Absolute Necromancer Chapter 112

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Episode 112


It started with a single bullet fired by Shane.

As it was flying, bullets split like cremois swept through the air and the leadership

of the guild alliance that was rushing towards them.


“I know!”

Ashur Hum, who was running in the lead, shouted, and Jose Yan, who was standing next to him, immediately responded.

“Inhale… … .”

As Jose Yan took a deep breath, his body swelled, turned red, and became as hard

as steel.

An ‘outer attack’ type of ability that is perfect for someone who enjoys hand-to-hand combat.

Soon, split bullets flew into his hardened body.


“Hehe, it tickles. Just trust me and charge in! “Don’t be afraid of guns!”

Jose Yan, who easily blocked the bullet fragments, patted the spot where the bullet

hit with a wry smile.

Shane frowned when he saw the wound, which only had a slight mark on his reddened skin.

“The pig is so hard.”

“Is there any way?”

When Shane’s attack, the strongest of the group, was blocked, Ken’s face hardened and he asked how to do it.

“He seems like a guy who doesn’t have much physical ability, but it’s probably about physical resistance. “That pig is a wizard, I’ll leave it to you.”

Even though the attack was blocked, Shane is a climber who is about to reach the

300th floor.

After immediately understanding Jose Yan, she handed over the handling of Jose Yan to Ken.

“Hmm, when it comes to anti-personnel magic, lightning magic is a specialty. All right.”

At Shane’s suggestion, Ken stroked his chin, lost in thought, and then nodded.

It is a lightning magic that exerts sufficient power even against a large number of

people, but magic used against a small number of people, especially one person, is

also formidable.

In fact, it could have shown even greater power than when dealing with a large number of people.


As if to personally prove this, a lightning bolt formed at the end of Ken’s long staff.

“Thunder spear (雷槍).”

The moment when the thunderbolts on the tip of the staff grew longer and Ken’s low muttering voice echoed across the battlefield.


A thunderbolt flew through the sky with a deafening sound like a thunderbolt.

“… … Jose, be careful.”

“I can stop this magic… … “Wow!”

Ashur Hum frowned at the thunderbolt approaching in the blink of an eye and raised his awareness, but Jose Yan did not listen to it.

And the cost of ignoring Ashur Hum’s advice was not easy.


The wave of lightning, which started from the area where the thunderbolt hit, enveloped Jose Yan’s whole heart.

It was clear that Jose Yan’s condition was not normal just by looking at the way his

limbs trembled every time his brain crackled.


In the end, Jose Yan got down on one knee, frowned, and waved his hand.

“… … “I’ll catch up with you soon.”

“Tsk, that’s stupid. I told you that you can’t let down your guard. Giant Hippo’s executives protect Jose Yan. “Follow me when Jose Yan’s condition improves.”

“… … yes.”

Leaving behind Giant Hippo’s executives who bowed their heads, Ashur Hum led

Dyke and continued onward.

‘The penalty is definitely a problem. Is everyone getting used to their original body

condition and forgetting about the penalty?’

Even while running non-stop, Ashur Hum found a problem with the situation.


The penalty that a high-rise climber who appears on a low-rise must endure is what made Jose Yan look like that.

That didn’t just apply to Jose Yan.

‘The same goes for Carl Ernoa and Hayden. Originally, the two should have put a shield or barrier on Jose Yan to block magic attacks, but since they also knew Jose Yan’s abilities, they didn’t use magic, so is that the current result?’

Two of the three in the rear.

Carl Ernoa and Hayden were wizards.

In other words, the right choice would be to disarm the lightning magic thrown by

Ken, the opposing wizard, or prepare a way to protect Jose Yan against it.

However, the two knew José Yan very well, so they did not take precautions.

As a result, power loss and leakage occurred for a short period of time.

“Everyone do your best. We are not the strongest. Act like a 60th floor climber, we

are a little stronger, a little sturdier 60th floor climber.”

That is why Ashur Hum commanded his followers to give up their pride.



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“Whoa, okay. That would be correct. Did you understand, you idiots? If you forget

about the penalty and go out, you will end up like that pig! Everyone, stay alert! Hayden! Ernoa! “If you’re going to just play around without using magic like God

When Dyke shouted again, adding weight to his words, Hayden and Carl Ernoa, who had particularly high pride among the guild leaders, nodded with chewed-up faces.

“Okay, okay, look ahead!”

“… … “Let’s focus a little bit from now on.”

“Khaat! “That’s how it should be!”

Ashur Hum, who confirmed that the two wizards had come to their senses, did not

forget to say a word to the others.

“Horun, the same goes for you. “So that I can intercept attacks aimed at me as much as possible.”

“Damn, I got it. But my opponent is a better person than me, so please understand


Horun, who had greenish hair, scratched his head and pulled his strings.

Although the distance was quite far, there was at least no place in this battlefield that Ashur Hum’s words could not reach, as he had superhuman hearing.

Ashur Hum, who had reorganized everything, said with his eyes sparkling.

