Absolute Necromancer Chapter 15

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All Master Necromancer Episode 15

[Monster Wave Occurs]

With the death of the Kobold Lord, all Kobolds near Korol Village have become intensely hostile toward Korol Village.

Stop the kobolds flocking towards Korol Village.

  • You cannot move to the next floor until the wave ends.
  • There are rewards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place contributors.

“…Hmm, I think there are still about 500 left. “It’s perfect.”

There are 500 kobolds left to obtain the title of kobold slayer.

If he had just wanted to hunt, he would have had to spend a few more days, but Jinhyeok, who relieved that worry with Monster Wave, had a deep smile on his face.

But for a moment, he felt the gaze of Ha-ryu, a climber like himself, fall on him and looked at her.

“What are you looking at?”

“Are you going to accept the quest?”

“of course. Did I look like someone who would avoid something like this?”

“No, that’s not true, but I was wondering if there was a reason to do so.”

As she shook her head and pointed out the validity of her reasons, I willingly gave her the information.

Since he had decided to keep her by his side anyway, he decided that it would be better to tell her about the slayer title.

‘It’s a title everyone knows anyway. I just can’t bring myself to do it.’

1,000 animals.

If there are 1,000 horses, it would take 1,000 seconds to catch just one horse per second.

If you go up a certain level while looking for them, weak monsters either do not appear or only appear as food for other monsters.

In other words, finding it is more work than catching it.

However, when it comes out with the title Monster Wave like it does now, things change.

‘I don’t know if I can fill my share as well as the downstream’s share.’

Jinhyeok’s remaining number of horses is 500.

In addition, 1,000 are added to win the title of Slayer of the Lower River.

A total of 1,500 animals had to be caught, but it didn’t matter because it was a monster wave.

‘The number of kobolds that a climber on the first floor can catch is limited anyway, so it would be better to think that we can catch 90% of them.’

Climbers on the first floor are treated as quite capable, even if they are only one kobold per person.

However, it would be difficult to find a climber who could catch more than two or three of the monster waves of over a thousand kobolds.

In most cases, it was a quest that required death, but not as much as it is now.

‘Because I am there.’


Although these words could be seen as extremely arrogant, Jinhyuk truly thought so.

Jinhyuk called Balkan, thinking that because he was here, the monster wave would end in success rather than failure.


“…Why are you calling me again? “I was in the middle of producing a soul troupe.”

Jinhyeok told us information about the monster wave while looking at the floating figure of Vulcan forming a soul group.

Balkan, who heard the monster wave through Jinhyuk’s mouth, looked at him as if he were a monster.

“…You are truly crazy and a monster. know?”

“There’s nothing you can’t do. “Isn’t that right?”

“Whoa, I don’t know. “If you fall behind, I’m free.”

Jinhyeok shook his head with a venomous look on his face as he saw Balkan casually praying for his death.

“No, even after death I will make you my slave.”

“…It’s so real it’s creepy.”

“Because it’s real.”

Jinhyeok was giggling as if it was obvious and pretending to fasten the shackles around Balkan’s neck. For the first time in a long time, a message window from the gods appeared before his eyes.

The message window was activated again after the message window from Bune and Baal received in the dungeon.

[A god clapbacks at your recklessness.]

[A devil says he will take your soul if you die.] [

The pinnacle of all evil cheers you on, waving his light stick.]

[The devil who deals with death hesitates . He looks at you with an expression.]

[The devil who deals with death announces that he will give additional rewards to those who rank first in contribution.]

‘…This is pretty good.’

Excluding the previous messages from gods and demons, as well as Baal’s lightstick message, Jinhyeok only focused on the message from Bune, a demon who deals with death.

Additional rewards are given if you rank first in contribution.

‘…Is it the One Plus cause?’

To Jinhyuk, who was already planning to be number one in contribution, the message seemed to be nothing more than a free gift.

And Jinhyuk realized that it was true.

“Are you going to use this to test what you were trying to test earlier?”

[The Deathbender nods.]

“Okay, forget about that. Please watch carefully. “Who did you touch?”

[The death-wielding demon bursts into laughter.]

After both parties completed the transaction to their satisfaction, Jinhyeok immediately left the Kobold Lord’s fortress.

Monster wave coming soon.

This is to select a location to properly pull it off.

Murmuring –

Korol Village.

Although it was a safe area on the first floor, the small village where the NPCs stayed was extremely noisy.

“Damn, suddenly a monster wave. I’ve never heard of anything like this!”

A voice full of anger and confusion uttered by someone who finds himself in a dangerous situation called a monster wave.



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“…I said that monster waves definitely don’t occur naturally. There must be someone who triggered the monster wave. “We have to find him.”

Those who knew something about the monster wave rushed to find the person who pulled the trigger.

Most of the people who had been recruited by the guild before entering the tower fell into this group.

This was possible because they were supplied with a large amount of information as they worked their way up from the 1st to the 10th floor, attracting promising candidates.

Of course, regardless of information, each individual’s power was very different.

Lastly, the one that boasts the most number of people is…

“I’m going up!”

