Absolute Necromancer Chapter 114

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Episode 114

Puppet extravaganza.

It literally means puppetry that is full of freedom and not confined by a framework.

The moment the song that would bring death to the battlefield was played, the battlefield began to change 180 degrees.


“… … ?”

Of course, at first, the climbers on the ‘Yeokcheon’ side were pushed back.

It was natural that my body suddenly stopped moving as I wanted.

But even for a moment.

-Release control of your body. I will control everything.

The electric sound transmitted through the thread connected to the puppet resonates in my head.

Accordingly, the moment when one by one the strength in one’s body is relaxed.

Through the thread connected to the downstream, the puppet’s mana moved the downstream’s body.

By lifting the seal on the dragon slayer sword, the puppet’s puppetry assisted Ha-ryu, who gained enormous power in return for losing half of his sanity.

The results were truly surprising.

Kaga River!

“… … “What?”

“may! Back off! “The atmosphere has changed.”

Mei and Dark Sword.

The two guild leaders who were pressing downstream were startled by the sudden

change in sophisticated technology and jumped back.

“… … oh.”

And Ha-ryu also checked the situation with a slightly surprised expression on his face as something happened without even him knowing.

“I don’t really like the feeling of having my body moved by someone else… … But the results are good, so I can’t help it.”

The puppet’s mana, which flows in from the part connected to the thread, allows the entire body to move freely and suppresses many of the instinctive impulses.

Ha-ryu’s own skills can be used according to his skills, and on the other hand, when the reason that has been consumed by the Dragon Slayer’s ego becomes rash, the

puppet corrects it.

-this… … Hey, this is a different promise!

Puppet’s puppetry skills were so advanced that even Dragon Slayer himself was embarrassed.

A puppetry technique that even takes away the ego’s control over the body.

The results were truly amazing.

This means that you can use the enormous power gained by combining the dragon

slayer sword with the elegant swordsmanship you normally use at the same time.

“Let’s try to do it right from now on.”

Haryu, smiling brightly, rushed towards Beck and Dyke.

It was the moment when Ha-Ryu, who had been busy blocking the attacks of the two men with a defensive stance, took a step forward for the first time.

And it wasn’t just downstream that change began.

“I feel strange. But I feel like something has become more comfortable.”

Wiggle wiggle-

Miho, who showed off a technique that made Beck and Dyke, who were running towards her, retreat in embarrassment, fidgeted with her hands while imagining what

she had just done.

Miho, who possessed the powerful power of a spirit being, but was unable to use that power to its full potential due to her young age, was able to gain some ‘technique’ through the puppetry of a puppet.

Naturally, this was the moment when Miho, who was blocking Beck and Dyke with

just the ‘super strength’ she possessed as a spirit creature, showed added skill.

Beck and Dyke were no longer a threat to Miho.

“… … “I’ll scold you guys.”

No matter how loose and kind Miho is by nature, how can she be happy after being beaten for dozens of minutes?

The very moment when Beck and Dyke flinched at the spiritual energy flowing from their two faintly open eyes.


Miho rushed towards the two, tearing the air barrier.

Haru and Miho.

Along with the changes that began with the two, Ken, the wizard, was also feeling

the changes.

“under… … Haha, you use magic more efficiently than I, a wizard. “You are truly versatile.”

Carl Ernoa and Hayden.

Ken, who was busy moving his hands and head while dealing with two wizard climbers who had well over 200 floors, felt that his hands and head had become more comfortable.

The reason was simple.

-I just learned it from looking over my shoulder. And since Ken is the one using magic, and I don’t even know how to use magic, let’s just leave it at that.

Puppet’s doll room.

This is because the Puppet’s thoughts transmitted through it are directly transmitted to Ken, and the more he uses magic according to those thoughts, the easier it becomes to defend against Carl Ernoa and Hayden’s magic.

Since what could be blocked with two magics can now be blocked with one or one

and a half magics, it is natural that dealing with it becomes easier.

The more magic he kept with the help of the puppet, the more relaxed Ken became.


“Oh shit. Ernoaaaa!!!”

“Hayden, why don’t you do it right? Are you being pushed out by a magician who is only on the 100th floor!!!”

Ken was able to support others in his spare time.

It is said that he surpassed two high-level wizard climbers who climbed the 200th floor alone.



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Of course, with the added power of the puppets, it could be said that there were two Kens, but unlike the guild alliance, the puppets did not only look after Ken.

Haryu, Miho, and Ken alone.

He is commanding a total of three people.

“Maestro. “You seem like a maestro who commands the entire battlefield alone.”

Just one addition.

However, the presence of that one person is changing the atmosphere of the battlefield.

Even though most individuals are talented enough to handle tens of thousands of people, Puppet can be seen as going one step further than those talented people.

In terms of combat ability alone, he would be in the lower tier, but his ability could not be evaluated solely based on combat ability.

More than anything.

“crime… … “I’m sorry!!”

“Damn it, you idiots who are being manipulated by puppetry, just get out of the battlefield!”

His ability to command everyone and turn them into his own puppets by using the

characteristic ‘marionette’ on the executives of the guild union, taking advantage of every moment, was never outdone.

Even if one-to-one is weak, many-to-many is good.

Especially in the current battlefield or melee, his puppetry skills shined.

‘… … He seems backwards compatible.’

In such a situation, it was natural for Ken to think of Jinhyuk.

The ability that the puppet was showing was so great that Ken, who worshiped Jinhyuk like a god, even thought that way.

With the joining of the battlefield maestro and puppet, the fight between Yeokcheon and the leaders of the guild union, which seemed like it would end soon, became longer and longer.

