Absolute Necromancer Chapter 106

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Episode 106

“Guild War… … “I guess that was your plan.”

I admitted that it was definitely a blow, but Tune felt like it was an ordinary cotton fist.

No, it actually was like that.

Because guild wars couldn’t be established in the first place.

“I don’t know when and who created the guild and delegated all authority to you, but don’t you know that in guild warfare, if there is a difference in ‘class’, it is impossible?”

Difference in rank.

Rank within the tower was quite important.

Because in order to become a god, a high rank was essential.

The same was true for guild battles.

“Ten guilds gathered. On the other hand, how good is your guild? At best, the number of people in a guild established by someone who has climbed the tower for less

than a year with the help of a subordinate is quite large. heat? twenty? “You’re challenging me to a guild battle with just that?!”

WowSomeone who is significantly lower than you is trying to stand on the same level as


The mask was broken from Tune, who had consistently maintained his own pace and maintained a calm, even polite tone of speech.

“Okay, let’s take a look. “What on earth did you think of standing on the same level as me?”

Tune, whose mask was broken, was very polite.

No, it felt polite.

Although he consistently used polite language, the harsh murderous intent contained in it was not even compared to before, when he only pretended to be calm and polite on the outside.

The attitude shown when wearing a mask contained the nuance that he was superior to others and therefore tolerated their meanness and disgust.

But now that mask is broken.

He no longer had any desire to be ‘considerate’ of others.

Nevertheless, he suppressed it once.

Politeness was his response.

‘After I find out everything about you and take over his legacy, I will rip you into pieces and throw you as food for the undead, so that not even your soul can reach the world of the dead.’

Everything about Jinhyuk.

Furthermore, he demonstrated superhuman patience in order to continue the legacy of ‘Death Star’ Cha Jin-hyuk.

Tune’s emotions, which were so oppressed, would explode even more intensely when they burst out, but neither the tune that would explode his emotions nor Jinhyuk, who had to face such a tune, paid attention to such trivial things.

“You’re arrogant.”

Rather than answering what Tune said, Jinhyuk criticizes Tune.

Naturally, Tune’s response to him was absurd.

“… … what?”

Jinhyeok gritted his teeth and opened his mouth at Tune, who was unable to hide

his bewilderment and was looking at him with a bewildered expression.

“I don’t like your arrogance, as if the whole world is at your feet. “You stupid junior.”

Coo coo coo cooAs soon as he finished speaking, an intense energy that put the surrounding space

under his feet burst out from Jinhyuk and weighed down the surroundings.

“… … Pfft!”

This was the same even for Tune, who was constantly looking down on Jinhyuk from top to bottom.

‘Did he still have this much power? ‘I can’t believe it.’

It was a tune that still remembered the enormous spiritual power shown when the

war first started.

However, Ichigo, who used it and continued to use spirit bottles and undead since

the war began, had too much energy.

The energy that was a diverse mixture of mana, spiritual power, magical energy, and divine power was something that even Tune, a climber of over 300 floors, had never encountered before.

‘It doesn’t make sense. An energy like this can never exist!’

Tune gritted his teeth at the feast of energy that went beyond mixing things that shouldn’t be mixed and maintaining its form without breaking, showing a level he couldn’t reach.

‘can not believe it. His maintenance is mine alone. ‘It’s not a burden that someone

like you can bear!’

I was even more angry because it was perfect.

As I was watching Jinhyuk, I was annoyed because it seemed like he was continuing his role model, who commanded the top by being called the ‘Death Star’, so well.

That wasn’t all.

‘… … Those eyes. ‘I don’t like the way they call me a distant junior and take it for



It is said that eyes are the window to a person’s heart.

That’s why Tune naturally gritted his teeth at the ‘naturalness’ in Jinhyuk’s gaze, which referred to him as a junior and looked down on him.

The meaning is that that ‘obviousness’ is Jinhyuk’s inner thoughts and thoughts that come to mind while looking at the tune.

‘No one can look down on me. You can’t look down on me, despise me, or be disgusted with me!’

CrackUnable to hold back the pressure and anger, my teeth crack.

The tooth is cracked, blood is bursting out from inside, and the pain feels as if the

nerves are being torn apart.


A mixture of dark-blue morale and mana burst out, tearing Jinhyeok’s energy, which was an imperfect mixture of various energies, to pieces.

“… … “Not bad.”

Tune looks at Jinhyeok with bloodshot eyes, who is neither surprised nor embarrassed even though the energy he showed has been torn away by him.

It looks like a grandfather watching his nephew’s tricks.

