Absolute Necromancer Chapter 109

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Episode 109

The few days passed quickly after the mercenary Shane joined.

“Is it the day of the decisive battle? “It doesn’t feel real.”

The morning of the guild war.

Jinhyuk woke up and looked out the window and shook his head.

It occurred to me that today could possibly be the end of my second life, but that

was because it didn’t feel real.

‘I can’t lose to a junior who is so far away. Especially since I’m not old enough to

be the old man in the back room yet.’


Jinhyeok smiled as he recalled his meeting with the man who was called by the grandiose nickname, King of Death.


That’s why I couldn’t control my laughter from the joy I felt for the first time in a long time.

‘A pleasure that is different from Hendrick, different from Yosun, and different from Shane. After all, the most fun is when people of the same kind collide with each


A swordsman feels joy when he meets another swordsman, and a wizard feels joy when he meets a wizard.

Of course, there are some people who feel joy in cutting through the magic of wizards with their swords and destroying their swords with magic, but at least Jinhyeok

was not one of those types.

‘It’s been a while since I’ve seen a proper necromancer, but I enjoyed it quite a bit.’

Necromancer vs. Necromancer.

This is truly a match that has been a long time coming.

And the war with the talented junior necromancer was not enough to give Jinhyeok great excitement.

“He’s been grinning alone since morning. “You’re disgusting, you guy.”

Well, I was awakened from my excitement by the sound of Vulcan clicking his tongue.

“… … Entering someone else’s room without permission and voyeurizing. Are you

becoming like those guys too?”

[The pinnacle of all evil expresses injustice.]

[King Mifu complains that it is wrong to enjoy watching you.]

[The God of Lightning glances at you and flinches.]

[The devil dealing with death smirks if he understands you.]

[The devil who deals with death taps your shoulder, saying that excitement is the

most primal emotion.]

Anyone can tap me on the shoulder, Mr. Kwak.

Other gods and demons who were watching Jinhyuk were damaged by the unexpected splash damage.

When Jinhyuk clicked his tongue at the message window they were sending.

Balkan immediately clicked his tongue and called out Jinhyuk.

“Tsk, just wash up and come out. “The food is ready.”

“Yes, we are all trying to make a living, but we have to eat.”

Jinhyeok, who quickly erased his thoughts about gods and demons with an eraser

at the mention of food, kicked off the soft bed sheets and got up.


Because Koreans have a word called ‘bapsim’.

‘I can’t show my shortcomings in the face of an interesting match.’

Jinhyeok was a man who possessed the strength he had, the strength he didn’t have, and even the will to eat in addition to the strength he had from breastfeeding.

Jinhyuk is the winner today.

So, it meant that they were paying a lot of attention to guild warfare.

‘Even if we go through some ups and downs, I will win in the end.’

Of course, Jinhyuk could lose, but he was not confident of losing, so his steps toward the restaurant were light and filled with joy.

* * *

Clatter-clatter-clatterInside the restaurant.

There, the only sound was the clatter of dishes clinking together.

Not only Hendrick, who was quiet by nature, but even Miho, who would normally

be noisy, was quiet, so it was only natural.

“Did you contact Goldrich?”

The one who broke the silence was Jinhyeok, who was in the highest position in this place.

The moment when a lightly asked question breaks the silence.

Hendrick, who was gently cutting the meat with a knife, answered as he put the meat he had cut into pieces into his mouth.

“They said they would arrive before the guild war starts. “They say it will be led by

Halcion and Puppet.”

Troops arriving before the guild war begins.

Jinhyuk nodded and asked another question.

“If these two people are bringing it directly, then I can trust it. Quality or quantity?”

“Needless to say, the quality is top notch. The number was probably a few hundred, which was less than that of the guild union. “The rest will have to be filled with

mercenaries we hired.”

“Hmm, it’s unfortunate, but there’s nothing we can do.”

There was no shortage of quality compared to the guild members of the guild alliance, but the lack of absolute quantity could not be filled.

“Even if we hire mercenaries, we probably won’t be able to narrow the gap in quantity.”

“I guess so. “You won’t be able to overcome the military forces that have been built up over several years in an instant.”



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At least a few years have passed since the guild union took root in the tower.

Naturally, each guild has a huge number of guild members.

There are probably hundreds of them, and there are probably guilds with numbers

approaching a thousand.

If you add that down to the 100th floor, there are over a thousand climbers belonging to the guild union.

“It’s a shame. “If Gold Rich had worked a little harder, he could have made up the

numbers quite evenly.”

That’s why Hendrick couldn’t hide his regret.

Although they caught up in quality, they were unable to overcome numerical inferiority, which is the most important factor in group warfare.

Of course, Jinhyuk shrugged his shoulders and supported Goldrich.

