Absolute Necromancer Chapter 249

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Episode 249

I feel a heavy feeling in my chest.

Although it wasn’t bothersome, Jinhyuk slowly opened his closed eyes and looked around at the clear feeling of weight.

“… … premises?”

Shabby house.

Still, Jinhyeok was taken aback when he saw himself lying on a bed in a house with everything inside, but that only lasted for a moment.

“Ugh… … .”

“… … “I’m sorry for making you noisy.”

Tam, who was burying his face in his chest, reacted to Jinhyuk’s movements and woke up with a sulky look.


“… … I’m not your dad, but whatever. “It did come back.”

Jinhyuk felt a chuckle come out of his voice, which was full of sleep, and he lowered his head.

Returned from ordeal.

That alone was enough of an answer.

“… … “I see you.”

“… … Jean Marceau.”

Before we knew it, Jean Marceau opened the door of the house and entered, bowing gently on one knee with a dignified appearance.


I instinctively felt the birth of a new demon king.

“I have prepared something to eat. “Since you have been asleep for quite some time, I recommend that you eat light porridge first.”

“That’s very polite.”

“A gentleman knows how to recognize the person he is serving. I knew from Baal that you had obtained the title of king, but… … “As soon as I saw it, my body reacted first.”

“You have such a nice body.”

“Would you like to eat it?”

Jinhyeok stuck his tongue out at the sight of Jean Marceau loosening his clothes without any hesitation.

man eats man

Rather than using such sexual notions, Jean Marceau meant that he would make Jinhyuk stronger by having him eat himself.

In other words, the latter was more terrible than the former.

Because the former was still alive.

‘I’m sure eating Jean Marceau will be of great help – but it’s still not as good as Jean Marceau himself.’

But Jinhyuk had no intention of eating Jean Marceau.

The more powerful predation would completely devour the being called Jean Marceau and give his experience to Jinhyeok, but Jean Marceau was not a being that could be consumed.

“it’s okay. “I don’t eat my own people.”

“That’s a good thing. Then, let’s eat first. “I’ll be waiting outside.”

Jinhyeok accepted porridge and a simple side dish from Jean Marceau, who smiled and made a classy gesture, adjusting his collar and buttoning his buttons, and asked Jean Marceau as he left the room.

“How long has it been?”

“one week. “I think it’s been that long.”

“… … “It’s quite long.”


Jinhyeok clicked his tongue as he took a bite of the delicious porridge, not sure if he had bought it or made it.

one week.

If it’s long, it’s long, if it’s short, it’s short, but it felt like a long time to Jinhyuk, who had already spent more time than necessary in Yuldo Country.

“Honestly, I didn’t think it would take this long.”


“The longer you spend inside, the slower time passes. Usually a day or two. In my case, it was 4 days.”

“It means it’s been a long time.”

“… … “Yes, I thought he might have died, but Baal surprised me by telling me that he was still going through the trials.”

Recalling that time, Jean Marceau looked at Jinhyeok with a face of wonder.

“What monsters were there beyond what I couldn’t overcome?”

“What kind of people did you meet?”

“I met giants and dragons. Yonghwang and Geohwang. I think my future self could have beaten them. Of course, it is not a quality that can be compared to Jinhyeok.”

Yonghwang and Geohwang.

They may be dragons and giants from the distant past, but they are by no means something to be disparaged.

Even in the past, they were the ones who stood at the top of the Four Emperors and were supposed to become the next gods or devils.

“There is no need to disparage talent. And now you’re stronger than me, right?”

“Strength is just a difference in time. And you are the one who will one day stand on a higher level than me. In addition, the king is a being worthy of respect in and of himself.”

“… … “Do what’s comfortable for you.”

Jean Marceau remained undisturbed until the end.

I just maintained my posture elegantly and with dignity, and left the room after telling myself to get some rest.

“Apua, is it delicious?”

“… … “You eat too.”


[The greedy dragon looks on happily.]

In the quiet room, Jinhyeok and Tam ate quite a bit of porridge together.

Although Jinhyuk would not admit it, their appearance resembled that of a young father and young son eating together. * * *

[Status Window]

Name: Cha Jinhyuk

Title: Demon Lord of Predation



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Occupation: Spirit Master

Sub-occupation: All Master

Body: Mana body, chaotic body


Strength: 155 (+123)

Health: 159 (+123)

Agility: 153 (+123)

Intelligence: 198 (+123)

Mana: 264 (+138)

Magi: 212 (+278)

Holy power: 212 (+278)

Spiritual Power: 257 (+123)

Dragon Power: 90 (+123)

Strength: 95 (+123)

Strength: 86 (+123)


1. Predation

2. Demon King’s Energy


1. Versatility

2. One won

3. Incomplete Honwon (混元)

4. Deity (Seal)

5. Magic core (seal)


Comprehensive resistance, tenacity, gunsmithing, muscle strengthening, tough skin… … .

“… … “Something has definitely increased a lot.”

Jinhyeok’s status changed significantly as he went through the trials of life and appetite in Yuldo Kingdom.

Not only did my stats grow significantly, but I also developed various characteristics and gained new skills through trials.

In addition, he gained powers that could not be obtained unless he made a contract with the devil or God.


You can eat anything.

It takes in everything perfectly from what it feasts on.

* When using Predation, a large amount of stamina and energy are recovered.

“Good. “So much so that there is no need for rhetoric.”

Predation, the promotion from trait to power, was as simple as always, but special.

