Absolute Necromancer Chapter 147

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“… … So, the main ingredient is none other than the core of the doppelganger that

comes only from the doppelganger… … “Do you mean this?”


“Tsk, this isn’t a good situation.”

After meeting with Kyung-Hoon Choi, I headed straight to the Gold Rich workshop and was greeted with good and bad news.

The good news was that Melton and Muyoung had a perfect understanding of the recipe, and the bad news was that the final ingredient needed for the recipe was the

‘Doppelganger Core’.

“Brother, what on earth is the core of a doppelganger?”

To the question of Ha-Ryu, who followed me, Choi Gyeong-Hoon, who came carry

ing Ha-Ryu and others on his shoulders like luggage, answered with a stiff expression on his face.

“The undefeated monster.”

“… … The word “undefeated” is just given to a monster? “How?”

An undefeated monster.

Ha-Ryu couldn’t believe the fact that the nickname described it as a doppelganger.


You have to be careful about nicknames there.

If a person with incredible skills used a nickname containing ‘King’ or ‘Emperor’,

or nicknames such as ‘God’ or ‘Devil’, it would not be surprising if he got stabbed

while passing by.

But a single monster is given the outrageous nickname “undefeated”?

No matter how much he thought about it, Haryu couldn’t understand it.

However, Choi Kyung-hoon relaxed his stiff face and shrugged his shoulders.

“Being undefeated doesn’t necessarily mean winning. “I say this because even if the doppelganger doesn’t win, he never loses.”

“ah… … .”

Undefeated = Victory.

Such a formula does not necessarily exist.

You don’t win, but you don’t lose either.

So, in fact, the name undefeated is just a nickname unless it is given to a truly strong person.

In the end, it means that one shot to finish off the opponent is not enough.

However, if there is an assumption that such an opponent must be captured at all

costs, the difficulty increases exponentially.

“There is a saying, to add a little bit of exaggeration, that a doppelganger can copy a lower-level god or lower-level demon even if he or she encounters them. In particular, there is a restriction that you cannot enter the cave alone where the doppelganger is located… … “You might be able to come out alive, but there’s no way to kill

him and take the nuke.”

“Then what should I do? Your brother will definitely have to make that weapon…… .”

The recipe is not found anywhere in the tower that I managed to obtain after completing Baal’s quest.

Naturally, if you can’t make the weapon specified in the recipe, the loss is enormous.

‘You look like f*cking Baal.’

I would have crushed someone’s face if I was in front of them for just adding a strange ingredient and causing trouble to people.

However, swearing at Baal did not change the material, and production could not

proceed without discarding the core material of the doppelganger.

“If made according to the recipe, the completed weapon has the ability to change into any weapon, probably due to the ability of the doppelganger’s core. “I could never make it without that.”

“Yes, you can change the other ingredients slightly or use better ingredients, but the doppelganger’s core is an essential ingredient. Probably without that… … Even if it succeeds, it will be a featureless weapon.”

“… … “They both say that, so the answer is decided in the end.”

Melton and Muyoung.

Even if you search the entire tower, there aren’t that many craftsman-level blacksmiths who say they absolutely need the doppelganger’s core.

In the end, if I didn’t want to give up on making weapons, what I had to do was decided.

“Let’s discuss doppelganger hunting.”

Doppelganger hunting.

It was time to hunt down a monster that had existed since time immemorial and was called the undefeated monster.

* * *



I was sitting in the conference room thinking about doppelganger hunting when I

heard the sound of something heavy being put down, so I raised my head and looked to the side.

A fairly tall stack of documents was placed next to me.

And next to him, a blond man with a familiar face was looking at me with a frown.

“We have collected and condensed as much information as possible about the climbers who have set out to hunt doppelgängers so far. Haha, Cha Jinhyuk. Are you no

w trying to catch a doppelganger?”

“… … I can’t help it. “If you need to become stronger, you have to chew on gods and demons, not doppelgängers.”

“You’ve hired a busy person, so you have to be sure.”

“Okay, thank you. Gold Rich.”

Gold Rich.

He, the owner of Gold Rich Company and who has his own information collection

route, brought me information about the climbers who challenged the doppelganger that he collected at my request.

I immediately started rummaging through the pile of documents, as it was the information I most needed right now.

But even for a moment-

“Let’s start with the meeting. “I have to finish it quickly and go back to work.”

“… … That’s how it should be. Okay, then shall we start with a meeting? “Anyone have an opinion?”



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Goldrich announced that he was busy, so I ended up slightly pushing the pile of documents to the side and immediately announced the start of the meeting.

And as soon as I could ask for opinions, the hands of colleagues filling the conference room rose.

“Yes, Hendrick. “From you.”

The first was Hendrick.

“Doppelgängers are known to copy the other person and store their power. Perhaps in front of you, you will use not only your own power, but also the power of those

you have met so far. Any thoughts on that?”

It was a story about the abilities of doppelgangers.

Doppelgangers copy and store the powers of those they meet, then retrieve them and use them whenever necessary.

This means that if you are weaker than your doppelganger, you cannot even see that the doppelganger is copying your appearance.

That’s why I shook my head.

“He will definitely transform into me. The problem is how I can overcome the ‘me’

who has transformed like that.”

“Hmm, I understand first.”

Hendrick nods his head and lowers his hand with a somewhat satisfied expression.

