Worthless Regression Chapter 349

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Episode 351 83. Mountain (3)

“Is there a problem?”

Seongmin Lee asked as he approached King Chang. King Chang, who was looking down at the blood on the back of his hand with a horrified expression, clicked his tongue loudly.

Then he staggered to his feet and looked down at the two spears he was barely holding.

“My leg was torn.”

“… … what?”

“When the stork tried to follow the stork, its leg was torn. I thought it would work… … As expected, trying to do with my body what I was trying to do in my head doesn’t work.”

“Do you know that now?”

The Black Dragon Association, who had been watching until now, chuckled.

The Black Dragon Hyeop approached with great strides and tried to support the out of breath King Chang. Then the King of Chang rolled his eyes and pushed away the Black Dragon’s hand.

“It’s not enough to be supported.”

“You ignore good intentions.”

The Black Dragon Association grumbled and withdrew its hand. My leg was torn? Seongmin Lee looked down at the spear in his hand.

An image of what had happened a moment ago passed through my mind. Two scenes come to mind.

Even though he lost most of his strength, Sima Lianzhu was able to evaporate the Martial God’s attacks with a single wave of his hand and tear off his arm.

The image of the Spear King slowly tearing off his own attack with a single spear.

Resembles. But it’s not the same. It was the same at first… … Things changed after that.

The window collapsed in the middle and the strong force that was being erased could not be completely pushed out. Afterwards, King Chang sat down and vomited blood.

‘Internal injuries.’

Through ten years of practice, King Chang succeeded in reaching the edge of Sima Lianju’s inaction.

However, as King Chang unfolded, the techniques shown by Sima Lianju before his death were extremely powerful.

Although he was able to force it to unfold, he was unable to maintain it and suffered internal injuries.

“Are you okay?”

“It’s not okay.”


King Chang collected the remaining blood from his throat and spit it out on the floor.

“I thought it would work, but it didn’t, so I’m annoyed. “I’m angry that I’ve worked hard for 10 years and only achieved this much.”

“… … How about quitting at this point? “The internal injuries don’t look that light either.”

“Hmm… … .”

I expected King Chang to object, but King Chang only made a disapproving expression and did not object.

It seemed that the internal injuries were worse than they looked. The Black Dragon Association looked at the Spear King and shook its head.

“Then why did you start a fight right away?”

“I just wanted to see Sima Lianju’s martial arts skills.”

“So, are you satisfied?”

King Chang snorted at Lee Seong-min’s question.

“He was good at imitating things.”

“I haven’t been able to reach him yet.”

“I guess that’s natural.”

King Chang sat down in his seat. And then I got lost in thought. It seemed like a replay of the fight from a little while ago.

After a while, King Chang, who had gathered his thoughts, opened his mouth.

“Your body is superior to mine. He has more handling power than me. However, spearmanship itself has not improved much compared to 10 years ago.”

“I haven’t practiced like you for 10 years.”

“But there are some interesting things mixed in. Sima Lianju’s martial arts… … It definitely makes up for my lack of spear skills. Plus your body size is ridiculous. So it’s a shame. “If your spear skills were superior to anything else, I wouldn’t be your opponent.”

King Chang calmly admitted the fact.

“You cannot overpower me because I am not superior. Even if I didn’t get greedy in the end and try to use a method that was impossible for my level. “You wouldn’t have been able to subdue me.”

“So you’re saying you can overpower me?”

“Well… … I am confident that I will not die. Wow, this is such an unfair thing. “I, who has wielded a single spear for hundreds of years, cannot guarantee that I will kill you.”

King Chang laughed out loud, but there was no discomfort or self-deprecation in his laughter. Rather, he was feeling happy.

“How do you think it compares to Martial God?”

“you? Or me?”


“I think I am better now than I was 10 years ago. Killing a martial god is something you never know… … Now, 10 years later, I don’t know. “If Musin wasn’t an idiot, he would have practiced for 10 years because of the humiliation he suffered 10 years ago.”

