Absolute Necromancer Chapter 23

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All Master Necromancer Episode 23

“…Hmm, does that mean he is a combination of demonic energy and soul disease? That’s amazing. Jinhyuk Cha How did that guy create something like that in such a short amount of time? “It’s not cheap, but I have no choice but to acknowledge your talent.”

Balkan expressed his appreciation while looking at the Demon Spirit bottle, a result that even Jinhyeok himself was confused about.

While floating in the air, watching the battle between Jinhyeok and Ha-ryu, he was busy making evaluations.

That’s what wizards were originally, and Balkan was also a wizard.

Of course, I changed jobs from wizard to necromancer, and from necromancer to spirit master.

“Certainly kobolds are worse at responding to demon soul disease than to spirit disease.”

The difference between soul disease and demon soul disease was not that big.

To be honest, a demon spirit bottle with at most 1 level of demonic energy was at the same level as mixing 1 level of alcohol with 9 parts of water.

However, despite the level of sultanate in the water, the results were not bad.

“The demonic energy permeating the naturally flowing spiritual power is suppressing their movements. After all, Magi is Magi.”

Spiritual power.

A power mainly used by spirit masters and spirit soldiers, also called the power of the soul.

Jinhyeok has not yet realized and mastered his spiritual power properly, but it is a power he will master someday.

In fact, Jinhyuk had been dealing with spiritual powers even before his reincarnation.

Anyway, the magic permeated by that spiritual power spread around and suppressed the kobolds’ movements.

Like the original power of Magi.

Of course, if it were a real demon, his body would immediately stiffen and urinate, but even if it wasn’t to that extent, it was still helpful enough in the fight.


This is because it is enough to not be able to properly respond to the attacks of the Demon Spirit soldiers who attack with a roar.

Whether you stiffen or slightly stiffen at a critical moment and miss the timing, the result is the same: death.

The number of enemies killed by the two demon soul soldiers was equal to that of the dozens of soul soldiers, so there was nothing left to look at.

“…I’m already looking forward to what kind of monster will be created if divine power, dragons’ mana, and dragon power are added to it.”

This is something that was originally unimaginable.

The divine power of the gods (elyos).

The mana and power of dragons.

Because it is not a stat (energy) that ordinary people can handle or obtain.

But Balkan was confident.

‘That guy will definitely be able to get everything from the Four Emperors. And even the ridiculous combination of divine power and soul disease will definitely be successful.’

The [holy power] of the gods,

the [dragon power] of the dragon race, the [magic energy

] of the giant race, and

the [giant power] of

the giant race were all surprising stats, but Balkan didn’t think it would take long for Jinhyeok’s body to be filled with all of those things.

It’s just a matter of timing.

I thought that one day, Jinhyeok would hold everything in his hands of the Four Emperors and rule as the supreme king.

Above all, what he was most looking forward to was the combination of divine power and soul disease.

‘Holy power purifies the wrong things and burns the unclean things. Soul disease can be seen as the soul of a dead person, the essence of something evil and unclean. ‘Can we really put them together?’

Magi, dragon power, and mighty power.

These three things could be seen to go well with soul disease.

Just by looking at the black magic, I thought it would go well with the spirit bottle, and the same goes for the dragon power and strength.

But it was not divine power.

It is also a symbol of purification, and far from being compatible with soul bottles, it could actually destroy the main ingredient, soul bottles.

‘…It was quite shocking that when the priest’s soul was actually treated as a soul disease, the one who tried to use divine power was destroyed.’

Balkan shivered as he recalled how the soul of a priest he had saved with great difficulty a long time ago had been purified using divine power in battle.

The absurdity he experienced at that time was still firmly entrenched in his mind even hundreds of years later, so he had no difficulty recalling it.

Just thinking about that time makes me throw a fit.

The time of the seizure was not very long, and by the time Balkan’s seizure was over, the battle between Jinhyeok and Ha-Ryu had also ended.

“What are you doing? “Like a fish out of water.”

“What is a fish?”

“There is such a thing. “Like what you look like now.”

Jinhyeok, who was giggling like a fish out of water when he saw Balkan having a seizure, soon stopped laughing and looked at Balkan.

“how is it? “Are you okay?”

“…It wasn’t bad.”

“Get rid of your pride.”

“it was good.”

When told to talk without pride, Balkan finally revealed his true feelings.

it was good.

It was a short sentence, but it was more than enough to make Jinhyuk nod his head.

‘It was definitely good.’

Through the experiment, Jinhyeok had a vague idea of what the Demon Spirit Soldier looked like, but apart from that, he could not see the Demon Spirit Soldier’s true abilities.

So, I thought it would be a little better than the typical soul disease, but…

‘It was the complete opposite. A little bit of demonic energy was added to the water, as if it were alcohol, but there is a big difference between spirit bottle and demon spirit bottle.’

The result was nothing at all.

Soul disease and demon soul disease.

These two were beings that could never be placed on the same line.

It goes without saying, but Mahonbyeong was overwhelmingly better.

‘I feel like the level of the soul itself has risen. Is this definitely the energy of a demon?’



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This is something you often hear when climbing the tower.

Jinhyuk was saying that his level had risen.

The level that an ordinary person would not be able to climb even after climbing the tower for several years has been raised.

Of course, the reason why this was possible was because the level of the soul called a kobold was so low, and on the other hand, the level of the energy called Magi was so high.

