Worthless Regression Chapter 193

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[195] Elven Forest (4)

The elf who jumped with Lee Seong-min while holding his neck struggled and let out a painful groan.

The elf was holding Seongmin Lee’s wrist tightly with both hands to prevent his neck from falling out.

Lee Seong-min glanced at the elf and became aware of the rapidly approaching arrow.

I swung the arm holding the elf just in case.

When I brought the elf in front of the arrow to use it as a stopper, the direction of the arrow suddenly changed and soared into the air.

‘I’m controlling the arrow’s trajectory with the spirit.’

But it’s not at an annoying level. What I wanted to know through this was not whether the direction of the arrow could change. I have already figured it out through the attack of the elf I am currently holding.

‘You don’t want to kill your own people, right?’

This could be put to use. Seongmin Lee naturally came to that thought.

He fell onto a nearby tree branch. Then the arrows hovering in the air rained down on Lee Seong-min.

Seongmin Lee lifted the elf’s body upward without hesitation. Then the arrows stopped high in the air.

“first of all.”

Seongmin Lee’s voice was not that loud. However, all the elves who were attacking Lee Seong-min heard that low voice.

Arrowheads stopped in the air tremble. Seongmin Lee slowly lowered the elf’s body.

The arrows flinched and moved forward a little, and Seongmin Lee placed his foot on the head of the fallen elf.

Then the elf who fell down below struggled. Seongmin Lee twirled the spear in his hand.


The blunt spear hit the elf’s thigh.


The elf screamed. The arrowheads no longer moved. What Seongmin Lee was doing was so blatant.


Seongmin Lee did not feel much guilt about his actions.

I have no friendship with elves. Rather, to Lee Seong-min, they were just enemies who carried out a threatening attack first without asking about the circumstances.

Of course, if you look at it, it was Lee Seong-min who invaded their territory first, but even so, wouldn’t it be too much to shoot arrows at the beginning?

“Let’s talk face to face.”

We already know where the elves are through their presence.

However, Lee Seong-min insisted on saying that and slowly twisted Chang-jun, who was taking pictures of the elf’s thigh.

I put aside the thought of pulling out my teeth for a moment. The reason she stamped her thighs with a blunt spear was because she didn’t want to irritate her elves too much.

Although this was the case, Seongmin Lee still had no desire to fight with the elves. If that happens, he can’t help it.

“bloke… … ! Do you know what it means to treat an elf like this in this forest? … .”

“Let’s shut up.”

The elf captured by Changjun spoke up, and Seongmin Lee said that without changing his expression.

It wasn’t just words. The murderous intent that was secretly revealed made the elf turn white. The murderous intent that licked the back of her neck felt more terrifying than the spear that struck her thigh.

Seongmin Lee waited for the elves’ reaction. The arrow above his head still does not move, and the elves who shot him are not visible.

Could it be that they are calling in reinforcements? When that thought occurred to him, Lee Seong-min lifted the spear that was shooting at his thigh again.

When the pain in her thigh disappeared, the elf felt relieved.

This was because I thought Lee Seong-min had softened his attitude. The elf’s thoughts were completely opposite to Lee Seong-min’s actions.

The spear spun once again in Lee Seong-min’s hand. The sharp tip of the spear pierced the elf’s thigh.


The elf screamed. The arrows resting on his head tremble greatly.

Seongmin Lee twisted the spear he had struck down with an expressionless face. Muscles are torn and bones are shattered with a crunching sound. The elf made a whining sound as he scratched the floor with his hands.

“Aren’t you coming out?”

Seongmin Lee asked again. He looked up at the arrow above his head. The small wind spirits holding the arrows were restless.

Lee Seong-min’s eyes move sideways as he looks at the arrow. The arrows were forced to move sideways due to the fierce attack.

The wind spirits struggled under the pressure of the inner energy pushing the arrows, and eventually let go of the arrows and ran away.

Lee Seong-min, who had the arrows under his control, returned the arrows aimed at him to the elf who had been pierced by the spear.


Lee Seong-min muttered.


The fallen arrow got stuck in the elf’s calf. The elf screamed louder.


A loud shout came from afar.

The elves hiding behind the trees appear. It was just as I read the sign.

Four elves walked out, their faces distorted with anger. They glared as they aimed their protest arrows at Lee Seong-min.

“Let go of Fred!”

“Was your name Fred?”

Seongmin Lee asked as he looked down at the elf who was making a crying sound.

“Who the hell are you?! “Why are you coming into this forest and acting out?”

