Absolute Necromancer Chapter 128

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‘… … Whoa, it almost ended like that. Fortunately, it was a disaster because I

succeeded. If I had failed, I would have inherited the throne without a chance.’

In fact, contrary to his confident appearance, Jinhyeok was busy suppressing

his excitement.

Breaking down the area.

Or, the technique called area shuffling was never an easy technique.

‘I used it only occasionally in my past life, but I took it out before I could use it properly, so I was half a gambler, but I succeeded.’

Jinhyeok from his previous life.

In other words, even ‘Death Star’ Jin-hyuk Cha, who reached the top of the 600th floor, was able to implement a technique that he did not use very often, but only on the 60th floor.

Of course, there were a variety of complex reasons why this situation was possible.

‘First of all, that guy’s domain is not that perfect.’

First reason.

Tune’s realm, Mangongshahon (萬空死魂), was clearly a well-made realm, and

boasted an incredible level of completion when viewed from the level of a 300-story climber.

However, that was no different from saying that it was the level of a ‘300th floor’ climber.

In other words, for Jinhyuk, who was active near the 600th floor, it was no different from a half-made net.

‘That’s enough to pierce my area with a blunt spear.’

Second reason.

Jinhyeok’s talent and experience strengthened the dull spear of a 60-story climber and added the skill to pierce Tune’s Mangongsahon.

The result is this.

“Okay, let’s finish this quickly. “I feel like I’m going to die of exhaustion.”


The purple-black area that invaded the area filled with a mixture of morale and mana soon covered Tune’s Mangongshahon as if claiming to be its owner.

The Mangongsahon (萬空死魂) and the Mannyeongchungche (萬靈充處), which did not mix like water and oil, eventually became one area and was pushed out


“… … “Wow!”

Naturally, the area that was pushed out was Mangong Sahon, the area of tune.

Tune, who experienced his territory being eaten by someone for the first time, was not prepared for it and spit out black blood.

Jinhyuk gently took a stance while looking at Tune’s pale face.

“One won, sacralization.”

“… … Wow, it can’t end like this. He… … “I must take over his maintenance!”

Tune struggled to find words as he caught sight of Jinhyeok using his body again.

But that was all Tune could do, unable to overcome the shock of the area being absorbed.

Jinhyuk opened his mouth before the final attack, staring at Tune, who did not give up until the end and spit out words as if he was chewing on a heart that

was spitting out blood.

“… … “It’s funny to ask now, but are you talking about ‘Death Star’ Cha Jin-hyuk?”

“… … Yes, after getting to know him, I felt pleasure as if I had entered a new

world. As he reached the peak as a necromancer and received love calls from various guilds, he showed me a goal to challenge while I was feeling bored, and

I must continue to do so. Only then… … Only then can I uncover the secret of

his death and take revenge on his behalf!”

Jinhyuk nodded as he listened to Tune’s rising voice, which he calmly acknowledged.

“Okay, if that’s what you think…” … “I have to go even more sincerely.”

WowTen years later, a climber who calls himself his successor stands in front of him.

Of course, it was ironic that they were standing up to kill each other, but for Jinhyeok, a necromancer and spirit master, death was just another beginning.

Therefore, it was not enough for Jinhyeok to grab the divine power that was slowly gathering in his state, and he also gathered the enormous spiritual power

spread throughout the realm and all places.

‘My junior is putting in so much effort for me, so it’s only right for me to show him something as well.’

I was just going to throw a simple Demon Destruction Fist.

Due to the use of the second member, my whole body was shaking, and my divine power was much less than before, but even so, it was overflowing because

it was not enough to catch the tune that even an ordinary person could not do

due to the impact of shattering the realm.

However, Tune’s desire to act for himself, who was already dead, made Jinhyuk hit rock bottom.

“I said it was a night trip.”


Tune stopped talking and looked at Jinhyuk as he muttered something that sounded like he was talking to himself rather than to anyone.

“Yes, Hundred Ghost Nights. A hundred ghosts move at night. “It is your power and His power, a power created to reach the disease of the soul.”

“Yes, it was great enough. “Because the s*xual soul disease and demonic soul

disease, which are stronger than the spirit disease, were destroyed in front of the Hundred Ghost Night Journey.”

No matter how big the difference in power between the Ghost he commands

and the Soul Bottle series is due to the difference in floor levels, in the end, the

Soul Bottle series is of a higher rank than the Ghost.

It was just that it was cruelly destroyed because it had a body and soul that did not fit its category.

They both knew that, if it had been at the same level, the Soul Bottle series would have torn apart Night of the Dead with fewer numbers.

“I’m thankful this is my territory. “Thanks to you, I was able to use a little of

my original power.”

“… … ?”

original power.

At Jinhyuk’s words, which seemed to say that what he had shown so far wasn’t real, Tune looked at Jinhyuk behind the goblin mask with a blank face.



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Jinhyuk calmly shook his head as he saw Tune waiting for an answer.

“See it with your own eyes. “The whole spirit goes out.”

“… … !”

Coo coo coo cooJinhyeok’s realm shook violently as he was told to see it with his own eyes.

The source of the vibration was, of course, Jinhyeok, the master of the area.

The spiritual powers that filled the trembling area coalesced and one by one turned into soul bottles.

Although it was the most basic soul bottle, its power was stronger than that of

the holy soul bottle and demon soul bottle outside the realm.

Above all, the sight of the soul soldiers multiplying into dozens or hundreds in

just a split second was astounding.