It was a time when Tune was about to rush towards Jinhyuk, forgetting about the guild battle, Yujigo, and the contract.



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“The system uses public values. Calculate and execute the public value needed to

wage a guild war with the guild alliance.”

“… … Public value?”

Jinhyuk says that he will use public values to fight the guild war.

At that moment, Tune, unable to understand the situation, looked at Jinhyuk with a blank face.

The system was already in motion.

[…] … Has confirmed.]

Jinhyuk’s thoughts are confirmed.

[In essence, guild wars are a device that helps guilds of the same level engage in guild wars.]

It briefly explains why ‘guild wars’ were created.

[So that strong guilds cannot use it to trample on weak guilds.]

It tells the reason why ‘Yeokcheon’ could not compete in a guild war with ‘Guild Alliance’.

[Therefore, taking into account the fact that the ‘weak’ guild directly applied for the guild war, the system can be modified in the short term with a low public value.]

The calculation of public values has been completed.

of course.

[Approximately 80% of the public value you currently have has been paid.]

“… … “There are quite a few.”

Although a considerable amount of public value was consumed.

However, it wasn’t just because of the guild war.

[There was an attempt on the part of gods and demons to intervene to prevent guild wars from occurring.]

[Please understand that public value was inevitably wasted because there were those who interfered out of concern and those who interfered with the purpose of causing interference.]

“Tsk, what a bunch of useless voyeurs.”

Those who want to interfere with Jinhyeok.

Those who hope that Jinhyeok will run away without having to fight the guild war.

It only happened because they mixed up and caused as much disruption as possible.

As Jinhyuk frowned at that, a message window also appeared in front of Tune, who

was watching the system in action with a blank expression.

[Guild, ‘Gwimyeon’, the representative of ‘Yeokcheon’, applied for a guild war to

‘Tune’, the representative of the ‘Guild Association’.]

[You cannot refuse a requested guild battle, and if you refuse, you will have to pay

the price for defeat.]

[The price for losing is to give the other person one thing they want.]

[The price may or may not be material.]

[The date to start the guild war can be set from a minimum of 1 day to a maximum

of 7 days.]

“… … “It’s perfect.”

It was a tune that was still respectful, as if the anger had not subsided, but for now, it was a sincere polite address.

Polite and neat words, as if addressing one’s idol.

This could be said to be close to respect for Jinhyeok, who completely tied himself

up and created a perfect plan.

“You’re setting a perfect pattern that you can’t escape from. If this happens, it will

be a bad news that the ‘Guild Union’ has become trash.”

It was a tune that didn’t care about the bad talk going around in the tower because the intention was to see the match here today.

If only Jinhyuk, who would become the focal point, disappears anyway, their rumors will be crushed by the huge wall of the guild and even Nine Stars.

‘But by playing the guild war, I gained at least a few days. If the rumor spreads throughout the tower in the meantime, this is definitely an outsider’s channel.’

However, this is only possible assuming that the ghost is processed today.

He knew that if he couldn’t kill Ghost Myeon right here, what he said and what could be called the ‘Guild Alliance’s’ outrage would spread around the tower, and independent climbers would naturally be drawn to Ghost Myeon.

‘Because even I was tempted by what he said.’

Tune is now a member of the Guild Alliance, but was originally an independent climber.

In other words, I am a freelancer.

Of course, the violent acts shown by the guilds are frowned upon.

The reason why he views the guild leaders of the guild union as if they were trash is because of their behavior after meeting him, but also because of the bad things he experienced about guilds as a freelancer.

There is no reason not to tempt other climbers when even the enemy can tempt himself.

Just as he thought, he was a perfect outsider.

‘But you can’t cancel the guild war. I don’t know how he has public values, but he

clearly used public values, and made it count as a loss if he quit the guild war. Furthermore, in case of defeat, they can even demand a price, so there is no option to

give up in the first place.’

In addition, it became systematically impossible to ignore the guild war and completely bury today’s work.

The tower’s system is absolute.

Therefore, if you break a set rule, you will have to pay a high price.

‘For example, enormous public value.’

Within the tower, Gongchi was like an all-powerful stone that could become anything.

All of Jinhyeok’s plans will come to naught if Tune hits a huge public figure.

of course.

‘It doesn’t happen, and there’s no reason. Because the guild union loses anyway. I

can’t even estimate how much public value it would be in the first place, and there

is no public value of that much.’

There was no reason for Tune, who was a freelancer, to waste his public value to redeem it, and he did not even have that much public value to begin with.

All circumstances favored the guild war, and it was all Jinhyeok, the ghost looking

down at Tune with his mask on right in front of his eyes.