“What is a misfortune? “We haven’t done anything yet, but you were the ones who attacked first.”

“You were the one who invaded our territory first… … .”

“It’s endless.”

Seongmin Lee muttered in a low voice. He had no desire to decide right or wrong. Seongmin Lee used his strength to drive the spear deep into Fred’s thigh.

The entire branch went through and Fred screamed. The spear will not be pulled out unless you cut off the leg.

With that, Lee Seong-min fired all the arrows he had been holding as an attack weapon towards the elves. The elves were scared and jumped up.

Seongmin Lee’s body suddenly accelerated.

Although he was quite far away from the elves, Lee Seong-min’s speed was so fast that the elves under the forest’s protection could not catch him.



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Four elves rolled around on the ground almost simultaneously. Lee Seong-min, who got down in the middle of the elves lying around, glanced at the elves who were moaning and holding on to where they had been hit.

The bodies of the elves floated, and Seongmin Lee returned to where Fred was.

“I have no desire to be at odds with your species.”

Seongmin Lee took control of the elves. The elves, unable to move, look at Lee Seong-min with trembling eyes.

Seongmin Lee pulled out the spear stuck in Fred’s thigh and poured some elixir there. The wounded area bubbled and boiled, then regenerated.

“If you attack me, I have no choice but to attack you too. “Let’s make that clear first.”

Seongmin Lee took over Fred’s blood.

“I have no intention of killing you. I don’t want to hurt you any more. Do you understand?”

“What bullshit… … .”

“All you have to do is nod your heads.”

The elf’s words stopped.

“I will ask the questions, and all you have to do is answer. First of all, what is your village like?”

“Do you think you’ll tell me that…?” … !”

“A man must have entered this forest a few days ago. A man with a sword. Who is that man? Is he in your town now?”

“I do not know… … !”

“In your village… … An elf who has learned martial arts. So, I don’t know if that name is used in this forest as well. “Is there an elf named Gwonzon?”

“Don’t say anything!”

“It doesn’t make sense.”

Seongmin Lee grumbled and glanced at Fred. Fred’s face turned white as he made eye contact with Lee Seong-min.

“This might be the best way. If you torture someone by seizing their blood points, they will suffer internal injuries, which cannot be healed well with elixirs. But Elixir works very well on trauma.”

With those words, Seongmin Lee grabbed Fred’s hand with his bare hand. Fred opened his mouth wide as he realized what Seongmin Lee was trying to do.

Seongmin Lee took care of Fred’s blood so that he wouldn’t scream too much.

My thumb joint was twisted. All ten of Fred’s fingers were broken, and he could not bear the pain and fainted.

Next. Seongmin Lee grabbed both hands of the elf who was nearby. The elf, like Fred, had all ten of his fingers broken.

The elves could not say anything more and watched Lee Seong-min’s actions in fear.

“I’ll tell you.”

The male elf whose hand was being held by Seongmin Lee hurriedly blurted out.

The female elf who had been yelling all the time opened her eyes and looked at the male elf.

Then, without hesitation, Lee Seong-min stretched out his finger and pointed at the female elf.


When Lee Seong-min flicked his fingertips, an invisible force struck the female elf’s head. The female elf’s body fell backwards.

“I knocked him out.”

Seongmin Lee said that so that there would be no misunderstanding. The male elf hesitated and then opened his mouth.

Gwon Jon was in the village, and the man who came to the forest a few days ago was said to be Gwon Jon’s friend.


At those words, Lee Seong-min naturally thought of Cheon Oecheon and the Six Venerable Ones. If you use a sword… … Is it Geomzone? Gwangcheonma came to mind.

It was Geomzon who defeated Gwangcheonma, and after being defeated by Geomzon… … It was said that Gwangcheonma practiced martial arts to surpass Geomjon.

And Gwangcheonma died.

Seongmin Lee stood up. He opened the lid of the elixir, healed the elves’ wounds, and relieved the blood clots.

“It’s already late.”

The female elf, who came to her senses, laughed and said.

“Before I was caught by you, I already sent a signal to the spirits. “We are just sentries, but soon the hunting team that punishes those who enter the forest with impure intentions will come to kill you.”

“… … Is that so?”

Seongmin Lee muttered while looking at the face of the female elf. Is that what happened in the end?

Thinking like that, Seongmin Lee moved his hand.

Puff puff!

All the elves’ heads exploded except for the male elf who answered the question.

“radish… … What did you do… … .”

“I ended up fighting with you anyway.”

Seongmin Lee said while looking at the corpses with blood pouring out.

