Absolute Necromancer Chapter 17

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All Master Necromancer Episode 17

Jinhyeok’s actions went smoothly as he removed the flies that were trying to sneakily put a spoon on the table he prepared.

Uduk –

Break the necks of the attacking kobolds and kill them instantly with a single blow, or cut down the attacking kobolds and explode them with magic.

Since he was slaughtering the kobolds using everything he could in a variety of ways, it could be seen as going smoothly.

In fact, many people could not hide their surprise at Jinhyuk’s actions.

“…Is that the same person as us?”

“Nonsense. Does that make sense for a climber on the first floor?”

As well as the climbers who watched from the perspective of a third party in Korol Village.

[A god cries out that this is nonsense.]

[A demon likes you.] [

A demon wants to be your secret friend.]

[A god tempts you with candy.]

Name Messages from gods that did not reveal themselves poured out to the point where it was annoying.

[The pinnacle of all evil glares at someone.]

[If the pinnacle of all evil has anything to say, it growls and asks for their name.]

[The pinnacle of all evil….]

[The pinnacle of all evil….]

‘.. .There is nothing to do. It’s not like I’m writing a message alone.’

Someone took over the message window to Jinhyeok, laughing at them and saying they were just b*stards with no money.

However, Jinhyeok, who made Baal cry by turning off the message window for a while during the battle, fell into the battle again.

‘There are about a hundred left. not much left.’

[1st floor]

Korol Village is a village of slash-and-burn farmers hidden at the foot of a mountain.

They had a problem: kobolds that invaded the village from time to time.

Clear condition: Kobold kill (902/10)

Jinhyeok, with a faint smile on his face, looked at the number of kills that far exceeded the clear conditions in the quest window on the first floor, and soon fell into a trance.


The monster wave rushed towards the end, with explosions all around Jinhyeok and the bodies of kobolds, damaged in some places, scattering around.

Squeak –

“Haa… haa….”

Ha-ryu cut down the body of the charging kobold in one go and breathed heavily.

The monster wave was an extremely harsh situation for her, who was still a young goblin and was almost captured and sacrificed by Kalkum, so in a way, it was natural.

Nevertheless, she did not let go of the village treasure dragon sword, or dragon slayer sword, that she was holding.

‘…I will never miss it.’

The thought of not losing sight of the village’s treasures was one thought, but the biggest thing that motivated her now was the thought of being recognized by Jinhyeok.

Kobold Slayer title.

Her determination to take a step closer to the target of her revenge by obtaining the title, which was unconditionally helpful, gradually calmed down her trembling hands.


The moment Ha-ryu felt some of the fatigue and pain disappear as he let out his last breath, he once again put strength into the hand holding his sword.


“Are you okay, goblin kid?”

The group of kobolds in front of her were destroyed, and a whitish Vulcan appeared.

“…I can take care of it.”

“I know, that’s why I didn’t kill him with some parts, so just finish it.”

Seeing her frowning while biting her lip slightly, Vulcan stuck out his tongue and pointed at the kobolds in front of her.

As he said, the people lying in front of Ha-ryu had all their bones shattered, but they were still breathing.

In other words, it means that it is a perfect situation to fill the number of kobold slayer titles.

However, rather than straight away swinging his sword, Haru chose to look at Balkan and ask.

“Why are you helping me?”

When the goblin village fell, no one helped them.

Merchants and guilds who interacted on the 100th floor.

Not all of them helped the goblins.

However, people he has only met for a day help him.

It is also about achieving achievements to make yourself stronger.

‘Is there something?’

As we have experienced situations where distrust is inevitable, we have reached a point where it is natural for downstream people to think this way.

Feeling the gaze of Ha-ryu looking at him with suspicion, Vulcan sighed and waved his hand.

“I just follow my master. “When the Spirit Master gives a command to a spirit, it must be followed.”


“I was simply ordered to help you and achieve your achievements as long as you do not die. I don’t know the details, so you could ask me directly later. Well, I was still worried about a child doing something that was beyond his power.”

Balkan, who grumbled but relayed Jinhyeok’s words to the lower class, soon disappeared, leading the undead and spirit soldiers that followed him.

Haryu, who was staring blankly at the army of death slowly moving away, soon put strength into the hand holding the sword.

