Absolute Necromancer Chapter 135

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“It’s been a while since I’ve been here.”

Inner world.

A huge mass of spiritual energy floating in one’s inner world.

But my gaze did not reach the mass of spiritual energy.

Coo coo coo coo cooThis is because there was something bigger that made the inner world tremble just by its presence.


“First of all, you’re fine. It seems like the sacred power side has decreased a bit and the magic side has become rough… … “This is enough.”

A lump of all the energy I have.

It was the energy of ‘one circle’ that was barely achieved through the power of spiritual power.

Because he used Consecration twice in the battle with Tune, his sacred power

was greatly reduced, and the demonic energy gained influence and put pressure on his divine power, but it was a problem that would be resolved with time.

The fight between the two was truly a fight that no one could win unless one side was overwhelmingly weaker.

“Okay then, let’s go eat sometime too.”

After seeing the magic and divine power covered in spiritual power for the first time in a long time, I turned my head and looked at the huge lump of spiritual power.

It is a lump of spiritual power created by eating soul altars that is equal to or

may be more than the number of soul rings I made while climbing the tower over the past few months.

“This is also quite big.”

It would be absurd to compare it with the energy of ‘Ilwon’, which is the culmination of all the energy I currently have, but even so, the mass of spiritual power was quite large.

There were many reasons.

“It’s definitely because I replaced a lot of strong guys’ souls.”

Guild leaders of the guild union.

This is because I put the souls of quite a few of them into the soul altar that I

will eat.

Compared to the other four, it can probably consume much more energy.

“Well, it’s true that I become the strongest.”

Spirit Master is close to a ‘monarch’ type job.

A job that commands underlings.

But I didn’t just have a Spirit Master.

All Masters.

This new job that can do everything in a variety of ways was never ranked as

a Spirit Master.

No, if it weren’t for the fact that Spirit Master can only be placed as a main job, it was so good that I could have put it as a main job.

Therefore, unlike my previous life, in this life I made a lot of investments in my own strength.

“Whew, then let’s try it.”

I didn’t think there would be any problems while absorbing the energies of at

most a hundred soul groups.

I just think it’s something that should be done.

Actually, absorbing a chunk of spiritual energy was not that difficult.


“… … “I ate it all.”

With a voice full of regret, he looked at the spot where the lump of spiritual energy was before his eyes just moments ago.

I felt so helpless because I had absorbed everything in such a short period of time.

Actually, it was a natural thing.

Spiritual power.

The Spirit Master’s power was a powerful power that was the source of all power, but to me it was just a familiar power.

Moreover, no matter how much I have, when I think about my spiritual power

in my past life, it is so small that it is not even enough to bleed a new foot.

Of course, it would be strange to have trouble absorbing it.

of course-

“It’s definitely increased a lot.”

Considering my current level, it was definitely a lot.

Anyway, after absorbing the mass of spiritual energy, I looked up again at the

member’s energy.

I stretched out my hand as I looked at it, which felt overwhelming just by looking at it.

Exciting- Exciting-

I felt my heart pounding from the energy of the person I touched.

It tells me that those who are more ferocious than any other force in the world that pretends to be quiet due to spiritual power are looking for an opening.

However, I held on to my trembling hands and focused on Ilwon’s energy.

‘… … The current member is not a true member.’

What I lack right now.

It’s not just about the total amount of energy, but what I need to pursue most

now is refining and perfecting what I have.

‘And the completion of true membership is essential for moving to the next level.’

A true member.

I knew it too.

The member I created is certainly a great thing and powerful, but it is not a true member or a complete member.

Actually, it was natural.

‘If they truly became one, there would be no need for them to fight against each other, and there would be no need for the restraining power of spiritual power.’



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One won (one won).

It literally means that they have become one.

But if it’s not enough for those who are united to fight each other, they will have a seizure without someone’s intervention?

‘That’s not one thing. They’re just guys who seem to be mixed up and will be

separated into two again at any time.’

It couldn’t be called a member.

If we had to be honest, we could say that it was compulsory membership.

But there wasn’t much I could do right now.

“It is impossible at this level to fuse the magic energy and divine power as if they are truly one. All I can do now is to strengthen the power of my spiritual power so that the two can stick together even a little better. Well, this alone would be enough.”

All we have to do is pour the spiritual power of about 100 soul groups into the spiritual power that binds divine power and demonic energy.

However, I was confident that I would be able to achieve sufficient results with just that, so I calmly began to infuse my spiritual power.

“If you take one step at a time, you will soon become a true member.”

A true member who has reached someday.

The first step toward meeting the new power that lies beyond.

That was the moment it was taken off.

“You’re awake.”

“… … Damn, I don’t have much energy to keep going. “It’s not enough to just

absorb everything, so there’s nothing more to share with Kamal and Sheila!”

Basil was the first to wake up, jumping out of his seat and stamping his feet in


I was annoyed.

Even though he had once woken up and returned to concentration, the other

three remained silent with their eyes closed.

‘… … The gap is widening like this? ‘Because it’s only been a few hours since I

became mentally ill?’

It happened in an instant.

Just due to one misjudgment of his own, the gap between him and the people

he was going to spend almost his entire life widened from the beginning.

Basil was shaken by that fact.

Vulcan came up to Basil’s side and patted him on the shoulder and gave him


“It’s not good to be too caught up in it.”

“… … but! “Those guys are taking a few steps at a time while I’m making a fool of myself, so how can I ignore them, old man!”

Balkan smiled slightly at the sight of Basil, unable to overcome his anger, even


‘It’s a pity that I didn’t get stronger right away, but I gained that mindset, so this is a business that will remain as is.’

In fact, Basil, Tune, and Ashur Hum were similar.

