Absolute Necromancer Chapter 104

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Episode 104


“… … “I think the number of ants would be smaller than that.”

This was what Jinhyeok said after seeing the guild members continue to flock in even after one clash.

“There will be a lot. However, the strength cannot even be compared.”

“Hendrick, you have a bad habit of taking jokes seriously. “I think that needs to be


“You’re the only one who makes pointless jokes in front of me, so I don’t think there’s any need to correct it.”

I tried to scold Hendrick, who took what he said literally, but all I got in return was

a cold response.

However, the war situation was not good enough to respond or continue such retorts one by one.

“How long do I have to endure?”

“… … At least not yet.”

Hendrick asks as he looks at the seemingly countless climbers of the Guild Alliance.

At his words, Jinhyeok shook his head with a stern expression.

“Tsk, I don’t know what the plan is, but it has to be something solid. Otherwise, we might all die.”

“Yes, just trust me.”

It was a dangerous and seemingly impossible task, but Hendrick did not back down.

SereungRather, he drew his sword and put his feet up on the castle wall, taking a stance as

if he was going to run away at any moment.

“Then I’ll hang out with you for a bit.”

“If possible, why not attack from a distance.”

From the moment Hendrick drew his sword and set foot on the castle wall, Jinhyeok was certain that he would go down to earth.

That’s why I gave him advice not to do anything dangerous and to use long-distance attacks from above.

Okay, even if it’s risky, it’s better than wearing clothes that don’t fit. “I will take care of my body, so you can do whatever you have prepared.”

“… … “Take care of yourself.”

Hendrick wasn’t there to hear that.

Above all, Jinhyeok had no choice but to let him go because he knew that what he

said was not wrong.

Hendrick is not good at long range.

Since the only way to cause significant damage to them from a distance was to turn into a dragon like he did with Shane, he would have chosen close combat.

‘It’s my heart.’

Although he has given up on seeing himself as separate from the dragon race, it would be difficult for even Hendrick to put that into practice right away.

Jinhyuk knew that better than anyone else, so he just nodded and let him go.

“See you later. “After your plan succeeds.”

TadatAs soon as he finished speaking, Hendrick kicked off the castle wall where he had

put his feet up and flew up.

Jinhyuk turned his head and looked out into the city, leaving his fluttering clothes


-What the hell is going on… … .

A clothing store owner was confused by the sudden attack.

-Should I run away somewhere else… … .

A bandit man with a bushy beard who is adjusting his weapons and armor and thinking about running away.

-How can I run away when it says I’m in battle and I can’t go down?

Of course, there is the female climber who screams at the sound of clashing weapons coming from outside.

-Damn it, what about my house and furniture that I bought on the 60th floor, and

I go down alone!

There’s even a man screaming as he runs his hand across the wall of a beautiful new house.

People of all kinds hovered around the 60th floor, each with their own concerns.

As I took in the sight of people unable to hide their confusion, I felt that the plan

was almost complete.

‘You just have to be a little more anxious. Then I will be your hero and savior.’

Their presence and their anxiety were quite important in Jinhyuk’s plan, so Jinhyuk, who had been thinking about such things in his mind, shook the thoughts away.

“… … I feel uncomfortable because it feels like I’m using it as bait, but I can’t help

it. “This is the best.”

It is almost the only way for them to survive and preserve their home.

The Guild Alliance said they would not attack them, but their attacks alone threw the city into chaos.

Furthermore, the longer Jinhyeok and his party do not retreat, the fiercer their offensive will become, and soon the battle will take place inside the city, not just outside.

“When people’s confusion and anger reaches its peak, and it turns towards me. “Start planning.”

Finally, Jinhyuk finished checking the plan and pointed his finger at the climbers visible outside the city walls.

“Sipji Gangtan (十指强彈).”

It was the moment when ten bullets with the power to pierce the young dragon’s scales, Yongrin, rushed towards them.

“Downstream, Miho. You guys also use long-distance attacks from now on. “I will take care of those who climb up the castle walls as much as possible, so focus on blocking those who approach.”

“Yes, got it.”

