Absolute Necromancer Chapter 132

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“gold… … Richie? you? “No, you?”

Gold Rich.

Even Ashur Hum could not help but be surprised by the appearance of the owner of a name that no climber would know even if he wanted to.


Just by treating Jinhyuk with respect, which he had never done before, Gold Rich’s power and reputation could be clearly seen.

“Let go.”

“… … “This guy is like an angry animal. Are you okay?”

Feeling Ashur Hum’s gaze, Goldrich told him to release Ashur Hum.

However, Jinhyeok did not immediately untie Ashur Hum.


Goldrich’s non-combat occupation caused Jinhyeok’s concerns.

of course-

“Cha Jinhyuk.”


“If I didn’t have the slightest desire to know about you at that time and just went to the 10th floor with the intention of killing you… … You definitely died then. “Stop talking nonsense and let it out.”

“… … Damn it, I got it.”

First meeting on the 10th floor.

Although it was a meeting between a debt collector and a loan shark after 10

years, Gold Rich was clearly superior in terms of military power.

A climber who can only climb up to the 10th floor at most.

In contrast, Gold Rich was a climber who had already surpassed the 600th floor.

Of course, it was difficult to show his full strength as the penalties were piled

high, and his professional limitations as a merchant were clear, but it was still

not impossible to defeat Jinhyeok, who was only a 10th floor climber, by himself.

Especially if the goal is to kill rather than suppress.

In the end, Jinhyuk got up from Ashur Hum’s shoulder, scratching his head in


“… … It doesn’t matter if you are Goldrich or whoever you are. “It’s better, I’ll

take you hostage and repay them a little favor!”

“I knew it would be like this.”

“I will take care of it.”

Ashur Hum, who rose from his shoulder and was freed from the restraints of spiritual power that oppressed his entire body, immediately jumped out of his seat and rushed towards Goldrich.

No matter how great Gold Rich is, he is still a merchant.

In contrast, Ashur Hum was a climber who reached the 300th floor.

Furthermore, now, with the mindset of a slayer, he was spewing out divine power even while his soul was being purified and crumbling.

A climber of non-combat and combat classes.

The difference is so clear that if you stop a passing climber and ask them, they will say 100 in favor of the combat climber.


“Golden power.”

PusssssIf the non-combat climber had the prerequisite of being a ‘gold rich’, the situation would change 180 degrees.

In contrast to the fact that everyone gave up the combat-type hand, it would

not be difficult for everyone to switch to the non-combat type.

That was the power and ability of the climber known as ‘Gold Rich’ within the tower.

With the appearance of Ashur Hum rushing towards him, Gold Rich used ‘Golden Power’.

Tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of gold shattered and scattered in

an instant.

Eventually, the gold dust that was shattered and turned into powder was sucked into Gold Rich.


“… … how?”

And when all the gold dust was absorbed, Ashur Hum, who had arrived in front of Gold Rich, was surprised to see that his fist was firmly held in Gold Rich’s hand.

Of course, for Goldrich, the current situation was natural.

“I may be a merchant, but you are ridiculous.”

Whoop- Boom-!

Goldrich grabs Ashur Hum’s fist and picks him up and slams him into the ground.

Even though it is a soul state, it is in a state of visualization that can cause physical damage, so although its weight is lighter than when it is alive, it is not as

light as a feather.

Still, there was no way it would have been easy to grab an adult man’s fist, lightly lift him, and pin him to the floor.

Goldrich, who easily subdued Ashur Hum, neatly adjusted his fluttering coat and muffler, then squatted slightly in front of Ashur Hum, who was on the ground, and said.

“Poor guy.”

“… … “Don’t pity me.”

“I say this sincerely. “I knew Nine Star and those kids were trash, but after researching, it was beyond my imagination.”

“… … Don’t even mock them! “You can’t even be called a climber who only cares about money!”

For the first time, Goldrich expressed his feelings of regret at the sight of Ashur Hum reacting more passionately to cursing Nine Star, or more precisely, the

Fallon siblings who belong to Nine Star, rather than cursing himself.

“Yes, I am a climber who only cares about money. For my goal, I don’t mind hearing even more insults than that. Even if I say that it sucks the blood of climbers who climb the tower, it is true and I have no intention of contradicting it.

However, it would be good to know this one thing. “The people you sacrifice your life to follow and protect your honor with even in death are completely different from the people you think of.”

Seeing Gold Rich calmly accepting his criticism, Jinhyuk sighed and took a step back.

“I can leave that guy to you, right?”



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“… … “I felt a little pity.”

“do whatever you want. All I have to do is make him mentally ill.”

Jinhyuk slowly stepped back as if passing a burden on to Goldrich, but Goldrich, who realized that it was a consideration for himself, smiled and took his gaze away from Jinhyuk.

“that is… … “What does that mean?”

Goldrich, who took his gaze away, chose to elaborate on the information he had discovered rather than answering Ashur Hum, who was reacting strongly to

his words.

“Ashur hum. A climber who was an ordinary warrior until a few years ago. “As

ordinary as he was, it was difficult for him to climb the tower alone, and you had friends.”

“… … .”

Ashur Hum, who realized that there was something, just listened quietly even though his eyes were bloodshot as Goldrich brought up a painful and precious

memory that he wanted to forget but could not forget.

After realizing that he was ready to talk, Goldrich continued speaking slowly.

“Venice, Bela, Kalman, Tusk. “It’s a familiar name, right?”

“… … okay. “These are unforgettable names.”

The old colleagues I remembered the moment I died.

Their names were still deeply entrenched in Ashur Hum’s mind even after several years had passed.

[Calm Venice.]

[Easy Bella.]