Because I became mentally ill and couldn’t use my original power.

Nevertheless, Basil remained calm.

He seems to think that he will always be great and powerful.

He even went so far as to say that he would share the energy he needed to consume with the private souls Camille and Silas, so the current situation was natural.

Even if he absorbed all the energy he had, it wasn’t enough, so he ended up giving it to someone else, calling it a combat snake.

But after this incident, Basil would change.

‘You are not someone who is always on top, and when an opportunity arises,

you must know how to devour it all to help you in your future work. ‘I’m glad I

know that now.’

Looking at Tune and Ashur Hum, who will be ahead of him from the start, Basil will feel ashamed, angry, and blame his foolish choice.

And Basil has the ability to use all of that as fertilizer for his own growth.

It was a pity that the energy of the soul group was split into three and divided

between Basil, Camille, and Scylla, but it was a good experience, so it was only

natural that Balkan smiled.

“Don’t do that next time.”

“… … “It will still be like that, old man.”

After grumbling and politely responding to the elder Balkan with whom he was sharing a meal, Basil gently stroked Camille and Silas, who shared energy with him.

It was his own way to relieve his rising anger.

How much time has passed?

Coo coo coo coo-

“It’s happening.”

The underground cavity began to vibrate violently.

And Vulcan, who felt the vibration, finally noticed that those who had closed their eyes were waking up and smiled slightly.

“… … Huh, this much momentum. How on earth did you digest it? Tune, Ashur Hum.”

The only two people who are about to open their eyes right now are Jinhyuk.

It was Tune and Ashur Hum.

Basil’s eyes widened at the fact that two people who had been on par with him before absorbing the Soul Corps had accomplished enough to shake the underground cavity just by opening their eyes and waking up from within.

Vulcan glanced at Basil, whose eyes looked like they were about to pop out at

any moment, then immediately turned his gaze to look at the two people who

had just opened their eyes.


“… … Huh, it’s spiritual power. Tune, that guy was determined to become a spirit master. It’s dark blue spiritual power… … “He is similar to my master.”

The spiritual power that burst out.

Balkan burst into laughter at the dark blue spiritual power, which was different from Jinhyuk’s dark purple spiritual power and his own dark blue spiritual power.

It’s the same color as the mixture of fraud and mana that Tune used when he

was alive.

However, although the power contained within it was small, it was different from something like a mixing machine.

“… … “At this level, I can become a semi-spirit master.”

Although it was not enough to be called a true spirit master, it was not enough to be called Semi.

In contrast to Tune, who had clearly decided on his career path, Ashur Hum was slightly different.


“… … It’s purple divine power. That guy is trying to follow in the footsteps of

Cha Jin-hyuk. It is a mixture of spiritual power and divine power… … “It’s fascinating.”

Divine power exploded.

However, unlike the original divine power, which was well known to be milky

or white, Ashur Hum’s divine power was stained purple or dark purple.

It meant that he was greatly influenced by Jinhyeok’s spiritual power.

Above all, Balkan paid attention to the fact that Ashur Hum mixed spiritual and divine power.

“… … If you’re holding it, I don’t know, but if you’re mixing it, it’s similar to

‘one won (one won)’. In the end, both of them are different from their masters,

but do they intend to walk the same path?”

Tune chose to walk the path that Jinhyuk walked, transforming it into his own


Ashur Hum chose to walk the same path that Jinhyuk walked, making it with

his own materials.

The two choices were similar but different.

Tune accepted Jinhyeok’s purple-black spiritual power and abandoned the easy path to becoming a Spirit Master, while Ashur Hum destroyed the purity of the symbol of perfection and divine power itself and mixed up spiritual power.

However, the path they would take was the same in that it was not that different from the path Jinhyuk took.

And the change between the two people occurred around the time when Basil

went into vibration mode again.

Coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo


“He seems crazy. “They’re trying to completely destroy the underground cavity.”

A vibration several times louder than the previous one echoed through the underground cavity.

Balkan cursed as he felt the rough shaking of the earth, but no one could tell that the curse contained joy.


Black demonic energy bursts out and covers the underground cavity.


Pure white divine power emanates and covers the underground cavity.

Eventually, the underground cavity was half filled with demonic energy and half with divine power.


The magic energy and divine power that occupied half of the cavity were mixed together.

Sometimes they became one with demonic energy, and other times they became one with divine power, and they repeated this countless times.

When it reached its peak.


Intense purple-black spiritual power burst out, engulfing the divine power and demonic energy that became one.

Exciting-! Exciting-!

The radiance of divine power and magical energy trapped in the black-purple

wrapping cloth of spiritual power fills the underground cavity like a pounding


However, the palpitations gradually subsided as time passed, and soon subsided completely.


The cloth of spiritual power that had completely subsided was sucked back into Jinhyuk.

Jinhyuk, who had completely consumed his energy, just let out a breath and opened his eyes.

Buzz buzzTwo purple-black eyes fluttered wildly, right before

collapsing the underground cavity with just a glance.

“Whew, you ate well.”

With a deep sigh, Jinhyuk took away the energy in his gaze and announced the end of the meal.

Jinhyuk ate more than anyone else and produced more perfect results than anyone else.

Just like that, the meal time that started with the distribution of guild battle results ended.

Basil felt thirsty for his own growth.

A tune that was recognized by Balkan, the founder of the Spirit Master, and was given the name Semi-Spirit Master.

Ashur Hum created a new job called Soul Paladin by mixing spiritual and divine power.

And finally, Jinhyuk took one step forward towards becoming a true member.

It was a moment when the guild’s daggers of ‘Yeokcheon’ became sharper.

By just one person, Jinhyuk.

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