Absolute Necromancer Chapter 14

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All Master Necromancer Episode 14

-…Ryuya! Never… never return to the village!

-Ugh! Stop it! Don’t let the kids die!

-no! Please, just the kids!

‘…don’t go, please.’

A panoramic view of the burning village.

The image of an adult in the village looking at him and telling him not to visit the village.

There are even people whose heads are separated from their bodies while they are begging for their children to be saved while holding on to someone’s trouser legs.

The goblin frowned at the feast of memories that existed in his memory that he wanted to forget but should not.

“…This place?”

A young goblin waking up with a nightmare looks around and tilts his head.

A place I’m not familiar with, but I remember.

“…Ugh, my head.”

Only then did the young goblin, holding his head with a headache, remember the situation just before.

The image of the Kobold Lord trying to sacrifice himself and the image of him beating up the person who resisted.


“You’re awake.”

“…It’s you.”

Even Jinhyeok, the man looking down at him.

The moment she saw his appearance just before being sacrificed, she staggered to her feet.

“Why don’t you sit down? “If a young goblin was hurt like that, he could get some rest.”

I showed her a favor and urged her to take a break, but she didn’t sit down again.

The goblins are a race that never forgets kindness.

‘I have to repay you for saving me.’

Her head hurt like it was going to explode and her whole body was shaking, but she didn’t want to become a ungrateful scoundrel.

Of course, you don’t know how the man in front of you will treat you in the future.

The world outside the village was an unknown world to her as a young goblin.

‘You may go through even more hardships than the Kobold Lord did. But I have to repay the favor now.’

After thinking about it and forcibly supporting her trembling legs, she thanked me and introduced herself.

“downstream. My name is Haru. “I think you know about my race, so you don’t have to tell me that.”

“That’s right, you’re a goblin, right?”

“…you’re right. “Thank you for saving me.”

Nodding –

The young goblin said thank you and revealed his name. Haryu bowed his head as he spoke.

Jinhyeok thought that she was truly a goblin when he saw her properly say thank you even though she almost died just now, and he opened his mouth.

“But why are you thanking me if I kill you or sell you to a slave dealer or something?”

Seeing Jinhyuk asking the question she had never expected, Ha-ryu raised her head and looked at Jinhyuk with emotionless eyes and answered.

“Then you can just take revenge on him.”

“…as expected from the goblin tribe.”

Jinhyuk nodded and handed her some water, thinking that even though she was young, a goblin was still a goblin.

“Drink it first. Because I didn’t take any poison or sleeping pills. “Are you thirsty?”

“…I will return the favor.”

In response to Ha-ryu naming a bottle of water as Eun-hye, Jin-hyeok nodded as if telling her to do whatever she wanted, and when she finished drinking the water, he asked her what she was curious about.

“Do you know why you are here?”

“…I don’t want to talk about it.”

Haryu refused to answer due to the sad and painful memories.

“You said you would return the favor? “Telling me the information you know is returning the favor to me.”

But in the end, I had no choice but to stop talking when I heard the word ‘grace’.

“…Someone broke into the village.”

As expected, there is a problem.

As Ha-ryu continued to speak in a stutter, Jin-hyuk internally tapped his knee.

This is because the testimony was exactly consistent with his thoughts.

‘If it’s a goblin village, most people wouldn’t be able to touch it.’

It is a village, but the dexterity and abilities of the goblins are outstanding even in the tower.

It’s safe to say it’s a decent city, and someone attacked a place where even climbers who had retired from active duty but had targeted high-ranking people were members of the village?

‘They’re probably not ordinary guys. At least a guild. If you go a little further… I guess it’s the Four Emperors.’

There was only one answer.

These are beings who have a certain level of power and have no problem dealing with a goblin village on their own.

Since there weren’t that many beings of that level, Jinhyeok was able to narrow down the scope to some extent.

‘Nine stars. If it’s not a guild founded by Nine Stars, it’s probably a guild founded by people who have lived in the tower for a long time. And at the end of them, there will be the Four Emperors.’

The tower boasts an enormous size of 999 floors and is connected to other dimensions, so countless races exist.

In addition, they established guilds in the tower a long time ago and built their own villages, castles, and cities.

After tens or hundreds of years, it can no longer be called a guild.

Jinhyeok thought that Nine Star was also in a similar situation and that the Four Emperors had intervened in hitting him in the back.

‘…What are these ideas?’

Intervention within the tower is no different from being known to the gods and demons watching them.

Because the entire tower was no different from CCTV, with the eyes and ears of gods and demons attached.

Especially if it is a race that is similar to the goblin race, there is a high possibility that at least one member of the race will be ranked as a god.



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‘They work without paying attention to the goblins’ race gods… These guys smell pretty bad.’

The Four Emperors.

Demons, gods, dragons, giants.

Although the four races are the closest races to gods and demons in the tower, annihilating his race while God is clearly watching is almost absurd.

Jinhyeok touched the wreckage he was sitting on, frowning at the behavior of the guys who acted as they pleased, as if they were not afraid of punishment.

“…Why are you doing that?”

“No, your throat is all thirsty, right? “Then let’s get up.”

“…Where do you plan on going?”

“Outside. “At least this isn’t a good place to rest, is it?”

“Can I…can I come along too?”

Seeing Ha-ryu hesitantly saying what he wanted to say, Jin-hyeok got up from his seat, erasing the thoughts about the Four Hwangs that filled his head.

