Absolute Necromancer Chapter 108

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Episode 108

-… … Hey, did you hear the news?

-What news?

-The news that Gwimyeon had a big accident!

Not long after the guild war was declared, rumors quickly spread within the tower.

The rumor that Jinhyuk intentionally spread quickly spread throughout the tower,

and in less than a day, everyone knew about Jinhyuk.

-You said you were having a guild war with the guild union? But does that work?

-So, wasn’t guild battles only possible between people of similar rank?

Of course, there were many people who couldn’t help but feel puzzled.

There were many who dismissed it as a lie because it was something that could not have happened.

However, the incident quickly died down due to the follow-up rumors that immediately broke out.

-They say they used public values… … What is that?

-… … The public value of a climber 100 floors below was not enough, so he consumed so much that he could make the impossible possible? Does this make sense?

Public value.

A mysterious power that makes all impossible things possible within the tower.

There were many people who did not know, but there were also quite a few who knew about it.

Those who had never actually received public justice, but knew that public justice

existed, added flesh to the rumor.

One by one, with each passing of people, the rumor spread faster and more widely

throughout the tower, and eventually even the detailed details of the guild war became known.

-I heard the guild alliance tried to wipe out the entire 60th floor just to catch one


-under! Damn you, guild bastards. Would a person without a guild live in sorrow?

The fact that the guild alliance worked for at most one climber on the 60th floor.

As the fact became known, people naturally ground their teeth.

This was especially true for those who had been burned by guilds or climbers belonging to guilds.

It was about time that the complaints that had been building up came out through

this incident.

Good rumors about Jinhyeok also slowly surfaced.

-But they said that the ghost had initiated a guild war against the guild alliance for

the sake of the NPCs and climbers on the 60th floor.

-… … I thought he was a climber who only thought about himself, but it turns out he had that kind of side to him.

A climber who fought against the guild union’s violence.

That touched the hearts of many people who had nothing to do with this incident.

No matter how much TOP was a world of survival of the strong and the law of the

fittest, the difference between belonging to a guild and not was too big.

This was especially true for guilds located in the upper class or those under the protection of the Four Emperors.

This incident attracted even more attention because it was always the independent

climbers who suffered from the differences that arise because not everyone can join

or form a guild.

-… … Should I participate as a mercenary?

-Not bad. I heard that they are surprisingly well paid?

-From justification to practicality… … I’m going to the 60th floor.

In addition, with the mercenary notice being circulated, people slowly began to move to the 60th floor.

What started out as a way to accelerate the completion of Baal’s quest gradually brought about a wind of change throughout the tower.

So slowly time passed towards the guild war.

Huh! puck!

A training hall located on the 60th floor.

Eerie sounds rang out from there.

The sound of something flying.

The sound of something breaking, etc.

The person who filled the training ground with commotion was none other than downstream.

“… … “I can’t be a burden to my brother.”

“I don’t want to be a burden either.”

“Yes, Miho. Let’s both try not to be a burden to our brother.

Miho, who had become so close that she could now be called a sister, was also with them.

Because she was young, Miho did not do troublesome or difficult things like training, but she changed 180 degrees after the announcement of the guild war not long


“… … “I wasn’t of any help.”

Miho mutters, recalling the first time the Guild Alliance attacked.

As Miho said, she wasn’t able to provide proper help at that time.

Jinhyeok instructed Miho to only attack from a distance, but even though she was

a spirit creature, there was no way that Miho, who was still only a young cub, would

be able to make a proper attack from a distance.

Naturally, it was nearly impossible to deal with the climbers of the Guild Alliance,

who were among the most capable climbers, with their poor archery skills.

“… … It’s the same for me too. So, let’s try a little harder. Understand?”



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“… … huh!”

Of course, Ha-ryu was also feeling similar emotions to what Miho was feeling.

To the point where he doubts whether he is really what Jinhyuk needs.

‘… … Even if you go out of the castle like Mr. Hendrick, you have to be strong enough that your brother won’t stop you.’

It was Ha-ryu who learned from Hendrick that just because he couldn’t attack from a distance didn’t mean he was protected.

