Worthless Regression Chapter 306

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Episode 308 73. Germud (5)

After showing strong confidence, Abel informed Seongmin Lee and Frau about what he wanted to do.

“Kim Jonghyun’s method is not wrong. “The problem is that the target of connection is the demon world.”

If you connect with the Great Demon World, even if you escape the fate of the end, the world will suffer a blow equivalent to destruction by demons. Unlike the end of clean annihilation, we will be subordinated to the demon world and suffer for eternity, so the end would be better.

“You just need to connect with the rest of the world.”

If it were impossible, I wouldn’t have said it in the first place.

“Grieth is the twin grimoire of grimoires. You can’t do the same thing the grimoire can do, but you can interfere with what the grimoire wants to do. Two days… … “Did you say two days?”

“yes. two days later. “After connecting Germud with the Great Demon World for the first time, he said he would leave for another city.”

At those words, Abel was lost in thought for a moment. Connecting one dimension to another is not limited to simply leaving one door open. It is about connecting two worlds into one world. As a result, one Germud is not enough.

“What world will you connect with?”

Frau asked.

“I’m not sure if connecting with another dimension is the answer to avoiding the apocalypse. If what Kim Jong-hyun said was true, enough sacrifices would be needed to completely connect this world and the demon world. Even if the world we connect to changes, the need for more sacrifices won’t change, right?”

“You can just use the world that is already connected.”

Chop rock.

Abel unfolded Gries. He narrowed his eyes as he checked Gries’ magic.

“The spirit world would be nice.”

“Spirit world?”

“The spirit world is already connected to this world. But the two worlds are not connected as one. Spirits can travel between this world according to their calling, but it is impossible for beings from this world to travel between the spirit world. If we expand that passage… … okay. If Kim Jong-hyun changes the coordinates of the dimension door he wants to open to the spirit world… … .”

Abel muttered non-stop. He analyzed in his head whether his theory was correct.

It’s not impossible. If you use Gries’ magic, you can definitely interfere with the grimoire’s magic.

But isn’t that and whether this plan succeeds a completely different issue? Will Eria’s fate of end disappear by connecting to the spirit world?

Can you break through tens of thousands of undead and death knights, defeat Kim Jong-hyun, who has the status of a quasi-demon king, and steal his magic?


Abel chewed his lower lip. There is no reason to worry about this now. Kim Jong-hyun’s plan will succeed if he ignores it due to lack of confidence.

Regardless of the possibility or impossibility of what this side wants to do, connecting the Great Demon World and this world itself is something that should not happen.

“I need to talk to the church.”

Abel stood up.

“I said two days later. At least go to battle tomorrow and suppress Germud and suppress Kim Jong-hyun… … Or you have to kill me. “It’s too late to compete two days later.”

Seongmin Lee nodded his head and stood up. Frau sat with a sullen expression on his face and did not move. She also knew the seriousness of her situation.

[Aren’t you going to ask Yana for help?]

‘can not believe it.’

Seongmin Lee answered without hesitation.

‘It was the demonic spirit that gave Yana her strength. As long as I am suspicious of the actions of the spirits, I cannot trust the devil. ‘Because I don’t know what those two are specifically hoping for in the first place.’

[that word. You know very well that this doesn’t just apply to Yana, right?]

Lee Seong-min clenched his fists. He is not foolish enough to say something without even knowing it. The reason Yana has such overwhelming power that she can rip out the heart of her enemy’s ear, one of her black stars, is because she received the power from Demon Spirit from Ma Ryung Jeong. And, Yana was not the only one who met the demon spirit at the Demon Spirit Pavilion.


She also met Ma-ryeong at Ma-ryeongjeong. I don’t know what happened there.

However, if this is completed successfully. Lee Seong-min planned to visit the Huyal Mountains, not far from here, and meet Ma-ryeong.

[If you are suspecting Yana because you are suspecting a demonic spirit. It means you are suspicious of that girl too.]

‘… … yes.’

I hope not.

That’s what I think. I hope that the wishes of the devil and the spirit are different.

Abel, who had canceled the barrier, looked a little tired. He has already lived for hundreds of years, and may still live for hundreds more.

Even so, Gries’ magic, which guaranteed his lifespan, was putting a lot of burden on him.

“I do not have time.”

But Abel did not rest. Kim Jong-hyun said two days, but I cannot unconditionally believe the two days he said.

Perhaps the magic has already been completed. The two days that Kim Jong-hyun mentioned may have been a torture of hope that deceived those gathered for subjugation.

“I have a question.”

The church meeting was quiet and noisy. It was a contradictory statement, but it was true.

Priests and knights, including Teresa, gathered on their knees and prayed silently to their respective gods, while those gathered around them cried out loudly to their gods for their own comfort.

As he approached the noisy gathering, Abel opened his mouth.

“Why did you reject Kim Jong-hyun’s offer?”

“Do I need to answer?”

“Kim Jong-hyun would have guaranteed your life.”

The favor that Kim Jong-hyun showed towards Lee Sung-min was genuine.

“Even though it’s crazy, it’s definitely true that Kim Jong-hyun’s method helps us avoid the end. If the Great Demon World and this world were connected, Kim Jong-hyun, the quasi-Demon King, would have achieved the status of a complete Demon King. He doesn’t have any power, but since he offers up the world of Eria as a colony, he will be favored by the demon gods. In that case, other monarchs and great demons would not have dared to do anything to Kim Jong-hyun.”