“me too!”

“I can’t die in a place like this!”

“…I haven’t caught five yet. Someone please go catch some kobolds with me! please!”

These were people who ran away and became confused.

Those who simply chose the tower as an escape route for life.

If their power was divided into high, middle, and low, they were so helpless that they were at the bottom.

They are so fragile that they can’t even imagine catching a kobold without at least two of them hanging around together.

Those who had completed the number of quests chose to move on to the second floor without looking back, but there were many who did not.

“Please save me, you b*stards!”

“what? X b*stard? “I’m cursing at where these stones came from!”

The situation was so bad that even climbers frowned at the sight of them losing their senses and spouting swear words at the upcoming monster wave.

However, except for the lowest-ranking climber called Stone, all the remaining climbers were determined to fight.

‘It wouldn’t be a big deal if we called it a monster wave.’

There were some who did not know information about the monster wave and were confident in their own power.

‘It is clear that the rewards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place contributors will be good. If you get that, you can get ahead of others.’

There were also those who thought of passing the monster wave through thorough calculations and getting ahead with contribution rewards.

To put it bluntly, they are all people who believe in their own abilities and go for it.

Those who wanted to run away ran away, and those who could not even complete the quest were hiding around the village.

[A monster wave begins.]

[Entry to the second floor is denied from now on.]

[The safety zone of Korol Village has been lifted.] The

translucent film covering Korol Village has disappeared, along with a large number of message windows blocking the view. .

At the same time, the NPCs in Korol Village also disappeared.

But no one paid any attention to it.

‘Ugh… please… please save me…’

The people who were hiding somewhere and shivering with their heads down were unaware that the NPCs had disappeared.

‘come! You b*stards who will make my name famous!’

With the thought that Monster Wave would be the place to make a name for themselves, their faces turned red with excitement and they only looked outside the village.

As a result, a monster wave began that would sweep away Korol Village without anyone noticing the changes inside it.

And not long after the monster wave began, those who remained in Korol’s heart hardened as they realized that they had made a truly arrogant choice.



“…Can we win this?”

“It doesn’t make sense… There were that many kobolds in this forest? “But why didn’t we see it?”

“I… have to run away.”

A person who swallows dry saliva and predicts the odds of victory.

This person is blaming himself with a white face as the number of kobolds is so large that it makes the forest roar.

The person who had shown confidence even before the monster wave started ran into the village to escape with his confidence disappearing everywhere.

But even then, there were people who were confident.

No, it would be correct to say that ‘they’ existed.

“Everyone, come to your senses and stop the kobolds in front! Then we will take care of it and save you!”

“…What are you?”

The man, who gathered the attention of those who were trembling with fear at the thought that he might die at any moment, calmly explained his explanation.

“The White Swallow guild member is my older brother. “I and the people next to me decided to pass the 10th floor and immediately join White Swallow.”


White Swallow was a childish and unsightly name, but the people around it could not hide their surprise at the word ‘guild’.

Originally, guilds were the exclusive domain of those who were ahead of the curve.

Even if it was a low-level guild, it was bound to be a distant existence to those who were now first-floor climbers.

For example, the sight of a man and his colleagues wearing shiny armor and weapons causes nearby climbers to gather around them.

It seemed like an instinct to head to a place with a better chance of survival.

The man was struck by their appearance.

“We, the White Swallows, are a sub-guild of the Holy Kingdom, a guild established by Nine Stars. Don’t worry, as long as we stop the kobolds from heading towards us, we will all be able to get out alive, so just do your job well!”


Surprise spread across the faces of the people around them when they heard that it was a sub-guild of the guild founded by Nine Stars, a name that could not have been recognized by anyone on Earth who was not an ordinary climber, no, not even anyone living in the tower.

Although I stopped attacking the tower around the 700th floor and focused on increasing the power of the guild, the name ‘climber of the 700th floor’ was too heavy.

When the man smiles as he feels that people are looking at him with envy.

“Seongguk? okay? “You stop the monster wave and then have a meeting with me.”

“…Who are you!”

When he was startled by the cold and smiling voice coming from behind him, he looked back.

There, a man wearing a deep robe with only the corner of his mouth exposed with a smile was looking at him.

But even for a moment.



When the monster wave began in earnest, the roar of the kobolds filled the surroundings, and his face grimaced.

Jinhyeok, the man in the robe who requested a meeting(?) with him, kicked down the village fence, flew into the air, and muttered softly.



clack- -Kiaaaaa!

The ground collapsed, and along with the skeletons, the spirit soldiers with whitish spirit bodies appeared in the world.

Jinhyeok, who was watching his army running towards the group of kobolds that were hitting like a tidal wave, turned his gaze to look at the climbers on the fence.

“You guys can watch from there. It’s all mine, so don’t worry about it.”

Although it was an arrogant voice, Jinhyeok also mixed in with the undead and spirit soldiers he had sent first.

It was time to choose from a sumptuous buffet and eat.

‘I can win the title of kobold slayer today.’

It was also a moment when several days were compressed into a day, no, a few hours.

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