Absolute Necromancer Chapter 105

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Episode 105

“… … “It makes perfect sense to me that you are a one-man army.”

An enormous number of undead that seemed to completely cover the outside of the 60-story city.

Hendrick clicked his tongue as he watched their advance.

One man army.

It was a moment when I once again understood the name that comes to mind when thinking of necromancer.

“Does each one have formidable power? “It’s definitely strong.”

A power that zombies cannot possess.

A power that something like a skeleton cannot possess.

The sight of the undead carrying them rushing in was quite frightening.

But Hendrick shook his head and raised his hand to the handle of his sword.

“It’s impossible to use a blue dragon, a blue dragon charm would be appropriate.”

Because the power used in the Blue Dragon that was shown just now was too great, Hendrick chose the Blue Dragon Cham, which consumes less energy and is advantageous for dealing with many people.

It took time to make the choice, but the decision was made very quickly.

SereungThe leaden sword is gently pulled out of its scabbard, showing off its elegant appearance.

The moment when the sharp sword light flashes.

“Paryongcham (波龍斬).”

Dozens of small dragons began to spread out like waves.

Although they are smaller than the blue dragons, they are far superior in number.

Although each one was small, they had enough power to deal with the undead and

advanced towards the undead.

And the moment when the energy of the blue dragon is about to attack the undead.

“Stop it, Kaputa.”


Mi-hyung’s voice and the sound of a snake licking its tongue were heard at the same time.

At the same time, a huge snake filled Hendrik’s eyes, crushing the dragon’s energy

with its body.

Kwasik- KwazizikAs the enormous energy was divided, the snake that blocked all of the dozens of dragons was also not intact.

But the snake was alive and well, and Hendrick frowned at that fact.

“… … “Can you endure this?”

Even though it is worse than a blue dragon, and since it is for multiple uses rather

than an anti-personnel attack, it is weaker than a single attack against one strong enemy, it is natural to be surprised that his technique did not work anyway.

“Hmm, it’s okay. You haven’t revealed your true self yet, have you? ha… … “How beautiful it would be if you turned into a dragon.”

“Are you a snake charmer?”

Hendrick asked, looking at Basil, who was breathing hot breath and blushing next

to the snake that had blocked his attack.

“That’s right, and I am also the master who will raise you from now on. Casa!”

Quad deuk- boom!


In response, Hendrick frowned at the sight of the ground he stepped on collapsing

and another snake popping out from within.

‘Was it there again? To be able to control snakes of this level at the same time. Is a

300-story climber really a 300-story climber? Surely, at this level, there isn’t much difference from a necromancer who runs an undead army.’


Among them, the profession is called a snake tamer or snake magician because it

manipulates snakes.

Naturally, in a tower where natural strength itself is important, jobs that rely on others are less popular and difficult to climb the tower.

Nevertheless, it is said that a climber who can overcome the magical wall of 300 floors clearly has outstanding talent for the job that is different from others.

“Do you think your control over snakes is extraordinary?”

“answer. But do you have time to find out about me? “With Casa in front of you right now?”




If the chain were alive and moving, wouldn’t it look like this? Hendrick nodded, looking at the snake named Kasa that was entangled around him so much that he wanted to see it.

“It’s definitely a great snake. I admit that. “It is only natural that it has been strengthened by absorbing the mana of a high-quality breed and a snake wizard.”

“That’s right, how much effort was put into saving and raising that child.”

CracklingAs soon as he acknowledged it, Kasa, who had his entire body tied up, gave him strength.

Power enough to crush a log in one fell swoop.

It was so powerful that it would have overpowered an ordinary climber in an instant, so Basil was smiling brightly.

“But it’s not enough.”


“… … Casa!”

With Hendrick’s calm voice, Casa’s body, which was holding Hendrick’s body, exploded.

overwhelming power.

Unable to overcome him, Casa’s imprisoned body exploded.

As it was for combat purposes, he did not care for it as much as Camille and Silas,

who were always with him, but for Basil, who cared for all snakes, it felt like his child’s body was exploding.

“… … Angkal centipede. “It must be fun to collect.”



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But the emotions were resolved quickly.

Even though he was a child, Basil still had many children.

Casa just died?

“Please avenge your brother’s resentment. “My lovely children.”


There were still many comparable snakes left.

Dozens of snakes crawling out from all over Basil’s body.

Watching them grow in size as soon as they hit the ground, Hendrick shook off the

remnants of Casa that had stuck to his body.

“Is it too much to go to help?”

“Who are you worried about on the subject of collectibles? Bring him here without

any injuries. “I have to add it to my collection.”

Hendrick also acknowledged, feeling Basil’s eyes glaring at him with eyes shining

with madness.

An undead army heading towards Jinhyeok.

The man in front of me was clearly strong enough to stop them.

