Worthless Regression Chapter 247

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[249] Ritual (9)


Before Lee Seong-min even tried to leave the place. King Chang first sent such a message.

King Chang, who threw his javelin and threw his body, opened his empty hands wide.

The two javelins that were thrown at the Black Dragon Association instantly returned to the Spear King’s hands.

The Spear King turned his body halfway in the air and swung his two spears fiercely.

Pretzel Gwang!

Black Dragon’s face was distorted, and it waved both arms to counter the Spear King’s attack.

The black scales of the dragon covering both arms exude self-defense.

The sharp sword and scales turned the Black Dragon’s arms into a pair of blades.

Lee Seong-min was dumbfounded as he watched the two fighting as if they were enemies of Cheolcheon.

In fact, it was King Chang who was unilaterally fighting.

He continued to attack the Black Dragon, a member of the same Cheonoecheon, without hesitation, and the Black Dragon was constantly pouring out its strength to resist the two spears coming in to kill him.

[Why are you letting me go?]

[I promised to fight with you next time. I didn’t think it would be fun to fight you right now, so I put it off, but this idiot lizard is getting in the way!]

Although he said so, King Chang thought that it was good that things had turned out this way.

He has yet to fight the Black Dragon Alliance. He took this as an opportunity to fight the Black Dragon Association, and if he fought Lee Seong-min next, it was a two-win situation for the King of Chang.

Lee Seong-min could not understand King Chang, who thought and acted with a fighting spirit in mind.

But there was no doubt that now was an opportunity. King Chang was now planning to let Lee Seong-min escape at any cost.

The Black Dragon Association would not just sit back and watch, but even the Black Dragon Association, which was half human and half dragon, could not easily break through the Spear King.

The level of martial arts that King Chang achieved was to the point where he was considered second only to the gods of martial arts even within Cheonoecheon.

“You crazy bastard!”

The Black Dragon Association burst out swearing in frustration. While the two were fighting, Lee Seong-min quickly launched a light attack and left the place.

Why the Murim Lord Black Dragon Hyeop came here in person was still a mystery, but Lee Seong-min was no longer curious.

* * *

The magic tower owners gathered. They frowned in despair as they counted the number of survivors.

Most of them died. The good news was that all of the magic tower owners survived, but the magic corps that came here to subdue them was annihilated.

Looking at the magic corps as a whole, it may not be a huge loss, but the magic tower owners couldn’t help but feel responsible for the fact that dozens of magicians were killed in vain.

“Did I tell you?”

Scarlett spat out.

“It was pointless shit, pointless shit. “I came this far and didn’t even see Kim Jong-hyun’s face.”

Coo, coo, coo!

A vibration that shakes the entire forest. Scarlett said, glancing in the direction from which the sound was coming.

“It looks like something is going on, guys. “You don’t want to go and die for nothing, right?”

Subjugation is a failure. Everyone knew it. It wasn’t just the magic corps that suffered damage.

The Mad Dog mercenaries who came to support upon request also suffered a lot of damage.

But the Doberman’s expression wasn’t that bad. His lieutenants, Shih Tzu and Husky, were killed, and most of the mercenaries were killed as well. The general manager survived.

Moreover, since we have established a relationship with the wizard guild, it is by no means a loss-making business. Because you can create a mercenary group again at any time.

“what are you doing? Without going back. “Do you want to stay here again and die in a fire?”

Scarlett said while looking at the magic tower owners. In particular, it was the green magic tower lord that she gave her attention to.

The reason Scarlett was bound to this forest and subjugation was because of her promise to the green magic tower lord.

The green magic tower lord slowly nodded his head at Scarlett’s blatant gaze.

“The magic of the forest was the magic of the grimoire.”

The green magic tower holder glanced at Lloyd.

“It has been proven that Kim Jong-hyun interprets the grimoire and manipulates its magic. “There is no comparison between this demonic magic and the magic we deal with.”

“Are you saying we should leave him alone?”

The White Magic Tower lord spoke with an anxious expression. The leader of the Holy Knights, who had a tired expression on her face, opened her mouth.

“He even summoned demons.”

“So what can we do? Shall we all sacrifice our lives to stop Kim Jong-hyun? And we all die together? I don’t want to die like that. And, even if we sacrifice our lives, there is no guarantee that we can kill Kim Jong-hyun and take the grimoire, right?”

The White Magic Tower lord and the leader of the Holy Knights fell silent. Scarlett was encouraged by their silence and continued speaking.

“Taking a step back from here and looking at the next opportunity is probably the best choice we can make. “To put it bluntly, we’re not so insignificant that we could be killed in peace here, right?”

Scarlett focused her eyes and made eye contact with the magic tower owners one by one.

“And we have Gries, the twin grimoire of grimoires. Just as Kim Jong-hyun was able to unleash terrible magic by interpreting the grimoire, shouldn’t we first interpret Gries and obtain Gries’ magic?”

Those words moved the hearts of Lloyd and the other magic tower owners. Although he is a magic tower lord, he is not the representative of the wizard guild.

Those who represent the wizard’s guild are old elders who are now retired from active duty.

They can be said to be the most outstanding and powerful wizards the wizard guild has.

“Persuading the Senate will come first.”

Lloyd said with a sigh. People outside the guild who do not know the circumstances believe that the magic tower owners are the most skilled wizards in the wizard guild and are the powerful people who run the wizard guild.

This is half right and half wrong. It is an undeniable fact that the magic tower owners are excellent wizards, but that does not mean they are the real power of the wizard guild.

Even the green magic tower lord, the oldest of the magic tower lords, is treated like a child by the old wizards of the Senate.

“first… … Let’s step back. What the Red Magic Tower says is correct. “If we stay here any longer, we will all die.”

