Absolute Necromancer Chapter 16

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All Master Necromancer Episode 16


A deep smile was on Jinhyeok’s lips as he jumped into the crowd of kobolds that were literally like a tidal wave.

‘Guildra… That’s a good start.’


There are huge guilds like ‘Seongguk’ founded by Nine Stars, but there cannot be only large corporations in the world.

There also existed guilds that were no bigger than small businesses, such as the person who just introduced himself as the younger brother of a guild member called ‘White Swallow’ in Korol Village.

‘If it’s Swallow level, it might be at the bottom of the bottom, but it’s not bad since there’s a line to climb on.’

Swallow level.

Since they used the name Swallow as their guild name, it was clear that their prestige and power would be inferior, but Jinhyeok did not care.

If you take the steps step by step, starting from Swallow, you will be able to reach the Holy Kingdom by surpassing the Wyvern-level and Drake-level guilds.

‘After finding out about the White Swallow’s guild headquarters on the 10th floor, we raid it and obtain information.’

Of course, it would stay on the 10th floor, but its strength would not be at the 10th floor level.

After the 10th floor, it’s literally the 40th to 50th floors.

There may be climbers who climb the 100th floor.

But Jinhyuk didn’t even think about them, let alone care about them.

‘There’s no need to be afraid of bugs since they gave up climbing the tower anyway.’

Of course, some bugs are poisonous enough to kill people, and some move in groups and attack, so I didn’t plan on letting my guard down.

‘First, focus on the situation in front of you.’

A tidal wave called Kobolds.

If he was swept away here, no matter how Jinhyuk he was, it would be impossible for him to survive.

The only way to survive is to move forward, hold on, and crush those who rush at you.

And there was someone who imitated the tightrope walking that took place at the edge of such a cliff.

“…I can do it too, right?”

“of course. You’d better try not to fall behind me. “I have no intention of stopping once I reach 500.”

“…Do not worry. “I can do it in my own way.”

A woman with black horns that can be described as long and seductive.

Goblin, it was downstream.

She actually felt grateful to see Jinhyuk not caring about her.

It was because I naturally thought that even if I was pushed to my limits and did not care about myself, I would not abandon myself.

‘…Wouldn’t it be okay if I gave ‘that’ to this person?’

‘It’ is something that any goblin can give, but not everyone can give, and can only be given once in a lifetime.

If her parents or adults in the village had known, they would have stopped her, but she did not change her mind.

Not only did they no longer exist in this world anyway, but more importantly, Ha-ryu had already decided to repay Jin-hyuk for saving him.

Sereung –

The image of a sword being pulled out of a scabbard engraved with the image of a dragon with a sharp strike sparkles in the sunlight.

It looked like a famous sword at first glance, so even Jinhyeok rolled his eyes and showed interest.

In addition, Jinhyeok was paying attention to another fact.

‘…Where did you get that sword from?’

It was a fairly large sword and had a flashy exterior, so if Jinhyeok or Balkan had had it from the moment they met, there was no way Jinhyeok or Balkan wouldn’t have seen it.

But it was definitely a sword I had never seen before, and that meant only one thing.



Specifying the coordinates of an empty space and using it as a warehouse.

Of course, it was not a low-level magic that even wizards could use at will, even dogs and cows, and the value of items imprinted with such subspace magic was enormous.

‘If we were to use the currency of the Earth outside the tower, it wouldn’t be enough to sell one building.’

A single sword has magic engravings worth billions of dollars worth on Earth?

‘I understand why they attacked the goblins.’

The Four Emperors are believed to be behind those who attacked the Goblins.

Their greed goes beyond the sky.

Jinhyeok knew very well that he might stab all the way to the 999th floor, and the value of the sword wielded by Ha-ryu seemed enough to whet the appetite of the Four Emperors.

‘…I shouldn’t say this.’

Jinhyuk kept his mouth shut because he had no idea how she would act if she found out that it was because of the weapon she was wielding that their village was destroyed and that she fell to the first floor as if driven out and was almost sacrificed by the Kobold Lord. chose.

In the first place, it was not clear whether it was really because of the sword, so Jinhyeok’s choice was natural.

‘Later… when he stabilizes a bit, and after I gather and compile other information. It would be better to say it then.’

own colleagues.

Because I don’t want her, who I think could be an essential ally for revenge, to be ruined.

Jinhyuk kept his mouth shut and threw himself into the tsunami called Kobold.

‘There’s nothing better than hunting to take your mind off your thoughts.’

Thus began Jinhyeok’s hunt that will not stop until he wins the title of kobold slayer.

“…Who the hell is that person?”

First floor at most.

He had no doubt that they, who had even drawn support from outside the tower to become members of the White Swallow guild, including himself, would become the main players on the first floor.

It was destroyed after the monster wave began and the unidentified robed man appeared.

“Seungtae, are you really going to stay like this?”

Seungtae Kim.

It was the name of a man whose older brother was a member of the White Swallow guild.

He shook his head at the sight of his friends and colleagues calling him.



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“I don’t know how I got transferred from the first floor, but in a way, this is an opportunity. Because of the chaos over there, there are fewer kobolds coming towards Korol Village. “We just have to deal with those.”

