Worthless Regression Chapter 276

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[278] Cron(3)


A black wind blew. The surrounding scenery trembles and then collapses.

The air was turbulent and a black wind blew. The sixty-six black batting sticks moved in one trajectory at the same time, and within the batting batting stick, it became one huge blow.

Sima Lianzhu slowly stretched out his right hand towards the approaching black wind.


The daily leader of Sima Lianju and the black wind of Tagu Fengjin collided. In fact, it made a little sound that wouldn’t be appropriate to say it crashed.

Mugeoulgae, who was leading the batting team, was surprised and Lee Seong-min was surprised.

You have to be careful about the formation method. The first person who said those words to Lee Seong-min was the dead Gwangcheonma. However, Lee Seong-min had no experience dealing with a proper Jinbeop until now. Although the fierce fighting against the four factions of the political faction was famous, their fighting methods were not something that could be easily fought just because one wanted to fight.

Since I didn’t have the chance, I thought it might be true. No matter how excellent the formation technique is, the individual martial artists who achieved the formation technique are no match for Lee Seong-min.

So, I had thought that even if I had to face the fierce battle of the four great powers, I would not feel much difficulty.

Bongjin, the great batting pitcher of openness, shattered Lee Seong-min’s arrogance. The great batting battalion of a hundred beggars shook and dominated the space, and the striking of sixty-six batting sticks was a frighteningly sharp, rapid, and heavy blow.

The blow was such that Lee Seong-min could not easily counter it even if he were to fight back.

But it was not Sima Lianju. There was no embarrassment to Sima Lianju, who pushed away Bongjin’s single hit with a lightly stretched stroke.

No, his expression did change. With an expression of anticipation turning into mild disappointment.

“Jin (進)!”

Muggeolgae shouted again. The attack begins again.


The sixty-six batting stick is divided into two.

It swung into different trajectories. The space under the impact of the batting ball is distorted and a black wind is created. Sa Beop-ju clenched his fists against the black wind blowing from both directions.


It felt like lightning struck right in front of my nose. The sound was so loud that it deafened my ears. The black wind is torn apart. Sima Lianzhu’s sleeves were fluttering.

He walked with long strides and Muggeolgae shouted Jin once again.

Go, go.

The thirty-three beggars in charge of deception called out an angry cry.

The sound of battens hitting each other and swinging around became more intense. The more it happens, the more the flow of energy fluctuates.

This space was already under the control of Tagu Bongjin. Even Lee Seong-min, who was not directly facing the batting batting team, could feel his stomach boiling.

Their taryeong was impeding the flow of energy and ruining the senses.

In it, Sima Lianju was free.

Go, go. The batting unit moved in response to the beggars’ shouts, and Sima Lienju also moved forward.

Black electric current covers Sima Lianzhu’s body. His German martial arts skill, Heukreobuncheon, was showing its true value.

The power of Sima Lianju, which neither Lee Seong-min nor Wi Ji-ho had ever seen, is released without being suppressed.

Kurung… … Rumbling… … .

Lightning roars in a thundercloud. Sima Lianzhu’s body was swallowed by transparent black lightning.

What Black Roebuncheon pursues is extreme pleasure. Sima Lianju’s voice was heard in Lee Seong-min’s head.

Unlike before, my excitement had subsided and I felt cold. Through that voice, Lee Seong-min realized that Sima Lianju was disappointed with the open-minded batting pitcher.

I felt ridiculous inside. The great Tagu Bongjin of openness could be called the most extreme of all extremes. Even if you are an expert at the transcendental level, it will be difficult for you to endure if you face a big hitter Bongjin head-on.

In Lee Seong-min’s opinion, if he were to fight Tagubongjin until the Dark Zone or Geomzone, he would face death, and if he were to fight Tagubongjin, he would have to use his magical power to its limit before barely being able to escape.

“I (亂)! Strike!”

Muggeolgae shouted as if she was vomiting. The black wind stirs. It became dozens of winds and took over all directions.

