Absolute Necromancer Chapter 107

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Episode 107

“This is unfortunate. “Today, I added one more thing to my collection.”

Basil said with a grin as the guild war was decided and they could no longer attack

each other.

“… … under! “After seeing this, you probably didn’t think your dream would come true, did you?”

Of course, Hendrick, who was listening, did not just listen.

This is because among the numerous snakes that attacked Hendrick, all of them except Kaputa were lying dead lying on the floor.

This happened despite the fact that each and every one of them had tremendous power.

Poison, hard scales, sharp fangs, etc.

Despite the onslaught of snakes with different abilities, Hendrick defeated them all

without even assuming a tolerance state.

As a result, the only one who suffered a loss was Basil.

But Basil smiled slightly and waved his hand.




A large amount of mana escaped from his body and gently wrapped around the snakes’ corpses.

The corpses of snakes slowly rising by the power of mana.

Soon the corpses of the snakes that emerged flew towards Basil.

And the scene that followed was so terrible that Hendrick, who had gone through

all the hardships, frowned.


“… … you.”

Basil chewing on the dead body of a flying snake.

Hendrick was shocked as he looked at him.

Feeling the gaze of Hendrick with his eyes wide open, Basil continued to eat something rather absurd.

“It’s delicious. “With this, these children will be with me forever.”

The body of a snake that disappeared beyond its own throat.

Snake blood, snake bones, snake scales, etc.

Basil enjoyed it with his eyes closed, as if savoring everything that made up a single snake, and only after eating all the snakes did he open his eyes.

“And I meant what I said earlier. “I’m adding you to my collection today.”

Sushi Sisik!

A huge number of signs can be felt under Basil’s feet and inside his clothes as he eats everything and moves slowly.

‘… … Does that mean each and every one of them is a snake? ‘How many snakes are they storing?’

Hendrick’s face hardened at the energy that seemed to be several times more numerous and powerful than the snakes he had dealt with in the previous battle.

At first glance, it appeared that the damage suffered in the previous battle could easily be repaired.

‘If they had spewed out all of them from the beginning, would it have been possible to stop them without using the dragon state?’


The emotion of that name enveloped Hendrick’s whole body.

These snakes all have powerful energy.

There are dozens of snakes that have grown to a level that, although not at the level of a spirit being, can safely be considered below that level.

If you include those at the lower levels, the number of snakes is ridiculously over a


Would he have been able to stop them without even accepting them? At this thought, Hendrick froze as if a nail had been nailed in place.

“I guess you noticed. I like you too. “Next time I see you, I may not know the final

state, but I will have to see the brilliant dragon.”


A change in appearance that occurs when a state of acceptance occurs.

When in the dragon state, the dragon skin that grows all over the body grows on some parts of the body through meditation, helping to strengthen defense.

Of course, the speed may be slower, but the destructive power and defense increase exponentially.

Ordinary climbers would not be able to keep up with the rapid growth stage and would be crushed.

Even though he knew this well, Basil did not lose his smile.

‘Myself… … ‘Does it exist?’

At least until the dragon state, his attitude seems to be that he is confident in dealing with him with ease.

In fact, he is several steps ahead of Shane, whom I met not long ago.

Hendrick let out a sigh as he looked at his back as he slowly walked forward, promising what would happen next.

“… … 300th floor. “Among them, he is a climber with enough talent to be able to break the 600-story wall.”

Due to lack of time, he is still stuck on the 300th floor, but he is capable of breaking the 600th floor wall in the future.

Those were the disappearing beings called Basil, Jinhyuk, and Tune.

“Next time you’ll have to take it all out.”

CrackHendrick gritted his teeth at the fact that his opponent didn’t even reveal his true strength, no matter how much he didn’t bring out all his strength.

Only after Basil and Thune had completely disappeared into the guild union’s camp did Hendrick turn away, rubbing his bloodshot eyes.

“… … I need more training. 4 days… … 4 days… … “That’s enough.”

There are 4 days left until the guild war.

In the meantime, with the resolve to bring out everything that the current self can

bring out.

Hendrick returned to the city on the 60th floor.

Guild union and Yeokcheon.



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It seemed to indicate that there was a temporary lull before a head-on collision between the two forces occurred.

* * *

“What the hell is going on! “It’s a guild battle!”

“I had to get everything done today and get back to where I was. That was what was promised. It’s a guild war… … The work was carried out without asking our opinions. “I will definitely convey this to my superiors.”

‘… … ‘It’s noisy.’

Those who welcomed Tune, who returned to the camp, were guild masters from the guild alliance who rushed in and expressed their losses.

Tune responded in a cool voice, feeling the excitement that raised his head as he

met his soul-trembling opponent just moments ago cool down.

“I would be the general manager of this place. All decisions can be made autonomously according to my own will. Still, if you are dissatisfied, file a formal complaint.

“I will handle it according to the tower’s rules.”

“… … .”

Tower discipline.