He then pointed to Choi Kyung-hoon, who was sitting next to him.

“I think this guy also has something to say.”

“… … Yes, there are a ton of them. It would be a good idea to be prepared in case

the doppelganger uses not only your powers but also the powers of other victims. The number of climbers it has copied is at least one hundred. “Maybe it was closer to

a thousand.”

Capacity of over a hundred climbers.

A doppelganger can use the copied climber’s abilities in the same way as the original climber.

In other words, the battle may proceed as if you are dealing with more than a hundred climbers at the same time.

But I was confident.

“Anyway, that’s the same level as the guy’s floor, right? That’s enough to get him out alive, even if it doesn’t kill him. “There is absolutely no need to worry about dying.”

“… … “You unlucky guy.”

“No matter who goes among those here now, they will not die. The only problem is

killing him. “You know we’re not worrying about life or death, right?”

The doppelganger’s strength itself is at the level of the 105th floor, which is the floor he resides on.

The only problem is that the strength of the opponent he faces is at the level of the 105th floor.

No matter how strong the opponent is, he cannot escape much from the 105th floor level.

However, the doppelganger copies his own strength, so no matter how hard he tries, he cannot defeat the doppelganger.

Even if the doppelganger crossed the boundary between life and death and became stronger in an instant, the doppelganger would copy it, so even the absurd method of catching the doppelganger due to its sudden growth could not kill the doppelganger.

The good news was that the enemy was me, so I didn’t have to worry about dying.


“As it is written in the document here, there are not that many casualties caused by doppelgängers. And that’s just an immature climber who had blind faith in his own strength. Most climbers who reached at least the 105th floor came out alive. In other words, there is no single shot that can end both the doppelgänger and us.”

Among the documents Goldrich had collected, he found a document containing statistics on casualties and victims and tapped it.

As statistics show, there were many climbers who were harmed by doppelgangers,

but not many were killed by them.

So, in a way, the end of this meeting was no different from being decided.

“Only one thing is important. “Who on earth can fight a doppelganger and steal its


“… … .”

Someone who will fight their doppelgänger.

In the end, that was the problem.

In particular, as the people gathered here were amazing, it was natural that if they

met a doppelganger and their abilities were copied by the doppelganger, other colleagues who would follow in their footsteps would be embarrassed.

in other words-

“The person who can kill the doppelganger should go first.”

Kill the doppelganger in the first meeting –

There was no other way than that.

As soon as I said that, I got a much more violent reaction than before.

“Brother, please let me go. “If it’s my ‘eyes,’ even a doppelgänger won’t be able to

copy them.”

“No, Miho is confident too! Miho wants to go! Miho has a mother!”

“My sword will not be able to be copied. “Send me away, Cha Jin-hyuk.”

“… … The weak ones are left alone. “I’ll go and get my ass kicked.”

Ha Ryu, Miho, Hendrick, and Choi Kyeong-Hoon.

He raised his hand to the sky and said that he would go regardless of anyone else.

They all seemed confident, and that confidence was something to be acknowledged.

‘The ‘snow’ downstream is definitely amazing.’

As I am currently seeing the benefits of the mask, I know the best about the performance of the downstream ‘eyes’, except for downstream.


‘What if a doppelganger could even steal those ‘eyes’? From then on, the difficulty

really increases exponentially.’

If a doppelganger can copy the ‘eyes’, which can be said to be the advantage of the downstream, there is a big problem.

First of all, Ha-Ryu is defeated, but from then on, the level of danger for his colleagues who will enter the doppelganger’s cave increases rapidly.

‘Miho… … I can no longer have people use the double-edged sword of Advent often. Especially because of the one material called the doppelganger core that is needed to make the weapon.’

Miho’s case was different from Haryu.

I already know who the mother Miho is talking about is.

Nine-tailed fox, nine-tailed fox.

A being who literally played with Sandalphon as if he were playing with a child during the guild war.

If she really descended to earth, she would be able to tear apart her doppelgänger

with ease.

Choi Kyung-hoon said that a doppelganger at the level of a ghost story can copy even low-level gods and low-level demons, but the nine-tailed fox’s power is much higher than them.

However, the burden on Miho is so great that it is dismissed.

In particular, it was an option that could not be chosen because there was a possibility that the intimacy shown by the nine-tailed fox would plummet.

‘At least Hendrick and Kyung-hoon are better… … These two are similar too.’

Hendrick and Kyung-Hoon Choi.

Although there is only a slight difference in their current strength, the two are climbers who have become stronger through standard methods.

Beings who have honed their talents.

Naturally, the people most vulnerable to the doppelganger’s copying ability would

be Hendrick and Choi Kyung-hoon.

In the end, the right person for this job was no different from what had been decided.

“You can’t enter the doppelganger’s cave alone. But there is someone here who is

alone but not alone, right? “The answer was decided from the beginning.”

“… … Brother!”

“Cha Jin-hyuk, don’t do anything reckless.”

“… … “Don’t forget that there are countless people who need to lead.”

My colleagues immediately noticed what I said and immediately objected, but the answer was already there and I had no intention of changing it.

“I am going to the doppelgänger’s cave.”

A being that is alone yet many.

Spirit Master.

The right answer would have been for me to go to the Doppelganger’s Cave.

At least I was sure of that.

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