What about the escape route? It’s not visible. At least in Lee Seong-min’s eyes, it was like that.

However, Sima Lianju sees something different from what Lee Seong-min sees.


The sound of Sima Lianju’s message was heard. In the midst of the black wind, with no way out, Sima Lianzhu walked leisurely.

Although he was an operator of the Black Thunder Blade who sought extreme pleasure, his steps were slow. At least that’s how Lee Seong-min saw it.

But it is different for Sima Lianju. When your outstretched foot touches the ground. He became a ray of lightning.

The fierce black wind left no escape route, but the lightning that turned into lightning was faster than the blowing wind. The slight gap between the black winds was a passage through which Sima Lianzhu could easily escape.

It was not an escape route. If it were for his inaction, he would have been able to crush that black wind head on without any escape.

Muggeulgae was surprised. The moment of panic made him forget the instructions. It was a short period of time, but it was enough time for Sima Lianzhu. Sima Lianzhu’s hand hit the front.


The wall power explodes again. The complexions of the beggars forming the batting group turned white. A chance to calm down my upset stomach… … I could not have given it. However, Sima Lianju waited patiently.

I look forward to seeing the disappointment I am feeling turn into excitement.

“Attack! Bang (防)!”

Muggeolgae shouts again. It is divided into thirty-three attack and thirty-three defense. The black wind blows once again.

After all, if your expectations are disappointed, you feel even greater disappointment. Master Sabei muttered this and stretched out his right hand forward.

Black thunderstorm, ten thousand thunderstorms.


Seongmin Lee was startled by the heavy drinking and took a step back. The fired thunder tore through Thirty-three’s attack and destroyed Thirty-three’s defense. There was no waiting this time. Because he knew that the more he expected, the more he would be disappointed.

Sima Lianzu’s left hand was raised.

Black thunderstorm, thundercloud. The left hand leisurely stretched out a long black river. With a flick of his fingertips, a long line of rivers slowly pushed forward.

Sima Lianzhu turned his swinging left hand over. His stretched out strength swelled. There was an enormous power concentrated within it that was difficult for Lee Seong-min to even imagine.

“Gaebyeok (開闢).”

The sound disappeared.

The strength increases, swells, and explodes.

That was the only thing Lee Seong-min understood. The moment when the enormous power within him was unleashed. The sound disappeared and my vision turned black.

Seongmin Lee hesitated and took a step back. The wind subsides. The sound was no longer heard. The space under Tagubongjin’s control lost its owner and returned to its original world.

Little by little, my vision recovers. What Seongmin Lee saw were beggars lying down and flinching.



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“omg… … Huh… … .”

Muggeolgae is not dead. He got up unsteadily. Since his body was not moving properly, he tried to support his body with his batting stick, but it was only at that moment that Mu Geolgae realized. The fact that the black batting stick was split in two.

It wasn’t just Muggeolgae’s batting stick. All of the batting sticks in the open island leading the batting batting line were broken in two. Sa Beop-ju lowered his raised hand and muttered.

“My expectations were excessive.”

It was a voice full of irritation.

“It’s the best of the four great battles? Of course, I did not believe that… … I thought there must be something to that level of confidence. “It’s no big deal.”

“this… … this… … bloke… … !”

“I thought about looking at it a little more, but I thought it would only make me more disappointed.”

“Don’t insult openness… … .”

“You are truly insulting the throne. What you fought was Demon Emperor Yang Yitian, the Master of Four Demons. “He is a great person who may be the best person in Sapa, perhaps the best person in the martial arts world, and perhaps the best person of all time.”

Surprisingly, Sima Lianju did not easily include the words “the best person in martial arts” or “the best person in ancient times.”

“I can’t believe you’re showing off a pole dance that would kill a puppy against someone like that. “There is a limit to insulting the throne.”

“It’s not over yet… … .”

“No, it’s over.”

Sima Lianzhu shook his head.