“Then let’s go again. I won’t stop this time. “If I lag behind or get in trouble, I’ll throw it away.”

“Okay, let’s go! “Heung!”

As soon as Ashur Hum finished speaking, Dyke, who was holding a cigar in his mouth, began to change.

Hair growing on a muscular body.

The mouth keeps expanding.

And even the elongated ears.

Dyke, after all his changes, had become a werewolf.

“… … “Awww!”

Dyke, who left his seat with a howl, began to move forward vigorously, tearing up the ground. Ken’s time was up, and the guild alliance advanced.

* * *


With the eerie sound of something being smashed, Dyke leaps and falls towards the downstream.


“… … Ugh.”

A dyke falling from the sky and striking the stream with its sharp claws.

Ha-ryu’s fair forehead frowns at the immense power contained in the claws.

“Kid, this is what happens when you come forward on a childish topic. “Heung!”

Cigar smoke seeped out from Dyke’s mouth as he exhaled and did not hide his excitement.


At the same time, as the effects of the cigar made with narcotic doping agents take effect, Dyke’s huge body grows bigger and madness seeps into his eyes.

As the force contained in the claws pressing down on the sword increased, help arrived just as the downstream was becoming more and more difficult.

“Don’t touch my sister!”


A sharp voice.

However, the attack carried out with a young and delicate voice was not light.

“… … What is this little guy? Baby, what kind of person is that uncle? “Why don’t you get out before I eat you up?”

Massaging his numb hand from the unexpectedly heavy attack, Dyke scolded the child who appeared in front of him, even smaller than Ha-Ryu.

“If you bother your sister, you are a bad person. And I will scold the bad people.”

“Miho, no!”

Despite Dyke’s threats, Miho was not scared.

Even the river she had saved tried to stop her, but rather than being scared, Miho

pulled out her sharp claws.

“toenail? “You are the same as me.”

Miho frowned and clenched her fists as Dyke smiled and waved his claw-like claws.

“I don’t talk to bad people.”

“Oh, you want to do whatever you want. Yes, you are a young kid. “I’ll make you regret getting in the way of adults.”

Dyke had transformed into a werewolf and looked hideous to a child, but Miho immediately jumped out of his seat and rushed towards Dyke.

“Miho doesn’t have any regrets.”

Looking at Miho’s small back as she advanced with a sincere voice, Ha-ryu sighed

as if there was nothing he could do.

“Don’t get hurt.”

“Yes, sister!”

The heaviness of throwing a child into the water weighed on my shoulders, but this was a battlefield.

Ha-ryu, who thought what he was doing was being overprotective because being young does not mean that the sword will miss or the arrow will miss, swung his sword at the empty space.


And the sword Haru swung struck the invisible figure heading towards Miho.

Of course, the opponent was formidable, so I immediately responded to the attack, but there was nothing I could do about being revealed.

The man who was forced to appear due to Ha-Ryu’s attack, Amgeom, looked at Ha-Ryu with a puzzled expression and asked.

“… … How did know?”

“Because the flow around you was different.”

Ha-Ryu answered his question as if it were obvious.

Battle foreknowledge.

The technology, which can also be said to be a characteristic of the lower class, is

a technology that originates from ‘eyes’.

Naturally, the amount of information visible downstream is different even if you are not conscious of it.

Rather, I said that you should be ‘conscious’ and reduce the amount of information you see so that it does not interfere with your daily life.

“You have strange eyes. Is it a bihorn tribe, or a goblin? It’s fascinating. The goblin village would have been destroyed, but the goblins survived. There must be quite

a demand.”

“… … I don’t like the look in my eyes. “It won’t be popular with women.”

Dark Sword, who noticed that Ha-Ryu’s eyes were located in a different area than that of ordinary people, stroked his chin.

Ha-ryu frowned at the strong greed felt by the dark sword.

But even for a moment.

“Excuse me during the conversation.”

“… … !”

At the sound of a neat woman’s voice coming from next to him, Ha-ryu immediately put his dragon slayer sword horizontally.

A single spear stabs you as soon as you take a defensive stance.

Kwaduk- Zeng!

The floor the opponent stepped on was shattered, and an echo erupted from the window that hit the dragon slayer sword.


A clash between a famous sword and a famous spear.

The shocks that failed to destroy each other eventually became shock waves and swept the surroundings.

Neither of the two were harmed, but the circumstances of the person holding the

weapon were different.

“… … Ugh.”

In addition to the sudden intrusion, because the opponent was highly skilled, Ha-Ryu, who had blocked the spear, frowned as he grabbed his throbbing wrist.

Nevertheless, Ha-ryu did not take his eyes off the person who appeared in front of


‘If you miss it, you might die.’

Changsha has considerable physical ability.

No matter how good your eyes are, if you miss the other person, you cannot even

see them.

So, suppressing the pain and gritting his teeth, Ha-ryu glared at Mei, who was looking at him with his spear stretched out.

