Worthless Regression Chapter 212

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[214] Bimu (2)

Do not think that you have taken off your weapon. For Wijihoyeon, the black dragon cannon was both a weapon and armor, but using the black dragon cannon was not more powerful.

For Wijihoyeon, the best weapon was none other than his own body.

The spear was fired without a sound.

Gucheonmugeukchang’s Jeolmyeongseom is an exquisite singing technique. Because we are too focused on being fast, we cannot make changes. No, it would be correct to say that there is no need for change.

But Wijihoyeon knew about that island. The nine herbivores that make up the Gucheonmugeukchang. Wijihoyeon knew all nine herbivores.

Knowing all of your opponent’s martial arts skills gives you a huge advantage in a fight like this.

Know. Jeommyeong Island is fast. Let that speed be your power. You can’t make changes. Yes, if it were a simple death island, that would be the case.

Mix martial arts into it. Killing the blood of the Blood Hwanshinma Gong. Dozens of river streams explode from the rapidly launched Jeommyeong Island.

Wijihoyeon’s eyebrows twitched.

That is neither the Nine Heavenly Dance Spear nor the Jashingong. That powerful force is proper force qigong.

‘okay. Those two martial arts skills aren’t everything.’

The rapid footwork of Lee Hyeong-hwan. Could it be that the fact that he was able to dissipate the strength of the Heavenly Demon God with just two steps was part of that walking method? Same with that Kang Qigong… … It’s been 11 years.

He probably didn’t focus on the two martial arts, Jahashingong and Gucheonmugeukchang. He would have made up for the vacancy by learning other martial arts.

Wijihoyeon’s hand moved.


She lowered her posture, scattering dozens of bundles of strong energy with her hands.


Wijihoyeon’s body accelerated. She came right in front of Lee Seong-min, kicked her ground, and leapt. Jumping low, Wiji Hoyeon twisted her body in the air and swung her legs.

Instead of swinging a spear, Lee Seong-min used footwork. Ilbo Muyoung created dozens of afterimages.

In the afterimage created, Lee Seong-min took another step and went behind Wi Ji-ho-yeon’s back.

This is an excellent walking technique. However, walking does not mean spatial movement.

All they do is move quickly, distort it, create an afterimage, and ‘run’ back.

As long as you understand him, you will not be deceived. Wijihoyeon’s foot, which had swung, touched the air.

Wijihoyeon twisted his waist and went over Lee Seongmin’s spear, which was fired from behind.

Wijihoyeon’s wide open hands stretched out toward Lee Seongmin. The Heavenly Demon Divine Gong, containing terrible power, became a magic trick and approached Lee Seong-min.

Although it is said to be a weapon, if any one of the attacks hits properly, it can kill the opponent.

Seongmin Lee and Jiho Wi. Such attacks continued. But there was no hesitation in such an attack.

We trusted each other. We believe in the level of martial arts that each other has reached.

Seongmin Lee held the spear only with his left hand. The spear has already been fired, and retrieving it is slow. In Lee Seong-min’s right hand, the strength of the Blood Hwanshin Demonic Gong was young.

Breaking blood clots.

Kang Ki, who was fired straight ahead, collided with Wijihoyeon’s Jangbeop.

Fragments of the river fly in all directions. Lee Seong-min, who fell to the ground, ran forward without hesitation.

The fired spears roar and split into dozens.

It’s a lightning strike.

Wijihoyeon was not embarrassed and stretched out both hands forward.

Faba Park!

Hands and spears collide. Wijihoyeon removed the digging spears one by one. Wijihoyeon’s body was pushed back a little, and Lee Seongmin continued walking.

Muyeong Talhon’s Ibo Gyeopsal and Blood Hwanshinmagong’s Blood Crusade meet. A large purple flame struck Wijihoyeon.

Wijihoyeon quickly stepped back and placed both hands in front of his chest.

A black sphere was created between the opposing palms. The lazily thrown sphere was met with bloodshed.


A large explosion engulfed the bloodbath entirely.

Lee Seong-min stretched out his spear forward, looking at the approaching storm.

The space around the window trembles. highway. Seongmin Lee licked his lips.

Gongdo, the six seconds of Gucheonmugeukchang, was unfolded. The tremor of space spread along the path of the stretched window.