“I could have killed you all. The reason I didn’t kill it is because subduing it is more difficult and troublesome than killing it in normal cases. That’s why I subdued you without killing you. “Because it’s too easy to kill.”

Muggeulgae was speechless at those words.

The elders behind him shed tears of shame and humiliation.

Chugeol was listening to everything that was going on, but he lay down on the ground and pretended to faint.

He was grateful for the mercy shown by Sima Lianju and earnestly prayed that the chattering master would shut up.

“… … Kill… … .”

“It’s not worth it.”

As Sima Lianju said that, he looked back at Lee Seong-min.

“I set out to instill awe. This is it… … “You couldn’t even show something properly.”

“… … “I think I’ve seen enough.”

“okay? “It looks like I haven’t even warmed up.”

Sima Lianju smiled and answered.

The level is different.

The distance from Sima Lianzhu felt distant. Seongmin Lee swallowed his saliva. When he became a peak master, he felt the difference between transcendent peak and rank.

When I reached the peak of transcendence, I felt a difference in rank to the transcendental realm.


[That’s it.]

Heoju said.

[The place he reached is the end that a human can reach. If you go beyond that level, you can no longer be called human.]

‘Does this mean that I will become an outsider?’

[no. Don’t compare it to anything like that. That’s an insult to that guy. Being an outsider means turning from a human being into a monster. For that to happen, it is enough to give up one’s humanity.]

If you drink vampire blood, you become a vampire. If you are a warlock and sacrifice your body to the devil, you will become a lich. If you are cursed by a demon lord or other high level black magic, you become a lich. If infected by Lycan Slope, it becomes Lycan Slope. If a human is imbued with magical power, he or she becomes a youkai.

[We have reached a level where we cease to be human through pure martial arts. You can’t call it foreign. It would be correct to say that they have gone far beyond humans. It seems that the level of nothingness has already far surpassed that of humans, but… … It looks like the body is still human.]

Heoju was truly impressed. It was undoubtedly true that of all the humans he had seen, Sima Lianju was the strongest.

“There’s nothing more to see.”

Sima Lianzhu raised his head. What he saw was the high pavilion of the Murim Alliance in the distance.

* * *

The Black Dragon Association was worried. In his opinion, if he were to face Sajabiju head on, his defeat was certain.

Even if they were in perfect condition, defeat would have been certain, and the current Black Dragon Alliance had not yet fully healed from the wounds suffered in the fight with Joo Won.

I tried various methods. He tried using elixirs and secretly summoned a high-ranking priest to use holy magic.

I also called in famous lawmakers. But it was no use. Black Dragon Hyeop grunted and groped his left side.

The wound was torn by Joowon’s fingernails. If she had gone a little deeper, her body would have been torn in two. He managed to escape while holding on to his wounds, but the wounds he received from Joo Won caused pain even though they were healed and were preventing him from moving his body.

Poison, he said. poison… … Honestly, it was ridiculous. Even if it is only half, the Black Dragon Alliance is a dragon. A dragon like that suffers from poison.

‘Why is there no answer?’

If you fight Sima Lianju, you will definitely lose. Although he knew it clearly, the Black Dragon Association was unable to leave the Murim Alliance at will.

It was the will of the military god and the will of the spirit medium that he remain as a leader. The Black Dragon Association could not leave the Murim Alliance unless there was permission from the spirit medium and the martial god.

‘It’s pitiful.’

The Black Dragon Association glared at the crystal ball. Even the spirit medium could not hide his embarrassment when he heard that Sima Lianju had invaded the Murim Alliance. It’s been a while since I was told to wait a while. The order has not yet been given to the medium.

The Black Dragon Association chewed its lips in nervousness. Still, I thought to myself. He thought that no matter how much he tried to buy them, he would attack them directly with the Murim Alliance.


The Murim Alliance building shook.

Black Dragon Hyeop covered his face with both hands and sighed.

“Crazy guy.”

I should just ignore everything and run away.

Thinking so, the Black Dragon Association stood up.


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