Worthless Regression Chapter 223

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The dungeon where Lee Seong-min died in his past life is not far from Behenger, the city where he lived in his previous life.

Lee Seong-min, who worked as a C-class mercenary in his previous life, never left Behenger.

The distance from Legro Forest, where Lee Seong-min was, to Behenger is far. If you move without stopping, you will barely be able to meet the dungeon’s appearance time.

Fortunately, I was able to make it on time.

Coming back to the place where I died felt strange in many ways.

Of course, the current Lee Seong-min knew very well that he would never die if he entered this dungeon.

There is no comparison between the power that Lee Sung-min has now and that of Lee Sung-min, who died after challenging a dungeon in his past life.

The dungeon has not appeared yet.

Seongmin Lee sat down on the hill where he first discovered the dungeon.

According to my memories from my past life, the dungeon appeared before the sun set.

When the red sunset spread across the sky.

Lee Seong-min in his previous life was carrying out a monster subjugation request nearby.

The request was to hunt down goblins running rampant in the forest not far from here, and even Lee Seong-min, a C-rank mercenary, was able to carry out such a request without difficulty.

After finishing subjugating the goblins, I made a camp here to sleep out as the sun went down on my way back.

And by chance, I saw a dungeon being created.

Dungeons do not exist from the beginning, but suddenly appear in the world.

Some lucky adventurers witness the creation of a dungeon and either conquer it or sell information about the dungeon for a high price.

Inside the dungeon is a different world where common sense does not apply.

Although the risk is high, if you conquer the dungeon, you can obtain loot that defies common sense, just like inside the dungeon.

Therefore, information about dungeons is always distributed at high prices, and there are many people who risk their lives to conquer dungeons.

The same was true for Lee Seong-min in his previous life. 27 years old. Although he is not that old, he was not like Lee Sung-min in his previous life.

If you were a C-level mercenary at that age, your life was already a failure. He lives from day to day with the money he earns each day.

I have nothing saved and no hope for the future. Alcohol, prostitutes. I comfort myself with those things.

If you choose a quest that will not kill you and carry it out, your reputation within the mercenary guild will drop and the quest will naturally stop.

What the mercenary guild wanted was a mercenary who would die by throwing himself into a dangerous mission that could lead to his death.

It’s natural. There are plenty of C-class mercenaries.

It was such a situation, and that was why I was impatient. So, the moment I discovered the dungeon, I tried it with the thought that it was all or nothing, but I failed and died.

So now Lee Seong-min is here.

The sun is setting.

The ground trembles. Weak vibration. Seongmin Lee got up from where he was sitting.

Lee Seong-min slowly got up and looked down the hill. A small ruin, which had not been there before, was sticking out from between the piles of dirt.


Seongmin Lee expanded his senses by caressing the ghost mask on his face. He couldn’t help but chuckle.

I didn’t know that in my past life. Seongmin Lee was not alone here.

Faint presences were detected not far away. Although their skills were not that great, they were people that Lee Seong-min in his previous life would not have been able to handle.

‘Because I wasn’t able to look around at the time.’

I didn’t have the skills to do that. They must have noticed Lee Seong-min too. In the first place, Lee Seong-min did not hide himself when he arrived here.

Then, what should we do? Should we wait for them to enter the dungeon first?

No, you don’t have to. Lee Seong-min slowly stood up.

I thought about putting it away before it got annoying, but I decided against it. This is because they were not things that could be called a nuisance.

Seongmin Lee went down to the hill without hiding his appearance. At the same time, he intentionally unleashed his power.

Although it was suppressed by the mask he was wearing, a terrible ominous feeling flowed out, centered around Lee Seong-min.

It was neither inner strength nor magical power. He wore this mask for a year. As Sima Lianju thought, as his internal energy and magical power were suppressed by the mask, Lee Seong-min’s body developed different powers in the process of adapting to the mask.

Dragon’s magic power.

Since I ate a whole dragon heart, I guess I can use magic. He had some hopes for that, but unfortunately he couldn’t use magic.

It was not possible to draw out all of the dragon’s magical power that was at least usable.

In the first place, this could not even be called magical power. The magical power of the swallowed dragon heart was transformed within Lee Seong-min’s body and became a completely different power similar to internal energy and magical power.

[You bastard. Don’t be greedy. If you use dragon magic, it will be a power greater than the martial arts you have learned, but it would be unconscionable to hope for that.]

‘Still, it’s a shame.’

[It’s a shame. Think about how grateful you are to this old man. It was thanks to this old man that I was able to eat the dragon’s heart.]

Heoju said proudly. Even though he didn’t say it in words, Lee Seong-min felt a lot of gratitude to Heo Joo.

Of course, I had no intention of showing it. If it appears through words or actions, Heo Joo might say some nonsense again out of pride.

[You can feel what you think, it’s a dog.]

Heoju protested.

At the entrance to the ruins, Lee Seong-min stopped walking.

A commotion is felt not far away. Those who sensed the ominous presence emanating from Lee Seong-min were embarrassed.

It would be good if you could figure out the situation on your own and step back.

‘Probably not.’

A dungeon is a cradle of opportunity so fascinating that you might risk your life.

Because he was well aware of that fact, Lee Seong-min did not use drastic methods to subdue them.

The stairs at the entrance to the ruins led deep underground.

I remember it.

While going down these stairs, I felt floating, and when I came to, I was standing on a single path with a stone wall blocking the ceiling.

A maze-type dungeon. There were various traps, and Lee Seong-min in his previous life used all his talents to avoid the traps and force his way through them.

