Worthless Regression Chapter 246

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[248] Ritual (8)


A strong wind blew.

What fell in front of Lee Seong-min along with the wind was the Black Dragon, waving a black long gun.

The wind he brought was not just wind, but a form of tremendous power emanating from his body.

As if to show off, the Black Dragon Association appeared without reducing its energy at all and glanced at Lee Seong-min, who had stopped.

‘Who is it?’

Not King Chang. It can’t be a month later. Is it really martial arts? Without even realizing it, Lee Seong-min thought of the martial god who stood at the top of the world.

The energy of the Black Dragon Association that blocked Lee Seong-min was that great.

No, calmly.

Seongmin Lee caught his breath. The man standing in front of me. It was undoubtedly true that he was incredibly strong, but compared to Sa Bei-ju, he seemed a little lacking.

[What is that guy?]

Heo Joo’s voice came out in Lee Seong-min’s head.

[I can feel the energy of the dragon. But I don’t think it’s a dragon… … That’s half.]

‘Black Dragon Gorge.’

From Heo Joo’s words, Lee Seong-min knew who the other person was.

Murim Lord, Black Dragon Alliance.

The moment Lee Seong-min found out his identity, he couldn’t help but be quite embarrassed. Why did the Black Dragon Association appear here? He’s supposed to be in Kron where the Murimmaeng is?

“Ear window?”

The Black Dragon Association opened its mouth first. How did the Black Dragon Alliance appear here? That’s not the important thing. What is important is why the Black Dragon Association appeared here. And why he is blocking his path.

It won’t be a friendly position. It’s natural.

If you think about it, the person who framed Lee Seong-min for all the accusations is the Murim Lord Black Dragon Hyeop, and although he is not the Six Exalted One, he is connected to Cheon Oecheon.

Thanks to this, Lee Seong-min had no choice but to glare at the Black Dragon Association with a nervous face.

Just as Lee Seong-min was confused by the sudden appearance of the Black Dragon Association, the Black Dragon Association was also feeling confused.

Guichang, I knew very well that Lee Seong-min was here.

It’s not unfamiliar.

I have seen Guichang’s face several times through reports. So, it was natural that he was not unfamiliar, but the Black Dragon Association felt something different about Lee Seong-min.

What is this? The Black Dragon Association’s eyes trembled.


‘longing? I?’

Why on earth do I feel that way? He tried not to be agitated, but the Black Dragon Association’s emotions did not go his way.

Lee Seong-min thought for a moment about what kind of response he should show to the Black Dragon Association, who was agitated by ‘something’ and hesitated.

In fact, the best option for him is to escape with Scarlett without fighting the Black Dragon Alliance.

There is a way to escape. Even if the Black Dragon Association came after him, Lee Seong-min still had two chances to ride the fairy horse.

‘It’s a shame, though.’

It’s better than wasting money and being shit.

Black Dragon Hyeop, who had been silent after calling Lee Seong-min’s nickname, chewed his lower lip.

He couldn’t figure out what the longing he was feeling was for.

Is it a longing for one’s own people? The Black Dragon Alliance had never met another dragon.

Although her father was a dragon, her mother, who was human, did not have any useful memories of her father, who was a dragon, and died without living very long due to the aftereffects of giving birth to the Black Dragon.

‘I’ve never met another dragon… … ‘Is that why you feel longing?’

I don’t want to be swayed by something like that. Although he was half-human and half-dragon, the Black Dragon Association did not like himself as a dragon very much.

His father, who was a dragon, has never even seen his face, and his mother, who raised him as a child, did not live long due to the aftereffects of giving birth to a half-human, half-dragon.

Still, I always thought about meeting my father someday. Is he half-human and half-dragon like me?

Thinking like that, the Black Dragon Association raised its energy as a dragon even more.

I wanted to meet Lee Seong-min, and the Black Dragon Association felt a strange sense of kinship as Lee Seong-min felt the energy of a dragon.


An intense feeling of pressure came over Seongmin Lee. It was the pressure of the dragon.

In order to resist the sudden pressure, Lee Seong-min also brought out the dragon’s pressure.


