Worthless Regression Chapter 202

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[204] Sea (3)

It wasn’t a loud voice, but everyone heard it.

Zod closed his mouth wide open with a big smile on his face. Then he slowly turned his head and looked at Lee Seong-min.

“you… … therefore… … “What was your name?”

“Hyeonsu Jeong.”

Seongmin Lee answered Zod’s words. Although it was a pseudonym, he still goes by that name.

“What on earth are you talking about?”

The arbitrator indicated that he wanted to live. He approached Lee Seong-min with long strides.

Yang Soo and other mercenaries were glancing at Lee Seong-min with embarrassed expressions because they could not have imagined that Lee Seong-min would say such a thing.

“I’m saying let’s go as planned. The original destination was Bellador, so let’s just go as is. “Is it difficult?”

Seongmin Lee asked the moderator. Angrey, who was standing behind the arbitrator, frowned.

To Angre, Zod, and the other crew members, it seemed like nothing more than an insignificant mercenary deciding the direction of the ship at will. The Arbiter drew his sword.

“This ship is going to Lobkos. “If you don’t like it, get off the boat right away.”

“No, I have no intention of getting off. “I have no intention of going to Lobe Course.”

“You don’t understand what I’m saying!”

“You are.”

Seongmin Lee grumbled.

The Arbiter swung his sword without saying another word. A sword that could easily kill a person flew towards Lee Seong-min’s neck.

Seongmin Lee glanced at the sword. The arbitrator’s sword did not swing all the way, but stopped high in the air.

“Uh… … ?”

The mediator’s eyes opened wide. The sword doesn’t move. It felt like his invisible hand was holding the sword tightly to prevent it from swinging. Lee Seong-min glanced at the sword.


The sword broke in two.

“I’m going to Bellador.”

Seongmin Lee spoke again.

Is it magic? The arbitrator’s face turned white. No, no matter how magical it is. Yes, it was a mistake to look down on him as a C-class mercenary and wield him roughly.

The mediator took a few steps back and shouted at Seongmin Lee.

“You were a wizard!”


Seongmin Lee answered honestly, but the moderator did not listen to him.

Bright blue sword energy surged from the broken sword. The mercenaries made exclamations of admiration. Because emitting sword energy was like heaven for C-class mercenaries.

The mediator shouted and jumped towards Lee Seong-min again.

There was no need to pull out the spear. Lee Seong-min created the momentum that had been neatly suppressed.


An intangible energy swirled around Lee Seong-min. It completely scattered the young sword energy on the sword wielded by the Arbiter.

The mediator vomited blood and collapsed, unable to move any further. It wasn’t just the mediator. Everyone on deck fell down, their legs giving out.

“I’m going to Bellador.”

Seongmin Lee said while looking at the people sitting down. Even if you are a supreme expert, you can overpower those who do not know martial arts by showing off your energy.

To Lee Seong-min, who had entered the realm of transcendence, the dozens of people on the deck were not people but bugs, or worse.

“Don’t say you don’t like it. I’m not trying to convince you. It’s a threat. “It would be easy for me to kill you all, and it would be easy for me to save you.”

Seongmin Lee said that and looked at Angry. Angrey, who was sitting on the floor, was looking at Lee Seong-min, sweating profusely.

“They say they are the family that leads the merchant guild, but that is none of my business. If you want to go to Jeong Lob Course, go back to the boat that is still in the sea.”

“you… … ! I know who I am… … !”

“I told you. “The merchant guild is none of my business.”

“Ideal for living in this world… … What it means to be an enemy of the merchant guild… … .”

“Are you threatening me?”

Seongmin Lee asked in a quiet voice. If you fight with the merchant guild, living in Aria becomes difficult.

It was inevitable and natural. Because the merchant guild is involved in most of the commerce that takes place in Eria.

However, Lee Seong-min, a member of Erebrisa, is not influenced by the merchant guild.

“How about this? I’m going to kill you here. Anyway, your ship was attacked by pirates and sank, and if you hadn’t been rescued by this ship, you would have died while wandering the sea. If you die here, others will think you were killed by pirates.”