It takes ‘perfectly’ everything from what it feasts on.

The thought that I could take everything from Jean Marceau by eating him must have been due to the predation that was imbued with change.

By eating miscellaneous creatures, you can recover not only your stamina and mana, but also other energies.

It couldn’t be a bad thing since the sustaining power of the battle had increased significantly.

[Demon King Qi]

The energy of the king of demons.

The number of energies is seven.

Each energy has a special ability.

The user can use Demon Qi by replacing it with Demon King Qi.

* Currently possessed Demon King: Appetite (predation).

The Demon King’s energy that became Jinhyeok’s power along with Predation was also not bad.

There was a downside to having to replace a large amount of demon energy, but it was worth it.


The black magic energy burns quickly and takes on a dark orange color.

Eventually, the demonic energy, perfectly colored in black-orange color, transformed into the demon king’s energy, and the black-orange demonic energy was able to ‘devour’ everything it touched.


Jinhyeok, who finished understanding the demon king’s flag, clenched his fist and returned the demon king’s flag again.

Jinhyuk secretly smiled as he looked at the demon king’s flag that died away with a sound like a deflated balloon.

“Has the distance of predation increased? “It’s even stronger than demonic energy.”

Predation could be used within arm’s reach.

However, if you use the Demon King’s Ki like now, you will be able to use Predation anywhere the energy can reach.

The smile on Jinhyeok’s lips grew even deeper as he thought about it that far.

“Your skills have improved quite a bit, and you have a title.”

Various skills obtained from monsters devoured during trials.

The skills ranged from useless to quite useful to Jinhyuk now.

Of course, I didn’t have time to dig into them one by one.

Because there was something else more important than that.

[Demon King of Predation]

You are the devil of predation.

* Magi + 200

“… … “There is no flaw that it should be considered a title.”

Simple name and brief description.

But the effect contained therein was not simple.

Magi + 200.

Due to the effect of the half-demon and half-demon inherent in the chaotic body, it was split in half, resulting in divine power and demonic energy + 100, but even so, it was not a small amount.

Thanks to this, the greatest amount of energy that Jinhyuk currently possesses is not mana or spiritual power, but divine power and magical energy.


“Okay, just eat the magic and divine power.”


There was nothing like porridge that could fill Tam’s stomach with eternal hunger and starvation.

Therefore, while checking the status window, Jinhyuk rubbed Tam’s stomach and patted Tam’s head while he was crying, and used Tam’s food to pour out appropriate magical energy and divine power.

Jinhyeok pulled out a wooden box from subspace without stopping stroking Tam’s head, who was greedily devouring the magical energy and sacred power he had given him.

As soon as the wooden box is taken out, Tam’s head, which had been absorbing magical energy and divine power, suddenly rises as the fresh natural scent wafts out.

“Something to eat!”

“It’s not yours.”

“… … Hmph.”

What is inside the wooden box is Mannyeonsam, an item given by Yuldo Kingdom as a reward for benefactors.

Of course its value is very great.

It’s a shame for Tom, but it wasn’t something simple enough to disappear as a snack for Tom.

It was so disappointing that even though he was gulping down magical energy and divine power, his eyes were focused on the wooden box.

However, Jinhyeok avoided Tom’s gaze and threw the ginseng down his throat.

“ah… … .”

Tam’s regretful sigh could be heard from the side, but Jinhyuk quietly closed his eyes and focused on the perennial ginseng and its enormous energy that were melting as soon as they disappeared beyond his throat.


The enormous energy that filled Mannyeonsam was Taoist power.

Jinhyuk did not miss the opportunity to fill what was most lacking in his energy.

Jinhyuk, who had thoroughly eaten everything, moved on to the next meal.

It was a bonus to smile as I saw my strength increase by nearly 100.

“oh… … ! give it to me!”


“… … Hmph.”

The Essence of Cain.

Tam’s eyes sparkled again when he saw what looked like a glass bead made of obsidian, but he couldn’t help it.

[The greedy dragon shouts Azura!]

“I’ll consider it if you give me another similar one.”

[The greedy dragon smiles, wishing you a happy meal.]


Jinhyeok, who clicked his tongue as he watched Tam, who was infinitely generous with others but stingy with his own, withdraw quickly, swallowed Cain’s essence gently.

Is it because he became the devil?

Even though Cain’s essence had energy equal to or greater than that of Perennial Ginseng, it did not take long to absorb.

I gained nearly 100 magical energy, and the magical energy I gained was immediately divided into divine power and magical energy.

[Magic Energy: 212 (+278)] -> [Magic Energy: 265 (+278)]

[Holy Power: 212 (+278)] -> [Holy Power: 265 (+278)]

[Strength: 86] (+123) -> [Strength: 186 (+123)]


Jinhyeok, who experienced an explosion of magical power, divine power, and sword power through Mannyeonsam and Cain’s essence, smiled with satisfaction.

After finishing everything, Jinhyuk stood up, slightly pushing Tam to the side.

“Then it’s interrogation time.”

-What are you planning to do with me?

“You’ll know when you see it. Donna’s Taylor.”

Sword Saint Donnas Taylor.

Because it was time to interrogate his soul.

Jinhyeok headed to the underground torture chamber created by Jean Marceau, holding on to the soul of Donnas Taylor, who was screaming in fear as she thought about the future that would come to her.

Jinhyeok disappeared into a place that was sure to have soundproofing to block out the screams of the soul.

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