Absolute Necromancer Chapter 113

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Episode 113


‘This is a pretty bad situation.’

Shane clicked his tongue as he expertly replaced the empty magazine.

I was using all my strength, but the opponent was doing the same.


As soon as he replaces the magazine, he fires bullets at the rushing Ashur Hum and the arrows flying towards him.

Something that has already been repeated several times.

‘We still have enough magazines, but if we continue like this, we will dry up and die.’

As you head to higher floors, occupations that use consumables, such as archers and musketeers, always take as many consumables as possible in every battle.

Whether it’s an arrow or a magazine.

The same was true for Shane, who was an excellent climber, and even though he had been fighting for dozens of minutes, his magazine was still empty.

However, we cannot continue to wage a war of attrition forever.

‘We need to turn the table over.’

Currently, the guild union was putting pressure on the climbers from ‘Yeokcheon’,

including Shane, in groups of two.

Fortunately, the executives, who could be considered their subordinates, were blocked by the gold army led by the puppets and could not approach them, including Shane.

If they had also joined in, Shane and others would not have been able to hold out for long and would have collapsed.

Therefore, Shane had no intention of maintaining the current situation.

‘But how?’

Of course, if you could do whatever you want, the world wouldn’t be so difficult.

Just as it is difficult to tear a well-woven net, is it possible to break the two-person

team system established by the guild union easily?

‘It’s impossible to shake off Ashur Hum and that archer that are attached to me. I think others will have to give as much strength as they can… … There is no choice.’

Ashur Hum, the strongest member of the guild alliance and a paladin with great staying power.

Horun, an archer who shoots a bow accurately from afar.

In the face of the combination of these two, all Shane could do was mobilize all his drones to defend himself.

Fortunately, it worked quite well and I was able to hold on, but not to the point where I could help others break the game.

But when others asked if it was possible, it wasn’t even that.

‘Children named Ha-ryu and Miho are clearly doing well against enemies who exceed their limits, and the same goes for the wizard named Ken who showed up late.

Is there no other way than to take advantage of their gap or wait for support? … .’

Just as Shane couldn’t relax against the enemies Ashur Hum and Horun, Haryu, Miho, and Ken were no different from her.

Downstream to May and Dark Sword.

Miho to Dyke and Beck Julio.

Ken was busy blocking Karl Ernoa and Hayden, who were firing magic from afar.

‘I need to break the board, but I don’t know how to break it.’

Just as the world doesn’t always go the way you want, the current situation was similar.

This situation can be changed only by breaking the board, but the opponent has no chance of breaking the board.

‘I think outside intervention is needed… … The employer won’t move. The same goes for dragon friends.’

Jinhyeok was planning to come out to face the Death King Tune only when he appears, and Hendrick is already confronting the Death King Basil from afar.

In the end, there was no one left, so Shane frowned and continued to attack.

“A man who clings to a woman is unattractive?!”

“Unfortunately, you are not my type.”


Despite Shane’s provocation, Ashur Hum responded calmly.

The attacks fired at him were blocked and crushed by the milky divine power shield.


He is literally the standard tank, able to heal himself, strengthen himself, and even

create a shield using divine power.

Because it requires divine power, it is not a job that many people can choose, but

the job itself is quite powerful.

‘It’s not as big as that pig, but it won’t be easy to break through.’

Jose Yan literally blocked attacks like an iron wall.

In particular, he is strong in physical attacks, so to break through him, you have to

exert strength to the level of a special move.

However, in contrast, the defense of Ashur Hum, a paladin, was not as good.

However, you cannot overinvest because you have to expend as much power and

because even if you break through, you will recover anyway.

When you repeatedly block out incoming attacks with only defense.

Pew Couple Book-

“Ugh… … !”

“What’s this?”

A change that began when something invisible flew from somewhere and lodged it

self here and there in the bodies of the guild union executives.

With the beginning of change, the flow of the battlefield changed.

“uh… … Uh oh… … what… … body!”

“Avoid! “My body doesn’t listen!”

The executives of the guild alliance that were confronting the gold army suddenly



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began attacking the guild leaders nearby.