As Tune mentioned the logic of the law of the fittest, the crowd became dead silent.

In addition to the damage suffered today, the damage resulting from having to invest a few more days and the damage resulting from confronting Tune and being dealt with according to TOP’s rules.

Naturally, it was the latter that had the heavier weight.

“Of course, Tune, it is true that I have delegated full authority to you. However, all

of that is limited to the extent to which it conforms to the instructions and interests

of superiors. The guild war was something that had not been decided by either us or us. “No matter how much he had the authority to take preliminary action on everything, he went too far.”

Of course, not everyone was quiet.

A genius who led 10 guilds until Tune and Basil appeared, and was capable of leading them.

Ashur Hum, the head of the guild ‘Lord of Divine’, did not hesitate to criticize Tune’s decision.

“… … “What is crossing the line?”

Tune always maintained his arrogance and confidence, but in front of Ashur Hum,

he slightly toned down his attitude.

The fact that he was under the protection of his employer, ‘Seongguk’, a part of Nine Star, played a big role, but there was something else that was important.


‘… … Tsk, compatibility really is a pain in the ass when it’s like this. Did he also feel this way when dealing with priests and paladins?’

The brilliance that erupted from behind Ashur Hum.

His divine power is reminiscent of the sun.

That had a huge impact on Tune not being able to treat him carelessly.

Holy power and undead.

The gap between the two could not be narrowed, as if it had been decided from the beginning.

From the moment he chose the profession of Necromancer, Tune was no different

from losing half to one move to paladins like Ashur Hum.

“The guild alliance belongs to the Nine Stars, especially the Fallon siblings of ‘Holy

Kingdom.’ It is my job to prevent their things from being damaged and to give them

even more brilliant value. So, if what you do is damaging to them… … “I will carry out the tower’s rules as you said right now.”

Tune swallowed dry saliva as he looked at his blunt but cool gaze.

‘The situation is not good.’

Tune was confident that censure regarding the guild war would, in fact, be unavoidable.

However, the participation of Ashur Hum, who had not interfered with him until now, was unexpected, so Tune quickly came to his senses.

‘If the overall command of the guild war is taken away, it will be neither porridge

nor rice. The qualifications of his successor were also confirmed. Ready to accept everything He has by going beyond Him! never… … I can never hand over his command.’

Ashur Hum’s right to speak is absolute.

Even if he is employed by Nine Star and they have delegated full authority to Tune,

one direct comment from Ashur Hum could ruin everything.

How much did you pay to hire Tune?

In the name of his mistake, etc., he may be refunded in full, or may even be made

to pay a penalty.

By their very nature, gigantic powers are beings that can do anything as long as they have a reason to do so.

No, since they were the ones who could create reasons that did not exist in the first place, if they could not persuade Ashur Hum right now, they would be caught up in the rules of the tower that Tune himself had just mentioned.

‘If you’re going to fight, there’s no reason to avoid it… … ‘You can’t cut back on your strength in front of an important moment.’


It is also called a one-man army, but most necromancers cannot use that nickname.

Commanding a large number of undead was work, but repairing broken or smashed undead was also work.

Healing magic does not work on undead.

Rather, if you break it, you break it, but you cannot heal the undead with healing


In the meantime, he fights with Ashur Hum, who is worthy of being called the strongest and best paladin before the 300th floor, taking with him undead who are damaged even by healing magic that focuses on healing rather than attacking based on

divine power?

‘… … no. It shouldn’t be like that. I can win, but then I can’t achieve my goal.’

There was a high possibility that it would be a victory with only scars.

As he climbed the tower, Tune could not afford to have a power leak before the most important moment.

‘I have to give everything I have to him. Win or lose. Even if I am defeated and lose my life to him, even if I become a soldier moved by his beck and call, I must go forward.’

Getting better.

For that, Tune should not have fought Ashur Hum.

However, it seems that Ashur Hum himself has no intention of confronting Tune head-on, so he simply exerts pressure by gently raising his divine power.

There was no full-scale offensive.

At that moment, Basil appeared among them, with the string called tension being

pulled taut.

SighBasil, who naturally approached Ashur Hum, brought Camille and Silas, who had climbed on his body, to Ashur Hum and said,

“If you decide to leave it to us, you have to give us this level of autonomy. is not it?”

“… … First, let’s listen to the story. “If your reason for accepting the guild war is not valid, just know that what I just said will become reality.”

Unlike Tune, Basil, who is not affected by divine power at all, is stuck at very close


Even though he was not a climber who preferred close combat, Ashur Hum took a

step back after realizing that it was still dangerous.

I decided to put aside my persecution of him for a while and find out why he accepted the guild war.

“Yes, that’s right. Tune? Now that the boards have been laid, why don’t you tell me

about the plan you came up with?”

Tune, who came to his senses after hearing Basil’s words with a slight smile, gave

Basil a look of gratitude.

‘I won’t forget this favor, Basil.’

Sensing that Basil, who had a strong My Way personality, had stepped forward for

him, he gathered his momentum and opened his mouth.

