Absolute Necromancer Chapter 103

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Episode 103

“Let’s stop there.”

In a situation where spiritual power was weighing down the world, the person who

looked the most sane came forward and opened his mouth.

At the same time, a blue-black energy burst out from the man’s body.


To Jinhyuk, it was similar to when magical energy or spiritual power bursts out, which is familiar to him.

But only the appearance is similar.

Jinhyuk knew that the inside was completely different.

“… … Huh, it seems like it’s been quite a while since I’ve seen that.”

“I know. After all, a king-level necromancer is different even if there is something

different about it.”

“To be exact, that guy is probably outstanding.”

There is no way Balkan doesn’t know what Jinhyuk knows.

Even though his abilities were lower than in the past, Vulkan was a renowned climber, both as the first Spirit Master and as a Necromancer.

Of course, Jinhyeok was no less talented than him, so he immediately recognized the energy the other person was giving off.


“That is also a great form of fraud mixed with mana.”

Morale (dead energy).

Black energy, also called the energy of death.

The other person standing in the distance was dealing with something that could be called death itself.

“That’s at a high level. “I was able to deal with fraud only after I became a spirit master.”

“Well, a capable necromancer would have been able to handle it, so you would be

no different. But the important thing here is that it means that he is a capable necromancer.”

“I guess being a king isn’t a king for nothing.”

A necromancer who deals with fraud, which is the symbol of a capable necromancer.

Since there are so few necromancers, it is even more difficult to find capable ones.

Furthermore, the level of fame at the top was even lower, so I said everything.

Even in the long history of the tower, there were less than ten people, including Jinhyeok and Balkan, who made a name for themselves as necromancers and commanded the tower, so you can guess their notoriety.

It goes without saying, but as difficult as it was to handle, its power was certain.

TsutsutsutsuThe enormous concentration of morale and mana that emanated from the climber

called the King of Death permeated the spiritual power radiated by Jinhyeok.

As soon as it began to seep in, a change appeared in the spiritual power.

Push! Scoop it up!

With a sound like a dry old tree breaking, the spiritual power that seemed to be weighing down the world began to crumble.

It was corruption and weathering that could be said to be the most fundamental abilities of fraud.

As the absolute power and amount itself were increased by adding additional mana, it was not enough to destroy the spiritual power scattered by Jinhyeok, who was still only on the 60th floor.

It has the same energy of 1.

However, even if the amount of energy is the same, if the quality of energy is not the same, who will be the winner when energies collide?

‘For the same amount of energy, it is normal for the higher level energy to suppress it.’

It was natural.

The law of the world is that if the amount is the same, the higher level energy suppresses it.

In the face of 1’s dragon power, which overwhelmingly condenses mana, 1’s mana

is like losing itself like a drop of water in the sea.

However, even if it was a higher energy, it was not absolute.

“Tsk, there is a level difference between spiritual power and morale, but can’t we just ignore the difference in quantity?”

“I heard that he climbed over 300 floors, so it’s only natural.”

“It’s a shame. We were able to definitely take the lead. “You were quite a capable junior, right?”

The dragon power of 1 can press down 1 and 10 mana, but it cannot press down 100 mana or 1,000 mana.

You can see this just by looking at the fact that by mixing mana with morale, the amount was increased, and the strength was increased, tearing the spiritual pressure

of spiritual power to pieces.

“Why not get out of the city? “Our target is only you, ghost.”

A man with dark blue hair standing in front.

Tune’s voice reached Jinhyuk over an enormous distance.

Jinhyuk snorted at the polite, calm, and powerful voice.

“Before calling me, please introduce yourself. Damn you junior.”

“… … Junior? Well, that’s it. His name is Tune, the temporary leader of the guild alliance. “Is this enough?”

For a moment, I looked at Jinhyuk with an uncomfortable expression on my face when he was called my junior.

Tune shrugged his shoulders as if it was okay and opened his mouth.

“Hit it.”

“… … “You crazy bastard.”

Doo doo doo doo!

As soon as he finished speaking, Jinhyeok gritted his teeth as he saw the rushing troops.

“… … “What are you going to do now, Cha Jin-hyuk?”

“wait. “First, we block as much as we can.”

Jinhyeok gave an order with a stiff face as Balkan asked, looking at him with a worried face.

We need to stop it as much as possible.

This is because you can make full use of the plan you came up with.



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Still, Jinhyuk was confident.

“They won’t give their all either. “It’s clear that the guy who just gave the order, who appears to be Tune or the guild master, isn’t moving either.”

Tune and another king-level climber were hired as freelancers.

In addition, the heads of the guild union had no intention of lifting their heavy weight.

In other words, you only have to deal with guild members in the beginning.

“That’s worth it.”

Although they were all powerful, consisting of over 100 floors, it was worth it.

At least there wasn’t a single person with transcendent strength among them.

“What about the city?”

It was Hendrick’s question.

The question of whether to fight in the city or out of the city.

Jinhyuk answered simply.

“We are going in a method that is as thorough as possible. “If I get out of here, I’ll

be like an ant in a procession of elephants.”

“Confirmed. “Then I guess I’ll have to choose to attack from as far away as possible.”

I feel a little sorry for the climbers staying in the city, but they were part of the plan too.

