Worthless Regression Chapter 242

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[244] Ritual (4)

When a horse dog came out of the forest, Lee Seong-min did not panic.

Without hesitation, he raised his index finger and pointed it at the charging demon beast.

Electric current crackles and splatters across my fingertips.

A purple line shot in a straight line pierced the top of the horse’s head.

Tough leather, regenerative ability. Those things were meaningless. The strong energy of the black thunderstorm completely penetrated the demon dog’s body, causing it to become limp.

Lee Seong-min couldn’t hear the screams coming from all directions. There is no sound.

The monsters that came out were not a threat to Lee Seong-min.

That being was an absolute predator higher than the demonic beasts that Kim Jong-hyun unleashed in this forest. Lee Seong-min’s black lightning self-defense technique completely protected his body even though his senses were blocked.

It’s not just horse dogs. The number of evil beasts with ferocious appearances varied, but they were all vicious.

Still, I can’t access it. Arbes was called in, and the chimeras and demon beasts he created were hunted the moment Lee Seong-min discovered them.

However, not everyone in the punitive force in this forest was as strong as Lee Seong-min.

The biggest mistake they made was not coming to the forest with Lee Seong-min. If they didn’t suspect Lee Seong-min and came to this forest together as a punitive force… … .

‘Nothing would have changed.’

* * *

Lloyd took a deep breath and frowned. The moment he came in, he split up with the other punitive forces. There was such unbelievable magic unfolding in this forest.

Magic, if prepared, can create firepower beyond common sense.

The magic corps that the wizard guild is proud of are combat wizards raised with a focus on the firepower that magic can produce.

However, in this situation, the magic corps’ battle wizards do not have much power.

The 60 battle wizards dispatched to this subjugation battle maximize firepower by linking magic with each other.

The battle wizards prepared linked magic before the subjugation started.

However, as they entered the forest and dispersed, the battle wizards lost their advantage.

This situation was not expected. They knew that Kim Jong-hyun had prepared some kind of trap, but… … I never imagined it would be this kind of magic.

It twisted the entire space of the forest and made everything scatter. This is not magic that humans can use.

Fortunately, Lloyd was in a better situation. There was a green magic tower next to him, and there were also warriors from the Murim Alliance.

In this randomly torn apart situation, it can be said that it is fortunate to be able to be with people who can be trusted and whose skills are guaranteed.

But even if you get that lucky. It is not easy to deal with beasts that may emerge from the darkness at any moment.

No matter how great a wizard he is, he does not have infinite magical power and does not have magic prepared to respond to all situations.

The role of a wizard is to be located in the rear, protected, and pour out the magic that has been prepared. This situation itself was the worst for the wizard.

‘Kim Jong-hyun is a wizard. He knows how to kill a wizard.’

Of course, the punitive force knew about him, so they prepared many ways to deal with him. but… … It doesn’t work.

Since they are scattered like this, it is impossible to connect them with each other.

The expected firepower of the magic corps was not demonstrated. With the support of the Murim League and the mercenary group, he set up a shield to mark the front line, but became separated from them as well.

Lloyd glanced at the green magic tower. He, too, had lost his leisurely smile and was showing anxiety and tension on his face.

The leader of the Holy Knights, who was away from them, was with some of the Holy Knights and a part of the magic corps under his command.

Unlike the magic corps, the Holy Knight leader and the Holy Knights were not afraid. They faced fear with strong faith and were angry at the monsters and chimeras that emerged.

Therefore, there was no hesitation in their movements. The leader of the Holy Knights took the lead.

The paladins who followed him were not stymied by fear and shouted at the demonic beasts, swinging their swords and pouring out divine power.

The bishops, including the archbishop, did not move. They sat down on their knees. It wasn’t that I collapsed in fear.

A pure white light shines around them as they gather and pray together. It was to destroy the black magic that had enveloped this entire forest.

* * *

Chwigeol was with the Baekgyeolmuhondan and the Moyong family. They had no intention of running away.

Daeun Moyong was looking for Lee Seong-min to enter this forest, and fortunately, Moyongchan was with his father, Daeun Moyong.

