Worthless Regression Chapter 211

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[213] Bimu (1)

It was a sudden remark.


Seongmin Lee looked surprised and stared at Wijihoyeon.

Wijihoyeon felt Lee Seongmin’s gaze and let out a chuckle.

“You didn’t say anything strange.”

“That’s true, but… … “It’s so sudden.”

“I don’t really think so. Well, it’s not that great. “I’m not fighting to kill.”

“but… … .”

“I am.”

Wijihoyeon shook his head and cut off Lee Seongmin.

“I want to check. How strong have you become? “How the distance between you and me has narrowed.”

And how far away we are. Wijihoyeon did not say those words out loud.

Seongmin Lee closed his mouth and stared at Wijihoyeon’s face. Wijihoyeon’s eyes, which are facing each other, do not waver.

She was smiling, but her smile showed a determination that she would not accept no.

“… … Right Now?”


Wijihoyeon nodded his head. too… … It’s sudden. We’ve finally met, and there’s a lot I want to say. But I didn’t want to reject Wijihoyeon’s words.

It was the same.

Just as Wijihoyeon said he wanted to check, Lee Seongmin also wanted to check.

Sima Lianju said:

Right now, Lee Seong-min is stronger than Wi Ji-ho-yeon. Wi Ji-ho-yeon couldn’t reach his 10-second point, but Lee Seong-min said he could reach 15 seconds.

It’s an ambiguous word.

And I didn’t even believe it. In a fight between experts, the level of martial arts is not necessarily important.

Of course, it goes without saying if the difference is too severe, but under somewhat equal skills, the compatibility or variables of the martial arts learned determine the outcome of victory or defeat.

[It is just as Sima Lianju said.]

Heoju chuckled and muttered.

[Do you want to win against that woman? Do you want to lose?]

‘… … to be honest.’

Either way is fine. Lee Seong-min thought so and took out his spear. The armor and spear he wore when writing Jeong Hyeon-su’s name were already put away, and he was carrying barding and the spear of Selgerus.

Wijihoyeon wrapped a black dragon robe around his body while watching Lee Seong-min holding a spear.


Suddenly, an electric current flashed.

Sima Lianju intervened between Lee Seong-min and Wi Ji-ho-yeon. His movement did not look like a light attack.

If I had to look for something to compare it to, it looked like spatial movement similar to Blink used by great wizards.

Sima Lianju, standing between Wei Jihoyeon and Lee Seongmin, spoke in an irritated voice.

“It’s good to fight, but you shouldn’t fight blindly.”

“What do you mean suddenly?”

Wijihoyeon’s eyes frowned. He was annoyed by Sima Lianju who suddenly intervened. Sima Lianzhu glanced at Wei Jihoyeon and asked.

“This forest is a forest where fairies live, and it is the realm of the fairy queen. “We must not fight and harm the forest as we please.”

“It had nothing to do with me and you.”

“The situation was different then and now.”

Sima Lianju said with a grin.

“It was a one-sided affair. You were unable to attack properly and were consistently beaten by the main character’s attacks. Was there any harm to the forest in the process?”

Wijihoyeon kept his mouth shut.

“No. There was no harm in the forest except for you rolling on the ground. But if you fight with that kid, the forest will be destroyed. “Because the two of you are doing nothing.”

“… … so?”

“Ask permission.”

Sima Lianju said.

“Go to the fairy queen and ask if we can fight in this forest. If so, the queen will deal with her accordingly.”

After hearing those words, Wijihoyeon could no longer be stubborn. She was defeated by Sima Lianju and was acknowledging Sima Lianju’s inaction.

Seongmin Lee also did not object. After a moment of silence, Wijihoyeon opened his mouth.

“Then let me meet the Fairy Queen.”

“You also have an impatient personality.”

Sima Lianju chuckled, but Wijihoyeon did not react. Sima Lianju glanced at Lee Seong-min.

“Do you want to fight that girl right now?”

“It doesn’t matter.”

Upon hearing Lee Seong-min’s answer, Sima Lianju chuckled. He jerked, turned his body around, and started heading into the depths of the forest.

Wei Ji-ho-yeon silently followed Sima Lian-ju, and Lee Seong-min also walked with her.

“It seems so sudden.”

Wijihoyeon opened his mouth first.