“The crew of this ship… … .”

“Then we can just kill all the crew members of this ship. “If we save the people who don’t want to make a fuss and have them pull the boat, we can go to Bellador.”

“that… … But… … Pirates… … .”

“If you encounter a pirate, just kill the pirate. Are you still unable to understand the situation? “You can’t threaten me.”

Seongmin Lee said with a chuckle. Angrey’s eyes trembled.

He hesitated and put his hand into his arms.

“If you go to Lobe Course, you have to spend money… … .”

“There is an abundance of money. “The reason I go to Bellador is not to make money.”

Until there. Seongmin Lee saw Zod, not Angray. Jod didn’t realize what was happening and his lips were half-open.

“Go to Bellador, order the crew.”

The murderous intent that was secretly aroused was directed at Zod. Jodd felt his lower body becoming warm and wet. I guess I drank too much wine last night.

Zod covered his lower body, which was dripping with urine, with both hands and spoke with a face that looked like he was about to cry.

“hemp cloth… … “Let’s go to Bellador.”

Ambition was slipping away.

The commotion on deck made everyone aware. Their lives are neither pirates nor monsters.

That he is in the hands of C-rank mercenary Jeong Hyun-soo. The arbitrator, who had fainted after vomiting blood, came to his senses and attacked Lee Sung-min again, but this time he was unable to break through Lee Sung-min’s momentum and fell down.

Since there was no more time to spend in his room, Lee Seong-min went out to the deck.



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No one stopped Lee Seong-min or spoke to him. Yang Soo, who had somehow pretended to be friendly, did not approach Lee Seong-min.

He realized that he was not a strong mercenary for a C grade, but rather a person living in a completely different world.

“you are… … how… … Who is it?”

Angry approached Lee Seong-min, who was watching the sea from the deck.

Seongmin Lee turned his head and looked at Angrey. Angrey seemed to have clearly grasped the situation so far, and was raising his voice towards Lee Seong-min.

“C-rank mercenary Jeong Hyun-soo.”

Seongmin Lee answered. He had no intention of revealing his real name or nickname.

So far, Seong-min Lee has no desire to kill Angrey, and he also has no desire to reveal his real name and then get involved with her later.

“What nonsense. A C-class mercenary defeated us all with just his momentum… … ?”

“That could happen.”

“Can’t you be honest? Who the hell are you… … .”

“There are some things I don’t understand.”

Seongmin Lee completely turned his body and looked at Angrey.

Angrey was startled by Lee Seong-min’s gaze staring at him. He hesitated and then bowed his head.

Seongmin Lee opened his mouth as he looked at Angrey’s bowed head.

“I don’t know much about the sea. However, I do know that pirates rarely touch the merchant guild’s trading ships. Moreover, it is not just a trading ship, but a ship belonging to the Derad family. “I don’t think even a fledgling pirate would touch him.”

Angrey closed his mouth and remained silent. Seongmin Lee continued his words.

“The ship you were on. It must have been so big that it couldn’t even be compared to this ship, right? There were a lot of people on board. There must have been many people who could fight. Nevertheless, she was destroyed and the ship sank.”

“Okay… … Yes… … .”

“A guy with the last name of Derad would have been a valuable hostage. “Why didn’t they catch you?”

“Because the guards sacrificed their lives to enable me to escape… … .”

“This is crucial.”

Seongmin Lee looked at Angry blankly.

“Angrey Derad did not come out to sea.”

Angrey’s face hardened.

“They said he was in Belador. Until just yesterday. “Then what are you here?”

I wanted to know what Angrey was doing, so I sought information through Erebrisa.

Even though it is an ocean where information cannot be obtained, Lee Seong-min, a member of Erebrisa, can obtain information through them no matter where he is in the world.

Angrey is in Belador. That is a certain fact.

“I was curious. I don’t know who you are, but why did you go to such lengths to get on this ship? At first, I thought you were trying to steal this ship. But I don’t think that’s the case. “This ship is not worth taking this much effort, and the trade goods she carries are nothing special.”

