Worthless Regression Chapter 241

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[243] Ritual (3)

Although he said so, King Chang seemed to have a lot of regrets.

Although Lee Seong-min did not want to understand his situation, King Chang really came this far with pure curiosity about Lee Seong-min and his desire as a warrior.

Regardless of the orders of Cheon Oecheon or Musin, he came here with the mindset of wanting to compete with Changsu, who defeated Geomjon with only his skills.

Therefore, King Chang was conflicted. It was not because of Cheon Oecheon’s will and Mushin’s orders, but because of the regret of coming this far and not being able to face each other even once.

The moment Lee Seong-min ignored King Chang and headed towards the forest, King Chang eventually stopped Lee Seong-min by chewing his lower lip.

“for a moment.”

“Didn’t you say we’d fight next time?”

As King Chang blocked his path, Lee Seong-min felt a sense of urgency inside.

This is because there was no time to be held captive by King Chang. Now the punitive force has completely entered the forest, and even Lee Seong-min has no idea what will happen in the forest.

If a dangerous situation occurs while you are held captive, you will regret it for the rest of your life.

“know. but… … .”

This is not a situation where both sides can fight with all their might. Since he didn’t know how many more times he would meet such an outstanding Changsoo, King Chang was doing his best to compete with Lee Seong-min, which might be his last.

He also understood Lee Seong-min’s situation to some extent.

Because I knew that if I had distracting thoughts in my mind, I wouldn’t be able to put my all into the fight. He glanced toward the forest.

After a moment of contemplation, King Chang sighed and moved the body that was blocking his path to the side.

“… … good. Next time, when we can both do our best. “I will come find you.”

Seongmin Lee responded by nodding his head. Although this was their first meeting, Lee Seong-min thought that King Chang was different from the Six Venerables of Heaven and Earth that he had met so far.

To be honest, I even liked him a little. As a fellow Changsu, he was also curious.

It’s not something to think about now. Seongmin Lee kicked up the ground and widened the distance between himself and King Chang.

He immediately headed towards the forest. Although there was quite a distance from the forest, it was not a long distance for Lee Seong-min.

Lee Seong-min, who arrived at the forest in an instant, stopped running without entering right away and looked straight at the forest.

An indescribable ominousness was stirring deep within. The dry trees sway in the blowing wind and make a noise.

Lee Seong-min took a deep breath and slowly walked into the forest.

My senses are tangled.

That was the first thing Lee Seong-min felt. An ominous current that enveloped the entire forest.

The moment I breathed in him, I felt like all my senses were tangled up. The surroundings were as dark as deep night.

It was clearly a day when the sun had risen, and there was no shade to block the sunlight anywhere in this dry forest. Nevertheless… … dark.

It’s dark, like walking in the dark without a single light. Lee Seong-min’s eyesight could easily pierce even darkness, but even his eyes could not completely pierce the darkness.

There is no sound. I listen carefully, but I can’t hear anything. I can’t hear the ominous wind noise I felt the moment I entered the forest.

Even my senses, which should be sharp, can’t catch anything.


Kim Jong-hyun is still in this forest. He did not run away, but was waiting for the punitive force. What is he aiming for? What is the purpose of the ritual he is preparing for, and what does Jennyella mean by saying that he will no longer be human?

The worries didn’t last long. Meeting Scarlett comes first. but… … It’s strange. Not much time had passed since the punitive force entered the forest.

There are hundreds of troops. Even if there was a small time difference, it is incomprehensible that they entered the forest and their whereabouts were unknown.

[This old man knows pretty much everything, but he doesn’t know much about magic.]

‘I miss you, Rubia.’

Lee Seong-min thought like that and looked around. I don’t feel like I’m popular.

It felt like that sense was completely blocked. Are you saying that it is so easy to block the senses of a master in transcendence?

No matter how excellent Kim Jong-hyun is as a warlock… … no. In this case, is it not because of Kim Jong-hyun’s magic skills, but because the magic of the grimoire that the wizard’s guild cherishes is special?

Seongmin Lee lowered his posture and looked at the floor. If your senses are blocked, you have no choice but to understand the situation through other things. There was a little snow on the frozen ground. What Seongmin Lee paid attention to were the footprints on the snow.

‘Footprints made a little while ago.’

There are few numbers. The number of the punitive force was about five hundred. It is not a footprint created by that many numbers. Ten at most… … Lee Seong-min slowly stood up.

Look around again. There are no other footprints. The punitive force clearly entered the forest in this direction. But where on earth have they gone?

[Force or technique… … Among those things, there is nothing that can cause a phenomenon of this level. This has already gone beyond the human realm.]

Heoju warned.

It was as he said.

* * *

A great warlock. Even Arbes, who was called the two-faced sage, could not handle this magic.

The grimoire he took from the wizard’s guild was full of great magic that was beyond understanding, but Arbes was unable to use that magic.

Grimoire is a fatal poison for warlocks.

The magic written in this grimoire is so great that every warlock can only dream of it, but that doesn’t mean every warlock can handle the grimoire’s magic.

The magic power contained in the grimoire is so strong and dangerous. If an ordinary black magician uses a grimoire, there is a high risk that the dark magic he possesses will run out of control and cause self-destruction.

That’s why even Arbes couldn’t easily use the grimoire’s magic.

But Kim Jong-hyun was different. Therefore, Kim Jong-hyun was convinced that the grimoire was destined to become his.

Because the demon lord he contracted with has been destroyed, Kim Jong-hyun is free from the contract with the demon lord, unlike other black magicians.

