Absolute Necromancer Chapter 127

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Kwa-ga-ga-gagThe sun comes down.

Tune felt that same way.

‘The night… … Disappears… … .’

White ghosts.

By infusing a hundred ghosts with a mixture of his morale and mana for a long time, he made them into beings beyond ghosts.

Furthermore, he freely uses the energy he has injected, and the energy secretly flowing from the hundred ghosts covers the sky, blocking the light and creating artificial darkness and night.

That was Tune’s Night Journey.

However, the disappearance of the most important night in such a night trip

was no different from saying that the ghosts had a problem.

‘The destructive power itself is not that strong, but… … It’s the perfect opposite. The gap between opposites that had been narrowed down to quantity has widened.’

The Demon Fist of Destruction was slightly different from the Fist of Destruction used in the previous sparring with Hendrick.

The biggest difference was the destructive power that Tune identified.

As for the direct destructive power itself, the Destruction Fist was overwhelmingly stronger.

This is because it was specialized in destroying the power of destruction and the difference in the nature of the energy called Magi itself.

However, the Destruction Fist had one advantage that the Destruction Fist did

not have.

‘Is there about half of it left now? That’s a really disgusting purification speed.’

To be precise, it was the purification of evil whose greatest advantage was the

energy of divine power.

Tune clicked his tongue as he watched the Demon Eradicator Fist, which has the power of purification to restore everything clean in the face of wrongdoings, quickly erasing the white ghosts.


Half of the hundred ghosts flew away in a short period of time, no more than

a few minutes at most.

Tune’s mind was surprisingly calm in the face of such a ridiculous situation, w

here years of effort had disappeared in a matter of minutes.

‘Anyway, they are white ghosts that are backward compatible with soul soldiers. If you get a real soul bottle, you can make something even greater. Rather th

an worrying about their consumption, it would be better to use that time to find a way to stop them.’

First, the white ghosts were created to get infinitely closer to the soul disease.

Second, if Jinhyuk could win, he could obtain a real soul bottle that was infinitely more powerful than that one and had infinite growth potential.

of course.

‘That divine power and magic energy was obtained by the individual climber,

not the power of a spirit master. There was no mention of him handling divine

power and demonic energy. We may need to prepare a connection with the Elyos and Demons.’

It was impossible to have a unique soul disease that had never even been seen

in the records of s*xual soul disease and demon soul disease.

Considering their connection with the Elyos and Demons, one of the Four Emperors that we usually do not pay attention to because they are presumed to have been created by combining divine power and demonic energy.


“Hmm, have we come this far already? Obviously, with a small number of white ghosts, we can’t properly block or block attacks.”

The Demon Fist of Destruction had already arrived right in front of Tune.

The White Ghosts showed their greatest power when there were close to a hundred of them.

In the first place, even if the Ghost was strengthened using refined morale and mana as its core, its base essence did not go anywhere.

In order to complement and strengthen it, Tune ‘connected’ the white ghosts.

Maybe it can also be called a ‘constraint’.

[When there are many, share the power, combine, and make one hundred, one hundred.

When a hundred ghosts are connected, they do not just have the power of 100, but they have the power of over 200 or 300.

However, on the other hand, as the number of white ghosts decreases, the total amount of power decreases exponentially.

Of course, it’s still a lot of power compared to when you’re an individual… ….

Quagga gagagak-!!!

“It’s over.”

Naturally, it was not enough to block a fist that literally destroyed demons, with a sacred power stat exceeding 200 and approaching 300.

Tune couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that all the white ghosts that had been able to block and split off little by little when they were intact had all disappeared.


“fun. Yeah, I think I wanted something like this. A situation where life comes

and goes. As a necromancer, this feeling felt a little distant. “After all, I was also a climber.”

The mixture of morale and mana that exploded with laughter enveloped Tune’s entire body.

As the mixture seeped into them, their dark blue hair fluttered, and their eyes

began to glow dark blue as the mixture slowly seeped into them.

Coo coo coo cooThe atmosphere vibrates.

300th floor.

A climber who overcame the demonic wall and passed the trials of Emperor Tess.

He, who looked at the world differently from others, brought out everything he had as a climber, not a necromancer, in the face of an ordeal that would lead

to his death if he could not prevent it.

“Realm, Mangongsahon (萬空死魂).”

[Realm, Mangongsahon (萬空死魂).


