Worthless Regression Chapter 275

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[277] Cron(2)


The warriors filling the streets shouted wildly and rushed at Sima Lianzhu.

Among them, those who are particularly skilled leap upward or run faster than others to approach Sima Lianju.

To Sima Lianzhu, their actions were not chivalrous but foolish.

Sima Lianzhu waved his right hand as if he was annoyed.


The ground turns over. Sa Beopju clenched and unfolded his left hand once, and then struck the ground at the soil that had risen up.


The small grain of sand struck by Sima Lianzhu’s sword became a memory that pierced the flesh. The countless warriors pierced by the sand memorization collapsed, spouting blood. The fighters who had attacked fell to the floor, bleeding, and writhed.

Sima Lianzhu put his back on his back and crossed them.

“Did you kill them all?”

“The unlucky guy would have died.”

As I exited onto the main road, there were many warriors waiting there as well. But they did not rush in. Those who blindly attacked the opponent even though they knew he was a master of Sima Lian are idiots who do not know the subject.

In other words, waiting on the main street meant that they were warriors who were at least aware of their own situation. However, in the eyes of Sima Lianju, there was no difference between the guys who attacked first and then ran away, or the guys waiting here.

“It’s just the difference between being early and being late.”

Sima Lianzhu walked with long strides. He was feeling dissatisfied inside. To bring awe to his disciples. Although he came forward in person with such an excuse, Sa Beol-ju’s intention was to directly show the essence of Heukroe Beoncheon.

I tried demonstrating it a few times, but I thought it wasn’t enough. But the opponent is too weak. It would have to be at a certain level to put it all together and make it so that the idiot-like student would understand. Because the opponent was so weak, there was nothing to properly show off martial arts.

“You can’t do this.”

Sima Lianju walked while speaking as if to listen. He didn’t even loosen his hands behind his back. Because he didn’t think it was worth it. Seongmin Lee saw Sima Lianju and others walking forward.

The long cloth he is wearing flutters and swells even though there is no wind blowing. Just as the haze that rises on a hot summer day sways, the figure of Sima Lianju shimmers.

Crackling, crackling… … .

Black currents bounced non-stop around Sima Lianzhu.

Although Sima Lianju was not a large man, in Lee Seong-min’s eyes, Sima Lianju’s back seemed bigger than anyone else in the world.

“Bring the lord.”

Master Sima Lian said. Those who cannot overcome fear scream. Some people had already sat down, foaming at the mouth.

Those who could still control their bodies gave up fighting and retreated hesitantly.

“I am the Jeongcheon Dance Troupe.”

“The Uihaenghyeopgeom has arrived!”

“The Great Sword of Whirlwind!”

Terrified people shout with a glimmer of hope. Among the armed forces under the Murim Alliance in Kron, the Jeongcheon Dancers, known for their outstanding skills, were dispatched.

People cheered and shouted the names of the masters belonging to the Jeongcheon Dance Troupe. They crossed the gap between the terrified warriors and approached Sima Lianzhu.

“… … “Sama Lianju?”

“Moorim has also improved a lot. “A brat like that is even called Daehyeop.”

When Uihaenghyeopgeom, the leader of the Jeongcheon Dance Troupe, called Simalyeonju, Simalyeonju laughed and laughed like that. At those words, Uihaenghyeopgeom’s face became stiff. The Uihaenghyeopgeom was a supreme expert. It wasn’t like he could go anywhere and be called a brat.

“I would have told you to call the leader.”

Sima Lianju frowned and said.

“Are you saying that I should go visit you myself?”

As if to prove that statement, the black and white lightning spread out in all directions.

* * *

‘You’re crazy.’

The drunkard was in Kron. Kim Jong-hyun left the forest on his own during the subjugation war. Even though he was the leader of the Baekgyeol Martial Order, he abandoned his men in the forest and left.

As a result, Gaju Moyong, stained with madness, led the remnants of the Baekgyul Martial Order and attacked the wizard guild. Since the head of the Moyong family, who was supposed to be responsible for it, had already died, the young Duke So of the Moyong family took responsibility. Thanks to this, the Mo Yong family fell and Mo Yong Chan’s whereabouts became unknown.

Of course, responsibility also fell on Chugeol. He was stripped of his position in the Murim League, and was also disciplined from the opening of the Sammun. He was still the leader of openness.

This was partly because there were no talented people like Chugeol among the young warriors of the open space, and it was also because Chugeol was already learning the secret martial arts that only the open Ark could learn.

Do not leave the beggar den of the open main room.

It was a show-like punishment, and Chwigeol was not dissatisfied with it. Even though his situation had worsened, he was still an open fire owner, so there was no inconvenience in his life in his home country.

But at this moment, Chugeol was resentful of the punishment. I shouldn’t have been in Crohn during this time.

Who would have imagined it? Who would have thought that the leader of Sima Lian, who should be confined to the Sima Lian, would come to Kron, where the Murim Alliance is located, and engage in misbehavior.