Chugeol was looking for Scarlett rather than killing Kim Jong-hyun. This is because the order from the Murim Alliance was to secure Scarlett.

Dang Ah-hee.

They had given up on subjugation and were trying to run away. The Shih Tzu, a member of the Mad Dog mercenary group who was with her, died just before her.

Although he was a mercenary with outstanding skills, he could not handle the undead that emerged from the darkness.

A headless monster. It’s a Dullahan. The man held the severed head in his left hand, and with his right hand he swung a large ax and chopped the Shih Tzu from the top of its head, splitting it into two pieces.

‘it’s crazy.’

Dullahan is the strongest among various undead monsters.

They are much inferior to lichs and death knights, and have almost no reason. The physical abilities of an undead are not something to look down upon.

Not only the Shih Tzu, but other mercenaries were also cut down by the merciless ax blows. The battle wizards who were with Dang Ah-hee used their magic as much as they could, but they only managed to stop the Dullahan for a moment.

Dang Ah-hee also did not try to run away blindly. She also had pride in being the daughter of the Tang clan head and had confidence in her own martial arts and martial arts skills.

However, the poison she shot out and the memorization was not that threatening to the undead.

So I have no choice but to run away. I have no desire to die here.

No, I don’t want to die even if it happens someday. Dang Ah-hee wanted to live as long as possible. Dang Ah-hee threw the memorization tool he was holding at Dullahan, then turned around and tried to run away.

But escaping wasn’t easy. The ground trembled, and red-colored tentacles rose out. Tang Axi was scared and tried to cut the tentacle with his dagger, but the tentacle did not cut properly and wriggled around, trying to wrap around Tang Axi’s body.


Tang Axi screamed. Meanwhile, the Dullahan came up behind her.

The warriors and wizards of the Tang family that she abandoned and ran away were not able to properly pass the time.

Of course, Dang Ah-hee did not feel that Dullahan was right behind her. Until the ax was raised above her head, dripping with her blood.


Before the ax falls and splits Tang Axi’s head. A purple stem of strong energy pierced the Dullahan’s arm.

It skidded to the side and completely cut off the Dullahan’s wrist. The headless Dullahan couldn’t even scream.


Dullahan’s ax fell right next to Dang Ah-hee’s shoulder, along with her severed wrist.




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Dang Ah-hee screamed louder. Lee Seong-min, who walked out of the darkness, frowned and looked down at Dang Ah-hee.

When she made eye contact with Lee Seong-min, she screamed even louder as if she was going to faint, and this time she couldn’t hold it back and urinated.

Lee Seong-min, who does not know that Dang Ah-hee provoked the Holy Knight leader, has no clear malicious intent towards her.

However, he didn’t have the will to save him. Nevertheless, the reason for saving Dang Ah-hee was simple.

Because there was something I wanted to ask her. Lee Seong-min deflected the bullet and completely killed the Dullahan, then approached Dang A-hee.

[Where is the Red Magic Tower?]

Dang Ah-hee, who had been screaming for a long time, came to her senses late due to the electric sound ringing in her head.

She gasped and looked up at Lee Seong-min. Lee Seong-min, who appeared at a desperate moment, seemed to Dang Ah-hee to be the only savior who could overcome this situation.

[yes yes?]

Dang Ah-hee stutters and sends a message. Lee Seong-min said while glancing at Dang Ah-hee’s damp crotch.

[Red Magic Tower. Scarlett. Didn’t you see it?]

[uh… … No, I don’t know.]

I saved you for no reason. Lee Seong-min passed by Dang A-hee while thinking that.

Then Dang Ah-hee was startled and stretched out both hands to grab Lee Seong-min’s ankles. Lee Seong-min gently lifted his foot and avoided the hand that Tang A-hee was trying to grab.

[Please help me.]

[I don’t have any underwear for you to change into.]

Dang Ah-hee’s face turned red at Lee Seong-min’s answer. She hurriedly sent her moans, covering her wet crotch with her hands.

[Well, it’s not like that. I… … Can you please take me out of here?]

[I have no intention of leaving this forest. And why should I go to such trouble for you?]

