Absolute Necromancer Chapter 133

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A heavy sound spreads through the underground cavity.

The center of the echo was none other than Ashur Hum, who had lost momentum, lost his materialization, and turned translucent.

Given that it possessed physical power despite being half-disembodied, one could roughly guess how powerful the spirit of Ashur Hum was.

But what mattered now was not how powerful Ashur Hum’s spirit was.

“… … Whether I’m your subordinate or your slave, I’ll do anything to be by your side, Nine Stars, especially Cain Fallon and Carmen Fallon. Please allow me

to see the complete downfall of these two people.”

There is a saying in the world about shedding tears of blood.

Of course, that doesn’t mean she shed real tears of blood.

In the first place, due to the structure of the body, shedding tears like that was almost impossible unless there was a health problem or someone got stabbed

in the eye.

However, Ashur Hum, who was kneeling in front of me right now, was really shedding bloody tears.

‘I guessed it from the time I heard the conversation with Goldrich, but… … ‘Those damn bastards are disgusting.’

Ashur Hum submitted to me as I wanted, but his mind was mixed.

Being a climber means that you will do whatever it takes to get what you want.

In the first place, even I was a spirit master and necromancer who disturbed the rest of the dead and treated them as slaves or subordinates.

‘Still, there is a degree, but you guys are really worse than you were ten years


Spiritual illness can be said to be a consumable item.

Like the undead, they are difficult to repair when broken.

If you miss the time, the soul bottle or undead you worked hard to raise will disappear from the world forever.

Of course, then, the missing positions would have to be filled with either soul

soldiers or undead, but that did not mean that they would sweep away innocent civilians and turn them into soul soldiers or undead.

‘Of those who died in this guild war, we ended up turning all of those who stood on our side into soul sickness.’

As a Spirit Master, the owner of the soul, he took their souls as soul bottles, but in the end, it was the result of their choices.

of course-

‘The guys on the guild alliance side completely destroyed them without any hesitation, but that’s because they’re my enemies.’

The climbers of the guild alliance were not seen at all.

Those who have become part of the soul corps and those who have started a second life as soul soldiers.

Here, there was a thought similar to Jinhyuk’s own belief.

‘At least those who were on my side are not made into a soul group. And all my enemies, no matter how strong or not, are all aligned with the Soul Group.’

Except for special cases such as Tune, Basil, and Ashur Hum, the above thoughts would rarely deviate.

In fact, even if Jinhyeok caught all of the Nine Stars who were the targets of his revenge, he had no intention of turning them into soul soldiers.

‘If you are caught by me, you will be sent to the soul group, so try to run away.’

They would be absorbed by Jinhyuk and his army as excellent nutrients and proteins.

Because Jinhyuk had such thoughts, he was appalled by Nine Star’s behavior.

“… … Yes, I promise. “If you stand next to me, you will be able to see Nine Star’s complete downfall with your own eyes.”

“… … I will serve you forever. As your faithful sword and shield forever-”

At the same time as the incorporation of Ashur Hum’s soul bottle was allowed, the replenishment of Jinhyeok’s soul bottle was completed along with the voice of the loyal paladin echoing in the underground cavity.

“Okay then, let’s start strengthening.”

I finished replenishing the soul bottle, which filled me with bitterness and confusion, but it was not the end.

Rather, a time closer to the true beginning has arrived.


It was time to strengthen the soul soldiers, who were much weaker than their

original state, so that they could get as close to their original level as possible.

* * *

“William Haswald… … “It’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time.”

Before the lecture, I stepped aside for a moment and approached Goldrich, who was holding a cigar in his mouth, and said.

“… … “Shut up, I’m not telling you to listen.”

“I’m sorry, but the human ear doesn’t have a very convenient function. “If you

didn’t want me to hear it, you should have used your money or something to block the sound.”

I took off the stuffy mask and revealed my bare face, killing myself.

Goldrich, who was about to say something to my laughing, lowered his head

with a sigh.

“William Haswald is dead.”

“No, he’s alive and well. “It lives well in your heart, right?”

“… … “At least he’s dead now.”

William Haswald.

A name that means William, the eldest son of the Haswald family.

The name of ‘Gold Rich’, whose reputation is widely known within the tower.

Four Hwang people.

Among them, the only survivor among a family that was cruelly destroyed under the footsteps of the giants.

He looked at Ashur Hum, who was listening to a detailed explanation from Tune from a little distance away with a face full of confusion.

“William Haswald will remain dead until I kill the monster that trampled on my family and clan.”

“… … “Yes, that is your opinion and I have no intention of saying anything.”

Why I wasn’t surprised when Genno gave up his name and chose the name Muyeong (無影) the other day.

‘Because I’ve already met someone like that once.’

This is because there was a precedent of gold rich right before our eyes.



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“So what did you see in Ashur Hum? “I wouldn’t have felt sympathy for you for no good reason.”

“… … Sympathy, yes. You could call this feeling compassion. But not sympathy. “I just didn’t like the sight of people forgetting themselves without knowing the truth.”

“Is that really all it is?”

Although we teased each other, Goldrich and I could be said to be inseparable friends.

This was especially true because neither of us had very good personalities to

begin with.

As such, we knew each other well, and I was sure that Goldrich’s feelings for

Ashur Hum could not have been the only ones.


“… … “I just thought that if I were in the worst situation instead of the way I am now, I would be in the same situation as him, maybe even worse than I am.”

Goldrich did not approach Ashur Hum deeply just for the first reason.

“If I hadn’t met you, I wouldn’t have been able to escape ‘William Haswald.’”

“… … Well, you would have grown up well on your own. “Sangjae must have been well-liked by the tower because of your self-possessed attitude.”

