Worthless Regression Chapter 305

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Episode 307 73. Germud (4)

It’s wrong.

Lee Seong-min did not think of himself as a good person. What he himself claims is a disgusting lie. However, despite this, there was something that Lee Seong-min did not give up on.

That I am human. It had already become something very important to Lee Seong-min.

Since you never know when you might become a monster, don’t forget that you are human right now. I don’t know what kind of person I will become if I become a monster, so I believe in who I am as a human being.

Kim Jonghyun was wrong.

Seongmin Lee didn’t even think about that. However, I did not sympathize with what he wanted. He did not want to help Kim Jong-hyun achieve his goal.

Kim Jong-hyun is not human. His body was half a devil, but the man he once was, Kim Jong-hyun, who resided inside him, was a monster who could not be called a human from the beginning.

If Kim Jong-hyun’s plan succeeds, as he said, this world will escape the fate of the end. But what happens after that?

In the end, nothing changes. It’s just a difference in method. The end is the end of this world, and the end of this world is caused by the demons and demon kings who will come from the demon world connected to Eria.

If I had to make a difference, would it be that they all die or that some of them survive? Yes, maybe what Kim Jong-hyun is trying to do is a radical solution.

“I won’t say you’re wrong.”

Seongmin Lee does not know the solution.

“but. I cannot be with you.”


Kim Jonghyun asked a question.

“I know. That you were under the protection of the End. Maybe it was you who led this world to its fate of end. Don’t you know him too? Isn’t the reason you came here to stop me, the first disaster of the apocalypse? “After all, isn’t what you want to do is prevent the apocalypse?”



Kim Jonghyun stroked his chin. After a moment of silence, Kim Jonghyun nodded his head.

“I have no intention of forcing you. It would have been better if you had added strength, but whatever. Because it doesn’t work out the way I want.”

To be honest, I was thinking about giving it a try. At least Kim Jong-hyun didn’t lie to Lee Sung-min.

The purpose of this world. The identity of the end. I heard about such things from the monarchs on the threshold of the Demon World and beyond.

I also heard from them about the possibility of connecting the demon world and Eria.

can do. I did this with the mindset of ‘let’s give it a try’.

“Your existence has always been a mystery to me.”

From the first time we met. Kim Jong-hyun could see through Lee Sung-min’s identity to some extent with his own eyes. But at that time, Kim Jong-hyun did not fully know about the end.

All Kim Jong-hyun understood at that time was that Lee Sung-min was being protected by some unknown guardian.

“Once you died and returned to the past, you knew me that I didn’t know. Thanks to your presence, I have always had questions and curiosity. What on earth was I doing in your past life? “What would it have been like for me?”

“… … At least. Until I died, I had never heard the name Kim Jong-hyun. I don’t even remember the name of the Black Magic Tower Lord, but in my past life… … “You did not commit a massacre in the North.”

“Then I wouldn’t have been a black magic tower lord in your past life. Probably like when I first met you. Without much interest or desire, I would have belonged to the Magic Tower and lived alone in my own research. Do you know what I want to say?”

“I do not know.”

“I became like this because I met you.”

Kim Jonghyun lowered the hand that was still out.

“In your past life, I did nothing. Before I met you, I had no particular desires or interests. Meeting you brought me many changes and opportunities. “It was shocking in many ways that he ended up as a character who was not engraved in anyone’s memory.”

Can you do it? Should I try it?

“So I became a black magic tower master and joined the Predator. In return for Arbes’ favor, he declared himself his confidant, annihilated Arbes and took his grimoire. He tried to become the Demon King and failed. And now he’s doing this.”

Kim Jong-hyun looked happy as he said that. It’s like a child handing his parents a test paper with good scores.

“It was a pleasure for me to be conscious of my past life, which I was originally not conscious of. Becoming a different me… … That sense of deviation has always made me happy.”

“Then shouldn’t this be the end of it?”

“No, you can’t do that. I just do it because I can. In the first place, I didn’t do this because I wanted to prevent the end… … I would like to ask you to confirm. Are you going to stop me?”


“for now. My actions can prevent the apocalypse. You definitely understand that, right? Even though they know it, they are trying to stop me. “In the end, we don’t even have the proper means to prevent the apocalypse.”

Kim Jonghyun chuckled.

“Didn’t I tell you? The end is culling. Kill all the unwanted guinea pigs in the breeding farm. And opening a new breeding farm. Did I say the first plague? “Do you have any idea what will come next after me?”

Seongmin Lee shook his head. Kim Jonghyun laughed loudly.

“My teacher.”

It reminds me of the end of Sima Lian Ju.

“He died because of me. If I hadn’t said I wanted to stop the apocalypse, my teacher wouldn’t have died like that. “Because I told him, so he died.”

“Will you continue your master’s legacy?”

“I want to take responsibility for what I did.”

The reason Sima Lianju decided to stop the end of the world was because Lee Seong-min asked him to do so. If there had been no such request, Sima Lianju… … He may still be alive today.

“It’s two days.”

Kim Jonghyun raised two fingers.

“I will be leaving this city in two days. In order to completely connect the demon world and this world, the preparations here are not enough. But what happens in this city will be our first connection to the demon world. After that, if enough sacrifices are made, it will be completely connected to the demon world.”