Ha-ryu gritted his teeth because he realized that if he couldn’t attack from a distance, he could fight in close quarters in the gaps of the battlefield and just overwhelm them would be enough.

‘There are only a few days left now. When the guild war begins, other guild members will come, and an environment will be created where I can engage in close com

bat… … Still, you have to work hard.’

After the guild war was declared.

Jinhyuk revealed that he never intends to fight alone.

A guild war is essentially a large-scale battle that takes place by gathering guild members and hiring mercenaries.

Of course, it was quite natural because Jinhyuk had clearly felt through the previous battle that Jinhyuk and his colleagues gathered on the 60th floor alone were not

enough to fight the war.

There will be no situation like the last time where they were unable to overcome numerical pressure and were confined to the walls.

At that fact, Ha-Ryu stood up with a face full of fatigue.

“Miho, shall we do it one more time?”


Kwajik- Tsutsutsu… … .

As soon as Miho, his sparring opponent, could not agree, Ha-ryu kicked the floor

of the gym.

The floor is instantly crushed and a crater is formed.

At the same time, Miho also continuously radiated her spiritual energy.

Nails of spiritual energy sprouting from beautiful, small hands.

Black energy.

Ha-ryu wielded his sparring sword, looking at it, which had strength and sharpness comparable to that of sword energy, the next step in mana-making into a sword.


A sword that swings fiercely when drawn.

Even though it was a sparring sword, it was a sword with a sharp edge, and he had

no intention or reason to look after Miho just because she was young.

In the first place, Miho’s birth was too special to be looked upon just because she

was young.


“… … “I won’t watch it.”

“It’s what I hoped for.”

Young things.

Among them, how could Miho, the child of the nine-tailed fox, the nine-tailed fox, be ordinary, the first spirit to gain godhood?

Miho, who easily blocked Haryu’s sword strike with her ten claws, spoke with a serious face.

Ha-ryu muttered with a faint smile on his face as if he should do so, then gently pulled the sword out from between his claws and continued his attack again.

Kang! Kaang! Kang!

Even in the training hall, where dozens of attacks and defenses took place in one breath, time passed helplessly.

This happened when there were two days left until the guild war.

Crunchy CrunchyWhen Miho and Ha-ryu are working hard to improve each other’s skills.

In Jinhyeok’s office located on the 60th floor, the only sound was the sound of a pen moving.

“Damn it, it’s not my job to look at documents like this.”

Jinhyeok cursed as he looked at the mountain of documents with the profiles of mercenaries in front of him.

“It’s none of my business. Don’t be too nervous and just look at this guy’s documents. “He seems like a pretty nice guy.”

“It’s big, but its defense looks poor. Filter.”

“… … “As long as you raise your eyes high.”

But apart from that, he checked the documents very meticulously.

Even though it may be difficult to expect much from the upcoming guild war, I know very well that this is a force that will be of great help.

‘… … Still, the quality is a bit poor. Of course, most floors are higher than mine, but there are too many imaginary numbers.’

Since it is only(?) located on the 60th floor, most applicants were on the 100th floor or higher.

However, the flaw was that even though he was currently on the 60th floor, Jinhyuk, who had reached the 600th floor in his previous life, was not that satisfied with the person.

No matter how hard I tried to look at documents, I couldn’t create documents that

didn’t exist.

“Hendrick, did you get a reply from Goldrich?”

“I’m here. They said they’ll finish the guild war and then send people over.”

“okay? “That’s a good thing.”

He took off the glasses he was wearing and responded to the words of Hendrick Jinhyeok, who was reviewing documents like Balkan in a seat one room away.

Gold Rich.

Since he played the most important role in this guild war, his answer had to be confirmed.

Of course, the most important thing in guild battles is ‘quality’, but ‘quantity’ is also needed.

It is natural that even if one overwhelmingly strong person can handle dozens of people, he or she cannot handle hundreds or thousands of people.

Fortunately, after hearing the answer that Gold Rich would send the personnel on time, Jinhyuk sighed with a sad look on his face.

“I don’t know the quality, but I think I can match the quantity to some extent. “That guy will definitely do this.”