“Because you answered the question correctly, I saved your life. “It would be best to leave this forest if possible.”

“yes… … ?”

“Isn’t it a shame to lose my life when I have saved it?”

Seongmin Lee said that and came down from the tree. Heo Joo, who was watching Lee Seong-min’s actions, spoke up.

[Aren’t you going too extreme?]

“Anyway, if you invade the village and kill Gwon Jon, you will lose the elf.”

[I think it would have been better to act more secretly. Enter the village and assassinate them.]

“I was concerned about the swordsman who entered the forest. That guy is probably Geomzon. I don’t know why Geomzon came to the forest… … He’s still in town. “I don’t know about elves, but I don’t have the confidence to hide Geomzon’s attention and assassinate Gwonzon.”

[In the worst case, Gwonzon may give up maintaining the curse and join forces with a guy named Geomzon to fight you. Then you will most likely die. No matter how strong you become, it is impossible to survive against Gwonjon, who received the forest’s protection and shook off the curse, and Geomjon, who is said to have even greater skills.]

“know. In that case, I have no intention of fighting.”

Seongmin Lee answered without hesitation.

“If Gwon Jon gives up the curse, Wijihoyeon’s curse will also be lifted. In the end, my wish will come true. If Gwonjon does not give up the curse, just defeat Geomjon and kill Gwonjon.”

[Are you confident that you can defeat Geomzon?]

“I have never met Geomzon. “You’ll know when we meet and fight.”

After answering, Seongmin Lee immediately started moving. Now that things had turned out this way, I was thinking of taking bold action.

I heard about the location of the village, but I had no intention of going there. What Seongmin Lee wanted was for the ‘bastard’ to come to him in person.

Gwon Jon will not be able to move because of the curse. Maybe it will come with Geomzone, but it doesn’t really matter.

It would be better for Lee Seong-min to fight here rather than in the village where the elves are based.

The problem is the ‘hunting team’ mentioned by the dead elf.

I don’t know how strong they are. Only when the hunting team recognizes that it is not enough will Geomzon move.

‘The forest is annoying.’

Seongmin Lee glanced around. Tall, big trees. Seongmin Lee held his spear with both hands.

The magical power and internal energy surrounding the entire spear did not condense but stretched out. Seongmin Lee swung the spear he held with both hands.


Dozens of trees fell, centered on Lee Seong-min. Lee Seong-min did not stop and moved around, knocking down all the trees around him.

Now all you have to do is wait.

* * *

Elves are a race with beautiful appearances, long lifespans, and the protection of mana, spirits, and the forest.

Although elves seem perfect, there is something they are lacking.

Reproduction is difficult. Therefore, elves have a strong sense of kinship and value their own territory.

This is because most of those who enter the elven forest without permission are hunters who want to enslave beautiful elves.

Elves who are benevolent and prioritize harmony appear only in old stories in today’s era.

Over a long period of time, the elves realized that it was for their own good to prioritize calculation over charity, and survival over harmony.

The hunting team was like a symbol of the changed elves. They have no forgiveness or mercy, and have been taught from childhood to get their hands dirty for their people.

“Fred, Gene, Joseph and Decan were killed.”

“What about Rajun?”

“Rajun… … It’s alive though. “He betrayed his people and sold information to humans.”

It was a gloomy voice. The wind spirit who relayed the news also resonated with the hunting team’s gloom and showed a sullen expression.

The face of the hunting leader who was sweeping away the fur of the large tiger turned cold.

The death of his compatriot is heartbreaking, but he is filled with anger and murderous intent toward Rajun, who betrayed his compatriot. Because they have a strong sense of kinship, elves do not show forgiveness to traitors.

“Where is Rajun?”

“We are about to leave the forest.”

“Kill me.”

The hunting leader gave the order without hesitation. The elf who reported those words climbed onto the back of the wolf nearby. The hunting leader opened his mouth as he watched the hunting team members riding away on the wolves.

“We are going to hunt that man.”

“… … “Is it okay if I don’t report to the elder?”

Another hunting team member hinted. But the hunting leader shook his head.

“The elder is having a hard time maintaining the curse. “I don’t want to cause you any trouble.”

“In that case, help the human who came to see the elder… … .”

“This is an elf problem. “I don’t want to borrow human hands.”

The hunting leader answered in a cold voice. The hunting team member bowed his head deeply for saying something meaningless.

The hunting leader perked up his ears at the distant roar and frowned.

“… … “You are acting barbaric.”

The reasons to kill prey have increased.


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