Worthless Regression Chapter 350

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Episode 352 83. Mountain (4)

The Black Dragon Association was looking at Teresa, who was caressing her side, with a puzzled look on her face.

Feeling the gaze of the Black Dragon Association, Teresa slightly raised her head and looked at the Black Dragon Association. Teresa tilted her head and laughed.

The pain in my side was disappearing. It was a pain I had been suffering from for 10 years, and a pain I thought I would continue to suffer from.

It was being erased by young white light in Teresa’s hands.

“It’s done.”

Compared to the time when his entire body was poisoned, it was easy to take care of the Black Dragon Association’s wounds.

Theresa stood up from her seat, shaking her hands. The Black Dragon Association looked up at Teresa’s face blankly, then came to its senses belatedly and jumped up to attack her.

“… … thanks.”

“What. “It wasn’t that difficult.”

Teresa smiled and answered. King Chang was looking at the fairies flying around him with a sullen expression.

The playful fairies did not hesitate even when the Spear King was glaring at them.

The chattering fairies approach King Chang. King Chang swallowed his saliva and watched the fairy approach.

After taking the King of Spear and the Black Dragon to the Fairy Forest.

Seongmin Lee heard about the location of the Euzekian Mountains from Nevel. He eliminated Dozon from Kron and captured the King of Chang and the Black Dragon Alliance.

I wanted to finish what could be done before the Queen of Spirits descended. To be honest, Lee Seong-min did not yet have the confidence to engage in an all-out war with the Predators led by Jennyella.

Jennyella and her higher-ranking blood relatives.

Joo Won, a lycanthrope, and his henchmen.

Among the death knights, lichs, and monsters, there may be strong people that Lee Seong-min does not know about.

Because so little was known, the Predator’s power was unknown.

‘Do you know anything?’

[What I know is knowledge from 300 years ago.]

‘Still, it’s better to know.’

[hmm. I don’t know much about Jennyella’s blood relatives. Still, haven’t you met all of the high-ranking blood relatives except for the one called the Blood Demon?]

Gemini, the first blood relative. Below them are the blood demons of the clan, Chen, Kun, and Lao Xian, whom we met in Germud. I saw Chen and Kun’s skills to some extent. It was similar to that of Geomjon, the sixth virtuous person. Lao Shen also had similar skills to them.

[Jenniella has great power in and of herself. However, you have yet to encounter Jennyella under the full moon. Even this old man cannot predict how much power the current Jennyella will exert on the night of the full moon.]

‘How strong does a vampire become under a full moon?’

[It varies from object to object, but… … You can think of it as at least 1.5 times that. Full Moon grants a lot of power to vampires and lycanthropes. Immortality increases and magical power becomes stronger. Not to mention the strength of the body.]

That’s not the end. Heoju added.

[If Jennyella wants. That girl will reclaim all the power she granted to all blood relatives that originated from her.]


Lee Seong-min was surprised by Heo-ju’s words and asked back. Then Heoju clicked his tongue and continued speaking.

[High-ranking blood relatives that you considered threatening. Even if we exclude Gemini, which is an unusual case. The vampires controlled by Jennyella are all descended from that woman. As the Lord of the Clan, Zeniella can retrieve their power whenever she wishes. You know what it means, right?]

If that happens. Seongmin Lee swallowed his saliva. What if Jennyella, who has tremendous power just now, is given the added power of her blood relatives, vampires, and fights on the night of the full moon?

[It’s annihilation.]

Heoju chuckled. Lee Seong-min also acknowledged that fact. It’s a situation I want to avoid as much as possible, but if I have to fight Jennyella, I have to avoid Manwol at all costs.

But can avoiding Manwol be enough to defeat Jennyella? If you don’t succeed, you’ll get your blood vampires’ powers back, right?

[So you’re trying to avoid a fight right now?]

Heoju said with a grin.

[Well, let’s say that’s the case with vampires. Among the Lycan Slopes… … Not to mention Joo Won. The guy you met named Nero was also quite famous when this old man was alive. He was a guy who was not like Lycan Slope, but had great power.]

