Absolute Necromancer Chapter 148

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“… … No matter how much I think about it, this doesn’t make sense. “My brother is the one who has to lead not only us but the entire ‘Yeokcheon’, so there

is no need for him to put himself in danger.”

Seeing me preparing to go to the doppelganger’s cave, Ha-ryu grabbed me by

the sleeves.

Although the weather felt desolate, I did not stop preparing.

“I’m not going to die.”

“… … .”

“And I can’t put others in danger to get the materials I need to make my weapon.”

“… … “We can take as many risks as we want for our brother.”


I know that I mean those words.

That’s why I couldn’t send Haryu and others to the doppelganger’s cave.

At least at first.

“You can’t send your colleagues and guild members to a dangerous place for your own benefit. “I will definitely finish it on my own terms.”

“… … If you fail, won’t we have to deal with a more difficult enemy? “I’m talking about you and your soldiers.”

That was correct.

If I fail, it means that I survived even though my doppelganger copied my information.

Even when I heard something that could be seen as ignoring me, I did not lose my smile.

TukA hand that was white and thin, but full of strength on the contrary, covered

Haryu’s head.

“… … Sigh! “I’m not Miho!”

“Yes, you are not Miho. But the fact that you and Miho are both precious to me doesn’t change. “The first meeting wasn’t a very good environment, but just know that our current relationship is important to me.”

“… … .”

Ha-Ryu forgot his shame and kept his mouth shut as the words contained a heavy resonance and truth.

He gently stroked Ha-ryu’s head.

Sararak- SararakThe glossy black hair moves and becomes tangled with the touch.

Even though her neat hair was disheveled, Ha-Ryu just quietly felt my touch and closed her eyes.

“Even if I fail, I will fix what I did.”

“… … .”

“What if he copies me? Anyway, I am who I am. Even if he copies me dozens or hundreds of times, he won’t be able to escape from the mold of me.”

“… … .”

“I will not spread my hands even to you.”

“… … Have a nice trip.”

Ha-Ryu, who didn’t say anything until the last words, opened his eyes and said, “Have a nice trip.”

I smiled brightly as I looked downstream, all the excitement from before disappearing.

“Learn a lot from Kyung-hoon by your side. “He’s a fighting idiot full of muscle, but he still has ability.”

“… … “How long are you planning on staying here for?”

“I don’t know that. “I wonder how long it will take to fight him.”

“… … Please come back without getting hurt. If you get hurt at all… … “I, no, I

think Miho will be very sad.”

I put on a mask and nodded at the cleverness of Ha-ryu, who subtly changed

himself to Miho.

“I’ll try.”

With those words, I disappeared from the room.

* * *

“… … Ha, you really haven’t changed at all.”

Ha-Ryu resented Jin-Hyeok, who had been by her side for almost a year and

who looked at her as if she were the same child she was when she first met him, even though she had grown up during that time.

However, he also resented himself for not being able to reject Jinhyeok’s touch.


“… … “Brother’s touch.”

Jinhyuk’s hand touched the hair and it became matted.

Even though his beautifully combed hair was ruined every morning, Ha-Ryu was not angry.

I tried to gently touch each and every tangled hair, trying to feel what little of

Jinhyuk’s touch was left and feel Jinhyuk’s warmth.

Because it was a feeling that could not be felt again until Jinhyeok, who went

to rescue the doppelganger’s core, returned.

“Ha, let’s try. So as not to be a nuisance to my brother. So that you can step forward with confidence next time. “So that you don’t carry the burden for me.”

The benefactor who saved his life.

The goblin does not forget Eunwon.

Although he was ready to repay the favor at any time, he hated Jinhyuk, who

always saw him as a child who had been taken as a sacrifice to kobolds –

“Thank you, though.”

As much as I hated him, I was thankful for Jinhyuk.

Even as I got older and stronger, I was happy that I could always be looked after by Jinhyuk.

But I had no intention of just wallowing in the joy.

“I don’t know how many more times something like this will happen in the future… … someday… … “Someday, the moment will come when I can step forward on behalf of my brother.”

WowI hold on tightly to the dragon slayer sword hanging at my waist so it doesn’t shake.



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And the moment when the dragon slayer sword and the downstream connect-

“… … A prosecutor must understand the sword and use it. I won’t avoid it. “I will clash and collide again and stand in the position of wielding the sword rather than being wielded by the sword.”

With a word that was like a promise, Ha-Ryu fell onto the soft bed.

SlurpBecause of his light body, the bed did not shake much.

It’s just that there is pressure on the bed as much as Ha-Ryu’s body.

When Jinhyuk left to meet his doppelganger, Ha-ryu began his own efforts.

Something I always tried to do while avoiding the gaze of Jinhyeok and Balkan.

Thanks to that, Ha-ryu was able to reduce the number of times he was eaten

even while wielding the Dragon Slayer Sword.

-Are you here again, kid?

“I’m not a kid.”

The inner world of the downstream.

There was a man standing in the red space where Haeru should have existed alone.

Red and long hair.

A man wearing clothes from so long ago that they are called the traditional clothes of goblins.

The long, thin horn, which was like a symbol of goblins, was thicker and longer than any horn that Ha-Ryu had seen, and was full of scars.

-Even if you look at it from other people’s perspectives, not from my perspect

ive, which is the fragment of the main body left in the sword, you are quite a kid.

