Absolute Necromancer Chapter 18

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All Master Necromancer Episode 18

[Mana Ring]

[Mana Earring]

[Mana Necklace]

These were the names of the contribution rewards floating above Jinhyeok’s hand.

A deep smile appeared on Jinhyuk’s lips as he looked at the 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place rewards in order from the top.

“You got something good.”

The contribution rewards were attractive enough and good enough that even Vulcan, who was watching quietly, said the same thing.

“Is this such a good thing?”

However, only the lower class, who does not yet know about the top’s items, tilts their head and shows curiosity.

Balkan kindly took on the role of teacher for the downstream who did not know much about the tower.

Originally, Jinhyuk would have played this role, but now Jinhyuk was busy looking at contribution rewards.

“He’s still a young goblin, so it’s natural that he doesn’t know. “Originally, I would have had to hear it from the adults in the village, but since I couldn’t afford to do that, I’ll explain.”

Seeing Haryu’s face harden at the mention of village adults, Balkan quickly turned his head and went straight to the main topic.

Although she was a young goblin whom he had only recently met, the reason was that after hearing her story, he could not treat her so easily.

“The grades of items are Normal – Rare – Unique – Legendary. And the grade of the item that that cheap guy is busy looking at is rare. Moreover, accessories are difficult to obtain, and most items are of rare quality.”

“Oh, I see.”

Vulcan continued his explanation, looking at the streamer with an expression of enlightenment as he slapped his hand down in amazement.

“Furthermore, since it is an item with mana in its name, it is naturally deeply related to mana. Hey, tell me some cheap options.”

“Mana consumption rate reduction is 10%, 15%, and 20%. Additionally, each mana stat +5, so overall +15.”

“Did you hear? It can reduce the mana consumption rate by a total of 45%, so it is an indispensable accessory for those who use a lot of mana. “It will suit him better than most accessories, especially!”

At the words of Balkan, who shook his shoulders with a smile on his face, Haryu pursed his small mouth and let out an exclamation of ‘Oh!’

Satisfied with the audience’s response, Balkan continued his explanation.

“Well, what’s more important than that is that you have to go to the 100th floor to get those items, so it’s more important that you get them before then.”

When Balkan shrugged his shoulders and said the last words, Jinhyeok waved his hand as if he had explained anything further.

Anyway, I already know everything and have already confirmed the items.

There was no reason to listen to more pleasant stories just from the downstream.

Jinhyeok got up from his seat and immediately put on all the items he received as contribution rewards.

“Use… Haa….”

Mana ring, mana earring, mana necklace.

Jinhyuk, wearing all three accessories, took a deep breath and exhaled with a refreshing smile.

“As expected, the temperament is good.”

First floor at most.

In a situation where the only items that can be obtained there are trash that cannot even reach normal grade, rare items are no different from something beyond the sweet rain of drought.

Now that he has gotten as many as three, Jinhyuk wants to burst into laughter beyond just a smile.

However, Jinhyeok, conscious of the gaze of those around him, suppressed his smile and raised his head toward the final reward.

“Bune. Why don’t you just stay quiet and give me some compensation? “Do you think I’ll forget?”

[The devil who deals with death says he was planning on giving it to him and tells him not to press on.]

“Okay, give it to me.”

[A private message has arrived.]

No sooner had he finished speaking than Jinhyeok, who confirmed that the reward had arrived from Bune, unwrapped the gift he received from Santa Claus with a satisfied smile.


“What, what on earth did you get for doing that?”

“…Can you show me too?”

Seeing Jinhyuk showing his emotions of surprise for the first time, the other two people tilted their heads and approached Jinhyuk.

Jinhyuk barely managed to control his surprise when he saw the two people poking their heads out as if they wanted to answer their curiosity and shared the information about the item he had received.

And Balkan, with the exception of Ha-ryu, who did not know even after looking at the information, opened his mouth and could not hide his surprise like Jinhyeok.

“I… can’t believe I’m seeing these items… just… on the first floor!”

“You’re surprised, right? I’ve never seen anything like this before… I never thought I’d see something like this on the first floor. To be honest, I thought they would just throw away something suitable, but the container is quite big.”

[Dark Force Ring]

Grade: ?

A crude ring made by a demon who controls death to fulfill a promise.

You can only handle demonic energy when wearing it.

  • Magi stat + 10 (Cannot be increased with items or titles.)

Jinhyeok and Balkan looked in ecstasy as they looked at the information window that seemed to fill their eyes.

The reason the two people, who had dreamy expressions as if they had taken medicine, were broken out of their thoughts was Ha-Ryu, who couldn’t contain his curiosity and urged them on.

“Why is this good?”

Since they were still young, it was natural to ask questions to the two adults(?), so Jinhyuk and Balkan cleared their throats, hid their embarrassment, and pointed to the crude black ring in front of them.

“Mana is the most basic yet most important stat.”

“And among the stats, there are stats that only superior races can handle. Or through opportunities or items.”

