Absolute Necromancer Chapter 146

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“… … Wow, your body feels like water-soaked cotton.”

After the 4-on-1 sparring with Choi Kyung-hoon, I woke up in the hospital bed and frowned at the heavy condition of my body.

Soaked cotton.

Because the heavy body that reminded me of it was difficult to even lift a finger.

“… … Still, it’s better than using a circle.”

One won (one won).

Magi and divine power.

A characteristic that fills the entire body with one of two energies.

Of course, if you used one won, it was obvious that your body would not only be heavy, but you would also feel pain as if it were being shattered.

It’s not for nothing that I don’t take out a won in most situations.

“… … Phew, it seems like my senses are slowly coming back… … “I need to get up.”

My current physical state could be said to be a state of extreme exhaustion and exhaustion.

There was no strain on the body itself, but it was discharged because a large amount of energy was poured out at once.

However, a discharged battery can regain its original appearance when recharged.

My body was no different.

While lying in the hospital bed, the resting body was quickly returning to normal with monstrous recovery power.

After confirming that my body had recovered enough to stand up, I got up from the hospital bed.

SighAfter picking up the mask on the table next to me, putting it on my face, and leaving the hospital room, I saw someone who appeared to be a doctor busily moving around outside.

“Ah, you’re awake.”

“What about other colleagues?”

“Well, everyone is up and getting disciplined by the director. If you’re a ghost… …

“You were the last to wake up.”

“Great, thank you for letting me know.”

“Do you have any other strange symptoms in your body?”

“does not exist.”

“Then I guess you can go. See you later.”

When I saw the doctor bowing his head and seeing me off, I tilted my head as I walked towards the military attaché.

‘… … When the doctor asks to see you again later, doesn’t that mean you’re hurt?’

I thought that the doctor had sent me off with something he shouldn’t have said, but that only lasted for a moment.

-Once more! Hit harder! That’s not the end of your strength, Hendryiiike!!! Push your limits! Take it out you damn lizard!!!

-… … Wow!!!

Boom boom boom!!!

“… … “What on earth are they doing?”

As it was the main residence of the peerless, it had a huge manor.

Naturally, the distance between the hospital room and the military officer’s actual

training and training was somewhat close.

Even taking that into account, the loud voice coming from the hospital, even though it had only been a short time since I left the hospital room, made the listener feel absurd, but it seemed like it was everyday life for the people here.

-Hey! How long has it been since the director personally came forward and observed the training?

-You said that the current instructors have received it. I’m jealous, I’m jealous.

-When will the director directly provide guidance sparring or guidance training?

The sight of the ‘peerless’ guild members glancing at the military officer with envy

every time they passed by made me shake my head.

-Did you say it was Miho? kid? You need to make a little more unnatural your own. Live the wild life as it is. Because it will make you a little closer to perfection!

-… … Miho is not a kid!!!

-Sharper! Faster! More elaborate! Don’t forget that your eyes allow you to see a world that others cannot see. Use more. Let your eyes fall out, let your eyes burn! That

way, you will be able to use it without any problems whenever you want!

-… … yes

It seems that not only Hendrick is sparring, but Miho and Ha-ryu’s voices can also

be heard from time to time.

I wanted to see their efforts up close, but soon I sat down on a bench near the military office.

The reason was that I was tired, but the real reason was to conduct in-depth research on the ‘Cha Jin Hyeok-ryu’ that I had newly created.

“… … Devil Coin.”


With the sound of a coin, the devil coin I had made during the sparring match with Choi Kyung-hoon fell onto my hand.

A coin as black as pitch black.

I gently held it, which had a devil’s face drawn on the front and back.

Woooooo… … .

Let’s squeeze and apply little force to crush the Devil CoinPusssss… … .

“It’s the same. “If you apply more power than a certain level, it will return to its original magical power.”

Devil Coin has lost its original shape and remains in its original form.

So it went back to magic.

But the demon energy did not disperse and just remained in my hand.

“… … “Refined Magi.”

Extremely refined.

And I have seen something similar to this several times.

One of my colleagues right now has a similar power to this one.

Yes, this power is-

“It resembles dragon power.”



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Dragon power.

Four Hwang people.

Among them, the ‘energy’ possessed by the dragon race.

The energy, which can be said to be the best of the Four Emperors if only in terms

of energy level, was similar to the refined demonic energy that returned to its original form after the ‘Devil Coin’ was broken.

A vast amount of refined magic energy contained in just one small coin.

“… … Just a few, no, a dozen of these. “Maybe if you use dozens of them, you might be able to use something similar to demonization without having to use a single member.”

The only way to use Devil Coins, which were condensed with enormous magical power, was to fire them as weapons like magic bullets.

Accepting a huge amount of magical power, like when using demonization, could

also be a way to utilize it.

“You can try it out.”

Crack-tapAfter roughly thinking about how to use Devil Coin, I got up and left.

I shook off the dust that had settled on my seat and walked towards the quiet military officer where the sound had disappeared.

* * *

“Are you here?”

“Okay, I’m here.”

The inside of the military attaché was a mess.

Various furniture and weapons were falling out of their places and lying around on

the floor, and the neat, hard wood floor was shattered here and there.

Naturally, the people who created it were Kyung-Hoon Choi and my colleagues.

However, the difference between Choi Kyung-hoon and my colleagues was that Choi Kyung-hoon was fine, but his colleagues were trapped somewhere.

Of course, unlike the previous sparring, I kept the situation in my hands and did not use my body or body, so it was a damage that could be easily shaken off.

Therefore, Choi Kyung-hoon, who was fine except for his slightly disheveled clothes, approached me with a bright smile.