The pressure of the now-vanished dragon collided with each other. The Black Dragon’s eyes opened wide.

“ah… … !”

Even if no one explained it, the Black Dragon Association knew it instinctively. What is the reason for the longing you feel? Black Dragon Hyeop hesitated and opened his mouth.

“ah… … father… … ?”

“… … what?”

Lee Seong-min made a bewildered expression at those words. Black Dragon Colleague He realized how ridiculous what he said was and cleared his throat.

But it was incredibly strange. The Black Dragon Hyeop felt the energy of Lee Seong-min’s father, whom he had never met.

“no… … That can’t be possible. There’s no way my father was weak like you… … What are you… … ?”

[no way.]

In response to the question from the Black Dragon Association, Heoju slowly opened his mouth.

[Couldn’t the dragon I killed be that guy’s father?]


[Otherwise, there is no way he would say to you that he is your father. And looking at it, the dragon pressure you give off and that guy’s pressure are very similar.]

If that’s the case, things will go wrong.

Seongmin Lee frowned.

Meanwhile, the Black Dragon Association was formulating a hypothesis.

There is no way Gwi-chang is his father, the dragon. So why does he have the same energy as you?



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No way, that can’t be possible. The probability of a half-man, half-dragon being born is something of a miracle.

It is impossible to imagine that the same dragon could have given birth to two half-humans and half-dragons. then… … A black murderous intent appeared in the eyes of the Black Dragon Association.

‘Dragon Heart.’

It would be impossible for a human to take the Dragon Heart. The Black Dragon Association could not think of any other possibility.

He gritted his teeth and stretched out his feet. The emotions of the Black Dragon Association were boiling over with intense anger whose origins were mixed and unknown.

Having lived for over three hundred years, I have secretly hoped that one day I would meet my father again.

I never thought I would meet my father’s traces again like this now.

“You ate a dragon heart.”

The Black Dragon Association’s face became cold. The black energy that was flowing around him became a powerful force with a clear murderous intent.

“My father’s dragon heart.”

[You’re screwed.]

Heoju chuckled. Seongmin Lee couldn’t help but feel aggrieved inside. Although he ate the dragon heart, if you think about it, it wasn’t Heo Ju who killed the father of the Black Dragon Council.

[You cheap bastard. This old man gave it to you for your well-being, but you don’t feel grateful, so are you passing the blame on to this old man?]

‘Of all the dragons, why did you kill that bastard’s father?’

[Who would have thought that that bastard would beat a bastard like that? uh? Don’t be a jerk to me and just get ready!]

Heoju shouted. It was as he warned.


The black dragon hit the ground and jumped towards Lee Seong-min. Although it was not as strong as Sima Lianzhu’s trust in the gale, the Black Dragon Association’s approach was fast enough that it was natural to miss its presence even for a moment.

Lee Seong-min was wary, so he spun the spear he was holding and thrust it forward.


The back of Black Dragon’s hand and Lee Seong-min’s spear collided. Seongmin Lee flinched his eyes at the solidity he felt at the tip of his spear.

The back of the Black Dragon’s hand was covered in pitch-black scales.

[These are dragon scales. No matter how much you are, you won’t be able to break through easily.]

Heoju advised. So how did you get through it? When Lee Seong-min asked a question, Heo Ju spoke proudly.

[I hit him with my bare fist.]

This is impossible advice for Lee Seong-min. Lee Seong-min took his foot back and raised the black lightning and Jaha Shingong.


Lightning bolts were fired one after another. However, the Black Dragon Alliance blocked the death island by swinging both hands covered in dragon scales alternately.

It was impossible to pierce the defense of the Black Dragon Gorge because it was protected by dragon scales in addition to its self-defense skills.

‘If I give my all, will I be able to break through?’

I couldn’t even be sure of that. Although Lee Seong-min still had some leeway, the Black Dragon Association seemed to have more leeway than Lee Seong-min.

The inaction of the Black Dragon Association, known to the public, was much lower than his true skills.

It may not be as good as Sima Lianju, but it was clear that the current Lee Seong-min was a difficult expert to deal with.