‘Is Nero the only thing you need to worry about?’

[At your level, there are Joo Won, Nero, and one more to worry about. Brock. These are the powerful Lycan Slopes that were under Howon, the leader of the Lycan Slopes 300 years ago. Even though Howon was killed by Joowon.]

‘How strong are they?’

[I have never met this old man. hmm… … Nero is a were tiger. Brock is a werebear.]

tiger and bear. Lee Seong-min recalled the Dangun tale, but did not bother to tell it to Heo Ju.

[I didn’t hear about Brock, but I heard about Nero. Nero was the successor to Howon, who died to Joo Won. Because Howon was also a Were Tiger like Nero. If he is to be called Howon’s successor, he must be a man of considerable power. Even you who have fought to some extent will know that well.]

Seongmin Lee nodded his head. When the heat rose to the top of his head and attacked Nero.

Although Nero was scared, he dodged or dodged Lee Seong-min’s attack. If Nero had wanted to fight to the death, he would have been difficult to subdue.

[You don’t have to think that much about youkai. Because Yana is with you right now. The same goes for Death Knight and Lich.]

In the end, what you need to worry about are vampires and lycan slopes. Seongmin Lee put what Heoju said into his head and got up.

Now it was time to go to the Yuzkiah Mountains. I asked Nevel for information about a place called the Moon Palace, but the Moon Palace was a place that existed like a legend in the villages around the Euzukian Mountains.

When the high moon dips into the center of the lake at the top of the mountain. A mysterious palace appears among the clouds floating in the sky.

It was difficult to trace the location of the Moon Palace based only on that vague legend.

There is no choice but to go first. When Lee Sung-min got up, Scarlett approached him.

“Let’s go together.”

“Are you okay?”

“It’s okay, so let’s go. Besides, you have no solution. “Aren’t you going to go to the mountain and search for it ignorantly?”

“There is no other way.”

“you… … “What on earth do you think I am?”

Scarlett looked pitiful and said something mocking.

“The person who is helping you is not praising himself, but is a wizard with one of the greatest skills in the world, right? “It would be much better for me to go to the top of the mountain and use my search magic than for you to search the entire mountain.”

“then… … “Please.”

When Lee Seong-min spoke with a bitter smile, Scarlett snorted in amusement. The Yuzkia Mountains are to the southwest, and the fastest route is from Prabakh, the city where the shrine is located. When he told her that he was going to Phra Bach, Teresa said she would stay in the forest.

Since he almost ran away from home, the reason was that if he returned to Prabakh and was unlucky, he might be caught by the Holy Knights.

Heilonghyeop and Changwang also remained in the forest. King Chang replied that he would worry about the martial arts that he performed imperfectly in the fight with Lee Seong-min, and Black Dragon Hyeop gave the reason that he wanted to recover from 10 years of penance.

There didn’t seem to be much risk in going to the Yuzkiah Mountains. Yue Hu, who ruled the Moon Palace, died 10 years ago.

The reason I went to the Moon Palace was to find traces of a possible psychic, not to fight.



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Still, Yana and Baek So-go decided to go with Seong-min Lee. The reason was that I didn’t know what would happen.

In the end, this time, Lee Seong-min got on the fairy horse with Yana, Scarlett, and Baek So-go.

[I’m thinking about it again. There are so many women around you. This time, I’m only going with women.]

‘It’s not like I want to go there.’

[Well, it’s not a bad reason, is it? It was called heroic lechery.]

‘I am not a hero.’

[Wouldn’t preventing the apocalypse mean saving the world? If you save the world, you are a hero.]

Heo Joo chuckled and laughed. Seongmin Lee ignored the sound of laughter and thought of Prabach’s gate.

After the fairy horse finished jumping, it immediately started moving. He thought about renting a carriage, but he didn’t need to.

The moment they arrived at the castle gate, Yana transformed into a nine-tailed fox without asking and carried the other party members on her back.

[Which direction should I go?]

‘that… … First, please go up to the northwest.’


Yana ran through the sky. Scarlett had a bewildered expression as she looked at the golden fur that wrapped around her body.