“… … Interrupting in a conversation. You don’t have much manners. “I think the term ‘playing with each other’ is used in times like this.”

“The child is very foul-mouthed. “Her older sister is kind-hearted, but she doesn’t

need to be nice even to her enemies.”

“I agree. But I think she’s a bit old to call her sister. Could you please correct her and say ajumma?”

“… … “This little guy.”

Climbers evade the effects of time.

Of course, since it is not completely removed, wrinkles, aging, and sagging of the skin cannot be completely prevented.

Of course, it is true that May, as a woman, is sensitive to increasing wrinkles and dry skin.

In contrast, the skin of young Ha-Ryu has the elasticity of a bouncy ball.

People naturally get angry at what they don’t have.

May distorted her face.

“Let’s see if those words come out even after peeling off the skin on his face.”

“Let me help you.”

“Amgeom, do your own thing. Because I am enough for this little boy on my own.

May, with a face distorted like a demon, was not as docile as usual.

Despite the dark sword’s words to help, it went to the extent of telling it to go away.

However, despite May’s threatening words, Dark Sword shook his head.

“You haven’t forgotten what Ashur said, have you, May? “We are not who we are on the 200th floor.”

“… … Sheesh, it’s me who gives. “You just assist.”

“Of course. Beck! “Help Dyke.”

When Ashur Hum was mentioned, May nodded with a shocked look on her face, and the dark sword immediately attached Beck Julio, who came out from the side, to


“what? Wouldn’t it be better for the three of us to deal with the girl and help her?”

Naturally, Beck Julio frowned and expressed his thoughts, but the dark sword denied his thoughts.

“Except for Ashur, it’s a two-person team. There is no need to take risks. At a glance, I saw that the little boy played by Dyke was no ordinary person. “Don’t let your

guard down.”

“Tsk, I understand. Let’s finish it soon and join us. “Before that pig comes back.”

They say that a team of two is safe, except for Ashur Hum, the strongest member of the guild alliance, and Tune and Basil, who are hired as freelancers.

In the end, Beck Julio gave in.

Still, he did not forget his harsh criticism of Jose Yan, who had not yet returned to

the battlefield due to Ken’s magic, and stormed out of his seat, holding a thin, long



The air barrier exploded, and in an instant, May and Dark Sword grabbed their weapons, leaving behind Beck Julio, who was approaching Miho and Dyke who were far away.

“Then shall we begin?”

“Don’t kill me. Since he is the last remaining goblin, he will be able to sell it for a

high price if he auctions it off. “You should take something like that and reduce your losses.”

“… … “It’s N bread.”

“You are stating the obvious.”

Ha-ryu frowned at the attitude of May and Dark Sword, who thought of themselves

as auction items, as if they had already won.

“You just have to tell me what’s long and short.”

A cool voice.

At the same time, changes began downstream.

Clap la la rock-

A red wave that started from the dragon slayer sword.

It instantly enveloped the whole body of the downstream.

When the waves stop.

Haryu was wearing a red military uniform.

“… … “Red hair?”

In addition, Ha-ryu’s hair, which had been short black just a moment ago, had not

only turned red but had also changed into long straight hair.

A weapon that brings change to the user.

“Is it a magic sword?”

Such weapons were rare.

Ego swords are commonly called holy swords or magic swords in the tower.

Among them, this is an ability that only top-tier treasures can possess.

“I want it.”

“If I sell just that, I can buy a castle, right?”

Ha-ryu took a deep breath, feeling the light of greed dwell in the eyes of the two people.

‘Those two are suffering from a penalty, but even considering that, they are strong

enough and monsters. but… … But that doesn’t mean I should lose.’


Haru, putting strength into the hand holding the handle of the sword combined with the guard, apologized to Jinhyeok, who was observing the battlefield from afar.

‘Brother, I’m sorry. ‘I tried not to use it for the most part, but the other person won’t allow it.’

The ability of the Dragon Slayer Sword was strictly prohibited by Jinhyeok, Hendrick, and Genno because it erodes vitality and talent.

-It’s been a while! How many months have already passed since I dealt with that lizard! Now, let’s go, goblin kid. Let’s wipe out your enemies!

As the seal was lifted, the dragon slayer’s ego was awakened, and Ha-ryu gritted his teeth as he heard the voice echoing in his head.


‘But it won’t work on you.’

-It’s just a matter of time. If you continue to assimilate with me, your future is ultimately decided.

A side effect and cost of using the power of the Dragon Slayer Sword.

There was a possibility that he would be eaten by him in the future just by continuing to come into contact with the Dragon Slayer’s ego, which was a powerful ego.


‘At least not now.’

-… … I guess so.

At least that wasn’t the case today.

As the dragon slayer’s ego was also acknowledged, the lower level’s mental power

was not lacking.

That’s why Ha Ryu drew his sword.

And the moment Ha-ryu drew his sword.

“Let’s go.”

-However much!


A red wave rushed towards Mei and the dark sword.

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