Absolute Necromancer Chapter 126

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“… … does not make sense. A single climber can control demonic energy and

divine power? As if that wasn’t enough, they grafted it onto the spirit bottle, a

summoned beast of the undead… … “It’s impossible.”

Divine power and magical energy.

These energies are possessed by very few people within the tower.

Fortunately, there were quite a few climbers who possessed divine power due

to occupations such as priests and paladins, but not magi.

‘It’s hard to find a climber who has reached the 600th floor, let alone the 300th floor, and that a climber who hasn’t even reached the 100th floor… … If you

are a ghost, then who are you? … .’

Tune could feel an unknown emotion engulfing his entire body.

Tune knew this feeling that made your face turn red and your body tremble.

‘joy. No, I should say excitement. ‘How long has it been since I felt this feeling?’

shakingTune, feeling an emotion for the first time in a very long time, could feel the dopamine being produced in his brain.

A feeling of pleasure that was even more intense than taking drugs spread throughout Tune’s entire body, as if he had taken drugs.


Those who climb the tower always yearn for growth and climbing.

This was especially true for high-level climbers or talented climbers.

Money, drugs, women, etc.

Nothing could surpass the pleasure that comes from climbing climbers’ growth and climbing new floors.

However, if one had to choose the greatest pleasure among pleasures, every climber would choose one.

[A life-threatening battle against a strong opponent

In a life-threatening battle, growth comes more rapidly.

Of course, survival was a prerequisite, but the pleasure that came from the process went beyond climbing and growth.

It was the same with the tune.

No, it was worse than other climbers.

‘I haven’t met the right person for a long time, but has the moment finally come when I can put my all into it?’

It was because of the special nature of being a necromancer.

Necromancers are essentially military beings.

However, it was very difficult to find a high-level necromancer, and it was even harder to find a Tune-level necromancer.

Therefore, for Tune, who was repeatedly suppressing his inextinguishable desires and finding relief little by little through battles with climbers such as Basil, this moment was more exciting than any other moment of pleasure.

QuadukEven the undead are shattered in front of the demon spirit’s rough steps.

PerseokEven if the undead collapse like sand castles due to the intense baptism of sacred power of the Holy Spirit.

Tune only glared at Jinhyuk, who was firmly positioned beyond them.


A tune that screams Jinhyuk’s nickname at the top of its lungs.

Jinhyuk responded, looking at his red-hot face.

“why. “Do you feel like giving up?”

The commotion could be felt from afar, but rather than being angry, Tune smiled brightly.

“no! I will hit everything on you. “I will use everything I have prepared to bring you down.”

Jinhyeok, who was staring at Tune, who was talking in a mixture of polite and

informal language due to his intense excitement, waved his hand.

“Come in, I’ll accept as much as you want.”

A truly arrogant appearance.

Jinhyuk treated Tune as if he were his subordinate to Tune, who had not even

reached the 100th floor but had surpassed the 300th floor, which was three times higher than that.

However, not only Jinhyuk, but even Tune, who was involved, paid no attention to such an appearance.

just… … .

“I learned about soul diseases and worked hard to get them.”

He just talks about what he has done.

Even when Tune said that he worked hard to get the soul disease, Jinhyuk just


“okay? Well, was there any result? “I probably wouldn’t have gotten it anyway.”

Soul disease.

It was a summoned beast that only the Spirit Master, the master of all souls, could have.

This means that like other undead, it cannot be dealt with by simply hitting mana and summoning it.

“That’s right, I didn’t get the soul bottle.”

Tune nodded and agreed with Jinhyuk’s words.

As the conversation progresses, the excitement subsides and the tone of speech becomes calm.

Of course, the subdued excitement did not disappear and was gradually being

stored inside Tune.

To burst out that excitement at a decisive moment.

“Yes, that is the difference between you and me. “It’s also the difference between a necromancer and a spirit master.”

Jinhyuk also nodded at Tune’s words of obedience.

If one could obtain a spirit bottle and manipulate spirits through research, there would be no reason for the profession of Spirit Master to exist.

However, Tune is an excellent climber and also a necromancer.

“But I figured out a way, and now I’m going to show you the results.”

“… … Is that so? Take it out. As your senior and spirit master, I will evaluate the results of your efforts to reach the soul bottle.”