Jinhyeok chose Suseong because the plan could only be completed if they felt the

power of the guild union and its fear along with them.

Well, it was not only the completion of the plan, but also the fact that if the battle

took place on a wide plain instead of Mercury, it would not have been possible to last very long.

After finishing the conversation and getting ready, Jinhyeok opened his mouth as

he looked at the climbers from the guild alliance who had already approached.


Lord of Souls.

It was a moment when Spirit Master Cha Jin-hyuk’s cool voice filled the battlefield.

At the same time, a rough vibration occurred in the storage compartment of the soul bottles located inside Jinhyeok.

Excited, ExcitedHeart beating fast.

The moment I felt what could be said to be the main body of the soul bottle’s storage box was beating rapidly.


Soul bottles popped out from Jinhyeok’s chest.



-For the monarch!

All kinds of monsters and soul bottles in human form.

They either showed ferocity or showed loyalty and determination to Jinhyeok.

Although they showed various appearances, they eventually moved forward toward

one goal.

“Hit it.”

The moment when Jinhyeok’s voice echoes throughout the battlefield, echoing what Tune had just said.

Doo doo doo dooThe soul soldiers moved towards the climbers of the guild alliance without hesitation.

It was the first clash between Yeokcheon and the Guild Alliance.

* * *

– Hit it.

“… … Hmm, you are definitely his descendant.”


This person gave me the creeps because he was over 300 floors, said to be the best

among the super rookies, and was said to be the best among the one-man necromancers.

Tune smiled with satisfaction as he was only on the 60th floor.

“Yes, his descendants should be like that.”

shakingJust before.

Tune, who had consumed a large amount of morale and mana in return for forcibly tearing spiritual power apart using morale and mana, looked down at his trembling hands.

“… … His abilities are also outstanding.”

Tune muttered grimly, tightly clenching his outstretched hands.

It was hard to believe that the climber on the 300th floor was defeated even though he had the morale that only selected beings could win it and mixed it with mana to respond, but that was reality.

A force that can only be broken if you push yourself enormously.

Lick clapI was jealous.

The heads of the guild union approached Tune, who could not control his overflowing greed and licked his parched upper lip with his tongue, revealing his deep greed.

“But is it okay to send only guild members like that?”

“No matter how low-level a climber he is, we all know that he is called a super rookie.”

“If I think I will suffer unnecessary losses, I will join the war immediately.”

He looks worried about his own safety.

Tune shook his head, throwing a contemptuous look at the guild members who were not worried about them but were worried that they would be harmed themselves.

“Did you forget to tell me to wait until given orders? “Please wait in your seat.”

“… … Tsk.”

“… … Okay, but keep that in mind. Just because he’s strong doesn’t mean he won’t

get stabbed in the body.”

Tune clicked his tongue as he watched them return to their seats, clucking their tongues and even throwing out scary threats.

“Such idiotic things. When I’m alone, I’m amazed that there are people who wipe

away things that I can’t even make eye contact with. “You bastards who only care a

bout their own well-being.”

When they first met at the conference hall, the words they said to Tune, who were

looking at him with faces filled with fear, were beyond absurd to the point of being


Of course, Tune was in no position to say anything.

“… … Well, they were used as bait to confirm his descendants, so I guess it’s no different for me.”

As they feared, a general offensive from the beginning would have been a better way to reduce overall damage than sending only guild members.

I don’t know who was behind the ghost, but since they quickly gathered their troops and attacked, only Jinhyeok and his colleagues were currently in the 60th floor city.

This was especially true because among those who entered the city, there were no

notable beings.

But even so, Tune sent out the guild members first, which was no different from buying time for Jinhyuk.

This exactly matches the concerns of the guild masters.

However, Tune had no intention of changing his mind.

“It doesn’t matter since this is also one of the rewards I received from them.”

Ghost face.

Finding out information about him was also a privilege and payment that Tune received from Nine Star.

I would have to share information about the ghost with them too, but it didn’t matter.

All I had to do was narrow it down and give them only the important parts.

If anyone had found out, they would have been shocked, but Tune didn’t care.

“There were many strange things about his death. Nine Stars… … “How much do you really have to do with his death?”

A secret story related to Jinhyeok’s death in the past.

Although he didn’t know everything, Tune, who was fanatically obsessed with Jinhyuk and the Death Star, noticed something strange.

[Nine Star]

They were clearly Jinhyeok’s colleagues, and there were a lot of things that made it

unclear that they were targeting the same floor.

It was strange why such things were buried in the abyss and no one knew about them.

But Tune did not reveal such feelings.

“If I just follow him, all problems will be solved. My dear, I don’t know how you took care of him. “That power is not for you.”

I calmly suppressed my emotions and muttered for a moment as I looked at the translucent soul soldiers ravaging the battlefield.

flutteringTune left the scene, flapping his cloak, and headed towards Basil, who had joined

him on the battlefield.

“Once I find out everything, I will immediately strike him down and reclaim his legacy.”

Damage incurred by deploying only guild members first.

He wasn’t the one to keep it quiet.

The moment when you see everything about Jinhyuk with your own eyes, hear it with your ears, and put it into your head.

With the intention of making up for all the damage he had done, he walked towards Basil, who was kissing two huge white snakes in the distance.

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