When Lloyd said that, Scarlett cried out in joy in her heart. The green magic tower leader also nodded her head and agreed with Lloyd’s words.

While retreating to leave the forest, the wizards encountered warriors from the Moyongsega and the Murim Alliance.

Dang A-hee ran away from the forest immediately, using the orders of Chwigeoldo, the leader of the Baekgyeolmuhondan, as an excuse to leave the forest.

Thanks to this, the Baekgyeolmuhondan, which was wandering the forest without a commanding authority, was following Moyong Daeun’s orders.

“Are you going out into the forest?”

Moyongdaeun asked. Lloyd nodded her head at that question.



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“The subjugation failed. “A lot of sacrifices have already been made, but I plan to leave this forest to reduce further sacrifices.”

“Did you not meet Guichang?”

Kim Jong-hyun’s life was none of Mo Yong’s business. He asked, looking straight at Lloyd. Lloyd frowned at that question.

“I couldn’t meet you.”

“Aren’t you lying?”

Daeun Mo Yong asked again. Because he knew that there had been some sort of promise between Lloyd and Lee Seong-min, he was openly suspicious of Lloyd.

Lloyd’s eyebrows twitched at Daewoon Mo’s question.

Although the opponent is the head of the prestigious Moyong family, Lloyd is also the owner of the golden magic tower, the strongest among the magic towers. I was not in a position to bend to Daewoon Mo Yong.

“Are you doubting me?”

“Didn’t you admit, Golden Magic Tower Lord, that you have a connection with Ghost Spear?”

“Please don’t bring the martial arts silver to me, the wizard, and argue with me.”

“My daughter is dead.”

A blue murderous intent appeared in Grand Master Mo Yong’s eyes.

“You’d better be careful what you say.”

“It’s you, not me, who has to be careful what you say.”

Lloyd also responded without backing down to what Daewoon Moyong said. The tips of his golden hair quivered and he began to float upward little by little.

“Hand over the red magic tower.”

Since he thought there was no point in questioning him any further, Moyong Daeun glanced at Scarlett and said, Scarlett laughed at those words.

“What is that old man talking about?”

“What nonsense are you talking about now?”

Lloyd asked that question, feeling not much different from Scarlett. But Mo Yong Dae-un did not back down.

“If you capture the red magic tower, the ghost spear will definitely appear. “We may have different positions, but to me, avenging my daughter is more important than anything else in the world.”

“so… … Are you asking me to hand over the Red Magic Tower to you?”

“I will not harm her. If you deal with her ghost, you must… … .”

“dog sound.”

The green magic tower lord chuckled. He strode forward with a frown on his wrinkled face.

The green magic tower that blocked Moyong Daeun’s path was already holding a short wand in its hand.

“Even though I looked down on the wizard guild, I looked down on it for a long time. Do you think we are cowards who stay in our rooms, flipping through books and scribbling?”

The green magic tower’s voice was full of irritation.

“Mr. Moyong. Do you not realize how rude your behavior is? If you want to ask us for something, you have to go through formal procedures and negotiate with the wizard guild. “What kind of rudeness is this?”

“to me… … “Don’t expect reason.”

Moyong Daeun gritted his teeth and spat out the words of the Green Magic Tower. His hand went to the hilt of the sword at his waist.

The surviving warriors of the Moyong family also took up swords according to the wishes of the head of the family.

The warriors of the Baekgyeol Martial Order hesitated for a moment, but in the current situation where Chwigeol had disappeared, it was Baekgeomhak Mo Yong Dae-un who was leading them.

In the end, they too got their hands on weapons.

“If you don’t cooperate… … “I could be ruder.”

Daewoon Moyong’s words were such a blatant threat that anyone who heard them could tell.

The moment Scarlett, who was full of frustration, was about to say something, the green magic tower lord raised his hand and stopped Scarlett from speaking.

“If you thought we would take a few steps back from your threats, you were mistaken.”

Scarlett couldn’t help but be a little embarrassed because she never thought that the green magic tower lord would step up to protect her.

It wasn’t just the green magic tower owner who stepped forward. Lloyd was also completely angry and was raising his golden magic power, and the White Magic Tower lord also glared at the Moyong lord with a stern face.

In this situation, the only people who were neutral were the Holy Knight Commander and the mercenaries.

“You are forcing me to be rude.”

Daeun Moyong muttered.


As soon as those words were finished, Moyong Daeun’s sword was pulled out. The sword he swung was aimed at the green magic tower right in front of him.

The green magic tower lord quickly tried to use defensive magic, but Moyong Daeun’s sword cut through the green magic tower lord’s uvula faster than he could.

“You crazy bastard!”

Scarlett screamed. The green magic tower with half its head cut off staggered backwards.

Blood spurts from a deep cut. Blood bubbles rose from the mouth of the green Mage Tower.

“That’s really crazy.”

The Green Mage Tower’s mouth opened. Wounds heal instantly. Even though the elixir wasn’t even swollen, the cut stuck cleanly.

The green magic tower holder spat out the blood that had filled his mouth and glared at Moyong Daeun. The secret wish that the Green Magic Tower Lord has dedicated her life to achieving is the magic of immortality.

Although he could not achieve immortality, he was the closest of all wizards to immortality that a human could achieve.

“It wasn’t too late until now, but now it’s too late. “Thanks to your idiotic behavior and barbaric rudeness, the wizard guild is at odds with the Murim Alliance.”

“What does that have to do with me?”

Although he saw the decapitated green magic tower holder intact right in front of his eyes, Moyong Daeun was not surprised at all.

“Murimmaeng or whatever, it’s not important to me.”

Daeun Mo Yong’s expression became cold.


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