“This ring is one of those items, and it allows you to feel and manipulate stats that weren’t there before.”

“In other words, this is an ancient treasure that adds one stat just by wearing it!”

“More than anything, Magi is like the exclusive property of demons. It’s a stat that can’t even be obtained in most cases. “I can’t help but be happy because I can handle things like that from the first floor.”

The two people took turns explaining and were truly happy.

The two people who were irritated with each other ended up talking while playing tiki-taka, so the importance of the Dark Force Ring could be understood without even having to say it.

“I never dreamed that I would be wearing two rings from the first floor. “One of them is rare, and the other is a ring given by the devil himself.”

“The booster was definitely installed.”

“I know.”

Jinhyuk was truly satisfied in a situation where the word ‘booster’ could not fit so well.



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“Okay, I forgive you. “It’s definitely more than enough to pay for what I tried to do.”

[The devil who deals with death shakes hands, saying good luck.]

Scribble –

In response to the reply in the message window, Jinhyuk replaced the handshake by waving his hand as if shaking hands in the empty air.

Naturally, Jinhyuk’s passionate fans strongly opposed him.

[The pinnacle of all evil gets angry.]

[The pinnacle of all evil asks to shake his hand.]

[The pinnacle of all evil holds out his hand and shakes it.]

Jinhyuk frowns at the feast of message windows that fill his eyes. He waved his hand to erase the message window and scolded coldly.

“If you want to shake hands, bring items too. “Where are you trying to eat raw?”

“…a vicious b*stard. “You turn on the devil… you are the devil.”

“Because the country I originally lived in was a country where even the devil trembled.”

Hell Joseon.

Unlike Jinhyeok, who smiled as he remembered the familiar yet funny name, the message window in front of his eyes did not make him smile.

[The pinnacle of all evil becomes restless.]

[The pinnacle of all evil searches through his dresser.]

[The pinnacle of all evil searches through his closet.]

[The pinnacle of all evil searches under his bed…. ]

“Stop. “Are we going to end there?”

Jinhyeok frowned at the sight of Baal trying to search under the bed.

In fact, for a being of Baal’s level, even a speck of dust rolling around in his house would certainly be better than any ordinary item.

In other words, no matter how much Baal searches his house, he will not find an item that is bad enough to give to Jinhyeok.

‘No matter how hard you search, is there an item worth giving to the climber on the first floor?’

If you have it, it’s better as it is, and if you don’t have it, it’s better as if you don’t have it.

As Jinhyeok waits for Baal’s answer with a faint smile on his face, as if he is enjoying the situation where Baal is getting restless.

Baal eventually decided to win.

[The pinnacle of all evil says he will take a quest.]


“You caught a big catch!”

Balkan, who was watching the situation from the side, was right! The conditions offered by Baal were so good that they shouted.


It is one level higher than the entire monster wave quest that Jinhyuk went through just now.

The rewards for quests paid to individuals were very good.

That’s why most gods and demons pass on quests only to their apostles or apostle candidates.

‘You mean you went on that quest? ‘Are you saying you want to make your relationship with me clearer than shaking hands?’

In that Baal gave the quest to Jinhyeok, who is neither an apostle nor a candidate for apostle, he expressed his opinion as much as he could.

Jinhyuk wasn’t so bad-hearted that he ignored that.

“Okay, then, out of your kindness, I will accept it especially.”

[He mutters, ‘Isn’t this the pinnacle of all evil?’]

“If you don’t want to do it, don’t do it.”

[The pinnacle of all evil waves its hands.]

[The pinnacle of all evil claims that it has already been stamped, so there is no softening.]

Jinhyeok stuck out his tongue at Baal’s attitude of rushing in as soon as he was ready to bluff.

[The personal quest has arrived.]

As soon as his message arrived, the quest had already arrived.

< Baal’s Quest >

Baal, the pinnacle of all evil, gives you a quest.

Quest achievement condition: Before entering the 100th floor, raise your name or nickname throughout the tower.

Penalty for Failure: You must begin the trials to become an Apostle of Baal.

Reward upon success: Baal will provide you with the recipe for the desired item.

Down payment: Shake hands with Baal.

‘The conditions are tough… but the compensation is seriously good?’

Before reaching the 100th floor, raise your name or nickname throughout the tower.

This means that all climbers on all floors must be imprinted as a super rookie.

‘It won’t be easy. The penalty is also quite large.’

It would be a sad story for Baal to hear, but Jinhyeok had no intention of becoming anyone’s apostle.

Even if it is Baal, the highest level of demons.

‘Well, if it succeeds, that’s it.’

After thinking about it and making a decision, Jinhyuk smiled brightly and waved his hands in the air.

Just like what I said to Bune just now.

At the same time, several message windows appeared before Jinhyuk’s eyes.

[The down payment has been completed.]

[The pinnacle of all evil grins and waves his hands.]

It was the moment when the contract with Baal was concluded.

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