I criticize Goldrich’s personality, but I couldn’t criticize his abilities themselves, no matter how much I might.

The ability to devise a system called an auction house and take it to God and the Devil and demand negotiation.

It wasn’t something that anyone could make.

‘It’s no different from what Goldrich said to Ashur Hum. Fallon did not create

an outstanding paladin named Ashur Hum because her siblings were great, but

Ashur Hum just had the ability to become an outstanding paladin.’

All I did for Goldrich was to stand by his side and invest a lot of his basic capital.

Of course, since it was all the goods I had collected while climbing the tower,

it must have been a little special that its value was worth hundreds of millions.

But Goldrich calmly shook his head.

“At that time, I was not Goldrich, but William Haswald. He was a child who could not hold back his anger at the death of his parents and his younger siblings. Of course, because he had natural talent, he was able to manage his money

quite well and make a profit… … “If it weren’t for what you said, I would have literally attacked the Four Emperors with all my strength, like hitting a rock with an egg.”

“… … okay? “What on earth did I tell you?”

Actually, I don’t even remember.

It’s been quite a while since I invested in Goldrich, and he’s not a great person who would remember that for a long time in the first place.

But even now, more than ten years later, Goldrich still remembers what I said

to him back then.

“I told you to shut up and make money if you don’t want to be left behind.”

“… … Isn’t that trash? “Does he just seem like an evil business owner?”

Apparently, the comfort that Goldrich knew was slightly different from the comfort that I knew.

‘I get stronger when you curse at me. This bastard… … ?’

I looked at Goldrich with a startled expression, wondering what might happen.

“… … It’s not as strange as you think, so get rid of those dirty looks. “Disgusting bastard.”

“I didn’t say anything.”

“If you ask, just shut up and listen.”

I closed my mouth as Goldrich grumbled, probably knowing that thieves were

on their own.

Satisfied with my quiet appearance, Goldrich opened his mouth again.

“At that time, even though you were maintaining a decent relationship with the Four Emperors and Nine Stars, you did not stop me or report to me for killing

one of the Four Emperors, the Giants.”

“… … Did you?”

“It was. However, in your own way, you told me to wait because now is not the time, and to shut up and make money.”

… … I think I need to purify my language a bit and go through some filtering


I didn’t understand how to say ‘now is not the right time, so wait’ to ‘shut up

and make money.’

‘… … I must have had a very dirty personality at that time. Still, it’s a bit harsh.’

My personality was dirty from the beginning, but it became more dirty starting from the 300th floor, and reached its peak when I got blocked on the 600th floor.

And the time I met Gold Rich was roughly around the 300th floor.

It’s certainly not a strange time to only use curse words instead of words.

When I blushed slightly and held my face in my hands, feeling like a second-year middle school student who had been exposed to dark history.

Goldrich paid no heed and continued talking.

“Your one word made me who I am today. Just like you said, I made money and the more money I earned, the more I could understand their size and plan ways to deal with them. Now, after ten years, I can defeat them together with you. It has been done. And I just wanted that guy to be like me too.”

I nodded slightly as I looked at Goldrich, who spoke calmly and had Ashur Hum in his eyes.

In the end, Nine Star is no different from a subcontracting company of the Four Emperors.

They achieved their current position by receiving strength and support from the Four Emperors in return for ‘cutting me off’.

In other words, in a way, it was the Four Emperors’ fault that Ashur Hum was

manipulated by Nine Star’s Fallon siblings.

“It’s like having strong support.”

“You could say so. One day, whether that guy is a Nine Star or a member of the Four Emperors, I will be able to aim a dagger at his neck.”

“I will make that happen. This guy is a soul breaker under me. Among them, he will become the commander of the Holy Spirit Army.”

“Yes, I look forward to it.”


After speaking, Goldrich left the room and stood up.

“Are you going?”

“Unlike you, I’m busy enough. “I entrusted the work to Halcion and Puppet, but it doesn’t suit my temperament to just leave it to them.”

“… … “Don’t be surprised when you get the results report later.”

“Even after seeing a 1,000% rate of return, I calmly accepted it. “I’m not surprised by how big of a result you come up with.”

Goldrich, smiling slightly and showing confidence, finally spit out the last word and walked away.

“William Haswald, who was nervous about just one gold, has now become calm even in the face of tens of millions of gold. So, raise that guy well. An ordinary warrior became an outstanding paladin. “He is a talented person who will reach even greater heights than that.”

“… … “I understand because there is another one similar to him.”

I smiled as I looked at Tune, who was talking to Ashur Hum and explaining the general situation.

The tower always flows.

There is always water behind, pushing out stagnant water in front.

“Will we too become obsolete one day?”

“Just be yourself. “I will be here for a thousand years.”

“Tsk, there’s no atmosphere. “Puppet and Halcion, who work under you, will

be looking for your position, so do what you need and come down, you clueless bastard.”

I clicked my tongue and responded to Goldrich’s words as he left the underground cavity with his back turned.

But the only thing that came back was Goldrich, who was walking with his back turned and raising his middle finger.

Seeing him like that, I eventually smiled and shook my head.

“Damn you. But that makes him seem like a guy I like even more. “You should

be trembling because I will receive a fair return for the advice and investment I received from ten years ago.”

“Just make more money than you spend. It’s a battle between your spending and my income… … “That’s fun, I’ll take it.”

Of course, Goldrich was not one to sit still.

When Goldrich, who did not push back until the very end and did not hesitate

to add another word, completely disappeared in the underground cavity.

“You idiots. “It seems like we got along very well.”

Balkan suddenly blurted out a word.

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