‘I didn’t encounter any monsters.’

Dungeons also come in various forms.



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Like the doppelganger dungeon that Lee Seong-min went into to save Baek So-go a few years ago, there are dungeons full of bizarre monsters that defy common sense, and there are also dungeons where monsters do not appear but are filled with various traps and magic traps. There are also dungeons that are a mixture of the two. You can’t know what type of dungeon it is unless you go in.

If I remember from my past life, this dungeon was a maze-type dungeon full of traps where monsters did not appear.

A feeling of floating came.

Seongmin Lee waited for the feeling of floating to end without resisting.


When both feet touched the ground, Lee Seong-min looked up at the ceiling. There was a ceiling, and a single road stretched out in front.

Seongmin Lee started walking without hesitation. His unfolding spirit announces the existence of traps that he has not even stepped on.

There was no need to jump over it. In Lee Seong-min’s Danjeon, standing in front of the trap, inner strength, magical power, and the power of the dragon stir.


A black electric current surged, and Lee Seong-min’s figure disappeared from the spot.

He jumped over the complicated trap in one go and stood on the other side.

The spirit of Muyeongtalhon mixed with the heart of the black thunderstorm, and among them, the gale of the wind, which was the seventh event, unfolded.

Seongmin Lee rubbed his feet on the ground again and glanced behind him.

For a year, I practiced martial arts given by Master Sima Lian in the fairy forest.

Sometimes I danced with Wijihoyeon, and I also danced with Samalyeonju.

It was just a one-sided beating rather than a fight.

The meeting with Sima Lianju and the advice he gave me at the end were of great help. Thanks to this, I was able to unleash a gale of confidence, even though it was not as good as Sima Lianju.

[It was shorter than I thought.]

‘Because it’s quite difficult to control the distance.’

Heo-joo commented with displeasure, and Lee Seong-min shrugged his shoulders. Since he began to actively use the Black Lightning Buncheon, traps were meaningless.

In the first place, the pitfalls in the beginning are not that big of a deal. Even Lee Seong-min, who was a C-level mercenary, was able to break through with a life-or-death effort, so even if the current Lee Seong-min steps on the trap correctly, there will be no danger at all.

At the crossroads, Lee Seong-min chose the left as he remembered.

If you proceed a little further from here, you will come across a room where you obtained the Past Life Stone.

Although getting the past life stone back doesn’t mean you can go back to the past when you die, I planned to secure the past life stone first.

Seongmin Lee’s steps stopped.

The old door was in front of Lee Seong-min. There will be a small box in the room, and inside that box is the Past Life Stone. Lee Seong-min took a deep breath and grabbed the door handle.

Turn the doorknob and go inside. Lee Seong-min slowly entered the room. It was the same as his previous life. There is a box in the middle of a small room.

Seongmin Lee opened the box with his hand without hesitation. Inside the box, there was only a single stone the size of a fist.

[Is this it?]


Seongmin Lee nodded his head while answering with his voice.

[To this old man, it looks like just a stone. Just getting your hands on that… … Does that mean you can go back to the past when you die?]

“I did.”

[That’s hard to believe. This old man doesn’t know much about magic, but magic to return to the past at the moment of death would be impossible even for a dragon.]

However, it is undoubtedly true that this is what Lee Sung-min experienced. Seongmin Lee stretched out his hand and grabbed the stone from his past life.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh.

The stone from the past life held in Lee Seong-min’s hand began to wriggle.

From here on, it’s different from my previous life. When Lee Seong-min from his previous life grabbed it, the stone from his previous life showed no change.

At that time, Lee Seong-min didn’t know what it was either, so he thought it was just a stone and kept it in his arms.

[The reincarnated person grabbed the stone again.]

I hear that voice in my head. It was the same voice I heard in my head when I was trying to learn a skill.

[It has been confirmed that the reincarnated person has returned here.]

Those were the last words. The stone from his past life that was writhing in Lee Seong-min’s hand turned into powder and scattered.

And then, the scattered powder gathered again into Lee Seong-min’s palm. It was no longer a stone. What was on Lee Seong-min’s hand was a heavy key shining golden.

“What’s this… … ?”

Seongmin Lee was embarrassed and looked down at the keys. Even Heo Joo, who was watching everything in Lee Seong-min’s head, was surprised by the sudden situation.

Before I could even think about why the past life stone became the key to something I don’t know. The entire space began to shake.

[Something is happening.]

Heoju warned. Lee Seong-min moved immediately.

He opened the door he came in and came out of the room. But he couldn’t go back the way he came. Now that you have entered the dungeon, in order to exit the dungeon, you must first defeat the boss monster at the end of the dungeon.

Thump, thump, thump.

The entire dungeon shakes. The street trembles and the ceiling shakes and trembles.

Lee Seong-min couldn’t help but be nervous because it was his first experience like this in his past and present lives. Since it was not the time for him to control his magical power and internal energy with a mask, Lee Seong-min completely took off the mask he was wearing on his face.


The ground beneath his feet collapsed and Lee Seong-min’s body fell down. He did not panic and tried to hold his body in the air. No, there was no need for that. During the short fall, the dungeon completely disappeared.

The invisible floor had already reached Lee Seong-min’s feet. Seongmin Lee was embarrassed and looked around.

He was already outside the dungeon. The ruins that were the entrance to the dungeon were collapsing in front of Lee Seong-min.

[There is no need to bother breaking through the dungeon.]

Heoju muttered.


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