“It’s not like he’s in the military industry, and if he had more power than that, that

would have been a problem in its own way. “He didn’t even see the future, so how could he have prepared his troops in advance?”

Although Goldrich participates in ‘Reverse Heaven’, he is ultimately a merchant.

Naturally, the number of combat resources is bound to be small compared to other


Of course, since Gold Rich is aiming to overthrow the Four Emperors, it was difficult to think that he would not have any military power that he was secretly cultivating… … .

‘Even if it were, it wouldn’t be anything useful here.’

A dragon-slaying sword cannot be used to kill a cow.

After the formation of Yeokcheon, it was clear that for a hastily assembled force, hundreds of people would have cost a huge amount of money.

Knowing that, Jinhyuk decided that the current situation was not bad.

“Let’s get up quickly. “It’s time to make the final preparations.”

Hendrick frowned at the words of Jinhyuk, who finished eating and stood up from

his seat, leaving the empty bowl behind.

“We haven’t eaten yet. “You seem like a selfish guild master.”

“… … I didn’t know that. “Eat slowly and then come out.”

Jin-hyuk scratches his head in embarrassment, and Ha-ryu and Mi-ho smile brightly, perhaps because they have relaxed at the sight of Jin-hyuk.

It’s essential to be moderately nervous before a guild battle, but that doesn’t mean

you need to be nervous the whole time, so I didn’t aim for it, but it ended up being

a good thing in its own way.

Jinhyuk walked outside, leaving behind the rest of the people who were quickly finishing their remaining food.

TrudgingA castle on the 60th floor.

While walking there, Jinhyuk simulated the guild battle in his head one last time.

‘I don’t even hope for a perfect victory. All I need is just… … Just victory. I will use

this incident as a stepping stone and head to higher places.’

A battle against a group with great power and influence.

Jinhyeok smiled as he pictured a battle in which he had to risk his life.

‘Pain that doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger. If you die, that’s all you have, and if you survive, it means that you have some qualifications to reach your goal. That’s enough.’

As the old saying goes, pain was like quenching.

If the sword breaks during tempering, it is nothing more than a sword.

However, a sword that has endured arduous tempering is born into a famous sword.

It was no different from the situation Jinhyuk is experiencing now.

A hardening task called guild union.

If you can’t hold on here, you’ll break, but if you can hold on, you can move on to

the next level.

That’s why Jinhyuk did not give up and chose to move forward.

“Now then, let’s take a look at the faces of the mercenaries I personally selected.”

Three hours until the guild war.

Jinhyuk rushed out of his seat to check on the mercenaries who would be gathered

at the parade ground on the 60th floor.

* * *

“I’m here?”

A parade ground where mercenaries gather.

The person who welcomed me when I showed up there was none other than Shane.

“It’s fast. “There are still about three hours left.”

He’s also diligent.

I asked, looking at Shane with a surprised face who had already arrived even though there were about three hours left.

Shane shrugged his shoulders and answered my question.

“I will lead the mercenary unit, so I need to check in advance.”

Well, that’s right.

It was safe to say that Shane was the top class among mercenaries.

Bounty hunter, mercenary, freelancer.

If you look at it before the 300th floor, there are only a handful of people who are

similar to or stronger than Shane.

That’s why I entrusted all of the mercenaries that Hendrick and I had chosen with

great care to Shane.

“Do whatever you want. As you said, control of the mercenary unit will be yours alone.”

In addition, after the guild war began, he showed trust in her to the extent of entrusting leadership of the mercenaries to Shane.

If you’re going to do it, you’d better do it for sure.

Anyway, I saw Shane’s abilities with my own eyes and experienced it myself.

There is no doubt about Shane’s abilities, and it was given with the intention of gaining points as there was a high possibility that he would be involved with her frequently in the future.

“How is your condition?”

“not bad. No, it can actually be said to be good. “No matter where you go, it won’t

be easy to get kids of that level.”

“I definitely benefited from some rumors.”

The mercenaries who checked their weapons and warmed up their bodies at the parade ground were people who fully satisfied Shane’s standards.

However, I knew very well that they were not people who could just save money.

‘If the general trend wasn’t on our side, if it weren’t for the image of a hero fighting against the tyranny of a large guild, we wouldn’t have gathered.’

If you are a low-level mercenary, you might not know it, but if you are a high-level

mercenary, your pride is unique.

It is safe to say that there are virtually no people who come down to make money in the battle that takes place on the 60th floor at most.

Not only is it difficult to plan for Ilshin’s growth, but the only thing left is money.

Naturally, when this mercenary notice was first issued, the participation rate was low.

If you wanted money, you could go to the guild union and get a lot of it, and to those who did not know the internal situation, the guild union seemed overwhelmingly advantageous, so it was natural.

“Aren’t these all things I excel at?”

“… … Wow, think whatever you want.”

It’s a bit too much to the point of nausea.