The meeting of two opposites led to explosive growth, which resulted in the perfect result called Mahonbyeong.

‘Even considering the fact that he is an ordinary kobold, his status has grown significantly, it is definitely a good achievement. If I can get similar results by mixing different energies… I can move to a higher place.’

I was satisfied.

The level of satisfaction must be very high, as one can be confident that the results are not lacking even when compared to what one has achieved recently.

‘However, it doesn’t seem like just giving them demonic energy will work, and do we have to make them demon soul bottles?’

However, there was one problem: even if you inject a little demonic energy into an ordinary soul bottle, it would not show the same power as a demon soul bottle.

‘You mean it’s perfect except for the annoying things… After all, nothing in this world is comfortable.’


When you think it’s perfect except for the part that arises from having to make each demon spirit bottle one by one.

“I admit you’ve built something amazing for a guy like you, but… what are you looking at?”

Jinhyeok caught the sight of Balkan talking loudly about the Demon Lord.

And the moment he saw him, a very good idea came to Jinhyeok’s mind to eliminate the shortcomings of Mahonbyeong.

“I thought of a way to eliminate the last drawback of the Demon Soul Byeong.”

“Wow, that sounds tempting… Do you want to tell your teacher?”

As a wizard, Vulcan, who couldn’t bear to be curious even if it killed him, responded immediately.

Jinhyeok smiled brightly at the sight of Balkan showing his curiosity by touching his chin.

“You are the most important key card.”

“also! It takes Vulkan, the first Spirit Master, to create a proper finished product. Hahaha!”

The smile on Jinhyeok’s face did not disappear even when Balkan, unable to hide his joy at being told that it was the most important key card, shook his shoulders and then burst into laughter.

As Balkan said, it was only with him that we could begin producing the perfect Demon Spirit bottle without any drawbacks.

“First of all, before going in there, shouldn’t I give you demon energy as well?”

“okay! I almost forgot. Quickly give me some magic energy too! “Don’t use it on those bug-like kobolds!”

Without even knowing his own fate, Vulcan snickered and cut down the Demon Soul Soldiers far away.

Jinhyuk had a warm smile on his face as he watched him urging him to quickly give him magic, not knowing that he would become a factory that produces them.

‘I heard that even dog poop has some use. ‘As expected, you’re a piece of shit, Balkan.’

While showering generous praise(?) in his heart, Jinhyeok brought out all his magic energy.


As the magic energy that escaped from the dark force ring exploded, the magic energy that had nowhere to go attacked Balkan.

“Uh…uhh! Hey, what’s wrong with that?”

“Well. They say kobolds live and die with a level of magic power of 1. If it were the soul of the first Spirit Master, it would easily swallow about 10 magical energy, right?”

“You fcking bstard!!!”


Vulcan gritted his teeth at the sight of them, which he had never experienced before and whose ferocity was exactly like that of their owner, rushing towards him, but Jinhyuk just waved his hands.

“…Are you okay?”

The fortunate thing for Balkan was that there was at least one person who cared about him.

Naturally, the one who was worried about him was Haryu, who was still a young goblin.

When Ha-ryu was worried at the sight of Balkan struggling in pain but only letting out screams because she couldn’t see it because she was covered in demonic energy, Jin-hyuk patted her head and responded as if she was okay.

“The First Spirit Master is not that weak.”

“…Is that so?”

“Actually, I don’t know. But if it’s Balkan, it’ll work out somehow.”

Jinhyeok always criticizes and criticizes Balkan, but he recognizes his ability, so he assured me that there will be no problem.


“…If you go out, you’re dead.”

The increasingly frequent screams and the gradually calming ferocity of the Magi announced that Balkan was alive and well.

Above all, Vulcan’s voice coming from inside covered by demons was extremely normal.

At that fact, Jinhyuk opened his mouth with a happy smile.

“Anything is welcome.”

The spirit he commands becomes strong enough to threaten him.

That is the perfect thing for Jinhyuk.

Therefore, Balkan did not say anything more when Jinhyuk responded with a bright smile.

‘It’s a loss for me to talk to that damn guy.’

After thinking this to himself, he absorbed all the 10 magical energies provided by the Dark Force Ring.

“Hahaha! Did you see it? This is the magnificence of the first Spirit Master Balkan! I am the one who cannot even be compared to the souls of those low-class people! “Remember, it’s Balkan.”

Jinhyeok nodded as he looked at Vulcan, who had absorbed all of the demonic energy that covered his entire body and was screaming so hard that the world trembled.

“It’s definitely perfect.”

“I think I can see my perfection through your stupid talent and eyes.”

“Yes, it looks good. “At this rate, you can take charge of the production of Demon Soul bottles from now on.”

“Okay, okay, leaving everything to this body… Wait, what?”

“If you didn’t hear, I’ll say it again slowly. From now on, Vulkan will be in charge of the production of Demon Spirit bottles. “I will replenish the used magic energy, but don’t forget to research so that you can produce your own magic energy in the future.”

“You, you… Rain, you damn b*stard!”

Just as Balkan was about to faint when he said that he would literally turn himself into a magic bottle factory.

Jinhyuk’s next words caught him.

“Ah, if you gain the energy of the Four Emperors in the future, you can take charge of that as well.”


Naturally, what held him back was powerful anger.

In this way, the first Mahon Bottle Factory was born.

This was the factory that would be responsible for most of Jinhyuk’s power in the future.

Whether it is factory or direct operation.

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