Worthless Regression Chapter 381

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Episode 383 91. Invasion (1)

I lost contact with Yana.

The fifteen days that Yana mentioned have already passed. Could it be that something happened?

What on earth could happen in a ritual with a demonic spirit? Are your rituals taking longer than usual? Why at this time? Or did someone attack Yana? Who on earth could attack Yana, the nine-tailed fox who stands at the pinnacle of all monsters?

In addition, Yana was given a bracelet that allows her to send and receive signals. If there was a dangerous situation, Yana would have been notified through the bracelet.

‘Instant death without any time… … No, that can’t be possible.’

There is no monster that can overpower a youkai like Yana like that.

I’ve thought about Jennyella, but no matter how strong she is, I think it’s impossible to kill Yana in an instant like she did during Qingming.

Avoid meeting demonic spirits.

Never go there.

If you encounter a demonic spirit, you may be forced into a fate by the demonic spirit.

Recall Laplace’s warning. He doesn’t believe in demonic spirits. Demon spirits cannot leave the Demon Spirit Pavilion.

Wijihoyeon is under the protection of the demon spirit, but the demon spirit is not actually coming out of the demon spirit well in the Hujal Mountains.

I couldn’t go to Majyeongjeong to find Yana. Maybe that’s what the devil intended.

However, I couldn’t ask someone else to go to Majyeongjeong and find out what kind of situation Yana was in.

I didn’t want to be pushed into such a dangerous situation.

There was no time for that.

Jennyella is coming.

I heard a rumor about a ghost ship crossing the West Sea. She said that the ghost ship, shrouded in red fog, was crossing the West Sea at breakneck speed, leaping over her waves.

There was no need to understand the true meaning of that strange and ridiculous rumor.

If it’s a ghost ship, it’s a Death Knight’s ghost ship, and if it’s a red fog… … Moreover, it arrives across the West Sea. Seongmin Lee covered his face with both hands.

It’s only here.

Here, the fairy forest is not far from the port city. After confirming the rumors about the ghost ship, I asked Lloyd to use Gries.

It was just as rumored. Jennyella was on the ghost ship. If you calculate the speed, Jennyella will arrive at this forest in two days.

It was something I was prepared to do. I didn’t leave this forest in order to obtain an advantageous battlefield.

This means that he stayed in this forest to attract Jennyella to this forest.

The night two days later is a full moon.

I did everything I could to prepare.

Attacked Trabia and Cheped.

The vampires of Trabia were gathered in one place and sealed. It was an insignificant seal, but it was enough.

Even if the seal lasted less than a year at most, Jennyella would not be able to regain the power of her blood relatives for at least a year. At least, that means she can’t get stronger.

I did everything I could to prepare. She thought about involving Namgung Hee-won and Ji-hak, but she decided against it.

Cheongmyeong died in vain at Jennyella. Even if you are an expert in the realm of transcendence, you are utterly helpless in front of the vampire queen who stands at the pinnacle of humanity.

Just yesterday. As soon as she confirmed that the rumors that Jennyella was coming this way were true, she went to see Denir, the god of time.

It was to once again ask for spiritual practice. In order to use the short time most efficiently, it was best to practice in a world where moments pass like eternity.

But Denir did not grant the request. He said he couldn’t listen.

With the power of Denir, you can only practice in the spiritual world once.

No matter how hard you try, it is impossible to enter the mental world one more time.

Nervousness, anxiety, fear. Seongmin Lee clenched and opened his sweaty palms. It’s different from the time of the Spirit Queen.

When fighting her, this side was sure to prepare an advantageous battlefield. But now?

The spirit queen who descended defenseless and the vampire queen who attacked at the right time of the full moon.

Lee Seong-min knows how strong Jennyella is.

Even the strong Sima Lianju said that if he fights with Jennyella, he cannot know whether he will win or lose.

Geomseon, who would have been the pinnacle of sword weapons, was also killed by Jennyella.


I chewed my lower lip. I run a simulation that I have already repeated several times in my head.

When I got into a fight with Jennyella.

If it’s just Jennyella, everyone can join forces and work together.

But something like that won’t happen. Jennyella did not come alone.

Gemini, Kuhn, Chen, Joo Won… … There are Death Knights and Liches. I don’t really care about Death Knights and Liches who don’t have a boss.

On this side is Teresa, the natural enemy of the undead. Teresa has already placed a barrier around the entire outskirts of the forest.

Her powerful divine power can reduce the invading undead to ashes.

The good news is that Trabia and Cheped were organized in advance. There will be no reinforcements from Lycan Slope or Vampires.

In Travia, he sealed the fifth blood relative, Laoshen, and in Cheped, he killed Nero. There are no reinforcements.

This is where victory and defeat are decided.


Make full use of Teresa’s barrier. Based on sit-in protests. This forest is touched by the power of Osla.

In the process of passing through the barrier, minor undead and monsters will disappear. But Jennyella will be alive and well.

High-ranking clans, Chen and Kun. I asked Baek Sogo and Black Dragon Hyeop for a favor. King Chang will deal with Joo Won.

Lloyd and Scarlet use magic traps placed in the forest to keep the surviving Liches, Death Knights, and monsters in check.

Who’s stopping Gemini? I? Damn bitch.

Lee Seong-min grabbed his hair and muttered an expletive. Gemini’s attitude is too vague.

If she had completely turned to betraying Jennyella, we could have hoped for her help a little more clearly.

But Gemini’s attitude was always ambiguous. Even though she did her best to hand over Baeksogo and give her information about Jennyella, she did not completely betray Jennyella.