Jinhyuk opened his mouth as he looked at the number of soul bottles that had

grown to fill the entire area.

“This is my soul disease that reached the 600th floor. Well, it’s weaker than be

fore… … Still, it’s enough to give you rest.”

“600th floor… … ? no way… … No way… … Just in case… … ”

600th floor.

As Jinhyuk spoke of the name of the place where ‘he’ met his death, which w

as a far away place for him, Tune’s eyes became as big as a flower lamp.

No way, I did it.

I did it just in case.

The demonic face was too strong to be considered a climber of the 60th floor.

Even when I only saw his movements through reports, I couldn’t help but be surprised.

But that surprise was doubled the moment I saw it in person.

A spiritual force that weighs down the entire body.

Because it was enough to make him think of his idol, ‘him’, and the transcendent figure of the past who was called the ‘Death Star’.

However, since I knew that the ‘Death Star’ was already dead, I tried to ignore

the ‘possibility’.

‘… … It’s him.’

The moment when Jinhyuk adds a word to the possibility that has been denied from the first moment of confronting Jinhyuk.

Tune felt confident in the possibilities.

The climber in front of you is clearly ‘him’, ‘Death Star’ Cha Jin-hyuk.

Tune’s whole body began to tremble as he realized that far.

fatigue? fear?

It wasn’t because of such trivial things.

Coo coo coo cooA realm that vibrates as much as Tune’s trembling body.

With the vibration created by the echoes of the soul bottles that filled the room, Tune saw the soul bottles slowly approaching him.

“It was nice to meet you and it was fun. and… … “See you again soon.”

“… … “He seems like a quick-witted guy.”


When happiness, an emotion that made one’s body tremble like an aspen tree, reached its peak.

Tune said with a bright smile.

It was nice to meet you, it was fun, let’s meet again.

This contained everything about Tune’s emotions and what Jinhyuk would do

in the future.

It was nice to meet my idol.

It was fun to be able to compete with my idol.


“Okay, next time we’ll meet as soul bottlers and soul masters… … It might be

better for you too.”

“I will be waiting with joy.

Let’s meet again in the relationship between soul disease and soul owner.

As long as Jinhyuk was alive, he would have to be tied to Jinhyuk as a soul bottle forever unless he freed him, but Tune just smiled and shook his head.

Feeling his heavy heart becoming lighter, Tune opened his arms and accepted

the crowd of warriors rushing towards him.

Too-doo-doo-doo- Kwasik!

In front of the rough rush of soul soldiers crossing the realm, the climber’s solid body was crushed as lightly as tofu, but Tune was smiling even at the moment of death.

Death is fleeting, but happiness will last forever.

Of course, the problem was that the happiness was given as a soul disease, but for Tune, there was nothing happier than that.

“You are better than any necromancer I have ever met.”

“that… … really… … Happy… … I see… … .”

Tune grinned and closed his eyes as his vision grew increasingly darker and Jinhyuk’s words of recognition sounded in his increasingly dark ears.


And with Tune’s death, the realm and all-powerful realm exploded.

Along with the disappeared realm, the enormous spiritual power and the soul

soldiers created by it disappeared in an instant, but Tune’s body remained intact.

“… … You really won. But why is this guy smiling?”

Balkan muttered as he looked at Jinhyuk and Tune who appeared after the are

a disappeared.

Jinhyeok’s victory in the battle with Tune was a victory, but Tune’s corpse, which seemed happy even at the moment of death, touched an area that he could

not understand.

“… … Because he was crazy. “But he was a pretty likable crazy guy.”

But Jinhyuk smiled easily and shrugged his shoulders.

My favorite crazy guy.

A capable madman.

That was Jinhyuk’s evaluation of the tune.

“It was someone like you.”

“… … Tsk, he’s going to be your junior from now on, so take care of it.”

Of course, I couldn’t help but click my tongue at Balkan’s words.

“Junior? Well, it makes no sense for you to throw away the body of a guy like that. But I wonder if he will ever become a soul patient. Above all, besides that

guy, there are two other guys that need to be turned into soul bottles, so I wonder if you can survive it… … .”

The corpse and soul of a powerful climber are destined to become good undead or good soul bottles.

However, it took a lot of strength to subdue it.

In particular, in this case, there were two other strong climbers other than Tune that needed to be turned into soul bottles.

“Basil and Ashur Hum. Yeah, there were those too. Don’t worry. “Tune will be

able to turn you into a soul bottle without any effort.”

“Hmm? If that’s you, then that’s probably it. “Can I ask why?”

Balkan, who immediately agreed that Jinhyuk would persuade him in his own

way as always, asked why.

An agreement is an agreement, and it is natural to be curious because you are


Seeing Balkan looking at him with unusually bright eyes, Jinhyuk chuckled and tapped Balkan on the shoulder.

“I’ll know it when I see it. Let’s get it quickly and go back. “It feels like I’m going to collapse at any moment.”

“… … Damn you. I heard you have a knack for making people curious. “If this

were a novel or a drama, you would have been shot.”

“You won’t die even if you get shot.”

“… … Damn you.”

When Balkan, who realized once again that he could not defeat Jinhyuk with

words, swore, Jinhyuk took off his tightly bound goblin mask.

“Ha, it’s finally over.”

The clear sky welcomed Jinhyuk.

Guild war.

The sky was blue and clean, as if congratulating the victors who had achieved

victory in that difficult and difficult war.

In this way, the guild war between the guild union and Yeokcheon broke everyone’s expectations and ended with Yeokcheon’s victory.

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