King Chang’s words were surprising facts. 10 years ago, he couldn’t control the Martial God even if he joined forces with the Black Dragon Association, but isn’t it true that in 10 years, he has reached a level that is at least equal to the Martial God of that time?

And that also meant that the current Lee Seong-min is on par with or better than the Musin of 10 years ago. Even though Lee Seong-min did not show his full potential against King Chang.

“Then what do you want to do?”

Seongmin Lee looked at King Chang and asked.

“I haven’t heard back yet. I need your strength.”

“Let me listen too. What do you want to do? “Are you going to attack the Martial God, or are you going to attack the Predator?”


“Even if Mushin’s intention to prevent the apocalypse is sincere? “Isn’t it because of the gods that he’s doing this stupid thing?”

“Leave him. “Musin is the teacher’s enemy.”

Lee Seong-min’s voice became cold. King Chang laughed at those words.

“You mean to take revenge on your enemies first. good night.”

King Chang nodded his head and said.

“Let me help you.”

King Chang glanced at the Black Dragon Alliance and said.

“Come on, let’s go.”



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“Am I going too?”

The Black Dragon Association said, wiggling its eyebrows. Then King Chang looked rather strange.

“Then what did you plan to do?”

“… … let’s go.”

The Black Dragon Association sighed and answered. He too did not wish for the end.

But doesn’t that mean he can’t go back to the god of war, the puppet of the gods? If I explain the situation, will they understand?

‘… … ‘It’s good if you don’t try to kill me as soon as you see me.’

But that doesn’t mean you can do something alone. In fact, for the purpose of preventing the end, it was best to act together with Lee Seong-min.

Even if the opponent is a vampire queen whose power is unknown.

“Oh, come to think of it.”

Seongmin Lee suddenly thought of something and looked at the Black Dragon League.

“The wound I suffered from Joo Won 10 years ago. Is it still bad?”

“It’s been the same for 10 years.”

The Black Dragon Association frowned and answered. I didn’t really want to recall the memories of that time.

If I hadn’t swallowed all the humiliation and ran away with all my might, I would have been killed by Joo Won in that forest to the north.

“But now, I don’t even notice the pain. “I suffered so much on this mountain.”

“Still, isn’t it uncomfortable compared to when things were fine?”

“what… … “That’s right.”

When he said he would treat his wounds, the Black Dragon Association’s expression changed. No matter how much you get used to it, there’s no way that the endless numb pain in your side won’t be uncomfortable.

‘I’ll have to go back and forth twice.’

First, we decided to take Yana and Baeksogo to the Fairy Forest and then return to Mushi’s Mountain.

Afterwards, we spend a day in the mountains of Mshi. If you return to Mushi’s Mountain, you will ride the fairy horse three times.

In that state, it would be very risky to return to the Fairy Forest with the Spear King and the Black Dragon.

Last time I made my fourth jump, I didn’t want to go through the experience of regurgitating what I ate again.

After taking Yana and Baek So-go to the Fairy Forest, Seong-min Lee returned to Mushi Mountain.

King Chang was enjoying a fortune-telling breakfast under the protection of the Black Dragon Association. He did so to recover from the internal injuries he suffered earlier.

Seongmin Lee glanced at King Chang, who was breathing evenly, and then sat down not far from the Black Dragon Gorge.

“I wanted to ask you something.”


“Why did you act like that 10 years ago?”

It was a question I had for a long time.

At that time, the Black Dragon Alliance did not have an agreement with Sima Lianju. In that situation, there was no reason for the Black Dragon Association to come forward for Lee Seong-min, nor was there any reason to block Musin’s path to make Lee Seong-min escape.

Rather, in that situation, the choice that the Black Dragon Association could make for itself was to return to the side of the god of war and kill Lee Seong-min.

“I was wondering if you were asking something great.”

Black Dragon Hyeop laughed and swallowed the beef jerky he was chewing.

“It was because I wanted to do that. That situation… … It was absurd. Sima Lianzhu was able to defeat Yue Hu and Wu Xin’s combined attack with ease. “In the first place, the joint venture situation itself was unreasonable.”


