Worthless Regression Chapter 201

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[203] Sea (2)

The sailing was smooth.

A week since leaving the port town. No major problems occurred while passing through the coastal waters.

Most of the monsters living in the coastal seas preyed on fish in the sea rather than attacking ships, and even though their intelligence was low, they instinctively knew not to attack ships.

Thanks to this, for a week, Seongmin Lee spent most of his time in his room.

There is nothing for mercenaries to do in the coastal waters. Pirates active in coastal waters are fishing boats and raiding pirates.

They never attack trade ships of this size.

While spending time in his room, Seongmin Lee devoted most of his time to meditation.

Seongmin Lee entered the realm of transcendence.

Although he had just recently entered the profession, Lee Seong-min was still able to destroy Geomjon’s space sword and kill him.

The reason it was possible was because the body completely entered the realm of transcendence and succeeded in reaching the level it had reached in the mental world.

‘The world after this… … I don’t know either.’

I have finally reached the level I have reached in the spiritual world.

After that, I don’t know. From now on, we had to move forward solely through Lee Seong-min’s efforts.

In fact, there was plenty of room to become stronger. There was a black heart, and there was also a dragon heart that had not yet completely melted.

Moreover, the body transformed into a youkai can regenerate any wound in an instant.

However, since he had become Cheon Oecheon’s main enemy, he could not keep his mind at ease.

Defeated Geomzon. It is an unmistakable fact that through this, the idealists of Dozon and Amzon became inactive.

However, there remains the Black Dragon Alliance, whose inaction is unpredictable, and there are also King Chang and Wolhu, who are said to be much stronger than Geomjon.

Moreover, Cheon Oecheon’s martial god. If you fight Cheon Oecheon, you will eventually have to fight Musin as well, and Musin was an absolute expert whose level even Lee Seong-min could not predict.

‘Sama Lianju.’

Seongmin Lee thought of Sima Lianju. I like you. With just those words, Sima Lianju helped Lee Seong-min.

If Sima Lianju had not helped him at the time, Lee Seong-min would have been killed by Amjon and Wijihoyeon would have been taken away.

I don’t know what his favor is for, but I need Sima Lianju’s help to confront him.

Sima Lianju’s inaction was also something Li Seong-min could not fathom, but he was undoubtedly a warrior standing in a far, high place that Li Seong-min could not reach.


Someone knocked on the door. Seongmin Lee released his lotus position and stood up.

The presence felt was that of amniotic fluid. He only told him to knock on the door when there was urgent business, and for a week after the voyage began, Yang Su did not knock on Lee Seong-min’s door.


Seongmin Lee opened the door and asked. When Yang Su made eye contact with Lee Seong-min, he immediately lowered his head. The swollen face from being hit by Lee Seong-min had completely subsided in the past week.

“that is… … The shipowner is calling.”

“Shipowner? me?”

“yes. that is… … “I didn’t just call Hyunsu, I called all the mercenaries.”

Amniotic fluid said, sweating profusely. At those words, Lee Seong-min slowly nodded his head.

The name Jeong Hyun-soo, the owner of a C-class mercenary gang, still feels awkward. Seongmin Lee followed Yang Soo out onto the deck.

The sun in the sea is hot enough to cook your skin. It was already very hot in the southern region, so a pure white haze was rising from the deck.

Joad, the owner of this trading ship, was sitting on a sun-drenched superstructure in a soft-looking chair.

Next to Zod, the prostitutes he had brought along, with simple faces but needlessly voluptuous bodies, were holding large parasols to block out the sunlight.

“Mercenaries, gentlemen.”

The mercenaries were looking at Zod with shit-chewing faces on the deck. Seongmin Lee glanced at Zod and stood with his mercenaries.

“This ship has just passed the coastal waters and has begun its full-scale journey to Belador. I haven’t had to ask for your help in almost a week… … ”

Zod began talking in a high voice.

“We will need your help from now on. Monsters! Those damn monsters. Oh, of course. I am not doubting your skills. However, I’m just telling you this just in case.”

Zod talked about sea monsters like that for a long time. Yang Su, standing next to Lee Seong-min, grumbled in a low voice.

“Nimi. “How can we catch Mr. Serpent?”

Lee Seong-min also agreed with those words.

The Sea Serpent is a particularly threatening monster among the monsters that appear in the sea, and it is impossible to subdue the Sea Serpent with 10 C-class mercenaries.

Seongmin Lee glanced at the mediator standing next to Zod. If the worst happens, a mediator will step in.