Inner Contemplation – An ability that can be used only by a very small number of beings who can clearly see their inner self, which leads to a battle of images, and remain unharmed even when mixed with the inner world of others.

The moment when that ability unfolds once again.




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“Chajinhehe… … !!!”

“… … “Just target properly.”

Jinhyeok clicked his tongue as he felt a wall of darkness form between him and Vulcan, who called out to him, and a whip of darkness ensnared him.

“This place will become a tomb again.”

It was the moment when Jinhyuk was invited to a tune space filled with death

and soul.

Chii Iik-

“Is it a scam?”

Jinhyeok muttered calmly as he watched the fraud that penetrated his divine power as soon as he stepped into the space, burning his body and divine power

with acrid smoke.

A fraud that burns a robe made up of nearly 300 sacred powers and even touches the body inside it by lashing out its tongue like a snake.

It was nonsense, but Jinhyuk, who glanced around the area, nodded as if he understood.

“It’s full of deep fraud. Have you set your sights on retaining infinite energy within the realm? “If it’s the domain of a magician, it’s natural.”

The domain is closely related to the deep desires or original characteristics of

the practitioner’s mind.

Naturally, climbers like warriors tend to have areas that compensate for their

weaknesses in close combat or maximize their strengths, and archers from long distances are also similar.

In that respect, the domain of sorcerers, such as wizards and necromancers, was simple yet highly destructive.

‘As long as there is infinite energy provided within the area, there is almost no need for other secondary things.’

It wasn’t too strange because Jinhyuk himself was in a similar area to Mangongsahon (萬空死魂), which is Tune’s area.

And if infinite energy was given to an excellent caster, the outcome was determined.

SighFraud erupts from one area and rushes towards Jinhyeok.

Like a snake, the fraud that escaped Jinhyuk’s touch quickly sucked up the divine power and oxidized.

‘Is it a war of attrition? It’s at a disadvantage. ‘He knows exactly what his advantage is and is aiming for it.’

The sacred power approaching 300 is by no means small.

Because it’s a stat that can only be seen on the 300th floor.

But if you ask if it is infinite, it is not.

In other words, if morale and divine power conflict with each other and consume each other, it is Jinhyeok’s loss.

WowJinhyuk, realizing his disadvantage, gently clenched his fists.

“May you rot slowly.”

“… … dog sound. “Do you think I wouldn’t have thought of a war of attrition like this?”

Jinhyeok responded to Tune’s polite words floating in the air in the realm.

Morale that is consumed by constantly clashing with divine power.

A body colliding with fraud and rotting away.

All of that only affected Jinhyuk negatively, but the word defeat did not exist in Jinhyuk’s mind.

‘Domain is a powerful ability, but it’s not perfect. ‘Aim for that gap.’

Currently, there is only one thought filling Jinhyuk’s head.

All I had to do was come up with a trick to exploit the gaps in a strong, but not perfect, area.

In a situation where my vision was spinning and my head was burning, the first thing to move was Tune.

PaangTune kicked into the empty air and flew towards Jinhyuk.

“Death fighting skills.”

An intense force bursting from a body tinged with black and blue, mixed with

black morale and blue mana.

Faba ParkFists and feet litter the space, putting pressure on Jinhyuk.

[Fight to death.

Contrary to its meaning of fighting with the readiness to die, Tune’s fight to t

he death was literally a combat technique steeped in death.

Jinhyuk gritted his teeth and crossed his arms to block the attack as the feast of hands and feet filled his eyes.

Kwa-ga-ga-gagA long furrow was carved into the bottom of the dark area.

‘Close combat is also beyond a decent level. I don’t know if it’s outside the realm, but at least within it, it’s better than a high-level warrior.’

It was tingling.

The arm that blocked the deadly fighting technique trembled, and the morale

refined through the deadly fighting techniques penetrated more sharply inside.

He grits his teeth in pain as he rots from the inside out and circulates divine power throughout his body.

“… … Ugh – it’s a bunch of attrition evangelism, a bunch of long-term evangelism. No answer.”

Jinhyeok muttered, spitting out black blood that had risen from the rotted organs as they healed

A war of attrition is difficult due to the absolute difference in morale and divine power.

Long-term warfare was also difficult due to the absolute difference in morale

and divine power.

Both meant that the absolute amount of energy greatly influenced the outcome of the battle, and for that to happen, a battle other than attrition or long-term warfare had to be fought.