Dragon slayer sword.

The ego contained within it was humanized in the inner world.

The distant past.

A being that can be said to be the progenitor of goblins.

The Dragon Slayer Sword was a sword handled by such a being.

And the dragon slayer sword that was held in the hands of a powerful being for a long time contained fragments of the person who held the sword, and it has

now become the dragon slayer’s self.

“Please take care of me today as well.”

-What are you asking for? Are you asking me to help you bring me into submission? Nonsense.

The rat is a powerful ego that drives them crazy and devours the bodies of the

swordsmen that hold it.

Haryu was trying to subdue the dragon slayer’s ego that had driven not only excellent swordsmen of goblins but also other outsiders to destruction for a long


No, I already tried several times.

In the process, his ego mixed with the Dragon Slayer Sword several times, and

at least he was recognized by the Dragon Slayer Sword, and the frequency of his body being taken away decreased, which is probably a pretty good result.

Ha-Ryu, who was not even an adult yet, did what no one had been able to do

for a long time.

Of course, there is a long way to complete submission, but the downstream will not stop until we reach the destination of complete submission.

“… … “Then let’s go.”

-Come as much as you want. Because time hasn’t passed yet to give in to a little brat like you.

The appearance is like a yawning yawn and picking at one’s ears.

However, Ha-ryu, who knew through several collisions the true nature hidden

behind that swan-like appearance, did not let down his guard.

It would be strange to ignore the ego that swallowed up more than a dozen outstanding swordsmen.

The lower level new type bowed its head slightly to show respect and advanced towards the dragon slayer’s ego.

* * *

While Ha-ryu was training alone, Jin-hyuk had summoned other soul soldiers.

“Vulkan, you stay here. “Get out of the doppelgänger’s cave.”

Among the soul soldiers he collected, Jinhyeok excluded Balkan from this subjugation battle.

Naturally, backlash arose immediately.

“what? Cha Jin-hyuk, what kind of nonsense is that? “If I’m missing, then how

do you plan on commanding the spirit soldiers inside the cave?”

A soul disease that has been with Jinhyeok for a long time.

In particular, the relationship between Balkan and Jinhyeok was not simply that of a soul bottle and a spirit master.

Colleagues, friends, teachers, etc.

It is a relationship in which various relationships are intertwined like a spiderweb.

“The command of the soul soldiers is Tune. “There was a need to let him gain

this experience anyway, and this enemy is dangerous.”

“… … If you’re going to fall into danger, you should have done so right away!

Think about the enemies you’ve faced so far. “No matter how strong the doppelganger is, he can’t do anything about us!”

That’s why Balkan tried to stay by his side.

Actually, that was true.

Considering the number of enemies Jinhyeok has faced so far, it is safe to say

that there is little pressure from the name doppelganger.

Nevertheless, Jinhyeok refused.


“… … What.”

“What do you think it would be like if a doppelganger could even copy spirit soldiers like Tune, Basil, and Ashur Hum?”

“… … .”

An unexpected problem.

Balkan couldn’t say anything to that.

“I care about you.”

“… … !”

Balkan looked at Jinhyuk with a surprised face at the sight of Jinhyuk saying something he had never said before.

Feeling Balkan’s eyes looking at him with a surprised face, Jinhyeok expressed

his worries and concerns.

“I’m dealing with a doppelganger, so it’s inevitable that I’ll be copied. To be honest, it doesn’t matter if other guys copy it too. But, you are different. “As proud as I am as a Spirit Master, you must be the only first Spirit Master Balkan in

this world.”

“Cha Jinhyuk, you… … .”

“So, you stay here and protect Haryu and Miho. The current 100th floor is not

a very safe place. Of course, there wouldn’t be a problem if Kyung-Hoon trained at his military academy, but he can’t just stay there his entire life, so your help is essential.”


Balkan could no longer be stubborn in the face of sincerity without a single lie.

Above all, Balkan was satisfied that a clumsy climber named Cha Jin-hyuk thought of him that way.

It feels as if a talented but rude student cautiously approaches me on Teacher’s Day and says, ‘Master, you are great.’

“… … “Do as you say.”

“We will need soul soldiers to help others. I will keep about one-third of the soul bottles with you. If necessary, feel free to use it as much as you like. Although the soul bottles are a waste… … If it’s really dangerous, you can sacrifice them and run away. Because you and everyone else is just as important.”

“… … Phew, I get it.”

Balkan eventually bowed his head when he was told that leaving behind a third of the golden spirit bottles was not enough and that he should use them as sacrifices to survive if necessary.

“… … Have a nice trip.”

“Of course. “You too, take care of yourself.”

“You have to have the body to be good at cooking, you cheap guy.”

“… … I say this because I may have a body soon. “Once this is all over, we will

discuss the creation of a homunculus through contact with Alchemy, so look forward to it.”

“… … !!!!”

Jinhyeok headed to the 101st floor, leaving behind Balkan, who was startled like a child hearing what a Christmas present was.

“The target is the 105th floor. “It is the core of the doppelganger in the hidden dungeon, the doppelganger’s dungeon.”

105th floor.

Among them, it was the moment when Jinhyeok personally set out to hunt down the doppelgänger who created many victims and took on the appearance of

countless people.

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