‘I have to stop Gemini. Jennyella… … What about Jennyella? Should I end it quickly and go to Jennyella? If only I, or Osla, could hold Jennyella for a moment… … After that, I joined. And if you get help from others… … .’

What is the guarantee that everyone will win their fight?

Chen and Kun are not very strong. In Lee Seong-min’s opinion, anyway. But vampires become stronger under the full moon.



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What are the chances that White Sogo and Black Dragon Association will be defeated by them? What are the chances that King Chang will be defeated by Joo Won? What if Scarlett and Lloyd can’t stop the advance of the undead and monsters?

‘What if I lose to Gemini?’

If you die.

I felt like the hairs on my whole body were standing on end. If I’m with you, I’ll die. Frau’s words linger in my head.

If you throw an egg at a rock, it will definitely shatter. The variable ‘I’ cannot completely change the flow of great destiny.

[calm down.]

Heo Joo’s voice rang loudly in my head. Still, he couldn’t pay attention to that voice.

You must not fail. Since Wijihoyeon is trapped, the only thing I can do is me. Didn’t you tell Wijihoyeon too? Trust me.

[Calm down, you idiot!]

Heoju shouted.

[How many times are you going to think the same thing? In that way, you are putting a useless burden on yourself that you cannot bear.]

Because there is only me.

[If you fail, what? It can’t be helped. If you don’t think it’s possible, just run away. As long as you are alive, you can do the following!]

There is no next time. The end continues to approach.

[Oh my god, f*ck. How can such a depressed and despairing mind be of any help?]

“It helps.”

Lee Seong-min lowered the hand covering his face.

“… … Because it makes you desperate.”

It allows you to use all possible numbers. Seongmin Lee slowly turned his head. He looked at Baek Sogo, who was sitting next to him and had a worried expression on his face.

“I’m sorry, Sister. “I was so lost in my thoughts that I couldn’t hear.”

“It’s okay… … Is it okay? Priest, your face… … .”

“it’s okay.”

Lee Seong-min raised his hand and stroked his face. His skin was as cold as his corpse.

“private residence.”

He caressed his cold cheek and called Baek Sogo’s name. Baek Sogo didn’t know what to say in this situation.

It wasn’t just Lee Seong-min. Scarlett was also nervously walking around, checking the magic traps set up in the forest.

All the wizards in the magic tower near the forest were also sent away.

Teresa continued to pray. To a god she served in the world she was in, who doesn’t even exist in this world.

Please don’t let anyone die.

Please help us overcome this crisis together.

The Black Dragon Association stayed by Teresa’s side, and Lloyd also repeatedly opened and closed Gries with a gaunt face.

Only the Spear King was cleaning his spear in anticipation of the day when Zeniella would attack.

“Don’t you want to run away?”

At that question, Baek Sogo jerked his head. She looked at Lee Seong-min with unwavering eyes.

“You must not run away.”


In fact, Baeksogo is not much different from Changwang. She too is twisted and broken.

If King Chang was crazy about fighting, Baek Sogo was crazy about his beliefs. Of course she feels her fears too.

Seongmin Lee still remembered Baek Sogo’s voice crying while being held in his arms.

However, no matter how scary it is, Baeksogo does not run away.

“still. If you can run away… … If you must run, run.”

“That didn’t happen.”

“I don’t want to see my sister-in-law die.”

Lee Seong-min muttered that and tried to laugh. He forced his cheek muscles, which were stiff and hard to move, and barely raised the corners of his mouth to smile.

“… … Priests. Can’t I ask for help now? To the Murim Alliance or the Wizard’s Guild… … .”

“It doesn’t help.”

It wasn’t worth reconsidering.

“Murimmaeng or wizard guild. Right now, I can annihilate them all by myself if I decide to do so. I just don’t do it. If I ride my fairy horse right now and go to Kron, I will be able to take over the city within a day. The same goes for the wizard guild.”

“still… … .”

“Besides, there is no guarantee that they will understand or cooperate. “Even if the world were to end tomorrow, aren’t there people whose lives are precious to them right now?”

“… … Even so, there will be people who act for the greater good.”

“Those people must be weak.”

Baek Sogo could not refute anything. Seongmin Lee looked up at the sky and said.

“private residence. I am… … I am confident that we who have gathered in this forest are the most outstanding elite among those gathered in the cause of preventing the apocalypse. You can’t get any better than this. The enemy is an alien army made up of vampires and undead. The weak who come to help us and act for the greater good will become vampires and undead and die by our hands.”

It’s like something. Seongmin Lee laughed.

“I’m not running away either. You must not run away. To Wijihoyeon… … I told you to trust me. That I can do it. So you have to do it. “It’s just me now.”

“… … Priests.”

“I am okay.”

Seongmin Lee turned around.

“therefore… … “You don’t have to worry any more.”

I didn’t wait for Baek Sogo’s answer. Seongmin Lee took heavy steps and left the place. The words he couldn’t bear lingered in his heart.

‘What I’m most afraid of is.’

Seongmin Lee raised his hands and covered his face.

Rather than dying… … If you defeat Jennyella. When he got rid of her. There again… … Isn’t there a ‘next time’… … That’s what I’m most afraid of.

What on earth comes next?

What else is planned to destroy this world? Kim Jong-hyun, Slaughter Predator, Dungeon, Spirit Queen, Vampire Queen… … What happens next?

Wouldn’t it be possible for a real demon lord to descend? Or just a major earthquake, volcano, flood… … Wouldn’t the world be destroyed because of this?

If such a catastrophe were to destroy the world, how on earth would we prevent it?

[Don’t worry about things that haven’t happened.]

Heoju let out an annoyed voice.

Even Heo Joo, who said that, was really worried that that might not happen.


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