Angrey’s eyes trembled slightly. Seongmin Lee slowly stretched out his hand. An intangible force enveloped Angrey’s body.

Angrey’s body was slowly pulled towards Lee Seong-min.

“I found out in my own way.”

Seongmin Lee grabbed Angrey’s wrist. Angrey’s face turned white.

“Among the pirates active in these seas. I heard there is a guy called Baekmyeonjeok (百面賊). “I heard he’s someone who has mastered reverse body transformation, which allows him to change his face and skeleton at will.”

“Off… … !”

The energy that Lee Seong-min instilled flowed through Angrey’s energy.

Angry’s body began to emit a rumbling sound. Seongmin Lee watched until the end as Angrey’s body changed from that of a small boy.

It was my first time actually seeing someone who had mastered the art of reverse body transformation, and the art of reverse body transformation I actually saw was so disgusting that I didn’t even want to see it.

Lee Seong-min let go of Angry’s, no, hundred-sized hand that he was holding.

The person who collapsed after being forced out of the reverse body transformation was a middle-aged man as thin as a mummy.

“If you lie, I will kill you.”

Seongmin Lee said. Baek Myeon looked up at Lee Seong-min and his body trembled.

“Why did you ask to go to Robkos instead of Bellador? Why did you, who had a decent pirate ship, board this ship like this? “Tell everything.”

“S… … attack.”

Baekmyeonjeok stammered.

“We were attacked… … pirate ship… … My ship and her men are all dead.”


“I barely escaped with my life with those two bitches, and I was able to use reverse body transformation in the form of Angray… … “I just used that to get on this ship.”

“Why did you ask me to go to Lobe Course?”

“If you go towards Bellador, you will meet those monsters again!”

Baekmyeonjeok shouted with a terrified face. Lee Seong-min glared at Baek Myeon-jeok, whose body was shaking like an aspen.

“Say it properly. What are monsters again? “Who attacked your ship?”

“Well, I don’t know about that either. Suddenly night fell… … When I came to, my ship was in the middle of the fog. Then I started hearing screams from all directions. “I was a famous pirate around here, but my men were killed before they could even resist.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Seongmin Lee grumbled and stretched out his hand towards the white area. Baek Myeon-myeon saw Lee Seong-min’s hand towards him, his face turned white and he staggered back.

“Well, it’s not a lie! Really, without a single lie, it suddenly became night… … .”

It was before Baek Myeon-jeok finished speaking.

Seongmin Lee looked back, feeling a chill. A black darkness was approaching from afar.

It expanded greatly in front of Lee Seong-min and covered the sky. The sun was still high, and there was still some time left before nightfall. Suddenly it became dark everywhere and it became night.


The mercenaries and sailors on the deck made sounds of panic. They looked around in confusion. Seongmin Lee stood there in a daze and opened his senses wide.

Seongmin Lee had a variety of experiences, but this was his first time experiencing something like this.

“oh… … come… … .”

Baekmyeonjeok sat down and held his head. Baekmyeonjeok, who was shaking, gritted his teeth.

Ssssssssssssssssshh… … .

The sound of something splitting the sea was heard. Seongmin Lee approached the railing and looked at the sea.

Even Lee Seong-min’s eyes could not see through the thick darkness.

However, I could see something approaching, albeit vaguely.

It was a boat.

It looked like an abandoned ship on the verge of sinking, but it was approaching with its tattered sails wide open, clearly cutting through the sea.

Hanging on the bow was a hideous monster statue made of woven skulls. Before I knew it, the ship was close to Zod’s trading ship.


Baekmyeonjeok screamed. The maids Baek Myeon-jeok brought with him also trembled with fear, just like Baek Myeon-jeok.


Something leapt from the top of the hulk and landed on the deck. Every time the bastard moved his body, there was a rattling sound. It was the sound made by bodyless armor hitting each other. A red light shines inside the helmet’s face shield.

“… … Death Knight?”

Lee Seong-min muttered in a surprised voice.


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