Absolute Necromancer Chapter 19

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All Master Necromancer Episode 19

“I’m wearing some rings, let’s check.”

Jinhyuk finished wearing the mana ring, earring, necklace, and even the dark force ring, and checked the status window with a satisfied smile.

And the smile on Jinhyeok’s face deepened as he saw Sangtae Chang, who could not be believed to be a first-floor climber.

[Status Window]

Name: Jinhyuk

Cha Occupation: Spirit Master

Sub-Job: All Master

Body: Mana Retardation

(Ability Value)

Strength: 21 (+5)

Stamina: 19 (+5)

Dexterity: 20 (+5)

Intelligence: 25 (+5) )

Mana: 31 (+20) Magic

Energy: 0 (+10)


  1. Predation
  2. Versatility


Pain resistance, bleeding resistance, stun resistance, piercing resistance, tenacity….

“You are full even if you don’t eat.” “I wonder if this is what it feels like.”

First floor at most.

Although it would be more correct to say that he had just taken his baby steps, Jinhyeok had already become stronger than those who were far ahead of him.

‘If you’re talking about magic, it’s even worse than that.’

Among climbers who have exceeded the 100th and 200th floors, none have the Magi stat.

Among those who climb the tower, the stat that only a very small number of people, excluding demons, possess is Magi.

‘Among them, there is one thing I know. The demon’s minions… no, climbers who became the demon’s pet dogs. ‘I guess it’s about Mine.’

A demon.

It literally refers to those who have received the blood or power of demons and are able to control demon energy.

His appearance follows that of the demon, and his body also becomes stronger.

However, the important thing is that in exchange for gaining power, you lose yourself and a dog collar is placed around your neck, so Jinhyeok dislikes them.

No, it would be more accurate to say that I despise it.

‘Stupid b*stards who throw themselves away because they are drunk with power. What’s so good about dying at the snap of a finger? ‘Tsk.’

When you become a demon, you will have tremendous power.

This means that climbers of the same level cannot handle it, showing strength similar to that of the Four Emperors.

But then what do you do?

He is treated like a pet dog playing in the hands of demons, and the dog collar around his neck is a bomb necklace that explodes according to the demons’ entertainment.

If he dies, he’s dead. Jinhyuk can’t make that choice because of his power, so he can’t help but click his tongue.

‘But now I can handle demonic energy without such penalty. If only this is considered, it is actually better than my previous life.’

Jinhyeok in his previous life couldn’t get his hands on any stats.

The magic power of the demons, the sacred power of the gods, the infinite mana of the dragons, and the mountain-shattering power of the giants.

Of course, among the energies of the Four Emperors, divine power can be obtained by believing in the gods through temples and being chosen by them, but that was also impossible due to Jinhyeok’s job.

‘It’s ridiculous that a necromancer has divine power. But this time it’s different.’

No matter how Jinhyuk is a Spirit Master, which is a hidden profession and a higher rank for Necromancers, the essential part does not change.

Holy power is the opposite of a necromancer.

So, wasn’t it true that the most difficult and annoying beings at the moment when you were stabbed in the back were Cain Fallon and Shane Fallon, who were the guild masters of the Holy Kingdom and two of the Nine Stars?


was a terrible memory just thinking about it, but Jinhyuk shook it off with a deep breath.

‘There is no past me. Because now I am able to accept everything, whether it is magical power or divine power.’

All Masters.

A job that can be considered perfect, meaning mastering everything.

Although it was a job where everything could become ambiguous if he made a mistake, Jinhyuk didn’t care.

‘Nine Star, Four Emperors. It would be right to take that risk in order to kill them all.’

High risk, high return.

If you take a big risk, it also comes with a big price.

Jinhyeok knew that fact better than anyone else, and knew that now that the gap had widened by more than 10 years, he had to take a risk to catch up with them.

“I’m satisfied.”

“Congratulations. To gain magical energy that no one in history has ever been able to obtain! “I can’t even imagine how much stronger I will become or how much I will grow!”

“To begin with, the only Spirit Masters are Vulcan and I.”

“…Hmm, anyway, isn’t it true that I obtained something that no previous Spirit Master has been able to obtain?”

“That’s right.”

The spirit master’s lineage continues through Balkan, Cha Jin-hyuk, and Cha Jin-hyuk.

I didn’t get the 2nd Spirit Master, but I got the 3rd Spirit Master’s magic energy.

It’s nonsense to say that the 2nd and 3rd generations are the same person, but a good thing is a good thing.

“I’m looking forward to seeing what the compatibility between the spirit soldiers and Magi will be like. “Please hand me your magic energy too.”

“Unfortunately, I can’t give it to you right now because it’s not much and it’s too difficult to handle.”

“…Be sure to hand it to me later.”

“of course. “You will have to be the leader by my side.”

“Huh, I feel like I’m being hooked, but I’m still looking forward to the combination of demonic energy and soul disease, so I’ll try to catch him at least once.”



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“There will be quite a few situations in the future where you will have to get caught even if you know it, so look forward to it.”

Even though he gained magical energy, there were still many, many stats that Jinhyuk had not yet obtained.

Vulcan also failed to obtain any of the Four Emperors’ stats, so we are looking forward to the future even more.

‘Magic energy and soul disease, divine power and soul disease. ‘I get to make combinations that I’ve never tried before and that no one could even imagine… I’m so excited.’

