Absolute Necromancer Chapter 12

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All Master Necromancer Episode 12

: Basement of the Castle.

The place was full of people captured by kobolds.

From those living in Korol Village to the climbers on the first floor who have just entered the tower.

Although they were all different, from where they lived to what they looked like, their situations were the same.

“Please save me!”

“Huh, mom….”

“I don’t want to die!”

Dozens of people were imprisoned.

He looked like a prisoner, but the reality was different.

Phew! Sigh! Phew!

The person who left first was already tied to the altar outside the prison.

Eventually, a sacrificial dagger became lodged in his heart.

There are already more than 10 people.

The floor was filled with blood gushing from the heart, and corpses were piled up like trash on one side of the wall, a bizarre sight.

The person responsible for creating this bizarre appearance was Kobold Lord Kalkum.

“It’s not enough… Bring more! “I will offer them all as a sacrifice to Him!”


The kobolds were startled by Kalkum’s shout and pulled out the people inside the prison.

“go away! “You monsters!”

“Do you think I’m going to die like this? “Do you know who my brother is?”

Of course there was resistance.

If you are dragged outside, you are almost 100% certain to die.

I don’t know how many more people will die, but the more people are pushed to the end, the more likely they are to survive.

Is that why?

Not only the climbers but also the residents of Korol village punched the kobolds or pushed each other to leave.

To begin with, kobolds are weak monsters.

It is capable of catching climbers on the first floor and even village residents.

The kobolds were embarrassed when they rebelled after their death.

Their master ordered them to be brought in, but their resistance was too strong.


“Ahh! Oh, no!”

The commotion calmed down only after the warrior-class kobolds stepped forward.

At the warrior level, ordinary people cannot compete.

At least the second floor.

You have to be a level 2nd floor climber to be able to deal with them one-on-one.

But isn’t it possible that someone of that level would be captured by kobolds?

In the end, people were dragged to the altar by kobold warriors by their hair.

The end of those who were taken in was the same.



The end result is that one bleeds out loud, then dies and is thrown away like trash.

People gradually lost hope due to the same death without a single mistake.

One by one, people in the prison died, and the number of people who survived could be counted on one hand.

“…What about that guy? “Bring that woman to me.”

Someone caught the eye of Kalkum, who was taking a break from his consciousness rushing towards the end.

With a snap of his fingers, he pulled out a small woman hiding deep inside the prison.



“…Tsk, they seem like useless things.”

The kobold warriors who went to take her out couldn’t even lay a hand on her and rolled around on the floor.

Thinking that they were useless subordinates, Kalkum took action himself.

If that woman was indeed the species Kalkum thought of, this ceremony would be a huge success.


“also! “You b*tch, you’re a goblin!”

Go inside the prison and clamp her chin with your hand! As he picked it up, Kalkum smiled with satisfaction.

Various races live in the tower.

There are non-human races such as demons, gods, giants, and dragons, and there are also ordinary races such as humans.

Among them, there were some who had special abilities.

Beast people that turn into animals, bird people that have wings, etc.

Various races lived in the tower, and one of the many races was the ‘goblin’ who was trembling after being grabbed by the chin by Kalkum.

“They would never have thought that their child, who lives on the 100th floor, would be on the first floor! Hahaha! He wants my victory!”


They are a race of shamans who know how to use magic from birth, and everything they do helps with magic.

Do you sacrifice a goblin, a famous shaman race, in a ritual?

It would be a more perfect sacrifice than any other sacrifice.

Actually, that was right.

“Tsk, if I had known you were there, I wouldn’t have needed to make the previous sacrifices.”



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Dozens of humans.

It was greater to sacrifice one goblin than to sacrifice them all.

Kalkum must have been disappointed by that, but he took a sip of his mouth and then shook his head.

“It won’t matter. A strong enemy has appeared, so offering a lot of sacrifices will help you win. “Come out.”

Half of the sacrifice would have been used anyway, regardless of whether there was a goblin or not.

There was no need to feel regretful.

All I had to do was kill the enemy outside and then bring them back.

After thinking about it, Kalkum grabbed the goblin girl and walked away.

Of course, it doesn’t make sense to just


and follow the path to death.

The goblin girl struggled to escape from Kalkum’s grasp.

Thinking that he wouldn’t be able to make it on time like this, Kalkum sighed and grabbed her hair.



“You’re bothering me. “Consider it an honor to be offered to Him, you goblin girl.”

After grabbing her hair and slamming her face into the stone floor, Kalkum placed the unconscious woman on the altar, muttering this.

“Demon who controls death, give me strength!”

Kalkum’s eerie voice echoed throughout the basement, and his sacrificial dagger was about to pierce the chest of the last remaining sacrifice.


“Hmm, what kind of interesting sight is this? Human sacrifice? Summon a sacrifice? Well, it doesn’t matter.”

“…You are an intruder.”

“Then just looking at you, you are a Kobold Lord. “It looks just like a kobold lord when it’s weak.”

“cheeky! I am the lord who rules over all kobolds! It’s Kalkum! “Be polite, intruder!”

Kalkum couldn’t help but get angry at the laughter of Jinhyeok, the man in the black hood who appeared after breaking the ceiling.

It was natural for him to be angry since he had said that he was weak to a being like a king who represented a race.

However, Jinhyuk felt that he was really weak.

At best, it’s a kobold.

Even if you can’t do it, you have to be a goblin, or if you go a little further, you have to be an orc lord to be a threat to the current Jinhyeok.

That’s why Jinhyuk smiled and trudged towards him.

‘It’s clear that something was going on here. ‘Is almost everyone dead?’

Jinhyuk looked around as he approached him and clicked his tongue.

Corpses piled up like a mountain on one side of the wall.

From children to the elderly.