“And, this is really important. When attacked by pirates. “Don’t do anything stupid.”


One of the mercenaries made a dumb sound.

“First of all, wait for my orders. Do you understand? “Just do what you’re told, just do what you’re told.”

Lee Seong-min understood why Zod was saying that.

This is because of the existence of a mediator. If you bother the pirates for no reason, the amount of money given to the pirates will increase later when a mediator comes forward.

Of course, not all pirates are given money. If there are pirates you can handle, you can subdue them without spending unnecessary money.

But if you can’t handle it, the presence of an arbitrator will decide the fate of this ship.

Zod’s long speech has come to an end.

From the looks of it, it looks like all they wanted to do was put it together and talk about it. Lee Seong-min got a rough idea of ​​what kind of person Zod was through his appearance. He is very pretentious and vain.

Since then, Zod has not called in any mercenaries. If all goes according to plan, we will have to be on this ship for two months.

Fortunately, the sea didn’t change much and the weather wasn’t bad. Joad had little faith, but the captain and crew of this ship were skilled, so there were no major problems during the voyage.

Actually, there wasn’t really any problem.

As Zod warned, monsters attacking ships became more frequent.

Although the Sea Serpent did not appear, the ship was attacked by hideous mermaids and monsters.

The mermaid was like a mermaid, a combination of a fish and a human, and was not as beautiful as it appears in the story.

Although they are classified as demi-humans, their intelligence is so low that they are called sea orcs.

Despite repeated attacks, the number of mercenaries did not decrease.

It’s not that there were no minor injuries, but they were still C-class people who had gained experience in their own way.



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At least they were veterans who had experience fighting mermaids.

“It’s going to be awesome.”

Yang Su wrapped a bandage around his arm and grumbled.

It was a grazing wound from the mermaid’s spear. The cost of the potion was a waste, so I just roughly wrapped it with a bandage. Yang Su sucked his lower lip as he looked down at the corpse of the dead mermaid, whose head had been split open.

“Riding on a boat is good because it pays a lot of money, but living a middle school life while on a boat is very difficult. “Isn’t that right?”

Yang Su looked at Lee Seong-min and smiled as if asking for his consent.

Lee Seong-min ignored Yang Su’s words because he had never been swayed by sexual desire in this life, even if it was in a past life.

But I sympathized to some extent. Because I have memories from my past life as a mercenary.

A C-class mercenary earns a day and lives from day to day. Cheap alcohol, cheap wh*re. The desire to improve has given up in the face of reality, and the life of a lowly mercenary consists of forgetting the pressure of not knowing when you might die with alcohol and women.

“Hyeonsu, have you ever been to Bellador? The Pakchon there is amazing… … There is a place I know well. “Would you like to come with me when we arrive at Bellador?”

Even though Lee Seong-min ignored his words, Yang Su persistently talked to Lee Seong-min.

It has been more than 15 days since we set sail.

In the monster attack that began after passing through the coastal waters, Yang Su and other mercenaries received minor wounds, but Lee Seong-min did not receive a single wound.

Yang Soo noticed that Lee Seong-min was different from other C-class mercenaries, including himself.

That’s why I try to build a relationship by pretending to be friendly somehow.

Of course, Lee Seong-min had no intention of forming a relationship with Yang Soo. However, there was something that bothered me, so I stopped and looked at the amniotic fluid.

“you… … “What are you doing?”


Yang Su, who was cutting the mermaid’s body with a large knife, looked up at Lee Seong-min.

Are you sure you want to eat it? Naturally, Lee Seong-min had such a question.

However, food is not so scarce that it is necessary to do so. Because of the subspace pocket, this ship is equipped with ample food in addition to the supplies to be transported to Bellador.

“ah… … that is.”

Yang Su smiled awkwardly.

“This mermaid is a female, right?”


“Hey, why don’t you pretend you don’t know anything… … ”

Yang Su smiled softly and smiled with his eyes. Heo Joo cursed in her head.

Lee Seong-min also did not say anything to Yang Soo anymore. He was not only amniotic fluid. Several mercenaries were on the deck and taking the lower bodies of dead female mermaids separately.

Sailing was like that. Messy, disgusting. Still, the sailing went smoothly. As Lee Seong-min continued his mercenary work, he hoped that future voyages would continue in this way.

“It’s a boat!”

It started creaking.

Three weeks had passed since the voyage began. A sailor who was watching the sea from the watchtower shouted.