“… … okay… … It was a nine-tailed fox… … .”

The feeling of flying in the sky without a sense of floating was strange no matter how many times I felt it. Baek Sogo stuck out her tongue as she watched the scenery passing by below her.

Meanwhile, Scarlett took out a grimoire from her subspace pocket and opened it. It seemed like he was trying to organize his work until he reached the mountain.

Lee Seong-min looked at Scarlett like that and became curious, so he asked a question.

“What kind of research are you doing, Scarlett?”


Scarlett wrinkled her nose as she looked down at the spells that filled the grimoire.

“Haven’t you already achieved your wish, Scarlett?”

“It is not my secret wish to establish a school with my name on it.”

Scarlett answered in a sad voice. In Lee Seong-min’s past life, Scarlett founded her own school within the wizard’s guild and became the owner of the Red Magic Tower.

I don’t know what other secret wishes Scarlett had in her past life, but Scarlett in her current life seems to have other secret wishes.

“I want to make magic.”

Scarlett answered.

“The inscription of the Lesir school is a magic system that I created by mixing gimun transformation. But it can’t be called great magic.”

Strictly speaking, only the operation method is different. Scarlett added and took out her pen.

“Most of the magic of today is little by little transformation, merging, and dividing of magic that existed in the past. The study of magic is old… … This world attracts people from all levels. Wizards who have learned all kinds of magic come in, and magic is mixed and created. As a result, it is difficult to create original magic. “I guess I can make small things.”

“So, Scarlett, do you want to create original magic?”

“That would be impossible?”

maybe. Scarlett muttered in a low voice.

“I consider myself a genius, but I am not arrogant. I think the originals will all exist in this world anyway. That’s why I created the spell engraving in the first place. “It is close to impossible to create new magic, but it is relatively easy to change the way it operates.”

It may not be an easy task. Lee Seong-min let out a laugh as he saw Scarlett talking casually.

“It’s not a magic that has never existed in this world. A great magic that can only be performed with a spell engraving from the Lesir school that bears my name. I want to make that. Since we have created a school and a magic tower, doesn’t it make sense to have magic that can be unleashed with just these? “Once I’m done with some work, I plan to write a book of magic.”

Scarlett’s eyes were full of passion as she said that. Scarlett, who was rewriting the spells she had written down in a thick book, raised her head and looked at Lee Seong-min.

“That’s why we can’t let the world fall apart.”

“Wasn’t it because of love?”

“That’s one of the reasons. I’ve never been in a relationship, but I can’t let the world fall apart even if it’s unfair. and… … He dedicated his life to creating a school, and now he is creating magic. If the world falls apart before I complete one book of grimoires… … “What meaning is there in my life so far?”

It’s all the same. Scarlett muttered. Those words reminded me of what King Chang said.

It means that you cannot die because you have not seen the end of nothingness.

In the end, both Scarlett and the Spear King have the same reason for not wishing for the end.

Seongmin Lee.

I have never been happy.

As he told Volander and Kim Jong-hyun, the biggest reason Lee Seong-min stopped the end was ‘because it was unfair’.

I was just taken advantage of. The return to the past itself was the devil’s use of Lee Seong-min.

Even after that, the events that unfolded endlessly centering on Lee Seong-min were all the flow of fate that the devil had intended.

In other words, most of Lee Seong-min’s life so far has been a trick of the devil and fate. Lee Seong-min, before awakening to massacre, was a puppet.

In the meantime, I have never felt happy. Most encounters ended in separation, and the forced survival to bring about the end forced an endless fight.

Now I have finally escaped that fate. Nevertheless, the fate of the end does not change.

So, even though it was unfair, I wanted to change the fate of the end. I’ve rarely been happy, and I want to be happy in the future.

I want to see the end of nothingness.

At one time, Seongmin Lee made that his goal. It was still the same now. Since he could not see the end, he had to stop the apocalypse in order to see the end.

And, the earnestness.

Sima Lianzhu died, and Abel died.

In order for their deaths to not be in vain, the apocalypse must be prevented.


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