And Hendrick’s ‘madness’ also reared its head in the face of the attack of a swarm

of powerful snakes, reminiscent of the appearance and death of a strong man that

Hendrick recognized.

“… … Hahaha! come! “I’ll chew it all up!”

Basil and the group of snakes were startled when they felt the madness flowing from his twinkling eyes, but that only lasted for a moment.

“Was it the same kind? not bad.”


Basil himself was a character with twisted affection and madness, and the tune was perfect as well.

Because he was tired of being like Hendrick, he was able to control his emotions quickly.

It would be even more strange for the snakes to be confused while the snake charmer found his calm.

With a gesture from Basil, who completed maintenance in an instant, a swarm of dozens of snakes rushed towards Hendrick.

“Kaputa, you go and help too. “If you bring him back, I will reward you.”

SighKaputa, a snake that boasts overwhelming size and strength even compared to other snakes.

The huge body of Kaputa moved with Basil gently stroking the back of his neck and smiling benevolently.

SlurrrrrrrrrSmooth and quiet movements that are not befitting of a gigantic body.

However, Hendrick, feeling the violent ferocity contained in the bulging eyes, swallowed dry saliva.

“… … Tsk, maybe I should bring up the Yongin status.”

“okay! show me! “Display your beautiful scales in front of me!”

“After hearing that, I didn’t want to show it even more. There is no need for a state

of acceptance. “I will crush you like this.”

Hendrick trembled and swung his sword at the sight of Basil recalling himself as a

dragon with an ecstatic face.

Of course, his sword containing his madness had no eyes.


The army of snakes fell into the sword of madness that took over the surroundings

and turned the space itself into a sword domain.

Hendrick vs. Basil.

It was a moment when important figures from Yeokcheon and the Guild Alliance clashed.

* * *

“Is Hendrick stranded?”

“What are you going to do? “I think we’ll have to stop the ground on our own now.”

Jinhyuk expressed his disappointment as he looked at Hendrick, who was stranded

by Basil.

But he couldn’t just feel regretful, so in response to Balkan’s question, Jinhyuk turned his head and checked the inside of the city again.

“… … “Is it slowly?”

Confusion and bewilderment felt inside the city.

Jinhyeok, who felt that it had become even more amplified than before, was convinced that it was not long until his plan was implemented.

“If anything, things will go faster because of the undead.”

“… … “Why on earth do you want to confuse people?”

A massive fraud spouted by the undead.

Is it because of the enormous amount of fraud that Tune possesses?

The confusion people felt grew more and more as time went by.

Jinhyeok was satisfied with that and looked at the army of undead running from the castle wall.

“Let’s get started quickly. Downstream, Miho. You guys stay on top. Vulcan, just follow me.”

“Tsk, I understand. “It would be better for me to go rather than for the kids.”

“… … Be careful, brother. I know how strong my brother is, but… … “The energy I feel from them is unusual.”

Because he was a member of the lower class with good eyesight and good senses,

he felt that the power felt from the undead was unusual and expressed concern.

But Jinhyuk reassured Ha-ryu that it was okay and patted her on the shoulder.

“I’m okay. So you just have to worry about yourself.”

“… … all right.”

Jinhyuk turned into the city, leaving behind Ha-ryu, who shook his head in agreement with Jin-hyuk’s words, and Miho, who pursed her lips.

“I will stop them for you! “For your own sake, I, the ghost, will condemn those who

are trying to trample on even those of you who have nothing to do with them!”

“… … ?!”

A sudden declaration.

It wasn’t just the city’s climbers who were surprised.

“What a crazy guy. “What are you talking about all of a sudden?”

Balkan, who was preparing to join the battlefield with Jinhyeok next to him, was equally surprised.

A plan that not even his closest associates knew about.

It was none other than getting the city climbers on their side.

“… … “You’re saying the ghost is coming for us?”

“why? “Anyway, you just have to take care of yourself, right?”

Naturally, people’s reaction was immediate.

The strength of the ghost face was well known.

Furthermore, the climbers who saw Hendrick’s inaction in the previous battle and

the power of the soul disease and undead could not believe that Jinhyeok would come forward for them.

Of course, there were other reactions as well.

“They came here in the first place because of the ghosts, so what does that matter!”

“Just go out and throw it away! “Then they won’t just go back!”

Those who claimed that Jinhyuk was the one who started all these incidents and that as long as Jinhyuk dies, there will be no problem for them were the different reactions.

But Jinhyuk snorted at their words.

“These are the people who came to the 60th floor without any proper evidence and appeared determined to destroy the entire city. Above all, my colleagues and I are less than ten people in total. Nevertheless, they showed up in full force. Do you think that’s normal? “Can you say the same thing later when they accuse you of the same strange crime, condemn you, and try to eradicate you?”