“Of course, it’s better not to think that I will protect you instead.”

“Do not worry. “Because I can protect my own body.”

“Besides, I was caught by a kobold or something… No, let’s stop.”


Jinhyeok, who saw Ha-ryu’s face with a child’s face and body turning sulky right before his eyes, immediately turned his head.

‘…I heard it’s hard to talk to women after all.’

Jinhyeok opened the door to the dungeon, saying that it would be better to fight monsters all day and night.

“This place will soon be cleaned up, so there won’t be any problem if we leave.”

“It’s all sorted out?”

Kobold’s fortress.

It would be safe to say that this place was full of kobolds, but Ha-ryu couldn’t hide his doubts when Jinhyeok, who had been talking in the dungeon until now, said that everything had been sorted out.

However, Jinhyeok got up without giving any explanation and went up to the ground, leaving the downstream alone.

Jinhyeok was extremely good at keeping his words.

“…I’ll have to wait a little longer and then decide.”

Life debt.

Ha-Ryu walked after Jin-Hyeok at a brisk pace, thinking about whether or not to give the greatest thing he had to repay the debt.

“Hahaha! “Wipe it away!”

Rattling, rattling –

With a pleasant voice, the 30 spirit soldiers that Jinhyuk had attached along with the undead who had received Balkan’s orders moved towards the kobolds.

Whiooooo –

There was no one who could stop the spirit soldiers rushing in with the cool wind.

As soon as they passed the kobolds, the kobolds were lying on the floor with the illusion that their entire bodies were frozen.

They were so frightened that they could not even resist, and eventually they met death at the hands of the undead, zombies, and skeletons that arrived.

“That guy’s mana is no joke. I dragged this much out, but there wasn’t even a response. A monster is a monster.”

Balkan clicked his tongue as he looked at those scenes.

Although it takes less mana than handling souls, Jinhyeok, who uses almost dozens of undead and 31 souls including himself, shows no signs of running out of mana.

When you are licking your tongue at the enormous amount of mana that is reminiscent of a dragon.

Feeling two energies near the dungeon he escaped from, Vulcan headed straight to the entrance of the dungeon.

“Cha Jinhyuk!”

“Okay, I guess you got everything sorted out, right? Balkan?”

“… Wow, it’s almost over. “Wait, it’s not okay to just urge them to do it.”

“Why don’t you stop talking nonsense and sort it out quickly? How much mana did you suck and haven’t even cleared it up yet? Are you really going to make a soul dan today?”

Despite being told to wait a little longer, Balkan was fed up with the sight of Jinhyeok trying to drink himself instead of cheering him up by saying he understood.

“Anyway, even without me, it will move like a cogwheel according to the orders I have already given. “I don’t have to!”

“Now that you have said that it is not necessary, you mean that you can make it a soul troupe?”

“…You look like a fcking bstard. “Where on earth has the respect for elders disappeared…” Jinhyeok

was about to punch Jinhyeok, who was infuriated by the sight of Balkan muttering in a voice filled with confusion.

“Who is he?”

“…Can you see me? Ah, the goblins. But there are goblins on the first floor. It’s such a strange thing. Won’t the person who died and disappeared soon come back? Won’t the residents of the 100th floor come down to the first floor? “Is the tower about to collapse?”

Tsk tsk – Jinhyuk asked Ha-ryu, covering Vulkan’s mouth with his fist as he clicked his tongue and said what he wanted to say.

“Do you see him?”

“Goblins often interact with spiritual beings. Of course, there are some who aren’t, but… I’m a pretty special being…”

“I see, the goblins are definitely special.”

see the soul

There are not many species in the world that have such abilities from birth.

Right now, Jinhyuk himself couldn’t even see a spirit, let alone handle it, before he became a spirit master.

However, Ha-Ryu was able to see spirits even though he was still young.

At that fact, Jinhyeok struggled with regret, keenly feeling the difference in race again.

‘…There are masters and predators, so if I eat goblins, wouldn’t I be able to get their bodies?’

He whetted his appetite while thinking deeply about the abilities of his sub-job, but soon shook his head and shook off those thoughts.

‘It’s okay, he might be the last remaining goblin clan, and what great things can be achieved with just one person’s body? It’s better to raise it and keep it next to you.’

Jinhyuk thought he would never have anyone around him again, but Jinhyuk thought it would be different if it were the goblin in front of him.

Goblins are a race with a clear source of wealth.

Since Jinhyuk saved his life, there was no way Ha-ryu would stab Jinhyuk in the back unless he gave him a corresponding grudge.

Because that was the goblin tribe.

‘In addition to saying he was special, the other goblins sent this kid to the first floor to save him, so there’s definitely something there.’

Moreover, the fact that the goblin, a resident of the 100th floor, sent her to the first floor even while the village was being destroyed to save a young goblin, aroused Jinhyeok’s interest.

“It’s over, you damn thing.”

“Well done, Vulcan. “You can eat the 30 kobolds I gave you as a reward.”

“…Are you serious?”

“Anyway, I don’t get sick even if I eat. “I just experimented with a soul troupe made from the soul of the Kobold Lord from before.”

“…Then let’s eat well.”

Unable to hide his grin, he shook his head as he looked at Vulcan heading towards where the kobold spirit soldiers were.

A message window appeared in front of Jinhyuk.


The message window was so shocking yet full of sweetness that it made Jinhyuk’s eyes, which had been closed lazily, widen.

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