“What are you doing?”

The master of drunkenness. Mugeolgae (武乞?), the ark of openness, fired towards Chugeol. Chugeol, who was resting his baton on his waist, glanced at his teacher.

I never resented my teacher. But he had to resent it for now. Chu Jie hinted to his teacher.

“Sama Lianju is a monster of transcendental realms. “Nowadays, you can count on one hand the number of warriors in the martial arts world who can handle Sima Lianju.”

“I guess so. Other than the shaman’s swordsman, there would be no one who could stop Sima Ryeonju. In this old man’s opinion, it is questionable whether he can be stopped even if the leader himself comes forward.”

Mugeolgae’s answer made Chwigeol even more frustrated. Even if the Black Dragon Association, an expert in the same transcendent realm, steps forward, it is doubtful whether Sima Lianju can be stopped? You clearly know that, so why are you so bold as to go and stop Sima Lianju?

Chugeol barely swallowed the words that welled up in his throat.

Yes, I know why. Openness has long placed emphasis on righteousness and cooperation. The Demon Lord, who stands at the peak of evil, comes to Cron and causes a ruckus.

As a result, small and medium-sized Bangpa warriors and Murim warriors who went out to stop Sima Lianju, fueled by chivalry, suffered damage.

It is unforgivable. The Kron Murim Alliance can be said to be a symbol of political faction. Sima Lianzhu himself comes and causes a ruckus, and if we look at him, the prestige of the sect will be put in turmoil. Additionally, warriors with both bravery and chivalry in their hearts are being killed while standing up to Sima Lianju.

‘Isn’t it wiser to live and plan for the future?’

Chu Jie truly thought so. When you die, everything ends. Qu Girl looked down at the baton hanging from her waist with a bitter expression.

A black-colored batting stick. This batting stick is not used for hitting dogs like other batting sticks. Arm yourself when you need to defeat evil that is as bad as a dog. Around Chwigeol, there were a hundred people holding black batting sticks, including Muggeolgae, the ark’s owner.

These were the elites of Gongjae, capable of wielding a hundred batting sticks, which Gongjae boasts of. Chugeol, the fire owner, was the youngest, and the others were experts who were recognized for their skills among the countless beggars in the open area.

“It may be dangerous… … .”

Chu Jie spoke to Ark once again. Let’s not be reckless and run away. Or did she just pretend not to know? Although he felt that way, Chugeol could not speak honestly to Bangju.

He had already been criticized for abandoning the Baekgyeolmuhondan, and he was worried that if he showed such intentions, his Danjeon might be destroyed and his status as a firelord might be revoked.

“I guess so. But we can’t just leave Sima Lianju alone.”



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Please, Master. Please distinguish between medical practice and medical practice. Chu Jie swallowed those words by squeezing his mouth shut.

He doesn’t know the disciple’s intentions, or maybe he knows but is pretending not to know. Mugeolgae no longer saw Chwigeol. With a bitter look on his face, he gave an order to the gathered public figures.

“Let’s go catch the dog.”

It was a voice without ambition, but unwavering.

It didn’t take even a minute for Jeongcheon Muhaengdang, known as Daehyeop, to be rolling around spouting blood.

Overpowering someone with just momentum. In the past, Lee Seong-min asked Sima Lianju about the state of a spirited merchant, and Sima Lianju said that it was an illusion.

It is said that the reason Lee Seong-min overpowered others with just his momentum was because he unconsciously used the dragon’s pressure rather than his spirit. But now, what Lee Seong-min saw from Sima Lianju was enough to call him a spirited merchant. Even though he didn’t perform any martial arts himself, those who approached him fell to the ground, spewing out blood.

“Aren’t you a man of great spirit?”

“They were simply frightened by the power of the throne and suffered internal injuries among themselves.”

Sima Lianju was answering like that.


Dozens of voices were mixed together, but one large, undisturbed shout shook the air.

Tap, tap, tap, tap! sound. Whoosh, whoosh, the sound of the wind splitting. When Sima Lianzhu heard that loud noise, Sima Lianzhu’s irritated face softened.

“Do you know about batting batting camp?”

“I just know that openness is the way to go.”

“There are two types of batting batting teams. A simple batting contest with 34 people, and a large batting contest with 100 people. “There’s no way we’re just going to hit the ball against the main team, and judging by the sound, this is a big batting lineup.”

A satisfied smile appeared on Sima Lianju’s face.

“I have a small dream. No, I can’t say it was a dream. If I get a chance someday, I want to try it… … “Let’s just leave it at that.”

“What is that?”

“There are four temples in the martial arts faction. Shaman’s Taegeuk examination. Na Han-jin of Shaolin. Volcanic Plum Blossom Examination. And an open hitting batting line. I haven’t tried it because I haven’t had the chance, but I’ve been hoping that if I ever get the chance, I’d like to break the whole system by myself. “Today, I have a chance to destroy the batting batting line among the four formations.”