[woah… … I’ll give you anything you want.]

[What do you mean you can give me?]

Seongmin Lee sent out a message while walking with great strides. Dang Ah-hee, who had been crawling along, stumbling, got up and hurriedly joined Lee Seong-min.

[body… … The body or something… … ?]

It wasn’t something I would say with a sober mind. He was so drunk that it wasn’t something he would say. Dang Ah-hee, who said that, also felt a deep sense of shame and shook her shoulders. However, Lee Seong-min answered without the slightest hesitation.

[No need.]

Dang Ah-hee was left speechless by that sharp rejection. Dang Ah-hee, whose whole body was trembling, sent out a sound again.

[really… … ?]

[yes. What kind of bullshit are you talking about in a situation like this?]]

[that… … therefore… … Not just here, but out in the forest and getting clean… … .]

[No need.]

[all… … How about Tang family martial arts? antidote… … Or memorization… … .]

[No need.]

Dang Ah-hee had nothing she could give to Lee Seong-min. poison? Not required. Although he did not have time to write it, Lee Seong-min completed the war against all poisons by obtaining Heoju’s treasure.

No poison from the Tang family can invade his body. The same goes for memorization. It wasn’t that I wasn’t completely interested in the memorization technique itself, but I didn’t have the confidence to handle it properly even if I could memorize it well.

[You have nothing to give me. The only reason I saved you was to ask about Scarlett’s whereabouts. and… … Am I not an enemy of the Murim Alliance?]

What he subtly meant was a threat to get out of the way. Dang Ah-hee’s face turns pale at those words.

She shook her head desperately. In order to somehow stick to Lee Seong-min and preserve her life.

[Chwi, Chwi Geol is aiming for the red magic tower.]

[Of course it is. Because it’s good prey to pull me out. What is the reason for stating the obvious?]

[therefore… … uh… … I thought you didn’t know… … .]

Dang Ah-hee stuttered and added. Meanwhile, a horse dog jumped out, and Lee Seong-min flicked his fingertips and smashed the horse dog’s head.

[If you take me hostage, you will be able to negotiate with the party.]

[What are you telling me to do by negotiating with the party?]

[Well, I can’t give you anything, but my father would be different. therefore… … .]

[Take you hostage and demand what you want from the party? I have no reason to do such a troublesome thing. And I don’t want anything from you or the party.]

[All, party weapons.]

Tang Axi said while trembling. That name. Seongmin Lee’s steps suddenly stopped. He glanced back at Tang Axi.

[Party weapon?]

It’s a name I’ve heard before. where… … Seongmin Lee traced his memories.

Yes, I remembered. Rubes. The place where I reunited with Wijihoyeon. After leaving the gate of Rubes, I was attacked by Amzon.

I almost died from Amzon… … His life was saved thanks to the intervention of Saebeolju.

At that time, Sima Lianju called Amzon’s name. ‘Dangmugi.’ That was Amzon’s name.

[For a long time… … This is my ancestor.]


Of the six venerable ones, there are only four left. We have some idea of ​​Dozon’s location.

Because the Mercenary King is a celebrity. I also know Wolhu’s location to some extent. I met King Chang this time. However, the location of the amzone was not confirmed.

[Probably if it were him… … Maybe I can give you what you want. He is such a mysterious person and has so many things… … .]

[Are you in contact with him?]

The story about Amzone was enough to pique Lee Seong-min’s interest. When Lee Seong-min showed interest, Dang A-hee nodded her head enthusiastically.

[yes. I saw him when he was young, and he thought I was cute. So every year on my birthday, he secretly comes to my house and gives me a gift.]


Seongmin Lee nodded his head slightly. This is an opportunity to meet an amzone whose location you may not know.

If it were that kind of meeting, even as an undercover person, he would move secretly and alone. If you meet Amzon at that time, you will be able to kill him without difficulty.

[All right.]

Seongmin Lee smiled.

[It is impossible to leave this forest. I will protect you from death.]

Not knowing that he was driving Amzon to death, Dang Ah-hee breathed a sigh of relief.


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