“But I didn’t want to wait. More than 10 years have passed. The original promise was… … It was Rubes a year ago. “It was our promise to meet there and see how much each other has grown.”

“It did.”

“At that time, I was weakened by a curse. But now, I think it actually worked out better. Because of that, the promise was postponed, and as another year passed, you became stronger.”

Wijihoyeon burst out laughing.

“Honestly, I never imagined it. I never thought you would become this strong 11 years ago. That’s why I didn’t want to wait any longer. A year has already passed… … I don’t want to wait any longer. “I want to check.”

“How strong have I become?”



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It’s not just that. During the year he spent in this forest, Wijihoyeon kept thinking about Seongmin Lee.

Lee Seong-min, who was helpless and weak due to a curse, and who fought against the Dark Zone to protect himself.

The meeting I had as a child when I was first summoned from Zenabis. Even encounters in dungeons.

And what will happen in the future?

“This is the place.”

Sima Lianju’s steps stopped. There was a small lake in the middle of the forest.

The water in the lake was clear and shiny, but not a single small fish was visible in it.

Wijihoyeon let out a small exclamation as he looked at the lake in the middle of a beautiful and colorful flower field.

Seongmin Lee glanced at Wijihoyeon, who was amazed at the scenery of the lake.

Thinking about it, it was my first time seeing Wijihoyeon react like that.


As Sima Lianju approached the lake, he called someone’s name.

“Don’t pretend you didn’t hear, come out. You were all listening. “It means that the main body came all the way here thanks to your absence.”

Sima Lianju grumbled and stared at the lake. Then the lake began to swell.

The surface of the lake is bubbling. Seongmin Lee and Wijihoyeon looked at the boiling lake with foam.

However, the lake only bubbling for a while and no other changes were visible.

“I thought you’d come out of the lake, right?”

White light came together in the sky along with a playful voice.

What appeared in the light was a fairy that was much larger than the fairy, or at least the size of a young girl.

Seongmin Lee and Wijihoyeon looked up at the fairy in confusion. She was smiling, with her big, colorful butterfly wings spread wide behind her.

“I heard that this is why people have a taste for making fun of people. “Ryeonju teases me so much that it’s no fun.”

“This place has never been caught in the first place.”

Sima Lianzhu grumbled.

“I heard everything, so there’s no need to say anything.”

“Still, Ryeonju is very kind. Even though you knew I was listening, you still came here. Or, did you come because you wanted to see this queen’s face?”

Osla asked, raising the corners of her mouth. At those words, Sa Beol-ju snorted and pointed at Lee Seong-min and Wiji Ho-yeon.

“Those kids say they want to compete with each other to see who is stronger. “It won’t matter, right?”

“You have decent skills, so why compete?”

“Because humans are basically idiots who want to compete to see who has bigger poop.”

“Don’t say dirty words, Ryeonju.”

Osla pouted her lips.

“Well, it doesn’t matter. “If you had fought without asking for my permission, I would have scolded you, but since you came all the way here and asked for my permission, I will allow you to fight based on your sincerity.”

“That’s right.”

Sima Lianzhu nodded his head. Osla’s wings waved lightly.

Then the space began to tremble around her. Suddenly, the flower garden disappeared and a white space was created.

A different being. Osla, like Mshi and Denir, was a transcendent being that humans could touch.

“Do whatever you want.”

Osla giggled, and Sima Lianzhu took a few steps back. Wijihoyeon glanced at the two and muttered.

“It feels bad to be a source of entertainment.”

“Are you dissatisfied?”

“No, it’s done.”

Wijihoyeon muttered that and looked back at Seongmin Lee. The black dragon robe draped around Wijihoyeon’s shoulder slowly stood up.

“Even though it’s a non-player, I hope you give it your all.”

Seongmin Lee touched the window without saying a word. Looking at Lee Seong-min like that, Wi Ji-ho-yeon smiled.

“Because I plan to do the same.”

How many times.

I used to think about having to fight Wijihoyeon again like this.

The day Wijihoyeon left Zenabis. Lee Seong-min competed with Wi Ji-ho-yeon and suffered an overwhelming gap and an irreversible defeat.

A lot of time has passed since then. In Mushi’s Mountain, Lee Seong-min had nightmares every day, and Wijihoyeon appeared several times in the nightmares.

In a nightmare… … Seongmin Lee suffered terrible defeats to Wijihoyeon repeatedly. Not once. Seongmin Lee has never won against Wijihoyeon.

