Worthless Regression Chapter 382

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Episode 384 91. Invasion (2)

You have two days to write. For two days, I just sat cross-legged and meditated. I reduced my eating and sleeping to a minimum and meditated all the time.

It was to use the short time of two days most efficiently. For Lee Seong-min now, moving his body or sparring is of little help.

A life-or-death decision that could result in your life being lost?

I can’t do such a risky thing ahead of my battle with Jennyella.

I checked all the martial arts I had learned. I had to use every number I could.

Jahain Gong, Heukroebeoncheon, Blood Hwanshinmagong, Gucheonmugeukchang, Muyeongtalhon.

It has sufficient strength and power. Dragon Lore and Super Powerful God can also be used.

But will it work for Jennyella? Lee Seong-min’s lore and super-powerful scenes are powerful enough to rupture the heart of even a top expert.

It won’t work on Jennyella. It may be possible to suppress movement for a very short period of time. It was said that on the night of the full moon, Jennyella would gain complete immortality.

Will there be no polarity? It is a non-pole that even destroys the spiritual body of the transcendent. If you hit it right… … .

‘Even if it was stabbed properly, it could not destroy the queen.’

Consciousness continued to be pushed into a corner. Lee Seong-min survived and grew several times in his life-or-death situations.

Lee Sung-min’s black heart has evolved his body to save him at every moment of crisis.

‘Maybe it was because of the blessings of fate.’

Because Lee Seong-min at that time was a body that should never have died. But it’s different now.

The blessing of fate has disappeared. 10 years ago… … I benefited a lot from the blessings of fate.

When I think about it now, I have always experienced only a crisis that I could overcome. We grew from each crisis, and somehow avoided the ones we couldn’t overcome.

But not now. The protection has disappeared. It’s different from before. You could die.

Continue to push your consciousness.

It’s over when you die.

He cannot keep his promise to Wijihoyeon, and his colleagues who added their strength to prevent the apocalypse will also die.

Helplessness and fear. despair… … At the end, I had many flashbacks. The fights we’ve had so far. I thought about it all again and clung to the hope that might arise.

Such a desperate situation. Continuous meditation. Desperately, tracing the memories of the fight… … .

Perhaps through this, I can transform myself by recalling an epiphany that I passed by without noticing at the time.

If you undergo a complete transformation, you will be able to fight Jennyella. Imbalance between physical and martial arts. If you adjust it to a transformation… … .

“It can’t be possible.”


Seongmin Lee opened his eyes. He slowly got up and made a sad expression. Transformation after two days of meditation? Say something that makes sense.

Unless you are truly a genius among geniuses that will never be seen before, such ridiculous miracles do not happen.

You have to play well for Lee Seong-min, a criminal, to have such a miracle. No matter how much I push my consciousness into a corner, no matter how desperately I try.

It does not happen that you awaken, gain enlightenment, undergo a transformation, and become stronger than before.

“The moon is bright.”

The full moon was shining in the center of the lake. Osla looked up at the full moon and made a bitter expression. Seongmin Lee bowed his head to Osla.

“… … sorry.”

“I told you, it’s best to fight here.”

“Where are the other fairies?”

“Inside the lake.”

Because it won’t be a pretty sight. Osla added that and approached Lee Seong-min.

She looked at Lee Sung-min’s pale face with pitiful eyes, then raised her hand and placed it on Lee Sung-min’s head.

“I will give you blessings. Just like last time, I will protect you from the Vampire Queen’s mental attacks.”

“thank you.”

“do not die.”

Come on. Osla opened his arms and hugged Lee Seong-min’s head.

“… … Really, you can’t die. Understand? You are Lianju’s disciple. I don’t think Ryeonju died for you, but… … “I would be very sad if you, who inherited everything from Ryonju, died as well.”

“… … yes.”

“If the worst happens, you can run away. The vampire queen can’t kill me anyway. I don’t care if this place becomes ruins. “As long as I live, this forest will come back to life infinitely.”

“All right.”

I felt truly grateful to Osla. She helped Lee Seong-min even by breaking her long-standing promise.

If we can’t change the ending, everyone, including Lee Seong-min, will just die. But not Osla.

As a transcendent being, she cannot die and must suffer for eons for breaking her promise.

Seongmin Lee glanced at Aine behind Osla. She was wrapped in tree vines, her eyes still closed. And, she will never open her eyes again.

“… … I know.”

Osla felt that Lee Seong-min was looking at Aine and nodded her head slightly.

A group of people were gathered outside the lake. Scarlett had dark circles in her eyes and was wearing a colorful robe.

She wore gloves with additional decorations and a staff that she had never used before, and five grimoires were hovering around Scarlett.

Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, belts, and even shoes. She, who was draped in gorgeous things, reminded me of Frau, who had all kinds of jewelry wrapped around her naked body.

It wasn’t just flashy. The accessories Scarlett wore were all artifacts of high value.

When I looked at it, wondering if it might be too much, Scarlett exhaled with twinkles in her eyes.

“I’m just wearing pretty clothes because I might die.”

“Are those pretty clothes?”

“I don’t think I’ll get a good death in a coffin. I’ve never dressed like this before, so I put it on. how is it?”

“It’s too much.”

“It might be the last time, so it suits you well, it’s pretty. “Would it be okay if I said something like this?”