“Believe me. “You can do well!”

Before the ten-pointed bullet reaches them.

Jinhyeok ordered Ha-ryu and Mi-ho, who were busy launching long-distance attacks, to continue as they were now, and focused on the ten bullets that slowly got closer to the climbers.

“… … split.”



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As Jinhyeok’s voice filled with will spread out around him, the ten bullets flying through the air began to change.

Let’s do it!

Ten bullets splitting apart in an instant.

Double, quadruple, eight times, etc. in the blink of an eye.

The number of bullets growing exponentially was so enormous that it completely filled the sky.

“… … What is that.”

“It’s crazy, it doesn’t make sense.”

Just looking at the coal bullets, which were so tightly packed that the blue sky was

not even visible, was enough to instill fear.

Ordinary arrows that do not contain mana would have been amazing at that level,

but the steel bullets had a strength that was completely different from that of ordinary arrows.

“… … damage!”

“Tank, raise your shield! “Unite the tanks!”

“Wizards, create a shield and protect the surroundings!”

When the climbers who appeared to be commanders leading the climbers quickly

gave orders and the well-trained guild members moved according to their orders.

“… … this.”

“Are you late?”


The disaster that had already come swept over them as they were left unmaintained.

Climbers who sensed that it was too late hid behind unfinished shields or shields that were not properly held.

However, Jinhyeok’s bullets had tremendous power to block with just that, so those who were closest to blocking the attack or faced multiple attacks had a miserable


“… … “Wow!”

“… … “Cluck cluck!”

A person who dies instantly due to an attack on the heart or brain is a situation so

miserable that it is almost like being a nobleman.

In that situation, another disaster came upon them.

“If we had met somewhere else, we would have been good sparring partners. “It’s a shame.”


He appeared on the ruined battlefield.

He cut off the head of a climber dozens of floors higher than himself with a single

sword, and pointed the sword while receiving dozens of pairs of eyes focused on him.

“I’m looking forward to seeing if you guys can bring out my ‘madness’. come.”

“… … “Kill me!”

“I will tear you to pieces! How dare you Charlie!”

A clean and calm word.

The moment his calm voice rang out, making it hard to believe that he had just killed a person.

The climbers awoke from confusion and rushed towards Hendrick, their bodies in


Hendrick took a deep breath as he watched them rushing to take his life.

“Huh… … Phew… … .”

The chest rises and falls and air flows in and out of the lungs repeatedly.

Meanwhile, the approaching climbers’ weapons reached Hendrick’s nose.

“Paryong (波龍).”

CrrrrrrrWith a sound that seemed to shake the heavens and earth, a large blue dragon began to spread out like a wave.

It was different from the Fire Dragon, Thunder Dragon, and Gwangryong.

The dragon, born solely to capture the majority, devoured the climbers who became rags.

And it was also the moment when Jinhyeok and his party achieved victory for the first time since the guild alliance attacked the 60th floor.

* * *

“… … “It’s not good.”

The blue dragon swept across the battlefield, and Tune frowned as he looked at Hendrick, who took over the momentum and was dominating the battlefield.

“What I wanted to see wasn’t that lizard’s swordsmanship.”

Of course, it was not because of the exponentially increasing damage from the guild union.

The power and appearance of Jinhyeok’s first ten-strike attack made Tune excited,

but it was not enough.

As he wanted to see more, Tune hoped Jinhyuk would participate more actively in

the battlefield, but Jinhyuk was steadfast.

“Whew, I can’t help it. “If you don’t want to come out of the castle, I will make you

do so.”

Tune sighs and gets up from his seat.

Basil, who was watching him, saw two snakes for the first time here today.

I took my eyes off Camille and Sheila and looked at Tune.

“Tune, are you planning on going? “You said you had no intention of going out in


The commonality of being a freelancer and being a strongman was enough to make the two people closer.

After receiving several requests together, the two became closer than most colleagues, so Tune and Basil had no hesitation in dealing with each other.

Even Basil, who was not interested in others, showed different interest in Tune.

Tune nodded to Basil’s question.