“I didn’t like Sima Lianju very much. He was arrogant and self-indulgent. but… … It was strong. In fact, for a warrior, that’s everything. Even though he is arrogant and self-indulgent, if he has that level of strength, he looks confident.”

Just as King Chang admired his inaction through the battle of Sima Lianju, which he saw only once.

“When I came to my senses, I, too, was fascinated by Sima Lianju’s martial arts. he is… … I didn’t want you to die. In that situation, I had the power to make you run away. That’s why I acted like that. There is also a big reason why I fell out of love with Musin. In the end, I have no intention of criticizing Musin, who was a puppet.”

The Black Dragon Association laughed while saying that.

“Changwang. I was led to this mountain by that crazy man, but the reason I was forced to endure for 10 years was because of Sima Lianju’s inaction, which left a deep impression on me. Any martial artist who has learned martial arts will do that. In that fight, Sima Lianju’s martial arts skills were… … He fascinated everyone there. maybe… … “Musin must have been like that too.”


Martial arts.

The name was abandoned a long time ago.

The nickname ‘Mushin’ was more honorable to him than the first name he was given at birth.

No one laughed at the nickname ‘he’ had. He had enough inaction to be called a military god, and he himself knew him well.

I didn’t think it was arrogant. For him, the nickname ‘Musin’ was not a name but a name for himself.

Until 10 years ago, I had an unmistakable confidence. Of all the humans who have learned martial arts, I am the one who is at the highest level, the strongest, and the only one who can be called a martial god.

He suffered a crushing defeat from Sima Lianju and Demon Emperor, who he thought were his rivals.

Wolhu said that the Demon Emperor had such power because he was the disaster of the end.

Mushin also thought so. He couldn’t bear to think that way. On that topic.

Martial God was looking at Sima Lianju.

For 10 years, endlessly, continuously, without stopping. I remembered fighting Sima Lianju in the snowy field 10 years ago.

How did Sima Lianju move? How did Sima Lianju attack, avoid, and block?

I explained it all, created the same situation in my head, and continued to fight with the dead Sima Lianzhu in meditation.

But it always got stuck at the end.

When Sima Lianju, now helpless, slowly stretches out his hand.

When all the attacks attacking Sima Lianzhu’s body evaporated with a single gesture.

Then, when he ripped off Musin’s left arm.

I could never understand the method. For most of 10 years, Mushin pondered how that was possible.

How was such a method possible in that situation? If that situation were to happen again, would I have been able to destroy that method and kill Sima Lianju with my own hands?


Was Sima Lianju dead in the first place?

I don’t know.

Things that happened that day. I can’t understand what happened at the end. Worries gave birth to worries.

During the meditation that he continued for 10 years, Musin longed for answers to the questions he had raised.

And today.

After leaving Am-dong, Musin did not feel dazzled by sunlight for the first time in 10 years.

A psychic was waiting outside the dark room. It seems that he knew that Musin would come out after closing today, at this time.

“What about that one?”

Musin asked, looking at the smiling medium. Next to the medium stood a woman he had never seen before.

It was an elf with long ears. As her martial spirit looked at her, her elf bowed her head slightly. The psychic introduced on behalf of the elf.

“This is my older sister.”

“… … “Month later?”

“It’s been a while, Musin.”

The elf opened his mouth and answered. Wolhu didn’t die. Although she thought it was nonsense when she was told that by a psychic 10 years ago. The energy felt from the elf was definitely that of Wolhu. Musin looked at Wolhu gently and then nodded his head.


It was incomprehensible, but Mushin understood. It’s an incredibly strange thing, but if it’s an act of God, I can’t help but understand it.

“Did you find the answer?”

The psychic asked with a grin. At those words, Musin looked at the sky again.

He answered while looking at the sun, which was not dazzling.

“In my own way.”

Musin glanced at his drooping left sleeve. The last scar left by Sima Lianzhu. For 10 years, Musin had been feeling pain from his torn arm.

But now there was no pain.


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