When Seungtae said that he would naturally spoon, the others nodded in agreement.

But there were also those who were not like that.

“But before you left, didn’t the person in the robe tell you not to touch it because it was his job? Looking at the way we fight, it looks like we are no match for them…”

There were also people who felt fear at the words of Jinhyeok, who was blocking the monster wave from the front.

Perhaps it was natural.

No matter how well-equipped and trained they were, they couldn’t deal with dozens of kobolds.

However, the person who made threatening remarks towards them and went to enjoy a dinner called Monster Wave was really doing it, so it was natural to be afraid.

“Then you fell out.”

Dismissing those who were afraid of the strong as cowards and paying no heed to the rules within the tower, they checked their equipment one by one and prepared to go out.

Currently, the number of kobolds pounding on the wooden fence in Korol Village is about 20 at most.

If they gathered together and joined forces, hunting was not an impossible number.

Those who decided to hunt, divided into those who listened to Jinhyeok’s words and those who did not, jumped from the wooden fence.

Thump –

I jumped from a wooden fence about 2 to 3 meters high, but it was no problem for those who finished the tutorial and started using the status window.



The kobolds, who had been scratching at the wooden fence in surprise at the fact that their prey had landed on their own feet, bared their teeth and rushed at them.

However, Seungtae and his colleagues were already capable of easily completing the quest to hunt five kobolds on their own, so they slowly hunted down the kobolds.

“It’s no big deal?”

“So, should we go in there like the Rob guy?”

They were relaxed and giggling while catching only a few dozen kobolds at most, but then they drew their weapons as they looked at the kobolds charging at them again.

“Here we come again! “Get ready!”

“…What are you preparing for?”

Just as I was about to start hunting again.

They stopped in the same position they were about to move when they heard an eerie voice coming from behind them.

Naturally, it was Jinhyuk who stopped five or six people with just one word.

Jinhyuk stopped them with a cold voice and immediately got to the point.

“I don’t think what I’m saying is right, but do you really want to die?”

Goosebumps –

They froze, feeling a chill penetrating their entire bodies, as if they had been locked in a freezer for dozens of hours.


This is because they thought that it would not be strange even if Jinhyuk in front of them killed them.

However, since they were accustomed to living on Earth rather than in the tower, there were naturally those who opposed it.

“We are climbers too, so why are you interfering with our hunting! “If you’re strong, that’s okay!”

“that’s right! “We have enough power, so why not hunt with us!”

“Wouldn’t it be beneficial for you to fight together with us, who will become White Swallow’s elite?”

Jinhyeok couldn’t help but chuckle at the sight of them not caring about their mistakes and growing more and more energetic following the words of the person standing next to them.



“It’s okay. If you are strong, you can do whatever you want. Whether it’s killing someone, taking the woman you like, or vice versa, taking the man you like. A man liking another man is established if he is strong, and vice versa. In the tower, strength is the only law. The tower is that kind of place, and I actually gave you a chance, but you are the one who rejected it. Isn’t it? Even your brother won’t break the rules, so why break the rules yourself?”


Common sense on Earth.

You shouldn’t hit people.

You must not kill people.

In most cases, men like women and women like men, and there is no such thing as coercion. etc.

Various common sense can be broken by just one word.

‘Strong. It’s what makes everything possible. This is also the biggest reason why the Four Emperors can stay fine even if they run around the tower like a b*tch.’

The Four Emperors.

Why it is not a problem for them to wield omnipotent power within the tower and catch climbers like flies.

Because they are strong.

Because he has the strength to crush groups or individuals, and even groups that persecute individuals, he takes the tower into his hands and handles it.

‘Kyung-hoon is the first person on Earth to surpass the 800th floor, but their city was built on the 800th floor to begin with. There is no one who would rebel against such a group of monsters.’

The 800th floor is something that those who are talented enough to pass through a hole smaller than the eye of a needle can only reach by luck.

The military god he knew, Choi Gyeong-hoon, had outstanding talent and great effort.

Such beings worked hard for over ten years to reach the 800th floor, but the Four Emperors simply live on the 800th floor from the moment they were born.

Of course, they can’t overcome the harsh environment of the 800th floor, so once they reach a certain age, they head to the 1st floor.

‘Maybe it’s because I’m on the first floor and I’m from Earth, so my head is full of flowers.’

A mistake that an experienced climber who has adapted to the tower to some extent and is familiar with the tower’s ‘rules’ would not have made.

If the Four Emperors had been in Jinhyeok’s place, it would not have been strange for them to rip out their spines in one day, but Jinhyeok showed mercy once.

“I have a question for you, so let me say it one more time. Don’t touch mine. Because it never happens twice.”


Nod – Seungtae,

who sensed that he was alive thanks to the information he had about the White Swallow, nodded with a stiff face and not even breathing, Jinhyeok was satisfied and returned to the waves again.

“…Let’s go up again.”


They stared at the spot where Jinhyeok had disappeared and eventually began to climb up the wooden fence.

Contribution reward?

Ilshin’s growth?

This is because I realized that all of this is possible only if you are alive.

It was the moment when new climbers engraved the rules of the tower into their bodies, not their heads.

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