Absolute Necromancer Chapter 134

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“Everyone gather together.”

After Goldrich leaves to finish the work assigned to Halcion and Puppet in the

60th floor city.

Jinhyeok immediately summoned all the newly became soul soldiers scattered

in the underground cavity.


“Yes, I am here.”

The first was Tune.

Jinhyuk was the first to be brought in as a soul soldier, and at the same time,

he was also a new soul soldier to handle the entire army under Balkan.

Nowadays, Balkan commands the army alone, but as the army grew larger, subdivision was essential.

In particular, as it was almost essential to check the overall battle situation that Balkan had missed, Tune’s position and position would be second only to Jinhyuk and Balkan.

Jinhyuk responded with a voice full of politeness and a face full of energy, confirmed the tune, and called the next batter.


“Hmm, even Camille and Sheila have beautiful souls!”

… … This guy is definitely not normal either.

Unlike the polite Tune, Basil was not particularly interested in Jinhyuk.

The good news was that he answered the call and stood in front.

Since what he wanted from Basil was not politeness in the first place, it was a

matter of little concern to Jinhyuk.

Death Soul Soldier.

In the future, new classes will be created by Basil, and he will be the corps commander who will oversee all of the classes.

‘As long as you do your job well, it doesn’t matter how you act.’

Balkan was like that, Hendrick was like that, and everyone around Jinhyeok was like that.

Since they are the ones who do their jobs better than anyone else, Jinhyeok gives them advice but does not force them.

Of course, the dragon slayer sword used by Ha-ryu was an exception.

That was because it was a demonic sword that was gnawing away at Haryu himself.

“… … Ashur Hum.”

“Yes, please feel free to call me Ashur.”

The last one was Ashur Hum who quickly realized the reality and became angry due to Gold Rich.


With a politeness similar to, but distinctly different from, Tune, Ashur Hum knelt on one knee and bowed his head.

Just like a knight standing in front of a king, a paladin who believed in God knelt before Jinhyeok, who had become his god.

Although it could be said that it was a burden, Jinhyeok nodded and accepted

the greeting.

“Then, since everyone is here, let’s start ‘reinforcement’ right away. Balkan, you come too.”

“That’s right. “I went through all the hardships of creating a soul troupe, so how can I miss out on this sweet reward?”

Everyone gathered together.

Jinhyuk, Balkan, Tune, Basil, Ashur Hum.

After everyone in the underground cavity has gathered.

Jinhyeok brought a pile of soul altars that he and Balkan had made through their hard work.


A huge amount.

A soul group created by dividing over hundreds of souls.

Jinhyeok evenly divided the soul altars, which were large enough to be enough for each person to be 1 in N.

After distributing a total of 505 soul dans, 101 to each, Jinhyeok began his explanation.

“Bulkan may know this, but you probably don’t, so to explain, this soul group

can be seen as an ‘elixir’ that condenses everything a single climber has into one such illusion.”

“It’s an elixir… … That’s amazing. “Are you saying there are so many elixirs that are difficult to obtain?”


When climbing the tower, you often come across things called ‘giyeon’.

Whether it’s technical growth or physical growth.

Among them, ‘elixir’ was a ‘giyeon’ that was greatly related to physical and energetic growth.

Naturally, it was not that easy to find the elixir.

However, Jinhyuk shook his head and denied Tune’s words.

“It is an elixir, but it is a little different from the elixirs you know. It’s literally

an ‘item’ that allows you to surpass the strength of each floor just by eating one, but the Soul Dan is not that simple. In particular, if the main ingredient, soul, is significantly weaker than the user, it will not have much of an effect.”

“ah… … So that means even if you eat all of this, you can’t dream of dramatic



Soul tablets are items that fall a lot lower than real ‘elixir’.

In the first place, if what a climber can make if he has a soul shows efficacy similar to that of a real ‘elixir’, that would be a real problem.

Therefore, even if you eat all the mountain of souls in front of you, the absurd

thing of losing all your original abilities will not happen.

“Can I feed it to Camille and Sheila too?”

“do whatever you want. But just know that you will have to bear the resulting

harm or damage, Basil.”

“If that’s the reason, it doesn’t matter. “Camille and Sheila are no different from me.”



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After Basil asked if he would give the soul bottle to Camille and Silas, who had

become sick of death, we each picked up our share of soul bottles.

“thank you for this food.”

With a light thank you, the underground cavity began to fill with spiritual energies that burst forth and ate up the soul troupe.

* * *


A group of souls that can be said to be an enormous number.