Of course, their attacks, which were much weaker than the guild leaders, could not cause significant damage to the guild leaders.

“Tsk, they seem like useless things.”

“shit! “I caught almost everything!”

However, it was not enough to divert the attention of the guild leaders or give them some breathing room.

When Ha-ryu and others were sighing at the sudden betrayal(?) of the executives.

“I guess I arrived just in time.”

“… … Mr. Puppet!”

“Thank you, uncle!”

A puppet neatly dressed in a purple suit appeared with a grin.

Ha-ryu and Mi-ho were delighted by his appearance, which they had not even thought would come as he was commanding the Geum Army.

However, unlike the two who were just happy, Shane frowned at the fact that the

man who sharply dominated the battlefield showed up to help them.

“What happened to the other climbers you were commanding? “You know it’s actually more dangerous if they don’t move properly, right?”

Shane’s point was correct.

If we were to divide up the forces in the current guild war, it would be Jinhyeok’s

undead led by Vulkan, the soul soldier army fighting against Tune’s lich, and ‘Death’ led by Death Knight.

And a fight between Yeokcheon and mercenaries from the Guild Alliance.

Lastly, it was a fight between the Geumgun and guild members belonging to the guild alliance.

If one side collapses in this structure, the balance of the guild war will collapse.

Of course, it would be the same if Shane and others could not block the guild leaders of the guild alliance, but neither side could be neglected.

“you’re right. If you leave Geumgun unattended, it will be no different from defeat

in Yeokcheon. But it’s okay. “I left it with someone I trust.”

“… … A trustworthy one? Was there such a talented person left in Yeokcheon? “I thought I had scraped everything off.”

It was a statement that made Shane tilt his head as he knew that there were no talented people left in Yeokcheon as he had put in all his effort for this guild battle.

However, Puppet smiled bitterly as he recalled his conversation with the ‘talent’ to

whom he had entrusted Geumgun.

-yes? Are you giving me gold? You never said anything like this, branch manager!

-The current branch leader is not me, but Halcyon. It’s you.

-Don’t play with words like that. My heart will burst and I will die! Die!


He is the only one who can entrust Geumgun to someone else.

Of course, he himself did not admit it, but he trusted Halcion as much as the puppet that gave him the gold.

-Halcyon, I believe in you. And if you don’t take charge of Geumgun, they will be reduced to a ragtag group, and if I don’t leave, both Haryu and Miho will die. then…

… You also know that Yeokcheon is the end.

-… … But there’s no way someone like me could lead them… …

Halcyon was so desperate that it could be said to be his last struggle.

Puppet calmly conveyed his thoughts to him, who couldn’t understand why Puppet

would entrust such an important task to someone like him.


-… … yes? Why are you doing this, holding on to the weight?

-Do you know what the greatest ability a merchant should have?

-… … You mean abilities? hmm… … Wouldn’t it be better to buy things cheaply and sell them expensively?

It was an unsuitable question for battle, but Halcyon spoke about what he thought

were the virtues of a merchant.

It was also similar to what Puppet said before giving him the position of branch leader.

This means that as long as you can quickly and accurately deliver what customerswant, you can sit in the position of branch manager.

But Puppet shook his head.

-That was an ability worthy of the position of ‘branch leader.’ I’m talking about merchants. Furthermore, I asked about the abilities appropriate for someone like Goldrich.

-… … I don’t know.

Halcyon couldn’t answer.

Target person.

There are many climbers within the tower who call themselves Daesang people.

Nevertheless, there is only one being that everyone else recognizes as the target person.

It was only Goldrich, their superior.

Of course, the reason was because of the enormously valuable system called the auction house, but that was also Gold Rich’s ability, so there was no room to doubt Gold Rich’s ability.

Since Halcyon thought that even the person everyone else called himself was far from him, he still needed some time to realize what was needed to reach the level of

Gold Rich.

-Halcyon You are a smart and spongey person. I will always give you an answer. It

is also called handover. Because this place where I am will one day return to you.

-… … .

