from the past.]

[As a being before the current 72 Demons, most of them are just shells that have been sucked out, but they are sufficiently threatening.]

[You have obtained the position of ‘quasi’ Demon King. Would you like to go back?]

[The position of the ‘Jun’ Demon King may be changed to the position of the Demon King through additional quests and trials in the future.]

What made me stop my steps was the message window that appeared before my eyes.

A collection of 72 devils.

Even though they were just shells, that alone did not change the fact that they were dangerous enough.

In addition, he has already acquired the position of ‘quasi’ devil king.

There was no problem in taking the position of Demon King by receiving additional quests and trials from Baal at the tower without having to take any additional risks.

But the answer was already decided.

“open it.”

[…] … Good luck.]

Deja vu.

The same scene that had already been seen once was played again, and the message, along with the words of good luck, opened a much larger stone gate than before.

Coo coo coo coo coo-

[The pinnacle of all evil is tense.]

[If you are the pinnacle of all evil, I guarantee you can do it.]

As the stone door slowly opened, Baal’s message appeared before Jinhyeok’s eyes for the first time, seemingly nervous.

Jinhyeok snorted at Baal’s message of concern for him and focused on the slowly opening door.

“Baal… … I curse… … .”

“we… … I said I was on your side… … .”

“It’s painful… … sick… … Kill me… … No, I’ll kill you… … .”


There was something inside it that looked like an undead golem made from corpses.

However, the moment he realized that the true identity of something was a combination of the 72 demons of the past, a terrible mental contamination attacked Jinhyeok’s brain.

“… … “Wow, that’s terrible.”

Jinhyuk clicked his tongue and shook his head at the terrible feeling that his brain was being polluted and rotting just by looking at it.

[Skill: Mental pollution resistance has been acquired.]

Jinhyuk pushed aside the message window that appeared before his eyes and prepared for what might be his last battle.

Clap la la rock!

Two pairs of six, as when dealing with fragments of the Forgotten God.

A total of twelve pairs of wings sprout.

Jinhyeok felt divine power and magic flowing down like a waterfall from the wings of the angel and devil, and focused on the very small sapling that had sprouted between Sephiroth and Qliphoth.

The germination of the seeds you grew among the trees made by others.

It is the birth of a new tree, and at the same time, it is a tree that embraces human possibilities and potential and a tree of spiritual power.

“… … “The spirit king’s body.”


Twelve pairs of unique wings are dyed in one color.

Black purple.

The black-purple wings that symbolize Jinhyuk’s spiritual power turn translucent, and at the same time, Jinhyuk’s body also turns into spiritual power.

A translucent body with a purple-black tinge.

A body that is similar to the spirit body I experienced in the realm before, but whose output itself is incomparable.

Lingwang body.

At the gesture of Jinhyeok, dressed in the body of the king of spiritual bodies, a huge wave of spiritual power swirled and attacked the entire collection of 72 demons.

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