‘It won’t matter since Basil knows my purpose.’

Basil also knows the information that Tune heard.

This is possible because everyone has different wants.

“Things have changed. “Like a turtle, if it doesn’t want to come out of its shell, we

have to make it come out.”

With Hendrick at the forefront, he monitors and coordinates the battle situation from the castle walls.

Of course, this was not a good thing for Tune, who wanted to see everything about


That’s why Tune had the idea of taking Jinhyuk outside.

“Hmm, really? Then I want to go out too. “It doesn’t matter, right?”

“… … you also? It’s unexpected. If it’s for help, there’s no need. “My army will be able to take him out.”

However, he could not hide his surprise at Basil’s next words.

This is because Basil, who rarely steps forward unless it is an important moment, suddenly expressed his intention to participate in the battlefield together.

of course.

“I liked the snake over there. I heard that he is a dragon that can be touched? “I need to raise it as a pet so that no one notices.”

“… … The bad taste is still there. do whatever you want. “Anyway, what I’m interested in is ghost faces.”

“Okay, then the negotiations are concluded. Camille, Sheila. “Dad, I’ll come back~Kiss side!”

For a moment, I frowned as I watched Basil, who had dozens or hundreds of snakes inside him despite his face like an unofficial man, erase his original appearance and shower kisses on the snakes wrapped all over his body with a face like bulging arms.

Tune smiled with satisfaction.

‘Basil’s participation in the war is unexpected, but it does not mean it is not helpful. It’s just that I rarely participate, but things always get easier when Basil makes a

move. I needed to give my absolute best to get everything out of my face, and it worked out well.’

If you deal with Hendrick and Jinhyuk at the same time, your power will inevitably

be dispersed.

However, he felt that if Basil, whom he acknowledged, took charge of Hendrick, he could focus entirely on Jinhyeok.

After flipping the abacus and thinking about the bottom line.

Tune clicked his tongue and spoke to the guild masters who were looking at them

with wrinkled faces.

“Wait. We’ll take care of them. “You guys take care of the guild members’ morale behind the scenes.”

“Haha! Yes! Yes! “I will!”

“Then I expect the head of the demon face and that damned, no, the head of the dragon race.”

Tune could not hold back his disgust at the sight of them abandoning themselves and the guild members who had not yet set out, and then erasing the killing they had

shown earlier towards Tune and Basil.

As long as it was beneficial to him, he changed his appearance as if he were flipping his palm, and it seemed as bad as the snake that Basil kept.

However, since they were not completely unnecessary, Tune barely suppressed his

disgust and entered the battlefield.

“Rise up, my ‘deaths’.”

thudA tune that lightly stomps its feet as it enters the battlefield.

It wasn’t an earth-shattering sound.

Nevertheless, his foot stomping brought about great changes on the battlefield.

Blah blah blahThe floor of the battlefield splits apart with a light stamp of foot.

‘Death’ began to crawl through the cracks.




Zombies, skeletons, ghouls, ghosts, etc.

Various undead revealed themselves and roared.

In addition to their horrendous appearance, they resembled their masters and constantly exuded morale, instilling fear in the living.

“Ugh, crazy… … “I’m going to back off.”

“Don’t get caught up in the undead’s offensive!”

“Get behind the Demon King!”

One by one, the climbers fell backwards in fear.

Rather than stopping them, commanders encouraged their retreat.

Even those who are screaming at the top of their lungs to order a retreat.

Hendrick, who felt that the atmosphere of the battlefield changed with the appearance of just one person, looked at the scene with a bewildered expression.

“Is this a king-level climber? “It’s enormous.”

Hendrick muttered, feeling the madness creeping up his head.

He suppressed himself in the face of the madness he felt for the first time after stepping onto the battlefield.

ClapWhen shaking off the blood-stained swords of climbers belonging to the guild alliance and suppressing their madness with lead swords.

“Go, my ‘death’. “Bring what your master wants.”

Tune’s empty voice echoes throughout the battlefield.

Doo doo doo dooLiterally, ‘death’ began to rush towards the city on the 60th floor.

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