‘… … Tsk, it’s not very likely, but I’ll still give it a try.’

In the end, Jinhyuk decided to gamble with low odds.

This is because he thought that since his opponent had brought out everything, he would also have to throw in even low-probability moves to achieve victory, as it would not be enough to just bring out everything.


“This is all! I don’t think the rush to block an attack is all you do. more! Show

me some more numbers!”

“… … “Wait, rice tastes better when it’s steamed!”

Jinhyuk responded by spitting out words as if he was chewing on Tune’s cries,

which continued to show off his fighting skills, exuding sharp morale and putting pressure on his entire body.

In the face of Tune’s attack, Jinhyeok changed his stance to full defense and used all his divine power for defense.

‘As long as you succeed, divine power is not important. ‘Focus everything on

being successful.’

In order to ensure the success of his plan, he poured out his divine power as if pouring water into a bottomless poison, minimizing damage as much as possible.

Jinhyuk, who was fully prepared, threw his fist again.

“The Demon Fist of Destruction.”

“… … You won’t get hit by the same move twice. “Death-fighting force.”

Tune’s fist, which responded with the ultimate fighting technique to fight against the Demon Destroying Fist that he had already experienced once, was thrown out with a dark blue glow.

KwaaaaaA confrontation between the Demon Destruction Fist, which is a condensation of divine power, and the Death Fighting Power Fist, a condensation of morale and mana.

The end of the match was total destruction.

Chii IikThe surrounding area became a vacuum with an explosion of energy.

However, mutual destruction was like Tune’s victory.

“You won’t be able to use techniques that consume a lot of energy over and over again. It’s a waste that doesn’t matter to me as I’m in the area, but it’s not to you. It seems like he was impatient and was aiming for a short-term game, but… … “In the end, it didn’t go as planned.”

In a fight between Tune, who received an infinite supply of energy within the

realm, and Jinhyuk, whose divine power was drained from his morale and man

a just by taking a breath, the fact that an attack that consumed a huge amount

of energy was destroyed simultaneously was tantamount to Jinhyuk’s defeat.

An example of this was when Jinhyeok’s member status was lifted after he had

actually consumed all of his strength.

Therefore, it was not that strange for Tune to speak with such confidence.

But the problem is-

“Who said it was the end? “It starts now.”

“… … ?”

The point that Jinhyuk threw was merely a preparation to put an end to all preparations and throw himself into a low gambling number.

The moment when Tune looked at Jinhyuk with a puzzled face, accompanied

by Jinhyuk’s grumbling voice.

“Area is definitely a powerful ability, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily invincible. And although there are definitely problems with how I use it now… …

“It would be right to use everything that can be used.”

“… … “What do you want to say?”

Tune looked at Jinhyeok with a face full of tension and asked back at the fact that the Demon Fist of Destruction was not his last move.

Jinhyuk responded with a satisfied smile as Tune started to get nervous.

“It’s called destroying territories, or mixing territories. Realm, all-powerful soul.”

Breaking areas, or shuffling areas.

When trapped in someone’s territory, this is the most efficient way for a climber who can use the territory.

Of course, it was not a method that could be used by a climber on the 60th floor, but the gambler succeeded because the quality of the soul in the body of the climber on the 60th floor was different.

Kwa-ga-ga-gagTune’s realm, which was full of fraud and mana, began to crack.

Tune, who realized that Jinhyuk, the source of all cracks, was the problem, immediately took action.

“… … “I have no intention of letting it happen quietly.”

It was my first time hearing about this technology.

Breaking down the area.

The area is an ability that only those with selected talents can handle.

Of course, the technology to destroy or mix it up couldn’t have been well known in the 300th floor.

But Tune felt it instinctively.

‘It’s dangerous if this succeeds.’

This means that the tower of victory you have built so solidly can collapse just

by being staggered by a single blow of this technique.

He was quick to judge and quick to act.

But the problem is-


The point was that Jinhyuk’s area had already been prepared.


The area that was dyed dark blue suddenly turns dark purple.

The sight of the space where morale and mana coexisted being stained by Jinhyuk’s spiritual power was similar to the way Tune was defeated and absorbed

by Jinhyuk.

“Now, who has the upper hand now?”

Jinhyeok asked with a grin, as creating a territory was not enough and his insides were in shambles as a result of slamming his territory into someone else’s territory.

And Tune couldn’t say anything to Jinhyuk’s question.

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