Absolute Necromancer Chapter 13

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All Master Necromancer Episode 13

Spirit Master Vulkan.

Although his name has now been forgotten, he was once a man who commanded the entire tower.

‘How did I, who couldn’t even ignore the Four Emperors, end up in this situation…’

A long time ago, when he was alive, he was someone who couldn’t ignore even the Four Emperors who were holding the tower in his hands.

Of course, if they decide to do so, they will die out like a lamp in the wind, but that does not mean they are weak enough to be easily dealt with.

‘I used to be like that… Now I’m in the position of catching the subordinates of the Kobold Lord who don’t even know that they are being controlled by the devil…’ He was

more than half of the 999 floors and was worthy of being called the ranker of rankers. Reminiscing about the past, he shed bloody tears.

But even for a moment.

“Why don’t you go quickly? “If you don’t go, they will grind you up and turn you into a soul group?”

“Goes! go! You look like a damn top. “Are you treating your teacher like this?”

“Go when they say something nice. “Before we turn it into a real soul troupe.”

“…Damn you.”

At Jinhyeok’s order to give him 30 kobold souls and clean up all other scum except for the kobold lord, he grumbled and began his work.

Soul group.

It was an item that could be used to grind up useless souls and turn them into pills, which could give a small stat increase when consumed by the Spirit Master or other souls.

Of course, the soul that became the material for the soul troupe is torn apart, making it impossible to even think about reincarnation, which is so terrible.

‘…Damn, I never thought I’d hear the words I used to threaten souls in my prime.’

Of course, this was a method that Balkan himself often used.

Basically, the stronger you are in life, the stronger your desire will be.

Moreover, their pride is as high and gigantic as the height of the 999-story tower.

It wasn’t easy to convince them, and the easiest part of the process was threats.

Although he was a Vulcan who could not even imagine that he would be subjected to such threats, Jinhyeok knew full well that he was a person who would do anything, so he was a Vulcan who turned to the kobolds.

“I’m sure we can handle the kobolds on our own.”

The number of kobolds currently in the Lord’s fortress is impressive.

Some people will scoff and wonder if they can take care of them all with only 30 souls and one Vulcan.

But Jinhyuk was confident.

‘verve? Do you think you can stop my army with just a hundred or so?’

30 animals.

Since they are the souls of low-level monsters called kobolds, their strength is not that special.

They are low-class souls who cannot even demonstrate their physical abilities, let alone their original abilities.

However, Jinhyeok was not worried because there was Balkan leading them.

‘Balkan. Although he curses and treats people like slaves, his abilities are outstanding. Although he has flaws compared to me in my prime, he is the first Spirit Master. Of course, if I let him grow, it’s no different from having two of me.’


Even apart from the name of the first Spirit Master, his achievements are truly remarkable.

Because the entity that surpassed the 600-story wall where Jinhyeok collapsed was Balkan.

Of course, Jinhyuk himself would have easily overcome the challenge if he had taken the challenge step by step without being impatient.

Anyway, Jinhyeok knew better than anyone else the usefulness of Balkan, so he left the Kobold Lord’s subordinates and the undead born with the power of Bune in charge and walked towards Kobold Lord Kalkum.

The sound of Jinhyuk’s footsteps echoing in the dark basement resembled something out of a horror movie


“…don’t come! I am the devil’s chosen apostle! “It means there’s nothing you can do about it!”

While listening to Kalkum barking like a dog barking in fear, Jinhyeok responded with an absurd expression on his face.

“It wasn’t a choice, it was abandonment. “You stupid kobold.”


“You are just a piece of chess. It’s also a pawn that is neither king nor queen. That was also a move made by the devil who wanted to know information about me. “No more, no less.”

“That can’t be possible! Then why did he send his soldiers to me! Do not insult Him or Me!”

It’s a kobold that can’t understand what you’re talking about. Is it Cobbleton?

Jinhyuk, who was grumbling while thinking such things in his mind, soon took a step towards him and opened his mouth.

As Jinhyuk gradually got closer, Kalkum took a step back and did not close the distance, but Jinhyuk did not care.

‘Even if you step back, you’re in a dungeon.’

It wasn’t an open field, and he thought there was nowhere for him to escape as long as his back was to the entrance.

Therefore, we started by destroying Kalkum’s thoughts.

“That is proof that you were abandoned. My ability is also the ability to handle those things. So, I want to see how I deal with the devil who chose you and abandoned you.”

“…Aaagh! “Die Inooooom!”

As soon

as he finished speaking, Jinhyeok, who was watching the sight of Kalkum flashing light and swinging his skull staff and the pile of bones rising, immediately started hunting.

Blame –

Jinhyuk’s new form, which he lightly sat down on, increased in size, and at the same time, Jinhyuk arrived in front of the huge bone wall created by Kalkum and threw a kick.

bang! Damn –

just one shot.