A huge hole was created in the wall of the oncoming river.

Seongmin Lee ran that path.

Wijihoyeon raised both hands as he saw Lee Seong-min coming through Ganggi.

A bright red river swirled around her. Gongdo of Gucheonmugeukchang. I know that herbivorous food too.

But what you know and what you do yourself are different. Wiji Ho-yeon said that even though she held a spear herself and unfolded the nine-cheon martial arts spear, she was not confident that she could imitate Lee Seong-min’s singing method.


Faba Park!

The strong energy around Wijihoyeon turned into hundreds of awls and attacked Lee Seong-min.

Seong-min Lee was not left behind and carried out lightning and blood killing. Wijihoyeon’s awl was shot down by the spear.

‘I’ve become stronger.’

Wijihoyeon did not step back but walked forward.

she was smiling I know that Lee Seong-min targeted me. Wijihoyeon made it like that.

To longing, to ideals. It’s a thing of the past. Currently, Lee Seong-min stands on an equal footing with Wi Ji-ho-yeon.

No, maybe a little further ahead.

‘It’s not a good feeling.’

But it was fun. I’m fighting with Lee Seong-min like this right now. Your only friend, in the same place as you… … I ended up standing a little further away than myself. Lee Seong-min was getting closer.


The river that was boiling around Wijihoyeon subsides. It all condensed and covered Wijihoyeon’s body thinly.

Wijihoyeon’s eyes sparkled and shined.

I don’t want to lose.

I had that strong feeling. It was fun, but I didn’t want to lose.



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I want to win. I had to win. That way, I could continue to remain Lee Seong-min’s goal, so I wanted to remain as a person admired and an ideal person.

I want to continue walking ahead and look back at Seongmin Lee who is following behind me.

I didn’t want to fall behind.

Wijihoyeon’s offensive changed.

If the previous offensive was to push Kang Qigong at the center, it is different now.

The first thing that Seongmin Lee recognized as ‘difference’ was Wijihoyeon’s speed.

Speed ​​beyond the senses. Even with Lee Seong-min’s sixth sense, he cannot follow Wijihoyeon’s movements directly.

Seongmin Lee forcibly twisted the window. He had to.


A heavy blow shook the window. The arms holding the spear were pushed back.

[Is this a bit too much?]

Heoju muttered. Seongmin Lee also agreed with those words. He was now fighting Wijihoyeon purely using internal energy.

But any more than this is too much. Haste, strength. Seongmin Lee licked his lips and memorized the magic starter word.

Seongmin Lee was greatly benefiting from the basic buff magic he had learned at Mt. Mshi.

Although internal energy is continuously consumed, speed and power increase without any need for conscious awareness. It creates a huge advantage in fights against equal opponents.

Wijihoyeon was startled by the change in Lee Seong-min’s movements, who could not keep up with his speed.

That’s because I never thought it would be hiding this much power.

Yes, I guess it was a search war up to this point. Wijihoyeon is the same as we looked at while hiding its power to some extent.

‘But, at this level.’


It didn’t end with using Haste and Strength.

Seongmin Lee raised his power. Invite magical power through breathing techniques. As the body, which had become closer to a monster, began to increase its magic power, it wriggled and responded to the magic power.

The black heart beat, pumping endless amounts of magical power.

There was a crackling sound from the muscles. As the magical power is used, the body is transformed into that of a monster.

A bloody light illuminated from the two gold-stained eyes. The power that overwhelmed Geomjon filled Lee Seong-min’s whole body.


From Lee Seong-min, Wi Ji-ho-yeon felt something completely different. Different from Lee Seong-min just now. Not Lee Seong-min, but something completely different.

Wijihoyeon felt chills and goosebumps rising. It felt like a vicious monster was standing in front of me with its mouth wide open.


Wijihoyeon wasn’t the only one who reacted. Sa-raeb-ju, who was watching her fight, also had her eyes sparkling.

Osla, who was floating near Sima Lianju, also opened her eyes wide.

“He. “It was a dragon and not a human?”

Osla asked. At those words, Sargeoju shed a laugh and shook his head. Osla could have misunderstood it that way.

“Or is it half-man and half-dragon?”

“Probably not.”

“That human. “You used buff magic.”