Two days. Kim Jonghyun spoke once again.

“If I kill you here, you won’t be able to leave this city. “Whatever you try to do will fail.”

“Lee Seong-min. You are strong. but… … Did you ever think I would stand and talk to you without imagining your power?”

Let me try it. Seongmin Lee strengthened the hand holding his spear. Purple current flows through the window sill.

The first blow did not pierce Kim Jong-hyun’s defenses. But what about now?

[Bolander is watching.]

Heoju warned.

know. Before I knew it, many people had gathered around this mansion. They are death knights. Among them, Volander has a strong presence. Can you kill Kim Jong-hyun? What about Bolander? What about other Death Knights?

[I think it would be best to just back off. Even if you risk your life, there is no guarantee that you will be able to kill Kim Jong-hyun. I feel an alien energy coming from him. And Volander is stronger than you imagined. It is impossible for you now to kill Kim Jong-hyun while dealing with Volander.]

“You swore you would not harm me.”

“Yes. I will not harm you.”

[Even if Kim Jong-hyun doesn’t come forward, it doesn’t change the fact that you are at a disadvantage. Do you think the Death Knight Legion is nothing special other than Bolander? Volander’s very existence makes them stronger than their remaining power. It’s best to get out of here.]



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It was the first time that Heoju gave advice like this. Seongmin Lee did not offer a counterargument to his words. He admitted that it was impossible to kill Kim Jong-hyun here.

“I don’t hate you.”

Kim Jong-hyun spoke to Lee Sung-min, who turned around and was about to leave the mansion.

“Because your presence was a great opportunity for me. So, I will not withdraw my offer to you.”

You can join hands with Kim Jong-hyun whenever you want. Kim Jong-hyun left such room for himself.

Lee Sung-min left the mansion without answering Kim Jong-hyun’s words. The moment I left the mansion, the hostility of the Death Knights surrounding me disappeared.

“That’s important.”

Lee Seong-min, who returned to the city, opened the door of the carriage where Abel was.

Abel was recovering his mana with a mountain of scrolls by his side. He opened his closed eyes and saw Lee Seong-min.

“Have you been to the city?”

“Kim Jonghyun called me.”

“What did we talk about?”

“That’s what we want to discuss.”

Seongmin Lee said as he glanced at Gries who was next to Abel. Then Abel’s eyebrows furrowed.

“You’re just making me write that it’s not your lifespan.”

“Are you not going to listen?”

“You should listen. “If it’s an important story.”

Call Frau. Abel stood up.

“I can’t trust the church. “As an adult, Teresa seemed pretty good, but that doesn’t mean she’s someone I want to spend my life sharing stories with.”

Not long after, Abel brought Frau with him. Frau sat down in the carriage, pulling his messy hair with his hand.

“You’re not letting me sleep.”

“What about sleep? About the topic of rolling around with a guy. “What is your disciple’s crime that he has to listen to such wild noises at the door of your carriage?”

“It’s a sin to leave my teacher.”

“Even if it were me, I would leave if a bitch like you were my teacher.”

Abel grumbled and put his hand on Gries. Frau’s eyes lit up.

“… … You’re using dangerous magic. “What awaits at the end of the magic that guarantees life is only terrible destruction.”


After the barrier unfolded, Lee Sung-min told everyone about the story he shared with Kim Jong-hyun. This is because Lee Seong-min inherited the power of Sima-ryeonju and gained a free status in the mention of the end, but Frau and Abel were not.

“Crazy guy.”

When Lee Seong-min finished his story, Abel covered his face with both hands.

“Preventing the apocalypse? It’s nonsense. If the Great Demon World and this world are connected, it would be better if this world ended with a final slaughter. At least the end will end this world fairly.”

“What happens if you get connected to the demon world?”

“The world is going crazy.”

It was Frau who answered.

“It is not just a demon world, but a great demon world where demon gods and monarchs live. If you get connected to it… … The world is really going crazy. They are beings that go far beyond human logic. They are monsters that subjugate tens of thousands of souls, live for a long time, and have the power they deserve. “They terrify the lowly with fear just by their presence.”

Lee Seong-min also had that experience. Back when I was captured by him in Frescan’s dungeon. The remnants of the devil of fear summoned by Frescan brought Lee Seong-min to the verge of madness with fear.

“Being connected to the cannabis world means turning this world into a slaughterhouse, not a breeding ground. The demons that came across will destroy everything they see for entertainment. It won’t be massacre. Some will survive. and… … When a part of it increases even a little. The massacre begins again. “This world will become a playground for demons.”

The end is better. Seongmin Lee also agreed to some extent with what Abel said.


Abel’s hand, covering his face, slowly moved down.

“It’s actually an opportunity for Kim Jong-hyun to do such crazy things.”

“what do you mean?”

“Good job bringing Gries.”

Abel caressed Gries and muttered.

“By connecting the Great Demon World and this world, the fate of this world will be entangled. okay… … The only problem is that the target is the Demon World. “If we connect with worlds other than the Great Demon World, we can prevent the apocalypse.”

“Is that possible?”

“Is it possible.”

Abel said in a confident voice.

“Because I am the pinnacle of wizardry.”


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