Just looking at the corpses gathered together, regardless of age or gender, was frowned upon.

Of course, that was it.

For Jinhyeok, who went from a necromancer who controlled death to a spirit master who controlled even the soul, it was nothing more or less than an unpleasant sight.

I have seen more hideous and grotesque scenes than this.


But even Jinhyeok couldn’t help but be surprised the moment he saw the fainted goblin girl on the altar.

‘Why is the goblin on the first floor? Goblins won’t come down from the 100th floor, right?’

There are two ways for the races living within the tower to climb the tower.

The first is to build strength from where they lived and climb the tower from there.

The second is to come down to the first floor and grow step by step from the beginning.

Naturally, most people choose the first option.

Well, the Four Emperors are trying to destroy everything from the first floor and return to the original floor, but that’s only because their residence is too high.

In the first place, all species living on the 100th floor are 100th floor climbers.

If they teach you intensively, you will be able to raise your level to a suitable level within a few years.

There was little reason to come down to the first floor and learn everything from the beginning.

‘I thought goblins especially cherish their young, so they cultivate their abilities in the village… wasn’t it?’

In addition, goblins especially cherished their young.

Their protection was so strict that they did not even allow them to leave the village until they reached a certain age.

Those people sent the baby down to the first floor?

‘There’s something. I think something happened on the 100th floor.’

That also meant that something happened on the 100th floor, their home.

But Jinhyuk’s thoughts had no choice but to stop there.

“Are you ignoring me, intruder?”

“…Tsk, that’s annoying. “I still have a lot to think about.”

From the future schedule to the baby goblin that came down to the first floor.

There’s no room for a kobold-lord-like idiot with a head that’s already ready to explode.

That’s why Jinhyuk sighed and clenched his fists.

Jinhyeok’s current body is no different from a lethal weapon.

This means that even an ordinary fist is not enough to crush a head.

Well, I didn’t have any weapons to begin with.

‘I destroyed everything on the way there, so I guess it’s worth it to make a living.’

While wiping out the kobolds blocking the way on the way down here, all the weapons taken were broken.

Still, there was no worry.

‘At best, he’s a Kobold Lord. A fist is enough.’

If he was a goblin or orc lord, he would have come looking for other weapons, but that does not apply to a kobold lord.

Just because he is a Lord doesn’t mean he possesses strength that surpasses his race.

To the extent that he is stronger than an ordinary kobold warrior and can use better magic than an ordinary kobold shaman?

‘Ah, the difference is that you can control kobolds. They also have enough intelligence to have a conversation.’

That was exactly it.

A little stronger, a little trickier, a little smarter.

This was Jinhyuk’s definition of a Kobold Lord.

Moreover, the target of comparison is no one else but a kobold.

Anything slightly better than a weak kobold can never be a threat.

With that thought in mind, Jinhyuk walked slowly, and Calkum took a step back without even realizing it due to the deadly force radiating from Jinhyuk’s whole body.

‘I’m just a climber on the first floor! I am His apostle sent by Him! ‘This can’t happen!’

Even though he shouted that to himself, his feet didn’t come off as if they had been glued on.

It’s similar to how prey freezes in fear in front of a tiger.

“Just one for now.”


With those words, Jinhyeok came closer and threw a jab at Kalkum, who was frozen in fear.

A fist that is literally close to being tasted.

However, the problem was that even such a fist contained the power to kill something.

‘Ma… we have to stop it!’

In the face of intense fear, Kalkum was unable to move his slightly superior body.

The spells that filled my head were useless now.

Intellect? The monster in front of you is not someone you can communicate with.

‘Ah… devil who controls death!’

In the end, all he could do was pray to the devil who had sent him here.

As if in answer to his earnest prayers, a change occurred in the basement.


Corpses piled up on one side of the wall.

The corpses came back to life and began to move.

The reanimated corpses immediately blocked the space between Jinhyeok and Kalkum and grabbed the fist that was extended towards Kalkum.

Crackling –

Pressure that feels like your fist is about to explode.

Jinhyeok, who realized that it was a fairly high-level undead, immediately threw his body backwards to increase the distance.

As the monster that was attacking him widened its distance, Kalkum’s face became brighter.

“Huh… Hah haha! He watches over me, intruder! Bow your head to me and serve Him even now! He will embrace you too!”

They seem to think that Jinhyuk was scared of the undead and kept his distance.

‘Was the kobold a dog? ‘Why are you talking bullshit?’

Of course, that wasn’t the case.

There was only one reason why Jinhyuk widened the distance.

“Shh… Be quiet. Don’t wrinkle in front of the pupa. “Isn’t that so ugly?”


“I thought that b*stard of yours was showing interest, but now he’s picking on me like this. I will remember this debt. Boo.”

[The devil in charge of death looks the other way.]

[The pinnacle of all evil glares at someone.]

This is because I figured out who Kalkum was talking about.

Considering that it dealt with death and offered sacrifices, it was clear that it was from the devil.

There was only one such being, Bune, the ‘demon who controls death’.

Additionally, Jinhyeok found the current situation absurd.

Like I just said, the same situation as wrinkling in front of a chrysalis.

“Do you think I’d be afraid of those undead b*stards? Gather together.”


A being beyond a necromancer who uses necromancy.

Using necromancy in front of Jinhyuk, the spirit master, was nothing more than an intention to make fun of Jinhyuk.

Jinhyeok’s souls, who had been ravaging the fortress, gathered in the basement one after another, accompanied by clouds of feet that seemed even slightly angry.

The number was exactly 30.

From the number Jinhyeok first summoned, there was not even 1 damage.

Jinhyeok, who was looking at the 30 souls lined up next to him, smiled coolly and gave an order again.

“Deal with it.”

Just one word.

That one word was enough.

For the revived undead to return to death.

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