At that shout, all the mercenaries came out onto the deck. Since it was a ship, everyone naturally thought of a pirate ship. Shipowner Zod and the merchant guild’s mediator also came out to the deck.

“It’s not a pirate ship… … ?”

It was a ship that could not have been a pirate ship. Her little boat didn’t even have a sail.

You can barely navigate the sea by rowing an oar. In fact, rather than moving forward, it only seemed to be drifting here and there with the flow of the sea.

Seongmin Lee narrowed his eyes. Although he was far away, Lee Seong-min’s eyes easily saw who was on the boat.

“It appears he was a castaway. “What are you going to do?”

the captain asked Zod. Zod looked at the boat with a sad look on his face. He shook his head without any hesitation.

“Ignore it. “There are enough people anyway.”

That was the moment Zod said that.

Bright blue smoke rose from the boat. The high smoke exploded in the sky, divided into five colors and scattered in all directions.

The mediator’s mouth fell open when he saw the performance.

“It’s not possible!”

The Arbiter grabbed Zod’s shoulder as he tried to turn around. Zod’s mouth opened wide with a grip that felt like it would crush his bones.

“That smoke. That is the symbol of the Derad family.”

“D-Derad family?”

Zod’s face turned white. The Derad family knew Zod well.

One of the three families that lead the merchant guild. It is no exaggeration to say that most commerce taking place at sea is under the influence of the Derad family. Zod swallowed.

“Head the boat there immediately.”

Although the words were raised, the mediator’s eyes were shining fiercely, as if he would tear Zod to pieces at any moment.

Although he boarded the ship for the safety of the ship and to protect its owner, Zod, the mediator was ultimately a member of the merchant guild.

In the end, following Zod’s orders, the ship headed toward the boat.

There were a total of three people on board the boat. Two women who appear to be maids and a boy dressed in classy clothes with a youthful look.

The mercenaries gulped as they watched the maids climbing up the ladder.

The arbitrator shot a murderous gaze towards the mercenaries.

“Ah, my God.”

I thought I would die while wandering the vast ocean. The maids on the boat sat down helplessly and looked for God.

The boy who climbed up the ladder looked around with a face full of fatigue and irritation.

“Is it a trade ship?”


It was the mediator who answered. He bowed his head towards the boy.

The boy’s eyes lit up as he looked at the Merchant Guild mark engraved on the Arbiter’s left chest.

“You are a mediator. “Where do you belong?”

“I belong to the Falaise Merchant Guild.”

“okay? “Good.”

The boy sighed and shook his sweaty hair with his hands.

“I am Engrey Derad. “I was attacked by crazy pirates and my ship was destroyed, and I barely escaped with my life.”

The mediator’s eyebrows fluttered and trembled at the name of Engrey Derad.

Having the surname Derad means that one inherited the blood of the family head.

However, the arbitrator could not even remember the name Engray. That was because the head of the Derad family had dozens of children.

If you can’t remember the name, it means that although he has the surname of Derad, he is not a prominent person.

“What is the destination of this ship?”

“We’re heading to Bellador.”

The arbitrator answered: Zod was trying to figure out the situation by turning his unresponsive head.

Zod was well aware of the power of the Derad family.

This is an opportunity. An opportunity has come to get closer to the ambitions you have harbored.

A boy with the surname of Derad saved the boy from dying while wandering the sea, so through this, he can form a relationship with the Derad family.

What after that? All you have to do is overturn the halo of the Derad family and run on the road to success.

“The ship I was on sank. “You have to tell the head of the family about it as soon as possible.”

“Where are you going?”

Zod asked quickly. Engrey asked, looking at Zod.

“Are you the owner of the ship?”

“Yes that’s right.”

“I’m going to Lobkos, not Bellador. There is no reason to go to Bellador. “Because my ship departed from Bellador.”

Lokbos is a large port town a little below Falaise, the port town where this ship departed.

At Engrey’s words, Zod nodded his head without much hesitation. This was because he believed that going to Robcos, following Engrey’s advice, was an opportunity to establish ties with the Derad family, rather than going to Belador for trade.

“I’m going to Lobkos!”

Zod shouted for the entire crew to hear. The mercenaries grumbled but did not refuse.

It didn’t matter whether I went to Bellador or Lokboss as long as I was given the right money.

“Then it’s difficult.”

Lee Seong-min’s mutterings came in between Zod’s shouts, who were excited at the thought of forming a relationship with the Derad family.

“I have to go to Bellador.”

Everyone’s eyes turned to Lee Seong-min.


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