“… … “It’s not like that.”

Every word is correct.

A powerful organization persecutes individuals for strange reasons and pretexts.

If this succeeds once, it happens twice, then four times, and soon it becomes a natural thing.

‘… … What if the guild union is now accusing a person with demon-like abilities of outrageous crimes, and later, as they gradually move down the ranks, they do the

same thing to ordinary climbers like us?’

‘You have to come forward now. In the future, there may not be any strong climbers to share their voices with me. Now, when Gwimyeon, a climber so powerful that

guilds flock to him in groups, stands on our side, we must correct their mistakes.’

There was a saying on Earth like this.

[When the Nazis came to capture the communists, I was silent.]

[Because I was not a communist.]

[Then when they locked up the union members, I was silent.]

[Because I was not a labor union member.]

[Then when they came to arrest the Jews, I said nothing.]

[Because I was not Jewish.]

[When they came to catch me.]

[There was no one left to speak for me.]

Words by Pastor Martin Niemöller.

If you do not speak out when others are treated unfairly, one day when guns and swords are pointed at you, you too will have to be captured like those who were captured before you.

For the future, not for the current gains and losses.

They had the idea that they had to resist the guild union’s violence.

When there is a central point called Ghost Face.

We must prevent the guild union’s violence and secure our rights for the future.

The moment when that thought settles in the minds of climbers on the 60th floor.

“If you’re a ghost! “I will follow you!”

“me too! “Let me help you too!”

“… … You can attack from a distance, even from a distance. Please write me. “I will

fight against unfair treatment.”

People who were trembling with fear disappeared.

Jinhyuk grinned as he looked at the people raising their heads one by one with voices full of courage.

‘Well, it’s true that I messed with them, but people don’t know that.’

Evidence that the guild branch was destroyed.

Jinhyeok knows that the guild alliance was unable to disclose it because of their own prestige.

But the news had already been laid, and even if it were revealed now, people would only see it as fabricated evidence.

In a tower where highly advanced civilizations and dimensions are mixed, such manipulation was not difficult.


“If you’re a ghost! Ghost face! “If you’re a ghost!”

“Let’s drive out the guild union’s violence!”

“For the rights of climbers!”

However, Jinhyeok’s words caused the independent climbers, who had been oppressed by the power of the guilds, to shout, even if it was not an explosion.


There is still a long way to go before they can break the frame created by the Four

Emperors, but at least they have succeeded in shaking the frame created underneath it.

The beginning was full of lies, but Jinhyeok’s goal was true.

“Watch, I will sacrifice myself for you.”

Jinhyeok gently left his seat and went out of the castle, leaving behind people asking for help.

Jinhyeok’s appearance as he descended alone into a hell-like place filled with undead was like that of a holy saint, so everyone rushed up the castle wall to look at him.

“It’s dangerous to be alone!”

“Come join us!”

“Together we might be able to stop them, so come up!”

Jinhyeok, who smiled slightly beneath his mask as he looked at them showing concern for him, looked at Balkan.

“Is it effective?”

“… … “You really are that guy.”

With just a few words, he reversed people’s perception that he was the enemy of Bulbuldaecheon and the culprit behind this incident.


When Balkan clicks his tongue at Jinhyeok, who turned the situation around with something he thought was useless in climbing the tower.

Jinhyuk put an end to his plan.

“Death King!!!”

“… … ?”

Jinhyeok sings the tune of the distant spirit king.

Tune responded immediately.

They noticed that they were doing something strange in the castle, and they also knew that they had quickly become bastards and tyrants.

‘But still, nothing changes.’

He makes him vomit out all his strength, cuts off his head, and offers it to Nine Star.

The current power difference was so enormous that the result would never change.

In other words, no matter how hard they struggle, they will not be able to survive here.

After thinking about it up to that point, Tune stopped his ‘death’ for a moment.



It was to answer the questions that people naturally have.

This was because I was curious about how to get out of this situation.

‘Are you planning on getting down on your knees and begging? If that’s the case,

I’ll tear your soul to shreds.’

He had no intention of letting the miserable sight of the person who inherited his idol appear.

When I think about dealing with Jinhyeok more cruelly than any other form if he tries to beg for his life in a servile manner.

Jinhyuk’s mouth opened.

“As the plenipotentiary representative of the guild, ‘Yeokcheon,’ we apply for a guild war to the ‘Guild Alliance’, a group of multiple guilds.”

Guild war.

A fierce battle between guilds with everything on the line.

It’s ridiculous that ‘Yeokcheon’, a guild that Tune has never heard of, would truly risk everything against the ‘Guild Alliance’, a union of ten guilds located over the 100th floor.

That was the ‘plan’ prepared by Jinhyuk.

It was a ridiculous plan, but it was also a completely successful plan.

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