[Clumsy Kalman.]

[Tough Tusk.]

Colleagues that Ashur Hum remembers.

Venice was calm.

So much so that he was the brains of the party.

Bella was easy-going.

He always brought energy to the party and never lost his smile no matter the difficult battle.

Kalman was blunt but very affectionate.

He has always taken the lead in disarming invisible traps, and welcomes melting into the darkness for his comrades.

Tusk was always willing to get hurt for his comrades on the front line.

Ashur Hum remembered the easy-going man who said that the wounds that increased with each battle were his glory.

Ashur Hum.

He was an ordinary warrior at such a party.

A warrior who can be found anywhere with appropriate skills, appropriate personality, and appropriate abilities.

“It was a perfect party that was too much for you. “If you guys had climbed the tower, you might have been able to aim for the 600th floor as well as the 300th floor.”

“… … I wouldn’t have been there. “Because I fell far short of them.”

300th and 600th floors.

Although it was not the 999th floor, which is the goal of climbers, the 300th and 600th floors were still great.

Ashur Hum denied Goldrich’s confident words that he could have reached the

300th and 600th floors if he had had enough time.

The self back then was ordinary, and the self now is just something the Fallon

siblings created.

But Goldrich shook his head.

“No way. You become the backbone of the party and take them to the 300th floor. Furthermore, he was a climber who would lead him to the 600th floor.”

“… … what?”

Ashur Hum, who thought he was just a part of an excellent party.

But Goldrich didn’t think he was just a part.

“You may think that the Fallon siblings created you, but the tower is not such

an easy place. They created climbers with the talent to reach the 300th and 600th floors? “If that were possible, the tower would have been swarming with climbers on the 300th and 600th floors created by the Four Emperors, and they would have ruled.”

In the first place, it was close to impossible for a single climber to create a climber as high as Ashur Hum, no matter how much he was a top-ranking Nine Star.

“… … then?”

“What can I do? I’m saying you were meant to be like that. I just needed an opportunity. An opportunity to realize your greatest power, ‘divine power.’ And the Fallon siblings hoped to force that opportunity into you and instill absolute

loyalty to them.”

“… … No way, no. No way. They told me… … to me… … .”

Momentum and absolute loyalty.

The moment Ashur Hum heard that, he tried to deny the thoughts that immediately came to his mind.

However, the established reality did not change and stood firmly in front of Ashur Hum.

Finally, Ashur Hum raised his head and looked at reality due to the undeniable severity of reality.

“Ashur hum. The reason you awakened your divine power was because your colleagues were climbers of the mid to late 100th floor. Among them, I got it when I was caught by some vicious guys who robbed a party and everyone died. Isn’t something strange? “They killed all your comrades and spared you, who was the weakest at the time.”

“… … That’s because my comrades sacrificed themselves to save me… … .”

“No, the people who ruthlessly cut down your comrades without harm, couldn’t at least catch one more ordinary warrior? A passing dog would laugh at this. Now, what did the saint and saint give you when the saint and the saint approached the lamb who lost a companion, gained divine power, and was also wounded?”

“… … “Information, power, and power about the climbers who killed our comrades.”

“Don’t you think the anglerfish fits too well?”

“… … .”

I was speechless.

Everything Goldrich said was right.

After losing his comrades, his divine power was awakened in his anger.

The Fallon siblings approached him after he had awakened his divine power and prepared everything for revenge.

Resources for growth.

Information about the object of revenge.

A force to deal with the majority.

All of this combined to turn an ordinary warrior named Ashur Hum into a super rookie paladin whose name was known throughout the tower.

And the paladin Ashur Hum, who achieved everything with the help of the Fallon siblings, succeeded in avenging the comrades who sacrificed themselves for

him, and developed absolute loyalty to the Fallon siblings who helped him.

“under… … Hahahaha! It was like a fairy tale. “It was like a fairy tale!”

It was a story that could be said to have a happy ending, making people laugh

and say it was from a fairy tale.

However, Ashur Hum, who had experienced the Tower for a long time, knew that the Tower was no fairy tale.

Tuk-tuk-tuk-duk-tuk-dukThe soul sheds tears.

Anger, sadness.

Ashur Hum, feeling anger at the Fallon siblings who had tricked him and sadness at having worked like a dog for years under his true enemy, started scratching the stone floor of the underground cavity.

Although his soul was materialized, his fingernails and fingernails were damaged, but he didn’t care.

Gold Rich placed a thick file in front of Ashur Hum and stood up.

“It contains everything I researched. It all depends on your choice when you see it. If you don’t think anything after seeing it, or if you think it’s manipulation… … Well, from then on, you can handle it with that guy Cha Jin-hyuk. Because I’ve done enough. “But just know that I don’t want you to suffer anymore, even though you have a different sorrow than mine.”

The sadness of losing a family member who was more precious than anything

in the world to the Four Emperors.

Goldrich did not like the sight of Ashur Hum being toyed with by his enemies,

in addition to the sorrow comparable to his own.

As a guild master, I started collecting information at the request of Jinhyeok,

but the Goldrich who stood here now was neither the head of the ‘Goldrich Company’ nor the deputy guild leader of ‘Yeokcheon’.

“William Haswald. “This is my advice to you as a boy whose name I forgot for

a while but will never forget.”

William Haswald.

This was advice given to me as a young boy who abandoned his name after seeing his parents die.


As soon as he finished speaking, Goldrich disappeared, leaving behind Ashur Hum, who began rummaging through the file with bloodshot eyes.

Para rock- Para rock- Para rockFor a while, there was only the sound of piles being turned around in the underground cavity.

It was an extremely heavy and sad sound.

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