“What do you want to say?”

“Even if this world becomes a plaything by demons. If you had joined hands with Kim Jong-hyun, you would… … .”


Lee Seong-min’s voice was sharp.

“What I want is not my own comfort.”

“Are you saying it’s true that you want to save this world? “Isn’t it because Master Sima Lian died for it and took responsibility for it?”

Abel asked with a dry laugh.

“Or are you the one who became the observer and is responsible for bringing about the end of this world?”

“Is it wrong for that to be the reason?”

“If the reason makes you desperate, it doesn’t really matter. “It doesn’t matter if the reason is so desperate that it makes you give up your own life in the end.”




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It’s not that I’ve never felt sorry for him. In the dungeon, when Sogo Baek confronts Wijihoyeon’s doppelganger to prevent his death.

When he fought with Amzon to protect Wijihoyeon, who lost his powers. When Kim Jong-hyun participated in the first subjugation battle to prevent Scarlett’s crisis.

When he tried to break the divine barrier to help Sima Lianju. Besides that, Lee Seong-min has felt desperate many times.

“I’m desperate.”

Abel’s body floated up. He jumped over the crowd gathered at the rally.

There was no mention of the end. Abel explained Kim Jong-hyun’s goal by cleverly avoiding talking about something he couldn’t say.

He was not conscious of the crowd’s gaze. Rather, it was important for him to incite them.

Even though he did not talk about the end of the world, Abel’s impassioned speech was enough to incite the crowd. This was because the explanation of what it meant to be connected to the cannabis world was explained with sufficient force.

They do not distinguish between men, women and children. They only distinguish between demons and non-demons. Many people will die and many people will be fooled.

yourself, your friends, your family. Targeting them, the demons poured out their actions. It was an insult and a threat more terrible than anything in the world.

When all speeches are over.

The crowd was crazy with murderous intent and hostility toward Kim Jong-hyun. The church troops, who had been silent during Abel’s speech, talked among themselves.

In this way, the time for participation was decided. It was decided that tomorrow at noon, the gates of Germud would be broken down and entry would be made.

“Kim Jonghyun will be watching.”

Abel nodded his head slightly. Kim Jong-hyun will be watching all of this. So, this is not a surprise attack.

“The Demon World… … .”

Teresa’s shoulders trembled slightly. She clutched the rosary she wore around her neck.

The thousands gathered at the gates of Germud were nothing more than a disorganized crowd. But now it has become a group with the same goal. How many of them can be used? Who is worth using? Abel rose high and looked down at his audience.


Most are wanderers. Or the indigenous people who lived around here. It’s not that there aren’t mercenaries and warriors, but they are just barbarians with so-so skills. Monsters who come to feed on fear are not worth discussing.

The only ones that can be of use are the church’s paladins and priests… … How much power can Teresa, as an adult, exert?

‘The important thing is to open the way.’

The road to reach Kim Jong-hyun.

* * *

“This is what happens in the end.”

Kim Jong-hyun removed his hand from the crystal ball. The crystal ball, which had lost its light, no longer showed what was happening outside the Germud Gate. There was no need to look further.

‘but. ‘I gave you the choice.’

If Lee Sung-min betrays them, Kim Jong-hyun will happily welcome him. What if Lee Sung-min doesn’t betray? Does not matter. He just needs to be killed.

Kim Jong-hyun did not lie to Lee Sung-min. Also connecting with the cannabis world. Also, the magic isn’t complete yet.

“The punitive force will come tomorrow.”

Bolander did not answer.

He knew what Kim Jonghyun wanted to do. I also know what it means to connect this world with the demon world.

However, in the end, Bolander’s wish comes true.

What he and the Death Knights want is to become human. Kim Jong-hyun swore that he would turn them into people, and he had no intention of breaking him.

In the first place, Death Knights have no choice. They have already massacred tens of thousands of innocent civilians in order to return to being human.

As a result, they can revert to being human. After that, this world will be connected to the demon world. It would create a terrible world, but what the Death Knights wanted was not to become humans and live happily.

After regaining the soul that was bound to the Demon King and becoming a human, he dies completely.

When your soul is tied to the devil, you cannot reincarnate even if you die. Because the soul is subordinate to the devil.

“I believe you will keep your promise.”

“Do not worry. I am what makes you human… … “Didn’t I promise to give you a chance to reincarnate?”

Kim Jonghyun said with a grin. What they want, having lived as Death Knights for hundreds of years, is not to become humans and live the lives of humans.

After ending hundreds of years of life as an undead, he dies as a human and enters the cycle of reincarnation, forgetting everything.

‘still… … I have a question about this one. Seongmin Lee. ‘What did you discuss with the wizard guild leader in the carriage?’

Kim Jong-hyun did not hear about the conversation between Abel, Lee Seong-min, and Frau. The Gries barrier spread by Abel excludes all interference in the world.

It’s clear that he’s up to something.

Kim Jonghyun was lost in thought while stroking his chin. Are you going to compete tomorrow, simply to prevent connection with the demon world, without any plans?

‘It doesn’t matter.’

After sending Volander out, Kim Jong-hyun lay down on the bed feeling happy.

It was earlier than usual, but I shouldn’t oversleep.


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