It was not made by grinding one soul, but by combining the souls of two or three people, so it was not made by grinding 101 souls.

When the soul altar created by grinding up the souls of hundreds of climbers

was devoured.

Everyone was different, but each one could feel something.

‘… … Is this the power of the soul?’

Inner world.

Tune, floating in a place called the world of images, looked around and expressed admiration.

As he permeated the soul altar, his inner world was a mixture of various powers that the souls had.

‘Spiritual power… … I can’t collect it myself yet, but this is the power that is the source of everything… … .’

Spiritual power.

It is the power of the soul and a mysterious power that cannot be measured by anything.

It was a power that a Spirit Master had to handle, but it was also a power that

Tune was not yet allowed to possess.

Of course, now that Jinhyuk was connected to the owner as a spirit soldier, Tune was able to use spiritual power.

It’s just that it was Jinhyuk’s purple spiritual power, not his own.


“… … If only I could fully absorb this, if only I could make this my own. “I can

at least take one step closer to him.”

Tune was satisfied with the fact that he was able to feel up close a power that

he could neither see nor feel.

A huge lump of spiritual energy visible before your eyes.

This is because I thought that if I could absorb this completely, it would be enough to at least take a step towards Jinhyuk, even if it doesn’t mean I’m by his


TubTune placed his hand on the mass of spiritual energy that seemed to expand and fill the inside.


“… … Pfft. “It means it won’t be easily absorbed.”

A lump of spiritual energy that causes a violent backlash when touched.

If Tune had tried to take only the refined power as a soul group rather than absorbing the mass of spiritual power itself, he would have easily absorbed it.

But Tune had no intention of going easy.

Although it is difficult, we have chosen a more certain path forward.

“… … “I don’t know how many times something like this will happen again, so

I’ll take this opportunity to make it clear.”

Above all, he knew that it was not often possible to obtain a large number of souls like this time.

“… … Kwaaaah!!!”

A voice of desperate pain.

However, despite the pain, I was full of enthusiasm to move forward.

In this way, Tune slowly began to absorb the chunks of spiritual energy while

gritting his teeth in excruciating pain that felt as if his whole body was being torn apart.

“… … “It’s big, and it’s beautiful.”

While Tune was accelerating the absorption of spiritual power, Ashur Hum was also expressing admiration at the lump of spiritual power in front of him.

Ashur Hum has not yet created his own territory, but even so, it is possible because he has been able to contemplate his inner self to a certain extent.

The mass of spiritual power was so large and beautiful that Ashur Hum burst

out in admiration.

“A diamond of the same size would not be more beautiful than this.”

Ashur Hum muttered, saying that even diamond, the king of jewels known to the world, would fade in front of the lump of spiritual power in front of him, and smoothed out the lump of spiritual power.

“Is this the result of the fusion of over a hundred energies of the Soul Corps?”

Rather than absorbing the lump of spiritual energy right away, Ashur Hum stroked his chin after feeling the power contained in the lump of spiritual energy.

“There are too many.”

Enormous energy.

Although it was very inferior compared to the real elixir, the energy contained

in the lump of spiritual power in front of him was too much for Ashur Hum, a

climber who was about to reach the 300th floor.

Is that why?

“… … You can make something like this if you have the ingredients. If you are

a ghost, what the hell are you… … .”

Jinhyuk’s nickname, not his name.

Ashur Hum burst out in surprise as he spoke of the nickname “Gwimyeon,” which was more familiar than his name.

“Are all 600-story climbers like this? No, the Fallon siblings weren’t like this either. This… … “I guess this is just a huge surprise.”

Ashur Hum, who received a detailed description of Jinhyeok from Tune, learned that he was the ‘Death Star’, the only star that stood above the Nine Stars in

the past.

However, even so, Ashur Hum could not believe that he had created a soul corps that was capable of creating not one, but several huge blocks of spiritual power in front of him.

Even though Balkan helped with the work, it is ultimately Jinhyeok’s strength,

so it is no different from Jinhyeok doing it alone.

“… … god. Maybe he really is God.”


Paladins are beings who believe in and follow God and receive divine power,

a power and energy that is close to a miracle.

Naturally, it was impossible to deify a climber on the ground, especially one who was not a transcendent person like Emperor Tess.

If you made a mistake, you could receive the wrath of the god you believed in, or in the worst case scenario, you could be deprived of your divine power itself.

In particular, due to the influence of the Fallon siblings, a paladin and a priest, there is a strong possibility that Ashur Hum’s meaning of existence, the ‘paladin’, will be taken away as they believe in ‘Sandalfon’, the tribal god of the Elyos.