Puppet patted the shoulder of Halcion, who was looking at him with a mixture of

desire, enthusiasm, and fear while keeping his mouth shut, and pointed out what he thought were the abilities of the target person.

-The ability to control money itself or manipulate people into making it their own.

Those two are the paths to the target person.

Money and people.

The most fundamental element that constitutes a merchant.

Merchants hire people to buy goods.

Merchants sell goods to people.

These two things are intertwined and fill the category of giant merchants.

Naturally, Halcyon’s answer to that question was predetermined.

-… … It’s too much for me.


Puppet patted Halcion’s shoulder once again as he stared at Halcyon, who was caught up in what was coming as he became convinced that it was impossible.

-Halcyon, you have already completed the task I gave you once. This case is no different.

-… … The situation is different now than it was then!

When I remembered Halcion, who rarely raised his voice and even protested, he looked at me with a surprised face.

The puppet in my memory just smiled brightly and finished speaking.

-There is no such thing as a merchant. There is only the weight of money. This battle will bring Yeokcheon great fame and money. So, I’ll leave the gold to you.


Puppet tapped Halcyon’s shoulder twice as he called out to him, then jumped out

of his seat and uttered his last words.

-The Ten Seals do not remain the Ten Seals forever. Of course, there may be some

who stay, but I don’t think you, Halcyon, are the talent to stay in the Ten Seals. So show me that I’m not wrong. Geumgun’s command will lead you to a higher level.

-… … .

Strong faith.

After saying those words, the puppet disappeared and was now standing in front of


“… … Well, you’ll do well anyway.”

“If it looks like Geumgun is being pushed back even just a little bit, I’ll send him back.”

“Well, my successor is not as perfect as me, so I might be pushed back a little. So let’s leave that aside. “He is a commander, no, a merchant, who will do his part well

even if he is pushed back a little.”

In the end, Shane raised his hands after seeing the puppet not losing his unique composure even in the face of Shane’s fierce momentum.

“Okay, do whatever you want. Instead, we should make sure that we help because

we came here to help.”

“That’s what I’m best at. Instead, there is one condition.”

“… … condition? What are the conditions? Tell me. “I will listen if I can.”

Perfect and solid help.

When Puppet said that there was a prerequisite before doing so, Shane nodded roughly and continued to play with his hands.

If you only move your mouth and stop your hands, you will be broken through by

Ashur Hum, who is silently blocking the attack and looking for an opportunity.

However, after hearing the puppet’s conditions, Shane had to stop his hand for a

moment, forgetting that he must not stop the attack.

“Your body. “No, would you please entrust your bodies to me?”

“… … what?!”

When Shane stopped pulling the trigger and blushed at the slightly misleading statement, Puppet only realized his mistake and said, hanging his hands.


“I’ll show you the essence of puppetry.”

Dozens of thin, invisible threads hanging down on the ground.

It was a necessary preparation to use the puppet’s characteristic ‘Marionette’.

And Shane could only nod his head at the words of Puppet, who was an excellent

puppeteer in addition to being an outstanding merchant.

“… … “If you do anything weird, I’ll shoot you.”

“I don’t go out like that in the middle of the battlefield.”

Of course, I didn’t forget to add a comment.

Puppet responded to Shane’s distrustful attitude by shrugging his shoulders, and soon others began to agree with Puppet’s words.

“I trust Mr. Puppet.”

“I trust you, too.”

“… … “Let me believe it too.”

Puppet smiled with satisfaction at the baptism of consent from Ha-Ryu, Miho, and


The feeling of someone believing in you wasn’t so bad, it actually felt good.

The moment everyone gave permission, dozens of translucent threads flew through

the air.

Puboo Book-

The threads approached without a sound and got stuck in various parts of the bodies of Ha-ryu, Miho, and Ken, led by Shane.

“Now let the real ‘battle’ begin.”

The puppet, smiling at the information coming from the threads, played with his hands roughly.

It was the moment when the prelude to the Puppet Extravaganza, which gave Puppet the nickname of the Battlefield Maestro, began.

And it was also the moment when the leaders of ‘Yeokcheon’, who had been on the defensive all along, began a counterattack.

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