I tried making a few jokes, but all I got back was nausea.

In the end, I shook my head and shrugged my shoulders and walked outside.

“Where? “Can’t I check more?”

As he moved forward without checking on each of the mercenaries, Shane immediately followed him.

As she said, originally, I would have looked around at each mercenary.

It is said that Shane was given full authority.

In the end, it was a piece of chess that I had to play.

It was only natural that I was the one driving Shane, who leads the mercenary unit.

Even though three hours was enough time to see all the mercenaries, there was a good reason why I stopped looking at them and left.

“You’ll take care of it, so I’ll go and greet the guests.”

Welcoming guests.

This was because I could hear the signs of a guest coming to visit me from outside.

Oh, to be precise, it’s not ‘guest’ but ‘guests’.

“customer? What happened suddenly… … ah!”

Shane, who had been tilting his head at the mention of a guest, covered his mouth

when he finally felt the presence of people gathering outside.

“shall we go together?”

“… … However much.”

I smiled at Shane, who nodded when he asked me to go with him to check on the

guests, and left the parade ground.

“… … “It’s very shiny.”

As soon as I left the parade ground, I frowned at the flash of golden light that pierced my eyes.

Well, it wasn’t an unpleasant frown.

A golden army numbering in the hundreds fills my eyes.

Because it was the kind of frown that made you feel good just by looking at it.

Of course, it wasn’t just me.

“… … I’m serious. “Who is your sponsor?”

Shane, who followed me, was no different from me.

Shane frowns at the flashing golden light.

Shane asked me who owned the golden army.

Originally, I was my sponsor, but I would have kept it hidden.

Since today was going to be widely known, I told them about my strong sponsor.


“… … Gold Rich Company?”

Of course, there were people in the world who couldn’t eat even if they were spoon-fed.

Shane was exactly like that.

Shane didn’t immediately believe what I said and asked if the sponsor was ‘Gold Rich Company’ and not ‘Gold Rich’. The answer was already written on Shane’s face.

However, because I am kind, kind, intelligent, and have a great personality, I kindly corrected Shane’s words.

“No, Gold Rich is just the sponsor. “It feels like a business partner?”

“I can’t believe it. Why on earth is that guy…? … .”

“I told you, I’m doing well.”

“… … “I really don’t have anything to say this time.”

Gold Rich.

A celebrity that no one knows in the tower.

In a way, Shane was speechless at the sound of his name, which was more famous

than the Four Emperors.

At the parade ground, he pretended to be nauseous and made fun of me, but he wasn’t stupid enough to do that even after hearing that Gold Rich was his sponsor.

By the time Shane got quiet after hearing my sponsor.

Two figures appeared through the golden army.

I don’t have to say anything to know that these are very familiar faces to me.

“It’s been a long time, Ghost Face.”

“I’m here too!”

A puppet with a polite but powerful voice.

Halcion looks pretty cool now.

As Goldrich had previously conveyed, it was none other than Puppet and Halcion

who showed up leading the golden army.

The two people who emerged through the golden army soon knelt down in front of me and shouted.

“I lead 500 members of the Golden Army and meet the guild leader of ‘Yeokcheon’.”

“See you!”

Halcyon’s chorus followed by Puppet’s chorus.

A voice that seemed to fill the front of the parade ground on the 60th floor.

But that wasn’t the end.

So bad!

““Meeting the guild master of Yeokcheon, Ghostface!!!””

Golden Army.

This is because a total of 500 people knelt down and recited the song.

The moment when the sound of armor colliding and the sound of a double spear come together.

The fact that it felt like the entire 60th floor was shaking was clearly not just my illusion.

‘Junior guy, I guess you’re not tired.’

Watching closely, I also got goosebumps, but their sounds must have spread throughout the 60th floor.

Of course, my junior would have established a camp outside the city.

It was clear that it had reached the Demon King Tune as well.

“Wake up, there isn’t much left until the guild war, but you can’t lose your strength

with something like this.”

I told him to rest, but the smile on my face couldn’t be erased.

Since I didn’t feel like I was going to lose, my smile didn’t disappear either.

Chuck- Chuck- Chuck-!

I looked at the guild union’s camp beyond the city, watching the gold soldiers rise

from their seats at my command and move to the parade ground in line with Oh.

“Is this just the beginning?”

Yeokcheon vs. Guild Alliance.

Guild Alliance vs. Yeokcheon.

It wasn’t the fight of the century, but it was the moment when the climbers of the

tower who had endured the violent explosion exploded.

And the moment this explosion succeeds.

The second and third explosions will continue, extending all the way to the Nine Stars and the Four Emperors.

“I’m already looking forward to it.”

I was looking forward to seeing what kind of expression they would make during the explosion that shook the entire tower.

After thinking about it, I took a quick look at the surroundings, which had already

become quiet, and eventually walked into the parade ground.

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