“There is no reason to pretend to believe in a god you don’t believe in. Especially if it is a tribal god of a race that I will have to kill in the future.”

But Ashur Hum didn’t care.

The fact that it was his inner world where neither God nor the devil could be seen could be a sufficient reason, but fundamentally Ashur Hum no longer believed in ‘God’.

No, to be precise


“From now on, you are my ‘god’, ghost.”

For Ashur Hum, who roughly grasped the lump of spiritual power in front of him, the biggest thing was that God was no longer a being that looked down on

him from the sky.

“If it is not God who is always by my side, watching me, teaching me, and making me strong, then who is it?”

TsutsutsutsuWith his mutterings that sounded like a pledge, the huge chunk of spiritual power slowly disintegrated and was absorbed into Ashur Hum.

Absorption is clearly different from that of tune.

While Tune absorbed the purple-black spiritual power similar to Jinhyuk’s spiritual power with his own spiritual power, Ashur Hum, on the other hand, tried

to accept the purple-black spiritual power as is.

Of course, it was possible because Tune had done some research on Spirit Master and had a lot of knowledge about spiritual power, but even if Ashur Hum knew as much about spiritual power as Tune, his choice would not have changed.

“A knight who believes in God does not distort God’s will and power and accepts it as it is. “I will stand before you as a shield to protect you and as a sword to carry out your will.”


The sound of kneeling, filled with heavy power, echoed hollowly in Ashur Hum’s inner world.

“… … “They really had incredible energy~”

A voice filled with laughter.

However, Basil shivered once as he remembered the mass of energy he had seen, experienced, and absorbed, and opened his eyes.

“Is this the second time?”

“… … Looks like you woke up first. The others… … Late student?”

Basil grinned at the voice of Vulcan, who called himself second with a slight smile, and looked at the three people seated in a sitting position.

Jinhyeok wearing a goblin mask, Basil with an expressionless face, and Ashur

Hum with a pious expression wearing heavy white armor.

The three were the only latecomers who did not open their eyes while Vulcan

and Basil absorbed the energy of over a hundred soul groups.

However, Balkan realized that his words were ambiguous and modified his words.

“Not like a tardy student.”

“… … then?”

“It’s like saying, the later you wake up, the higher you go. Well, of course, as you said, if you are a late student and struggle because you are not able to absorb energy properly… … .”

“… … “Those monsters won’t have a hard time absorbing the amount of energy we absorbed.”

The more he talked to Vulcan, the more Basil felt his face harden.

Falling behind.

As a climber, this is something you are bound to experience at least once.

Of course, there are monster-like supernovas that we do not experience, but

most climbers experience falling behind.

However, Basil was a climber who was not used to being left behind.

WowWith his voice grinding his teeth harshly, Basil’s relaxed and smiling face cracks.


A being who is his close friend and nicknamed the Demon King.

He could admit it to some extent.

But it was not Ashur Hum.

‘That guy surpasses me?’

I got goosebumps.

Someone goes beyond themselves.

A being clearly below me.

No matter how much they were alive, there wasn’t much of a difference, and

after experiencing one death, they lost their bodies and became weaker!

Basil did not want to be left behind by anyone.

Even if he admitted that it was Tune, his only close friend other than the snake, he couldn’t stop his irritation from rising.


“What are you trying to do?”

“… … “I can’t spit out what I’ve already eaten, so I’ll make it perfectly mine and sharpen it even more.”

“Yes, it’s the right choice because if you don’t do that, you’ll fall further behind.”

Basil frowned at Vulcan’s grumpy voice and responded harshly, closing his eyes.

“Last place is eliminated.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Vulcan just looked at Basil, who was immediately sucked into his inner world, as if he was cute.

“I didn’t need to achieve anything, so I just quickly got tired of it. Well, you can’t hear it anymore.”

It is a Vulcan that already has mana, its own spiritual power, divine power, and magical energy.

Of course, it is a better choice to strengthen what you have rather than focusing on something.

Sometimes, it is possible to raise one’s level not by enlightenment but by the amount of energy, and for Balkan, now was just the time.

Basil, who didn’t know that, was sucked into the inner world, masturbating that he wasn’t last, so it was natural that Vulcan, who knew everything, just found it cute.

“Now, what will you guys bring back?”

The three people are sitting in a sitting position with their eyes closed, like guests waiting for a delicious main dish while rubbing their palms together.

No, he whetted his appetite by looking at the four of them now.

For someone who has completed his or her own growth, watching someone else grow was quite a delicious treat.

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