The new stat made Jinhyuk so excited that even Jinhyuk, who rarely got excited, thought of the word excitement.

“Are you planning on using Magi now?”

“No, it’s not much anyway and I don’t have anywhere to use it right now. “It’s enough to move on to the next floor and use it.”

“That’s right. But since you can’t increase the stats you get from items, what do you plan to do?”

As Balkan says, stats obtained from items cannot be increased.

But Jinhyuk had his own thoughts.

“Based on the stats obtained from items, we will study demon energy and be able to control demon energy even after unlocking the item.”

“…What do you mean?”

“It means that one day, you will be able to freely control Magi without relying on items. “If it doesn’t work out, just eat it.”


Balkan, who was well aware of Jinhyuk’s genius talent, nodded and soon looked at him while floating next to Jinhyuk.

“Are you planning to go straight to the second floor?”

“no? “I’m going to go get the information I told you earlier.”

“Oh, by the way, I forgot about him. “Do you want to go right away?”

“Of course, there won’t be that much information anyway, so there’s no need to wait long. is not it?”

“That is correct. “I’ll be there first, so come slowly.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Jinhyeok, who was watching Vulcan flying in the sky heading toward Korol Village, held out his hand to Ha-ryu.

“Then shall we go slowly?”


“I have something to say about this, so we can go a little slower.”

“Oh, I see.”


Jinhyuk spoke while tapping his finger on the goblin mask on his face, and Ha-ryu nodded.

Goblin mask.

There was a lot of talk about it, but its effects were not well known because not a single outsider received it.

‘You can look at the item description… but it would be best to hear it from the person in question.’

At first glance, the status window seems all-purpose.

There is no explanation written, and the specifications for the item are also written, so you can guess the effect just by looking at it.

However, not all status windows are friendly.

There are many cases where only the origin is written and the effects are not written.

In other words, if there is a place where you can get as much explanation and information as possible, it is better to get it.

In that respect, there is nothing better than an explanation from the original owner who personally gave the goblin mask.

Because Jinhyeok knows this better than anyone else, he focused on the small mouth of the lower stream opening and the stories flowing out from it.

“The goblin mask is a mask that contains the abilities of a goblin.”

“…Then I don’t think it would be very good for me.”

Goblin’s abilities.

This ability is known to most people who have climbed the tower to some extent and met goblins.

“Isn’t it magical power and magic?”

Magical powers and magic were the abilities of goblins.

Magical power is literally the ability to communicate with God and is an ability related to ‘wisdom’.

Naturally, it can be said to be a useless ability for Jinhyeok, who focuses on combat.

Of course, it is an ability that is highly coveted by others and those who have established influence.

‘Maybe they’ll attack the goblin village because of that.’

The ability to see the future.

Although there are differences depending on the goblin, it is an ability that everyone covets, so it is not strange for goblins to attack villages.

Well, there is a big difference between executing it and being able to do it.

“yes that’s right. “Most goblins have magical powers and magic abilities, but occasionally there are those with swordsmanship or magic abilities.”

“Which side are you?”

“If I were to really ask, it’s about magical powers and magic…”

“…Unfortunately, magic doesn’t suit me very well and my magical powers aren’t that good either.”

Foresight is definitely a good ability.

Telling us what will happen in the future can reduce variables and increase the odds of winning.

“More than anything, I hate the fact that it has some connection to God.”

However, crucially, the fact that Yeji can only be used properly when connected to ‘God’ instilled antipathy in Jinhyeok.

[The god of lightning cannot hide his disappointment.]

[The wise man’s disciple is regretful.]

[The mad god of war expresses his anger.]

The message of many gods expressing their disappointment and anger at Jinhyuk’s remarks that they do not deserve gods is Jinhyuk. covered the front of

Nevertheless, Jinhyeok did not give up his will.

“It would be better if it was a spell.”

Ha-ryu smiled softly at the sight of Jin-hyeok, who gave up his foresight, which others would not have expected, and earnestly hoped that magic was the only help in the battle.


“No, I just find it fascinating to see people making different choices than others. “Even when the village was fine, there were many cases where other people would bring money to the village elders and ask them to look into the future.”

“Everyone is like that. “Because I am afraid of an uncertain future and try to erase that variable even a little.”

“But I’m surprised that you’re not like that.”

Jinhyeok responded to Ha-ryu’s gaze as if he was looking at something strange, waving his hand as if to stop him from looking at her like that.

“That’s just because it’s better to destroy it than to avoid it. “If I come across something I can’t destroy, I will avoid it so I can destroy it later.”

Ha-ryu placed his hand on his chest and sighed in relief, as if he was glad to see that Jin-hyeok did not seem to want magical powers even if he died soon.

“thank god.”


“I think my abilities will definitely be of help to you.”

“…What on earth is that?”

“My ability is combat foresight. A precognition that only occurs in combat situations. how is it? “Am I useful?”

Jinhyeok, who was staring at Ha-ryu, who was looking at himself with two bright black jade-like eyes and waiting for proof of his worth, finally gave an answer.

Wow –

with your own body.

The moment I hugged Ha-ryu’s small body with all my strength, Ha-ryu’s small mouth opened and a harsh breath came out.


“It’s perfect, you’re the best!”

“go… Thank you…”

Ha-ryu, who had appeared as an evil spirit in the monster wave just moments ago, was no longer here.

There was only Ha-ryu, a young goblin struggling with a red face in Jin-hyeok’s arms.

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