* * *

“… … “You’re okay, right?”


Shane, the only one not under the puppet’s command, asked the puppet standing

next to him how he was doing.

It would be even weirder if I didn’t say hello to him even though his complexion was pale and cold sweat was pouring down his face like rain.

In reality, the puppet’s condition was not that good.

“Not yet… … Fine… … Yes. No, it’ll be okay… … .”

Anyone could see that the puppet, which was panting and barely able to respond,

resembled that of the patient.

Shane, who immediately noticed that it wouldn’t be strange if he fainted at any moment, pulled the trigger and clicked his tongue.

“… … Don’t try to carry it too much alone. “The other guys are pretty good too.”

“The more I rest, the narrower the foundation for a comeback becomes.”

“That narrow platform is enough.”

“No, I cannot tolerate that.”


The puppet, who gritted his teeth with a pale face, shook his head and opened the

potion bottle.


Puppet, who drank enough potion in one go, continued to open the potion bottle.

Mana potion, health potion, mental power potion, stamina potion, etc.

Shane looked at the puppet with a puzzled expression as he sucked up all kinds of


“… … “Aren’t you full?”

“Ugh, you should drink even if you’re full. “Isn’t it essential to take medicine to survive?”

Puppet, who was unable to stop the nausea and belching after drinking in several liters in a short period of time, wiped the wet area around his mouth and adjusted his posture again.

“Arrows are flying.”

“… … Shit, I don’t know. do it yourself.”

As soon as Puppet finished telling him that the arrows fired by Horun of the Guild

Alliance were targeting them again, Shane scratched his head and pulled the trigger.

bang-! Poseok-!

Shane forgot the existence of the puppet, leaving behind the sounds of gunfire and something being smashed along with the now familiar movements.

‘I do what I can. That’s the only way to stop that stupid idiot.’

No, it would be more accurate to say that I forgot to worry about the puppet.

Anyway, even if you were worried about the puppet, the only thing it would come

back saying was that it was okay.

After making that decision, Shane silently pulls the trigger, sometimes repeating several times to intercept arrows according to the puppet’s commands.

“They are slowly being pushed out. “I think it was worth it for me to change my mind.”

Haryu began to push Mei and Dark Sword away.

Miho crushed Beck and Dyke.

Ken perfectly blocked Karl Ernoa and Hayden’s magic.

In other words, the first moment when the guild union took the lead has arrived.

“I know. After this is over, go to the temple. “If I don’t go, I feel like I’ll just go to God’s side.”

“Let’s try. “I think I’ll pass out before I get there, though.”

“… … “Ask other kids to carry you.”

After checking up to that point, Shane said something to the puppet wearing a sweaty suit.

But the puppet, which looked like it was going to faint at any moment, just shrugged its shoulders.

“It seems like everyone else is busy or exhausted, so that might be a bit unreasonable.”

It was a difficult war.

Of course, there would be no one with any spare energy left.

Before lending someone else’s shoulder, you may need to lend it to someone yourself.

It’s said that even if you faint as soon as the guild war ends, it’s hard to find someone to carry you.

Hearing the puppet’s words with a bitter smile, Shane slightly turned his head and said.

“I’ll carry you. “I borrowed the lamp from your master, so I guess you can pay it back to your subordinate.”

Before the guild war took place.

In the battle that took place the day he met Jinhyuk and Hendrick as a bounty hunter, Shane owed Jinhyuk a debt.

This is a debt you carry on your back without being able to lift a finger.

“… … Do you mean Jinhyuk? “You’re not that type of person.”

Of course, after hearing about Shane’s debt, Puppet forgot about the hardships and tilted his head to reveal his doubts.

This is because the Jinhyuk he knew was never a great man who would lend his back to someone.

“That’s right, Hendrick told me to carry him.”

And as Puppet thought, Jinhyuk was not a great man who would lend his back to someone.

Recalling the situation in which he had asked Hendrick, who was completely injured at the time, to carry him on his back, Shane burst into laughter as if it was absurd to even think about it again.

“… … Phew, as expected. It’s like him. If you have debt, there is nothing you can do about it. I’m sorry to that person, but I’d rather bite my tongue than make him pay the debt anyway, so I can use it instead. “When everything is done, I will be indebted to you up to the temple.”

The debt Jinhyuk owed to Shane through Hendrick.

Not only Puppet but also Shane knew that Jinhyuk would never use that debt in his life.

It can’t be said that they knew each other for long, but the Jinhyuk they knew was

only a 60-story climber, but he was stronger than anyone else, and even if he lost, he was full of pride and wouldn’t show his back.

Since he couldn’t even think about defeat and couldn’t even imagine being carried

on someone’s back after defeat, Puppet obediently replied that he would take up the debt himself.

But the peaceful conversation between the two could not last long.


“… … “Oh my, what kind of divine power is this if you’re not even a priest?”

“… … “It seems like we’re back to square one.”

Ashur Hum.

This is because the brilliance of divine power like the sun that burst from him, who can be said to be the leader of the guild union, covered the battlefield.

To be exact, a climber belonging to the Guild Alliance.

So, the moment they saw the divine power that enveloped each guild leader in the

guild union, Puppet and Shane had to calm down.

“Is phase 2 starting?”

“… … Sigh, I hope I don’t die from overwork before the guild war ends.”


As he spoke, Puppet opened the lid of the now disgusted potion bottle and drank the potion in one go.

It was the moment when the second phase of the guild union began when most of

not only the puppet but also everyone’s physical strength, mental power, and energy had been consumed.

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