Kkwaak –

Feeling the cold sensation of a hard sword penetrating his entire body, Ha-Ryu opened his eyes after closing them for a moment and found that Ha-Ryu had changed 180 degrees.

“…I will not forget your grace. And to get my revenge, I will stay by your side, no, my brother.”

Her originally black eyes were slowly turning red, and the same was true for her ebony hair.

In an instant, Ha-ryu was caught red-eyed, and before he knew it, he was holding a mask in his hands.



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Ha-ryu took one look at the mask, which gave off a creepy atmosphere that gave off goosebumps just by looking at it, and then quickly placed the mask on his own face.

Red-handed, red eyes and even a scary-looking mask.

Ha-Ryu, who had transformed into a terrifying appearance that could not be seen as a young goblin, immediately cut off the breath of the kobolds in front of him.

Fu Bu Bu Bu

Book – One Hand.

Haryu, who disposed of the half-crippled kobolds with a single swing, left his seat and threw himself into the tidal wave named Kobold.

Climbers from Korol Village, who saw the raksha-like downstream, later called her by this nickname.

[Devil Nachal]

Red hair fluttering and red eyes visible through the mask.

Lastly, it has a beautiful yet fierce appearance that befits the name of ‘Akgwi Nachal’.

Of course, it was an unfortunate nickname that took quite a while for Ha-ryu himself to find out.

However, due to the 180-degree change in the downstream, the monster wave soon ended.

[Kobold Slayer]

A title given to a climber who kills 1,000 monsters called kobolds.

Title Reward: All Stats + 5

“…It’s hard to say it’s that big.”

Right after the monster wave ends.

Jinhyuk immediately confirmed the title of Kobold Slayer.

In fact, I had obtained the Kobold Slayer title even before the monster wave ended, but I could not confirm it during the battle.

And Jinhyuk, who checked the title as soon as the battle was over, sighed and smiled at the title description, which was no different from before.

‘All stats + 5. It’s not a very high stat, but the only way to increase stats is through personal growth or achievements and titles, so this is pretty good.’

All stats + 5.

It’s a pretty big number for Kanghyuk right now, but it’s a stat that will slowly become insignificant once you reach the 200th or 300th floor.

However, as the old saying goes, gathering dust does not make a mountain.

‘The tower is wide and high. I can’t even imagine the number of monsters inside. Above all, as they become stronger, the rewards also increase, so you must win as many titles as possible.’

All stats: 5.

Currently, Jinhyuk’s stats total five.

Strength, stamina, agility, intelligence, mana.

In other words, it is no different from Jinhyuk raising his stats by a whopping 25 with this title.

‘If it’s 25, it’s a stat that can barely be raised by hitting and running for several days, so I should be satisfied with this level.’

Even taking into account that the stats increase well in the beginning, it still remains a fairly large figure.

Above all, Jinhyuk had a sub-job called All Master.

‘…If you get all the hidden stats later, the overall stat will not be just 5, so it’s okay for now. ‘Just think of it as a long-term plastic surgery.’

[The magic energy of the demon race.]

[The sacred power of the gods.]

[The mana of the

dragon race.] [The monstrous power of the giant race.]

Their own stats handled by the Four Emperors or those who inherited their blood.

Of course, you can get it if you look good to the gods or demons, but it is faster to get it from the Four Emperors.

But Jinhyuk had another way.

‘Predation. Eat them up and take what is theirs.’


It is a unique characteristic of Jinhyeok and at the same time a characteristic that has never appeared in the tower.

If those characteristics and the power of Sub Job: All Master are combined, filling up the number of stats to nearly ten would not be a problem.

Above all, there are many stats in the tower other than the stats handled by the Four Emperors or gods and demons.

If Jinhyuk obtains all of them, even the humble effect of All Stats + 5 becomes an enormous effect of 50 to 100 total stats.

“It’s sweet.”

Just imagining it makes my mouth water, and I’m slowly smiling at the thought of it.

Monster Wave’s contribution settlement has ended.

[Successfully stopping the monster wave.]

[You are the number one contributor.]

[If you want to make your name known, please write your name in the name field.]

Naturally, the number one contributor was Jinhyuk.

Soon, Jinhyuk shook his head and closed the message window when he was asked if he wanted to announce his name following the message window informing him that he was in first place.

‘It’s still too early.’

There is a right time for everything.