“If it’s that level of magic, it’s not that difficult to learn. “Aliens receive growth correction and are easy to learn as a skill.”

“Hmm… … Still, I don’t quite understand it. “How can a human use a dragon’s pressure?”

The pressure of a dragon is the essence of the arrogance and power of the dragon race.

Dragons, known as the pinnacle of their species, can exert intense pressure on beings lower than themselves just by their mere presence.

Although it wasn’t perfect, the current Lee Seong-min was giving off the pressure of a dragon. What Lee Seong-min used in Namgung House, which he thought was a spirit merchant, also had pressure mixed in.

“Dragon pressure, magic, martial arts, and even magical power.”

Sima Lianzhu let out a laugh.

“It’s amazing that the body didn’t collapse even though all these miscellaneous things were mixed together.”

“That’s why I asked. “Are you really human?”

“I’m human.”

“Hmm… … .”

Osla’s eyes narrowed. Sima Lianzhu glanced at Osla.

“Are you interested?”

“It’s my first time seeing a person like that. and… … That human. “Besides what Yeonju said, I feel something uneasy about it.”


“Very ominous… … “Something like that.”

Osla muttered. Even for her, she couldn’t figure out what Lee Seong-min was feeling, so she had no choice but to say something vague.

Just for a moment.

Wijihoyeon, who had goosebumps, shook them off by taking a deep breath.

Immediately, she rushed at Lee Seong-min once again. Lee Seong-min’s golden eyes moved.


When Lee Seong-min swung his spear, the air was torn apart, making a loud sound. Wiji Hoyeon, who was digging to the side, was startled and raised his hand.


Wijihoyeon’s body flew backwards.

She looked surprised by the power beyond her imagination.

However, I kept my flying body in balance and spun around in the air. She stood upside down in the empty air and looked down at Lee Seong-min.

‘The power has changed. ‘What the hell?’

It was full of suspicions, but it wasn’t something that couldn’t be dealt with.


A black mist floated above the condensed self-defense equipment that was wrapped around Wijihoyeon’s body.

If you fight with a clumsy mindset, you will be defeated without being able to fight back.

I don’t like it. Because I don’t want to lose. Wijihoyeon, who was standing upside down in the air, slowly fell down.

This is my first time seeing martial arts. But my instincts warned me. Seongmin Lee fired a spear wrapped in magical power and strength at Wijihoyeon.

A huge force struck Wijihoyeon. Wrapped in black fog, Hoyeon stretched out his left hand wide to face the oncoming force.

The fog that enveloped her body turned into a flower. They come together to form buds and bloom in full bloom. The petals of Gangi fluttered.

The attack launched by Lee Seong-min only crushed a few flowers created by Wijihoyeon’s hand gestures and could not advance any further.

“For a year.”

Wijihoyeon opened his mouth.

“I was cursed and couldn’t move my body, but that didn’t stop me from playing. I meditated and thought. “How can I become stronger?”

This martial art is incomplete.

“You are the first person to use this martial arts technique.”

Wijihoyeon smiled.

“You will be my first again this time.”

Black flowers bloomed.

Wijihoyeon, with countless flowers on her back, was more beautiful than anyone Lee Seong-min had ever seen.

Simply being beautiful isn’t everything. Those flowers. It’s beautiful enough to take your breath away just by looking at it, but it’s all Kang-gi’s decision.

Seongmin Lee has encountered many types of Kang Qigong, but he has never seen one so well-coordinated and beautiful.

The space was shaking. The strong flowers created by Wijihoyeon were gradually expanding their territory.

When fighting Sima Lianju, Wei Jihoyeon did not use that martial skill.

Was there no time to use it? No, it must have been unfinished. So much so that it is unusable.

‘A genius is a genius.’

Sima Lianju chuckled and laughed. Did the defeat at that time serve as inspiration?

‘This is why I hate geniuses.’

Because it’s not fun to raise or watch.

Sima Lianju revised his evaluation of Wijihoyeon. A little higher than the ten-second point. That martial arts. Although it looks like strong qigong, it contains the essence of enlightenment that has reached transcendence.

By interfering with space, the seed of strength is planted in the space itself, and it blooms.

[She’s a girl who uses interesting tricks.]

Heo Joo laughed.

Wijihoyeon was approaching.


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