The same was true in the mental world. In that white world and endless solitude, Seongmin Lee was reminded of Wijihoyeon. Wijihoyeon was Lee Seong-min’s life goal, ideal, and yearning.

It’s a fight I couldn’t resist.

At Zenavis 11 years ago. When Wijihoyeon reprimanded him, Lee Seongmin spoke out in protest.

I’m going to target you. One day, I will stick a spear in your chest. Of course, I don’t mean to sincerely carry out that statement.

I’m going to take it down. He had said so.

A bright red river rose up from under Wijihoyeon’s feet.

The black dragon robe around her shoulder began to shake.

I once fought with Wijihoyeon’s doppelganger. At that time, he barely achieved victory by using his magical powers.

But it was Wijihoyeon back then. There is a huge gap between the doppelganger Wijihoyeon and the real one.

Several years had passed since then, and Lee Seong-min could not imagine how strong Wijihoyeon would truly be.

[There is no need to be too scared.]

Heoju said.

[You are strong enough.]

Seongmin Lee raised the window. Gucheon Mugeukchang is a martial art that originated from Wijihoyeon.

Wijihoyeon modified the existing Gucheonmugeukchang and taught it to Seongmin Lee.

The same goes for Jaha Gong. The two that form the basis of Lee Seong-min’s martial arts originate from Wi Ji-ho-yeon, and Wi Ji-ho-yeon understands all the ways of Gucheon Mugeukchang.

It will be difficult to gain an advantage through singing style. Seongmin Lee acknowledged that fact. Even if you add technique, as long as you follow the herbivorous approach, Wijihoyeon will know it and respond accordingly.

“11 years ago. “I gave you twenty seconds.”

Wijihoyeon said.

“Should I give in this time too?”

“… … no.”

Seongmin Lee held the spear with both hands.

“It’s okay if you don’t give in.”

In response, Wijihoyeon smiled brightly.


Wijihoyeon’s appearance disappeared.

Although it was a rapid movement, it cannot be compared to Sima Lianzhu’s.

Seongmin Lee immediately twisted his upper body.


The spear raised by Lee Seong-min and the black dragon gun fired from Wi Ji-ho-yeon collided.

Through the fight with the doppelganger, Lee Seong-min understood to some extent what style of fighting Wijihoyeon was engaging in.

Wijihoyeon’s only weapon is the Black Dragon Cannon. That black dragon cannon, which extends and unfolds at will, is more powerful, faster, and more flexible than any other weapon in response to Wijihoyeon’s strength.

Lee Seong-min’s spear is also powerful, fast, and free.

I am not talking about Gucheonmugeukchang. Not martial arts, but spear handling. Lee Seong-min’s singing style is what made Geomjon difficult even when he had not entered the transcendental realm.

The black dragon gun, wide open and swinging, made contact with Lee Seong-min’s spear. Lee Seong-min used Ran’s method to change the direction of the Black Dragon Cannon to the side.

And then the Black Dragon Cannon from the other side flies in.


Seongmin Lee’s body disappeared, leaving behind an afterimage. This is a unprecedented step toward renouncing one’s spirit.

Wijihoyeon knew very well that he couldn’t do anything about Lee Seong-min with just the black dragon robe.

Wijihoyeon’s hands were wide open. The Heavenly Demon Godkung, which is the basis of Wijihoyeon’s martial arts, is the most terrible and powerful among the countless martial arts she knows.

The black dragon gun she swung returned to her body, and Wijihoyeon raised her right foot.


As Wijihoyeon’s feet trampled the ground, red river energy exploded in all directions.

It was an explosion of power so enormous that it was ignorant of any technique.

But Lee Seong-min was not embarrassed. Lee Bo Yu-ryeon of Muyeong Talhon. By taking two steps, Lee Seong-min completely changed the flow of energy that was attacking him.

It’s not just walking.

Li Boyu-lian, filled with transcendental feelings, twisted the axis of space with two steps and forcibly changed the direction of the river.


Wijihoyeon had a bright smile on his face. Wiji Hoyeon looked at Lee Seong-min, who had escaped the flow of river energy and raised the tip of his spear in this direction, and grabbed the black dragon cannon wrapped around his shoulder.

“I shouldn’t use any of my tricks.”

Wijihoyeon said so and took off his black dragon robe.


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