Although I didn’t get the soul bottle, I succeeded in getting equivalent results.



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And the results of my research every single day since I learned about the Spirit

Master and about soul disease were revealed right here and now.




Just like when Jinhyuk summoned the soul soldiers, something exploded from

Tune’s heart.

Beings who cry out loud.

“… … ghost?”

It was none other than a ghost, one of the undead monsters.

They had a whitish appearance and were closest to soul bottles, but they were

not soul bottles.

To be more specific, these people are called ghosts or evil spirits.

It would be difficult to call these people, who have little sense and only hate the living, soul-sick

But after thinking about it up to that point, Jinhyuk had to harden his face.


“… … “There are quite a few?”

This is because ghosts constantly flowed from Tune’s chest.

The problem wasn’t just ‘number’.

“Be careful, it looks like a ghost, but the force it feels is not an ordinary ghost.”

“I know that.”

The momentum felt from the ever-increasing number of ghosts.

This is because the momentum was by no means ordinary.

‘It’s like they’re really soul sick.’

Although Jinhyeok was annoyed, he had no choice but to admit that it was similar to a soul illness.

The group of ghosts that gradually grew in size stopped at exactly 100.

However, even though there were 100, Jinhyeok did not make the mistake of letting down his guard.

Coo coo coo coo-

“… … “You’re a bit strong on ghost topics, aren’t you?”

Jinhyuk had to break into a cold sweat in front of the force of the ghosts weighing heavily on the air around him.

“This is the army that is closest to soul disease that I have been studying. “It’s

a night tour of 100 ghosts.”

[One hundred ghost nights]

An army of 100 ghosts walking around at night.

In fact, the surroundings turned dark due to the force emitted by up to 100 ghosts, so it lived up to its name.

Just like Tune, who can’t hide his joy as he spreads his arms outward, his Hundred Demon Nights are strong enough to be proud of.

When Jinhyuk, who knew this better than anyone else, swallowed dry saliva.

“The time for nocturnal travel has arrived. White Ghost, please make it clear that your strength will never be overtaken by soul disease.”

With Tune’s voice full of coolness.


The time for nocturnal travel has arrived.

Darkness filled the surroundings, and a hundred ghosts roaming the darkness

rushed towards the advancing Holy Soul Soldiers and Demon Soul Soldiers, crushing ‘death’.

Ghosts, who had harbored a mixture of morale and mana for a very long time, were no longer considered ghosts.

The deep morale and mana spread around, creating night, and 100 ghosts walking there.

The hundred ghosts roaming the night latched onto the Holy Spirit Soldiers and Demon Soul Soldiers who were destroying ‘death’.

KagagagakA battle between holy soul soldiers, demon soul soldiers, and white ghosts.

The victor there was none other than the White Ghosts.

First of all, the hundred ghosts were ahead in number, and the amount of energy they possessed was enormous.

Even though it is morale and mana that are inferior to magical energy or divine power, it is still acceptable to some extent.

In the face of overwhelming difference, even magic and divine power eventually bowed before morale and mana.

“… … “Tsk, that’s not good.”

Jinhyeok clicked his tongue after confirming that the Holy Soul and Demon Soul Disease were being pushed out by the White Ghosts.

It would not be very pleasant to see the Holy Spirit and Demon Spirit, the separate forces that are supposed to break ‘death’ and move forward and bring Tune to their side, being pushed back even though they are blocked.

“How about adding other soul bottles?”

“No, they have to stop ‘death’. “Since the Holy Soul and Demon Soul are tied

up by the White Ghosts, if I don’t stop the ‘death’ of the Soul Soldiers, they will attack where I am.”

However, it was not possible to bring in soul bottles other than holy soul bottles and magic soul bottles and add them.

If you do that, you will be able to block the white ghosts, but on the other hand, ‘death’, which can be said to be the main force, will come at you in full force.

‘If that happens, it’s a mess. It’s better to maintain the current situation.’

Jinhyeok judged that maintaining the current situation would prevent the battlefield from escalating rapidly, so he did not change the location of the soul bottles.

‘That doesn’t mean we can just sit there and suffer.’

Of course, he left the spirit soldiers alone, but Jinhyeok had no intention of just sitting there and suffering.

“What are you planning to do?”

“I’m going out myself.”

“… … you? “It would be dangerous.”