Sima Lianju said that and smiled as if he was truly happy. He continued speaking in an excited voice.

“A batting team played by 100 people consists of one command, 33 people attack, 33 people defend, and 33 people deceive. “I know that, but this is my first time experiencing it myself.”

“What is the deception of thirty-three people?”

“It’s a sound. Banging batons against each other and yelling. Swing the baton and make a sound. The noise full of air acts as a powerful sound hole in accordance with the flow of the Jinbeop. Those with weak stamina cannot endure it simply by hearing it and suffer internal injuries. Also, if you enter the batting box and receive a yin ball from the front, your senses will become entangled and the flow of energy will be distorted.”

“Cover your ears!”

The fallen warriors scream. The batting lineup has not started yet. However, the sound they heard was beyond the boundary of unpleasant noise and was shaking their spirit.

They quickly covered their ears and calmed down their concussion. But Sima Lianzhu did not block his ears.

In any case, if you are faced with a batting team, it is impossible to endure just by covering your ears.

Thump, thump, thump. The hundred people who approached with united steps stopped. Sa Beol-ju, who was waiting with his back to him, smiled as he looked at the radish girl standing in front of him.

“Are you a current open state?”

“… … exactly.”

“Is Geolwang dead?”

“Master died decades ago.”

“okay? Well, he lived that long.”

After hearing Sima Lianzhu’s words, Mu Geol-gae held the batting stick tightly.

He ignored the goosebumps rising on his arms. Sima Lianzhu in front of him looked like a general in his thirties at most, but in reality, he was a monster who had lived for nearly three hundred years.

A monster that is human but not human. Of course, it is possible to slow down aging by learning a high level of martial arts, but even if you are an extreme expert, you can only live a little over a hundred years.

But look at the Sima Lotus Mantra in front of you. Even though she has lived for hundreds of years, she has not aged at all.

“monster… … .”

“I’m still human.”

Sima Lianzhu walked up to him with a joke, trembling like that.

“I have lived for hundreds of years, but I have never experienced a bad batting average. Commonly, the Tagu Bongjin, Maehwa Geumjin, Na Hanjin, and Taegeuk Geumjin are selected due to the extreme strife of the political faction… … okay. Open stock. What do you think is the most outstanding thing among the righteousness of the sect?”

“Batting ball.”

“Good. I can’t believe that the first Jeoljin that I broke down became Tagu Bongjin, the best Jin method of the faction. What are you doing? “Let’s not move forward quickly.”

Sima Lianju urged. Muggeulgae raised the batting stick high. That became a signal.


The ninety-nine monks who were waiting behind the muggeolgae moved in unison and prepared for the battle. Meanwhile, in the middle of the main road, only Sima Lianju, Lee Seong-min, and Gyeongdao were left.

The rest stayed back for fear of being caught up in the attack.

‘Ear chang.’

Chugeol was in charge of beguiling Tagubongjin. This was to quickly take over the role when the head of the military command died. He was relieved that he was in charge of the trick. This was because it was the safest place to deal with the monster called Sima Lianju.

Thump, thump, thump. Thirty-three open believers, including Chwi-geol, tap the ground with their feet. Two people work in pairs, hit the batting sticks, and sing the batting bell with their mouths together.

Those without a partner fiercely swung the baton and created a melody with the sound of the wind.

“Jin (進)!”

Muggeulgae shouted. The black batting stick held by Muggeulgae rises high. Thirty-three attack, thirty-three defense. Defense turns into offense. Sixty-six’s attack began.

The air is shaking. The dazzle of the batting team. The flow of the formation encroaches on space. A transcendental master can distort space on his own.

Jinbeop warps space with the power of Jinbeop. Sa Beol-ju raised both his hands with eyes full of anticipation, feeling the tremors of the shaking space behind him.

“Look carefully.”

Master Sima Lian said to Lee Seong-min.

“So that even you, the incompetent, can understand the feeling of reverence. “I will show you the essence of the Black Lightning Heaven.”

The batting strike has begun.

* * *

“Sama Lianju?”

After hearing the report, the Black Dragon Association’s face turned white. He forgot his face and covered his face with both hands in front of the rivalry.

‘Why are you doing this to me?’

The wound I suffered from Joo Won in the northern forest hasn’t fully healed yet. In fact, the more I thought about that incident, the more resentful and angry I became.

If only King Chang hadn’t been so damn stupid. No, at least if we had stayed and joined forces instead of leaving after doing that damn thing. He wouldn’t have been harassed by that damn Lycan Slope and he wouldn’t have run away so ugly.

“Hawk, Lord. how should… … .”

“Shut up.”

The Black Dragon Association let out a boiling voice.

“I don’t know either, so just shut up.”

The Black Dragon Association sighed in frustration.

Strangely, I felt like I was about to cry.


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