“The purpose of the higher-ups was to deal with the ghosts, but it was also the purpose to find out the forces behind the ghosts and deal with them if possible.”

A tune that emphasizes that there are two purposes, not one.

That was correct.

their superiors.

So, Nine Star did not just focus on Jinhyuk, the ghost.

One of the goals was to find the root cause of Jinhyuk’s growth so quickly.

Of course, dealing with Jinhyuk was the top priority.

Is that why?

Immediately after Tune’s words, a rebuttal arose like wildfire.

“… … So you accepted the guild war? Nonsense. If you hit it, it will naturally make

an attempt to cut off the gap or the tail! “It looks like you’re wasting time on a guild

battle that could have been done on its own!”

It was a gangster’s dyke.

Just like his grumpy appearance, he was impatient.

Other guild masters also nodded at his words, saying that in addition to the damage suffered by guild members due to this attack, the time and resources to be wasted

through preparations and battles for the guild war was too precious.

As Dyke said, they were confident that if they hit Jinhyeok, his backers would be revealed or information would be leaked in some way.

I am confident because I vaguely know how much effort and capital goes into raising a ghost-level climber.

Well, contrary to their expectations, Jinhyuk did not have any backs.

Facing their rebuttal and anger head-on, Tune calmly shook his head.

“It is unknown whether they will really show up. What would you do if you took all

the losses and went into hiding?”

“that… … !”

Cut off the tail.

No one could refute the idea that he might throw away the ghost that had reached

the end of its usefulness or could no longer be used.

Because they had a rough guess of it too.

It’s just that I intentionally ignored it.

This is because acknowledging that would require a long-term battle, such as accepting a guild war like Tune did now.

They didn’t want to stay on the lower floors, like the 60th floor, for very long.

“The ghost is still alive, and judging by the fact that he confidently entered the guild war, he must be planning to drag his back or whatever. There is a saying that it is

a complete strike. The guild war that will be held in four days will be the beginning

of that complete sweep. You just need to prepare thoroughly by then. “Just be prepared to crush the demon face and its back, no matter what comes next.”

To those who wanted to leave the 60th floor as quickly as possible, Tune clearly expressed his thoughts.

Through this guild war, Jinhyeok’s successor or whatever the higher-up Nine Star

wants will be revealed.

Ashur Hum, who was listening to him with a calm expression, opened his mouth to him, who was also making it clear to him that this was one of the few opportunities for a dog to be recognized by its owner.

“Why did you decide to accept the guild war? As mentioned earlier, there is a possibility that it could be used to buy time. Moreover, the overriding goal is to kill the

ghost. “Don’t you know very well that it would be enough to achieve the top goal and minimize damage?”

In response to his calm but clearly penetrating words, Tune shrugged his shoulders

as if asking something obvious.

“A large amount of public value was consumed, causing an impossible guild war to

occur. If we wanted to break it right now, we would have to spend a lot more public

value than that and launch a counter operation… … Not only would we not be able

to achieve that level of public value even if we all did, but even if we did, do you think these guys would contribute that public value? First of all, I am a freelancer. “I have no intention of wasting public value, which is more important than gold, on a quest.”

“That goes for me too.”

Ashur Hum had no choice but to make a decision when Basil smiled and waved his

hand slightly as if to give strength to the words of the last tune.

“… … After checking the situation, I see that your opinion was correct. Do as you

wish. Guild war in 4 days. That’s where we see the battle. “After four days, summon

all the guild members you have left out to prepare for any possible danger.”

The choice he made was to side with Tune.

Naturally, opposition erupted immediately.

“Ashur! that… … !”

“This is an order, Carl Ernoa. I know you care about your guild members. But are you going to disobey your superiors just because of that feeling?”

Carl Ernoa.

Although he was the owner of the guild ‘Ernoa’ and a renowned wizard, he had no

choice but to keep his mouth shut in response to Ashur Hum’s cold question.

“… … “I will follow your orders.”

The support staff, who had accepted and risked doing as they pleased at important

moments, were now strangling his neck, but there was nothing he could do.

He just nods with his mouth sewn like a stuffed toy.

There was no way anyone could protest while even Carl Ernoa, a top-ranked climber, was nodding his head.

“This is the end of the meeting. We’ll all take a break until the guild war starts. Are

you okay? Plenipotentiary?”

“… … Okay, that’s it. “They will all gather together when the guild war starts anyway.”

Tune also nodded in response to Ashur Hum’s sharp question, which instantly caught everyone’s attention.

Although he was pushed out by Ashur Hum, he achieved his desired goal, so Tune

did not view the situation as a bad thing.

‘… … Ghost face. ‘It’s 4 days.’

Leaving behind the hustle and bustle of the people leaving for their respective places, Tune looked at Jinhyeok, who was in the city on the 60th floor in the distance, and then left.

Guild war in 4 days.

In order to pour out everything there after being fully prepared.

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