“I just chose the most effective method. and… … “The junior guy showed a good performance, but as a senior, I can’t just sit still, right?”

“… … do whatever you want. “I didn’t even think they would listen if I said it.”

Jinhyeok slowly walked away, leaving behind Balkan, who shook his head and

shrugged his shoulders as if he had given up.

JeopukOne step.

JeopukTwo steps.

Tune was frightened by the sight of Jinhyeok walking into the arena where white ghosts and demon soul soldiers were increasingly fighting over each other.

“… … What are you doing! “Have you decided to die!”

Jinhyuk should not have died in vain like that.

The real battle begins now, but Jinhyeok, who is just a magician, heading into

the white ghosts was no different from asking them to kill him.

That is why the moment when Tune shouts harshly.

“Who planned to die? “Don’t worry, I’m here to kill you.”

The voice of Jinhyeok, who could not be seen, rang out as he was caught up in the battle between the white ghosts and the Holy Demon Soul Soldiers.

And Jinhyuk put his words into practice.

“One won (one won).”

Jinhyeok used his second characteristic, one won, and energy burst out from

his whole body.

Stats integrated into one.

However, the unified stats this time were not the same as last time.


“Holy power is the best for catching undead. is not it?”

Along with Jinhyeok’s roaring voice, the radiance of divine power flows out from the minute gap between the battle arenas.

The sacred power that cannot be concealed even by thick morale and mana tears the night created by the white ghosts to pieces.

[Characteristic, 1 won (一元) is in use.]

[You have selected the divine power stat.]

[All magic stats are converted to divine power stats.]

[Caution, if you remain in this state for a long time, your body may collapse.]

As the divine power exploded, message windows lined up in front of Jinhyeok’s eyes.

Jinhyuk left behind the message window that filled his eyes and started doing

something similar to last time.

Gugu GugukAn enormous amount of divine power that was converted into divine power by mixing all of the magical energy and divine power.

We began to slowly condense and refine it.

The sacred power gradually decreased and eventually transformed into a small


If the sphere with condensed demonic energy was like a black sun, the sphere

with condensed divine power could well be called a small sun.

And Jinhyeok gently held the completed sphere of divine power.

[Condensed and refined divine power has been absorbed.]

[Body: A half-sacred half-demon temporarily changes by accepting divine power.]

[Body: Half-Sacred, Half-Demon is changed to Body: Consecrated.]


As he absorbed the small sun, Jinhyuk’s heart began to beat wildly.

Just like when he was demonized, changes occurred in Jinhyeok’s body.

JiyingAn angel ring that appeared on top of the head, similar to the angel ring of the Elyos.

PhuwakWings that were not much different from the ones that Jinhyuk had disparaged as pigeon wings grew from where the wing bones were.

Finally, the sacred power that filled his entire body exploded and transformed

into a pure white robe.

Jinhyeok, who looked like a holy saint or an angel who came down from heaven, looked at the white ghosts charging at him with eyes filled with divine power like Sandalphon and lightly punched them.

“… … “The Demon Fist of Destruction.”

A fist with power that is completely opposite to the Destruction Fist in its demonized state that was used during the sparring with Hendrick.

It exploded towards the white ghosts, who were deeply imbued with demonic


[Most gods cheer for your appearance.]

[Most demons are displeased with your appearance.]

[The pinnacle of all evil is restless.]

[The nine-tailed fox snorts.]

[King Mifu grabs his belly button, saying it looks good on him.]

Because the appearance was different from last time, the reactions of the gods and demons were also opposite, but Jinhyeok, as always, did not care about their reactions.

“Wipe it away.”

CheeeeeeeekThe sound of something burning was heard along with Jinhyuk’s cool voice.

-… … Kieeek!

-… … Kyaaa!

The painful cries of white ghosts.

They used their enormous morale and mana to destroy the Holy Soul Soldiers

and Demon Soul Soldiers with divine power and magical energy, but in the end, they succumbed to the divine power that was far greater than theirs.

One by one, the hundred ghosts that Tune had worked so hard to create over

a long period of time were consumed by the divine power contained in the Demon Destruction Fist, leaving no ashes behind.

Demon Fist of Destruction.

It can be said to be a majestic and sacred appearance befitting its name of destroying demons.

Jinhyeok’s lightly wielded demon annihilation fist burned the white ghosts and began to erase the night.

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