“You too?”

“… … That’s it. Your body hasn’t returned to normal yet, so strenuous movements

are prohibited.”

“It’s not fun.”

I looked at Choi Kyung-hoon, who was pouting his lips in an unusual way, as if I

was disgusted, then shook my head and added,

“When everything heals, I will request it myself.”

“Really? If that’s the case… … Why wait? “It won’t take long, right?”

“I guess so. Of course, there’s something I have to do before that, so I’ll have to take care of that first.”

“… … Day? What happened? You’re not saying you’re going to the goblin village, are you? That’s too fast… … .”

I shook my head at Choi Gyeong-hoon, who didn’t hide his worry that I was going

to go to the goblin village.

To begin with, the current goblin village is no different from a ruin, but considering the things hiding within it, it is safe to say that it is a battle of fortune.

‘It’s not in perfect condition, so there’s no need to go.’

When you can perfectly handle the newly created ‘Chajinhyeokryu’ and use its applications perfectly.

When I completed the weapon I was going to use using Baal’s recipe book, which

Melton and Muyoung were already familiar with.

By then, it would have been okay to head to the goblin village.

“At least not now. “If I go, I will of course tell you, so don’t worry.”

“Okay, I guess you can take care of it. “Because from a long time ago, I was a person who took terrible care of my body.”

“On the other hand, you moved your body too much. “You need to be a little bit like me.”

“Is that the same for you too? And I have no intention of changing my attitude.”

“… … “It’s the same for me.”

Climbers each have their own style.

There is nothing more foolish than raising your voice to say that someone else’s is


There is no reason to convince Choi Kyung-hoon, who insists that he will stick to

his method with his arms crossed, that my method is good, nor is there any reason for me to follow his method.

“Just settle things down and follow me. “I’m going back to the workshop.”

“… … Workshop? Oh, your weapon?”

“Yes, you must have roughly figured out the production manual. “Now we have to

go back, check the production book, and start making the weapon right away.”

“It’s important to have a weapon that suits you. “Okay, I’ll take them with you, so

you go first.”

“… … thanks.”

I did not hide my gratitude when Choi Gyeong-hoon told me to leave first, saying that he would take Hendrick, Ha-ryu, and Mi-ho, who were stuck here and there.

At my gratitude, Choi Kyung-hoon grinned and shrugged his shoulders.

“What does it mean to be a good friend? “Go, I’ll be there soon.”

“… … “Sure.”


There are no words that can express the relationship between Choi Kyung-hoon and me as accurately as those words.

And within the tower, which was like a battle of fortune, there were not many people who could entrust their backs and receive help.

However, I couldn’t deny the fact that if there was one, it would be more reassuring and helpful than anyone else.

After leaving the rest to Kyung-Hoon Choi, I immediately left the military building

and ran towards the Gold Rich workshop.

“… … hey! wait for a sec!”

“… … what?”

If Choi Kyung-hoon hadn’t suddenly appeared and called me.

At the sudden call, I haltingly stopped in my running position, turned my head slightly, and asked the reason.

Or, when you show signs of concern as if something has happened to your colleagues.

“… … Well, you have to tell me the destination and then go. “Are there one or two

workshops on the 100th floor?”

I sighed as I saw Choi Kyung-hoon scratching the back of his head and awkwardly

asking about the location of the workshop.

“… … Gold Rich. “It’s Gold Rich Workshop, you idiot.”

But since I couldn’t just say it, I sighed and told him the name Gold Rich Workshop and started running again.

“How should I know if you didn’t tell me!”

I could hear the muscle pig squealing behind me, but it wasn’t a sound I needed to

pay any attention to.

* * *

Gold Rich Workshop.

A top-class workshop prepared for outstanding craftsmen in a place filled with various expensive materials and furnaces with outstanding fire power.

An exclamation erupted from there.

“good! “I finally figured it all out!”

“… … “I can’t believe you put so much effort into just understanding the production manual, Won.”

Two beings wiping away beads of sweat and expressing joy at their accomplishments.

One was short, and the other had a long horn on his forehead.

However, the only difference was that they both had bronzed skin scorched by heat.

Melton, Muyoung, and Genno.

Inside the high-end workshop, the two artisan-level blacksmiths who were eagerly

devouring the Baal recipe book that Jinhyeok had given them expressed their joy.

However, that joy did not last long.

“… … Uhm, but the ingredients are all good, but this one takes a bit of time.”

“… … I agree. “I’m worried that he’ll be able to get this.”

After completely analyzing the recipe, the two knew all of the materials needed for

production as shown in Baal’s recipe.

Is that why?

I had to drool when I saw that the most important and irreplaceable ingredient in this recipe was in place.

[Baal’s Recipe]

-Required materials

└… … ribs.

└… … tendons.

└… … skull.

└Top quality steel.

└Highest quality adamantium.

└Top quality mithril.

“These things are hard to find, but if you have money, you can get them… … .”

“… … “This is the real problem.”

The other things were by-products and minerals from various monsters.

Those that will be responsible for the frame of the weapon.

These alone would cost tens of millions of gold as they were expensive by-products and minerals from monsters, but that wasn’t what was really important.

Material located at the very bottom of the required material in the recipe.

You need just one ingredient, but you can’t even get it.

[Doppelganger’s core]

“… … “Wow, that’s the core of that irrational guy.”

“The core of this guy that no one has caught is the last ingredient. “Isn’t this saying that you shouldn’t make anything?”

The core of the doppelganger.

That was the final material and the material that would become the final point of the weapon made from Baal’s recipe.

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