“Are you going to accept it? Junior?”

“… … To begin with, I am senior to you. Please be polite. “I will accept the guild war.”

“You say I am the plenipotentiary, but aren’t you the boss? “Can’t I ask others?”

Tune chuckled and shook his head at Jinhyeok, who was making a mockery and at

the same time taunting Jinhyeok, asking if he was the owner of a barge who was being used by the guild alliance.

“It would be better to die here than to be used by idiots like that. “What does it matter now whether you are a senior or a junior?”

Jinhyuk let out a low exclamation at the sight of him shrugging his shoulders but not losing his dignity, politeness, and manners.

‘… … This kid is also quite the object.’

All the tables are turning against you.

Of course, I had no intention of asking Tune for it.

I didn’t have any grudges against him to begin with, and the reason it ended up like this was because I was planning to rip off the guild union and the Nine Stars behind it.

Meanwhile, the tune that puts a stronger mask of courtesy over the mixed feelings

of anger and awe is simply amazing.

‘Do you like it.’

If this weren’t a place where we risk each other’s lives, I thought we could have had a pretty enjoyable conversation.

“Is there a reward you want if you win the guild war? “If you lose, I will get it from

the guild alliance, but if I lose, I will pay you.”

That’s why Jinhyuk gave her an unusual favor.

Because he had no intention of losing, mentioning the cost of defeat was like a play on words for Jinhyeok.

Of course, Tune, who vaguely sensed that Jinhyuk had no intention of losing, also

knew that it was a play on words, so he didn’t hesitate.

‘Anyway, there is no harm to me. More than anything… … ‘I don’t plan on losing either.’

This was because Jinhyuk and Tune had no intention of losing to each other.

“I will be grateful for your consideration. “I said anything, so I’ll tell you what I want.”

The tune emphasizes the word ‘must’ while slightly bowing the head to express gratitude and respect.

In addition to his attitude that made Jinhyuk hold his tongue again, the words that

came out of his mouth surprised Jinhyuk for the first time.

“Spirit Master. “Will you hand over to me his legacy that you are carrying on?”

Spirit Master.

Jinhyeok looked at him with a puzzled gaze as he not only knew his job but also used the honorific term ‘him’ to refer to his past self.

“… … “Who knows other than you?”

“doesn’t exist. Nine Stars… … “Maybe they’re the only ones who have some sense of it.”

I didn’t think I could hide it forever, but it’s a little fast.

Jinhyuk showed his strength when he went on a rampage at the guild branch to show Nine Stars, but he did not show his strength as a Spirit Master as much as possible.

Nevertheless, Jinhyeok acknowledged that they found clues about him by combining minute information.

‘It’s definitely strong. Whether it’s information, power, or power. ‘I am not good enough right now.’

In every way, he is no match for the current nine stars.

In the past, he competed against all of them, but Jinhyeok, who admitted that he

would not be able to take on even one person, let alone all of them, opened his mouth with a satisfied face.

“Okay, then what time is it?”

I won anyway, so it doesn’t matter about the cost.

Unlike Nine Star, who is much stronger than himself and has a 0% win rate, Jinhyeok was confident that he would definitely be able to win against the Four Spirit King Tune in front of him, so he finished setting the price.

There’s only one thing left.

All I had to do was choose a time to hold a guild war.

of course.

“1 day.”

On the Tune side, 1 day is the least.

“Then I have 7 days.”

Although it was quite natural for Jinhyuk to choose 7 days as the most days.

I just asked a question to match the assortment.

The number of days spoken by the two people who stood here as plenipotentiary representatives was set.

As soon as the two people finished speaking, the system sent a message to the two

people and climbers from Yeokcheon and the Guild Alliance.

[The guild battle between the guilds ‘Yeokcheon’ and ‘Guild Alliance’ has been set

for 4 days later.]

[Until then, climbers belonging to that guild cannot attack each other.]

[Until the guild war begins, climbers belonging to that group can decide whether to participate or not, and if so, they will automatically be moved to the 60th floor, the battle stage.]

[The attacks of climbers participating in guild battles do not work on those belong

ing to the same group for more than a certain amount.]

[*caution! Please be careful, as damage exceeding a certain limit can be sustained.]

Jinhyuk and Tune made eye contact once and turned their backs, leaving behind the message window announcing the time and precautions for the guild battle.

“See you in 4 days, junior.”

“I can’t believe I can take over his legacy in four days. “I think it will be a more enjoyable moment than ever before.”

Without stopping their harsh words towards each other until the end, the two returned to their camp where they were waiting for each other.

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