Fruits must be ripe to be picked, and rice must be bowed to be harvested.

And Jinhyeok decided that it was not yet time to make himself known.

‘At least the 10th floor. It would be nice to win another title there and then make a name for myself.’

The 10th floor is also called the floor of job change.

To be precise, at the entrance gate to the 10th floor, two figures approached Jinhyeok, who had decided that he would make his name known only after winning one title.

“I got it too.”

“…I don’t know why I got it, but I got it. “I was in 3rd place.”

“You got Balkan too? Hmm, nothing bad. “Spit it out.”

“…Damn, I knew that. “You look like a thief, take it.”

Jinhyeok, who was puzzled by the news that even Vulkan, an NPC who was strange, received a contribution reward, soon robbed him of the contribution reward.

Of course, Balkan himself must have already expected this to happen, and while grumbling, he threw the box with a question mark drawn on it at Jinhyuk.

However, Jinhyuk tilted his head as he saw another box being handed to him.

“…Why are you giving it to me? “You can keep what’s yours?”

It was the downstream box that achieved second place in contribution.

If you rank second in contribution, it’s obvious that something quite useful will come out.

It will be an attractive enough item to climb the tower in the future, and you can even make a lot of money if you sell it at the auction house later.

Nevertheless, the sight of Ha-Ryu handing him the box for second place in contribution was something that Jinhyuk should be wary of.

‘I don’t want to get stabbed in the back twice.’

Could it be that he is trying to let his guard down and stab me in the back? Thinking about this, Jinhyuk could not hide his regret.

‘It’s a pity that I don’t have spiritual eyes at times like this.’

When you feel sorry for your lack of ability to see another person’s soul and see through what’s inside.

Ha-ryu looked at Jin-hyeok, shook his head, and handed the mask he was wearing to Jin-hyeok.


“Nonsense! “You’re giving a goblin mask to an outsider!”

Goblin mask.

It is an item that can only be given once in a lifetime, and even then, it is given not to an outsider, but to the companion who will be with you for the rest of your life.

Jinhyeok accepted the mask with slightly trembling hands, which was unusual for Ha-ryu to see Ha-ryu giving it to him.

Jinhyuk calmed down the fussing Balkan and looked at her quietly.

It was to find out if there was any reason for giving this to him.

Even though Jinhyuk was looking at him trying to understand his intentions, Ha-ryu stood upright and looked at Jinhyuk and opened his mouth.

“I’m giving it to you to show you that I won’t betray you. And… it’s also the price of repaying the favor I mentioned earlier.”

“Isn’t the price too great?”

Jinhyuk asked back, gently shaking the goblin mask Ha-ryu gave him.

The price of life.

It will definitely require a large price that cannot be repaid even if it takes a lifetime, but the goblin mask is more than worth the price.

Therefore, Jinhyeok realized that there was something left and asked her for further explanation.

“There must be another reason besides that?”

“…I want revenge.”


It wasn’t Jinhyuk who didn’t know where those words were heading.

Revenge on the person who destroyed the goblin village.

I also knew very well that it was a very difficult, difficult, and dangerous job that could even risk one’s life.

However, since he had some resemblance to himself toward Nine Star and the target of revenge was also similar, Jinhyeok nodded and answered while putting on the goblin mask that Ha-ryu had given him.

“If you betray me, I will kill you. “I don’t care if the goblin mask disappears. Don’t think this is your lifeline.”

“…Thank you, brother.”

Ha-ryu, who knew that although he said it indirectly, meant it as approval, smiled brightly and called Jin-hyuk “brother.”

Jinhyeok, who had been staring blankly at Ha-ryu, who truly believed in himself and gave his all, soon turned his attention to the contribution reward box.

“You can call me whatever you want, but now it’s settlement time.”

Jinhyeok was not one to be tempted by the sound of a 15-16 year old boy calling him an older brother.

Jinhyuk quickly turned his head, sat down and started opening the boxes.

[The reward for 1st place in contribution has been confirmed.]

[The reward for 2nd place in contribution has been confirmed.]

[The reward for 3rd place in contribution has been confirmed.]

Looking at the feast of message windows blinding his eyes, Jinhyuk suddenly realized that ‘something’ was in his hand. He checked the ‘field’ and smiled broadly.

“You’re lucky.”

This is because the items that were exactly what I needed right now were there.

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