Temporary excitement and anger. The Black Dragon Association put him down.

Father’s enemy… … I don’t think so. Because there is no way Lee Sung-min killed that dragon. By chance, the dragon heart he took must have been his father’s.

Yeah, it’s just a bad coincidence. There is no way that the Black Dragon Association would consider Lee Seong-min to be his father’s enemy.

I just feel uncomfortable and annoyed. She had never seen his face before, and it was unpleasant to learn of her father’s death like this, even if they would meet again someday.

‘The attack is sharper than I thought.’

It is not as good as the Spear King’s Spear. But if you think about future possibilities, is it dangerous? It would be great if I could pull you into Cheonoecheon… … Why on earth are you telling me to leave it alone?

Such a dangerous talent. The possibility of not knowing what will happen in the future. Besides, isn’t Sima Lianju the successor to that monster?

I can definitely kill him now. It won’t be difficult. It flew this far away, and even fired its breath twice.

There is ample room to kill Lee Seong-min here. The two eyes of the Black Dragon Association contained a dreary light. I’ll kill you here. The moment I made up my mind like that.

Something penetrated the space and aimed at the Black Dragon Association’s chest. Black Dragon Hyeop was taken aback by the sudden onslaught and quickly retreated, strengthening his defenses.


With a heavy impact, Black Dragon’s body was pushed backwards.


Even though I raised my scales in self-defense, I could not completely overcome the shock. Black Dragon Hyeop opened his eyes wide and saw the weapon resting against his chest.

A black-colored short spear. The Black Dragon Association burst out in anger.


A shout filled with pressure shook the forest.

Lee Seong-min was also surprised by the sudden attack.

The reason he was truly astonished was the fact that he had not been able to detect the javelin’s throw that penetrated the space until it collided with the Black Dragon Gorge.

“Why are you disturbing me?!”

The Black Dragon Association continued to shout. The pressure of the dragons, an extremely arrogant race that is said to be greater than any other being, continued to explode without stopping.

Seongmin Lee frowned and stepped back a little.

The Black Dragon Association was truly angry. Just now, the Spear King’s attack. This is because it was so sharp that it would have been fatal if the defense had been delayed or retreated even a little.

The javelin that touched the Black Dragon’s chest trembled and returned to the place where it was fired.

King Chang was standing not far away. He was not looking at Lee Seong-min, but was glaring at the Black Dragon Association with wide-open eyes.

“You are my prey.”

King Chang spat out. Just before. Standing there was a completely different person than the Chang King I had encountered before entering the forest.

Instead of being a warrior who was crazy about nothingness and yearned for battle, there was a monster there that was so fierce that it seemed as if it would tear the entire world apart.

“Are you trying to steal my prey!”

King Chang shouted. The Black Dragon’s face distorted at that cry.

“Prey, a sound that doesn’t even sound like a word… … !”

“It was none other than Musin who told us to deal with that guy. Mushin, to me! “He told me to fight that guy.”

“Then fight Guichang right now and kill him!”

When the Black Dragon Association shouted again, King Chang finally glanced at Lee Seong-min.

“no. “I’m not fighting now.”

“… … what?”

“next time.”

King Chang exhaled with force.

“When I am perfect and that guy is perfect. “We have already promised to fight at that time.”

“This is crazy!”

In response to the Chang King, the Black Dragon Association swore. He swung his long hand, wrapped in black steel, towards Lee Seong-min.

Seongmin Lee was not embarrassed and swung his spear to catch him and kill him. It was the moment when Lee Seong-min tried to counterattack.

“this guy!”

The King of Spears let out a fierce roar and threw down his javelin.


The javelin flying through the space seemed like something that could not be avoided or blocked even with the naked eye.

However, the Black Dragon Association did not back down and stretched out both hands forward.


An impact sound that shook the entire space echoed in all directions.

“Don’t steal my prey!”

“Stop talking bullshit!”

Hearing the Chang King’s shout, the Black Dragon Association let out a sigh in frustration.

[Now is your chance.]

While the two monsters were shouting, Heoju whispered.

[Let’s jump.]

Seongmin Lee was thinking the same thing.


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