Knowing full well that Gold Rich was a talented person who could make up for the

number of people lacking, Jinhyeok wasted some time shuffling through the documents.

“But the real ones are hard to see. Should we just pick the ones who have been filtered out… … .”

Gold Rich will make up for what’s lacking, but it’s the real deal.

So, there were hardly any climbers who could mark the guild union executives or guild leaders.

This was a problem that even Gold Rich could not do anything about, so Jinhyuk had to solve it himself.

In the end, Jinhyeok sighed as he looked through the documents he had missed.

“How much money can I give you?”

“If you’re a decent guy, you can give as much as you want… … Who are you.”

A woman’s voice came from next to me.

Jinhyuk, who had been answering without realizing it, stiffened his face and turned his head.

This person came in by deceiving his own instincts.

The moment when Hendrick and Balkan got up from their seats as if they had let their guard down.

“I don’t even remember anymore? I feel a little sad. “It’s been a few days.”

A being that had been hiding in the dark has revealed itself.

And that appearance was familiar to Jinhyuk, as well as Balkan and Hendrick.

“… … Shane?”


A bounty hunter who came to visit them a while ago, made a bet, and handed over

information about the guild alliance.

She has now appeared in Jinhyeok’s office.

For a moment, a smile appeared on my happy face.

“What’s going on here?”

“Are you going straight to the point without giving me a cup of tea? “I know it’s true that the situation is like this, but I still feel sad.”

Shane grumbled at Jinhyuk, who got straight to the point.

Shane answered while glaring at Jinhyeok, who seemed cold to him even though it

had only been a few days since they had met.

“I told you. “How much can you give?”

“… … What do you mean?”

Financial demands.

But considering Shane’s occupation as a bounty hunter, the meaning was simple.

“Hire me. “As long as I have enough money, I will stand by your side.”

The fact that he proudly appears in the office, which can be said to be the enemy’s camp, is considered employment.

Shane made the listener feel absurd, but Jinhyuk had a slight smile on his face.

“How much do you want?”

Shane’s ability was proven through sparring a few days ago.

She is the real person who made Jinhyuk keep rummaging through piles of documents.

It was natural to immediately go through the hiring process for Shane.

“Two million.”

“There are too many. “Let’s make it 1 million.”

Of course, just because I liked Shane, I had no intention of unconditionally accepting her conditions.

“1.5 million. I won’t do anything less than that. Are you going to the guild union?”

“Just kill him before he goes. 1.3 million.”

An attack without an inch of retreat.

When each person exchanges a punch several times.

Shane was the first to raise his hand.

“Damn it, I’m the best. “You hire me like that for only 1.35 million gold?”

1.35 million gold.

It was a huge price to pay for hiring someone for a guild war at best, but as Shane,

I didn’t like it.

In the first place, let alone the fact that the ransom was cheaper than the usual price, it was not a good idea to compromise one’s own value.

“It’s worth the price.”

“You called 2 million!”

“I said this a little bit wrong. “What I call your price.”

“… … Damn you. Deposit money right away. “If you’re even a little late, the contract is immediately cancelled!”

Shane yells at Jinhyuk, who is slyly picking on him.

Jinhyuk threw a card in front of her, revealing her personality that he had secretly


“Pay with this.”

“… … “Why did you cut it when you had so much money?”

A Gold Rich card that allows payments regardless of the amount.

Shane stuck his tongue out at Jinhyeok, who had it and was cutting down on the down payment as if he were struggling.

“I’ve spent too much money these days.”

“… … With this, we are now in the same boat.”

Shane smiled slightly as he took the card terminal out of his pocket and immediately completed the payment.


The reason he took Jinhyuk’s side even at the cost of a lower ransom than usual was because of such trivial reasons.

Jinhyuk nodded as if it was natural to see Shane smiling at him.

“Of course. “If it’s not worth the money, I’ll get it back.”

“Wow. “Be prepared to give generous incentives.”

It was the moment when Shane, a mercenary who was the best among the bounty

hunters before the 300th floor, participated in ‘Reverse Heaven’ as a mercenary.

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