“I’m not saying that because I don’t think it’s the last time.”

Scarlett made a complicated expression at Lee Sung-min’s words. She chuckled as she put on the hat of her robe.

“okay. “It won’t be the last time.”



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Baek Sogo was wearing his usual military uniform.

Her cheeks were also tight with tension, but her eyes were shining with faith, not fear.

Seongmin Lee recalled the conversation he had with her two days ago. Saying that you will not run away. Lee Seong-min was jealous of Baek So-go’s strength.

“Did you get something?”

King Chang asked. Among the group, he was the only one with joy and anticipation. Seongmin Lee shook his head in response to King Chang’s question in an excited voice.

“It looks like Yana still hasn’t heard from you.”


“He probably didn’t run away.”

“That can’t be possible.”

The Black Dragon Association was standing next to Teresa, who was clutching Rosario with a white face. The two have become closer since their drinking session a few days ago.

“… … “It’s coming.”

Teresa muttered in a low voice. Right in front of you. Teresa added and swallowed.

The barrier of divine power surrounding the entire forest was sensing an ominous feeling approaching.

“Teresa, don’t come out of here. Please do your best to maintain the barrier somehow.”

“yes… … yes.”

“Where is Lloyd?”

“I’m checking the magic installed near the barrier. “I have to go soon too.”

Scarlett clenched the staff in her hand. I already know what to do.


The whole forest shook. Teresa gasped and staggered. The Black Dragon Association quickly stretched out its hand and supported Teresa.

“came… … !”

Teresa refused to be helped by the Black Dragon Association and knelt down there. This place was the center of her barrier she had set up.

Teresa, holding the rosary with both hands, closed her eyes and recited a prayer.

A dazzling light enveloped Teresa’s body. The light illuminates the darkness of the night. Seongmin Lee took a few steps back to avoid the light.

“I’ll hold on, I’ll hold on… … You have to hold on… … .”

Teresa muttered in a desperate voice. The light becomes stronger. A bright light burst from outside the forest.

The divine power maintaining the barrier has been amplified. Even though it was a moonlit night, the outside of the forest was as bright as day.

‘Luvia, why don’t you stay here too?’

[I will be with you.]

Luvia answered without hesitation.

‘You won’t be safe with me.’

[i know. You don’t think I can help you? That’s right… … It won’t be of much help in a fight. But there is something I can do too.]

Luvia answered with a trembling voice. I have to go. Scarlett jerked and turned her body.

“After this fight… … .”

“Don’t say unnecessary things. When I hear things like that, I actually feel relaxed. Even in novels, if you say something like that, someone is sure to die.”

As Scarlett said that, she levitated herself using floating magic.

“I’ll go.”

I didn’t say, “I’ll come back.” Scarlett accelerated her floating body toward a brightly lit area. King Chang held his spear tightly and raised his body.

“Today is a wonderful day.”

King Chang laughed and kicked the ground. Black Dragon Hyeop looked at Teresa on her knees and praying with eyes full of awe. He nodded and turned to Teresa.

“Honestly, I don’t want to fight, risking my life.”

“Are you going to run away?”

“It’s too late for that. If you were alone, you would have run away… … “Now there’s a reason why I can’t run away.”

“Think about your age.”

In the past, it was not like that and they denied it, but now the Black Dragon Association does not do that. He grinned at Teresa and nodded his head.

“I’m too lost in it to care about that.”

“Come to think of it… … “I have a question.”


“Is a half-man, half-dragon a eunuch?”

Hearing those words, the Black Dragon Association looked back at Seongmin Lee with an expression of bewilderment. Black Dragon Hyeop, who was twitching the corner of his mouth to say something, straightened his expression and shook his head.



“Why are you asking that?”

“The mule is sleeping… … .”

“Do I look like a mule?”

“Scarlett was curious, not me.”

“Anyway, wizards… … !”

The Black Dragon Association made a fuss and turned around. When the Black Dragon Association left, only Baek Sogo remained. She stretched out both hands and grabbed Lee Seong-min’s shoulders.

“No one will die.”

Lee Seong-min did not respond to those words.

“Don’t try to shoulder everything on your own. We are there… … I have it. I’ll finish it as quickly as possible and come help the priest. therefore… … Understand? “Don’t push yourself too hard.”

“All right.”

You have to overdo it. We cannot overcome this difficult situation without overdoing it. All available means must be used.

No matter how dangerous it was, I had to do it. Fortunately, Osla was here.

It was fortunate that Osla, who was able to temporarily suppress the mutation of the monster, was with him.

Two days of meditation did not produce miracles. Then he had to create a miracle himself.

Unless Jennyella was dragged here and escaped, the negotiations turned into a trap. Jennyella also knew this, so she led her legion and invaded this forest.

Even Baek Sogo left. Seongmin Lee returned to the lake to avoid Osla, who was praying.

Osla was waiting there. Seongmin Lee exchanged glances with Osla and approached Aine.

I see Aine tied up in vines. She has no feelings for her.

A sense of kinship over having the same heart? There is no such thing left anymore. Aine was a monster. Ever since she was born, she has been a monster.

I don’t know how many beings Aine has eaten so far. I won’t think about it again in the future.

Seongmin Lee stretched out his hand towards the monster bound to the vines.

Now he had to become a monster.


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