With that one blow, he succeeded in cracking and splintering the bone wall separating Kalkum and Jinhyuk, creating a gap for Jinhyuk to pass through.

“Nonsense… I can’t believe it… How could a climber on the first floor climb the wall where his power resides…” Jin-hyeok was

shocked by the dead voice of Kalkum, who had temporarily become something similar to a necromancer with the power of Bune. It was.

“Wrinkle in front of the chrysalis. “It happens because you imitate necromancy in front of me.”

Bone walls.

Commonly called Bone Wall, it refers to a barrier made from the bones of corpses that contains mana and makes it like hard steel.

It can also be seen as a branch of magic, and the way to destroy it is simple.

‘It’s enough to target vulnerabilities.’



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Although it has been materialized, its essence is like magic, so the place where mana is not properly concentrated is the weak point of Bone Wall, which is harder than steel.

This was possible because Jinhyuk had reached the peak as a necromancer before becoming a spirit master.

It was natural for Kalkum to use the necromancer’s abilities in front of Jinhyeok without knowing it.

Jinhyeok slowly approached Kalkum, kicking away the fragments of Bonwol scattered around him, and smiled grimly.

“How useful is your soul?”

Creepy –

Kalkum, who saw Jinhyeok’s appearance of going beyond killing and extracting souls like that of a reaper, stopped walking backwards and went crazy, scratching the walls of the dungeon.


‘s hand stretched out towards Kalkum as he watched his fingernails being shattered and blood lines drawn with Kalkum’s blood being drawn on the solid stone wall of the dungeon.

Crackling –

It didn’t take much strength to break the weak kobold’s neck.

Just grab it gently and break it hard.

It wasn’t anything difficult.

Jinhyeok’s eyes turned to Kalkum’s body as the undead, who had been revived by the caster Kalkum, returned to dust as soon as he died.

Wooung –

Jinhyeok’s hand stretched out towards it after tasting something whitish coming out of Kalkum’s cold body. Something



Jinhyeok, who caught Kalkum’s soul with his bare hands, examined it carefully and then frowned.

“…It’s trash.”

In addition to his boss-level position as a Kobold Lord, he was also related to a high-ranking demon named Bune, so I thought he might come up with some useful souls, but it seems I was mistaken.

Kalkum’s soul, trembling as if half-wrecked, was completely broken.

Jinhyeok, who judged that it was difficult to use his full power, sighed and strengthened the hand that was holding Kalkum’s soul.


-clack- -Keaaaaaaa!

An eerie echo and the sound of something being broken and compressed echoed throughout the dungeon.

Jinhyuk continued his work while looking at something hot flowing between the crotches of the kobold warriors and shamans who saw their leader’s terrible end. Finally


the deafening noise subsided, and with the last eerie sound, a pure white pill was held in Jinhyeok’s hand.

“Then… I will eat well.” As if there was nothing to think about, Jinhyuk immediately poured the pills into


mouth without any water and smiled as he felt the pills melting in his mouth in an instant.

‘As expected, the soul troupe is good.’

Spirit Master is a job that uses spirits.

However, he cannot command all the souls, and he cannot take all the souls he has killed with him.

Therefore, if a soul is no longer needed or is powerful but the soul’s ego is too strong to control, the Spirit Master grinds them down.

This is not a metaphor; you actually grind them into a pill and consume it.

‘It’s not as efficient as using a single soul, but it’s not bad either.’

You can engrave some of the soul’s memories and abilities from when you were alive into your head, and you can also slightly increase your stats.

Of course, if there is too much difference from the soul, it will not have much effect.

‘Even if you go beyond the 100th floor, there won’t be any increase in stats like with kobolds. No, it would be like that even if it were only the 50th floor.’

Jinhyeok, who was thinking about what kind of soul he should eat in the future, opened the status window to check the stats that had risen after eating the soul dan.

[Status Window]

Name: Choi Jin-

hyuk Occupation: Spirit Master

Sub-Job: All Master

Body: Mana Retardation

(Ability Value)

Strength: 22

Stamina: 20

Dexterity: 20

Intelligence: 27

Mana: 33

‘As expected, it’s not very efficient.’

Strength and stamina each increased by 1, and intelligence and mana increased by 2 each.

Considering that some of Bune’s power is contained in a special monster called the Kobold Lord, it is safe to say that it has risen to the level of an ant’s eyes.

At this level, even if the souls of ordinary kobolds were replaced, let alone expecting any efficiency, it was enough to just increase it.

‘…Have I gotten stronger too quickly compared to the first time? No, this alone is not something to be compared to in the first place.’

After consoling himself by thinking about the time when he was promoted to a spirit master during the first episode, Jinhyuk got up from his seat.

The status window that was blocking his eyes suddenly disappeared, and now there was only one thing left for Jinhyuk.

“I should finish cleaning.”



The kobold warriors and shamans who move the kobold lord’s castle fill the dungeon.

It was time for a final cleaning to remove them.

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