Additionally, he became a special being by receiving some of the devil’s dark magic.

Therefore, he was able to use the grimoire’s magic more freely.

‘In the first place, this is not a grimoire meant for humans to use.’

Kim Jonghyun thought as he looked at the grimoire floating next to him.

‘It’s a grimoire for the demon lord.’

Therefore, even Arbes-level warlocks could not use it. But Kim Jong-hyun can be used.

Not because Kim Jong-hyun took everything in Arbes as his own, but because he can use the power of the devil even though he is human.

‘I don’t know why there is a grimoire for the Demon King in this world… … ‘

Kim Jonghyun smiled. He is three thousand. He sacrificed three thousand souls to unleash the grimoire’s magic to deal with the punitive force.

The massacre of the seven villages was not only to collect hearts to prepare for the ritual, but also to supply the souls needed to unfold the grimoire’s magic. The three thousand souls offered as magical sacrifices will not be able to reincarnate and will suffer for eons.

It was none of Kim Jonghyun’s business. He used three thousand souls to make this forest resemble a dungeon.



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A dungeon is a place that goes beyond common sense. This forest is also like that. Although it was impossible to make it completely identical to the dungeon, we succeeded in making it deviate from common sense to some extent.

The five hundred-man punitive force that entered the forest dispersed. The moment I entered the dungeon, I was caught up in the magic, and even though I entered through the same entrance, the space was twisted and I fell into a different place.

Kim Jonghyun looked around. Dozens of crevices were created around him, and images of the subjugation team wandering the forest were floating inside them. Kim Jong-hyun paid attention to one of the videos.

“also. “You came too.”

Kim Jong-hyun laughed while looking at Lee Sung-min in the video.

Is it fate that we meet again like this? Have I been caught up in your destiny? Or did I create a new fate force? It’s an unknown answer.

Mortals can never see all fate from above.

‘You came here to save Scarlett.’

Kim Jonghyun shifted his gaze and watched another video.

Scarlett was seen moving with the mercenaries.

* * *

I knew it instinctively. This forest is dangerous. I don’t know what kind of trick Kim Jong-hyun has planned, but this forest is dangerous.

I don’t want to be here. I want to run away. Scarlett truly thought so.

Although she was bold and spirited, the ominous nature of this forest was urging her to turn around and run away.

If I could, I would have done it. Even if it means killing the damn green magic tower lord.

okay. If only the green magic tower master had been by her side now. By slaying her green magic tower lord without hesitation, she would have nullified the oath she had made with him.

But the green magic tower lord was not by her side now. Maybe the green magic tower lord has been killed now.

But Scarlett has no way to check him. If the green magic tower lord was dead, there would be no problem running away from this forest, but if the green magic tower lord was alive. She runs away and ends up dying for breaking her oath.

‘It sucks.’

Scarlett gritted her teeth. For her, it is a dilemma. Even if she runs away, she dies, and if she continues… … She feels like she’s dying.

It would be better if there were people around who could be of some help.


Scarlett didn’t hide it and let out an annoyed voice. Because even if I say it, I can’t hear it.

Scarlett glared at the backs of the heads of the Dobermans and Mad Dog mercenaries walking in front. The moment I entered the forest, I came to my senses in the pitch-black darkness and found myself with those guys.

In this strange darkness, distant places are barely visible. Similarly, the surrounding scenery is not visible well.

The only things that are clearly visible are the mercenaries who came in together.

Rather, it causes more fear. In the darkness where almost nothing can be seen, the only thing that can be seen clearly is the appearance of another person.

“What do you know before leaving?”

Scarlett shouted in a high voice, but the Doberman and the mercenaries, who were not that far away, did not look back.

Because the voice is not heard. In the end, Scarlett sighed and checked the magic he had prepared.

She didn’t trust mercenaries. Even though the Mad Dog mercenary group has superior skills compared to other mercenary groups, and its leader Doberman is an SSS level mercenary. That doesn’t mean he trusts them.

This situation. When a truly critical situation arises, a person must believe in his own strength rather than relying on others to save his life.

Scarlett’s magic is different from that of other wizards. She blended her magic based on her spell imprint, Onmyodo and Kimun Transformation, which she completed in her draft form on Mt. Shi’s Mountain.

Scarlett continued to strengthen her spell inscriptions even after she descended from Mushi’s Mountain, and the completed inscriptions gave her the status of Red Magic Tower lord.

‘Lee Seong-min… … That guy must have entered the forest too. Unless he’s planning on abandoning me.’

Should I break the bracelet? The moment I thought that.

There is no sound. The surroundings are dark… … In such an environment, an attack is bound to produce cruel results.

Even though I was sufficiently tense and prepared, the beast’s teeth sticking out from the darkness were sharp and swift.

Mad Dog’s mercenaries guarding the left were unable to respond to the teeth. In fact, the level was too low to respond.


The B-class mercenary with his side bitten off screamed loudly, but in this forest where hearing was blocked, he was the only one who could hear the scream.

The Doberman walking ahead suddenly turned around due to the blood splashing out and the struggling hand gestures.

Scarlett, who was walking behind him, clearly saw what kind of animal was biting the mercenary’s body.

Quad deuk!

He chews with his jaw strong, shakes his head, and beats the mercenary’s body to the floor.

The mercenary could no longer scream and died. As his mutilated body lay on the floor, the Doberman roared and swung his large sword.

Scarlett also immediately prepared her magic.

But it wasn’t just one.

They couldn’t hear it, but a scream began to sound not far away.

The howl of an animal was approaching in the darkness.


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